Salvia Divinorum replication (x5 extract outside)


There are not a lot of replication video’s for Salvia Divinorum out there yet, so I decided to try to replicate what I experienced outside on x5 extract. It’s not high art, but it should convey the basic idea.

I know this video will seem like a joke to people who have never experienced Salvia Divinorum. The thing is, a Salvia Divinorum trip basically has the sort of psychoactive effects that are similar to what your youth pastor thinks the effects of cannabis are. The whole thing will feel childish and you’re going to see cartoon figures, believe it or not.


  1. From my experience you are likely to find yourself in some subterranean factory as a small part of the machinery, cyclically being processed on some cosmic conveyer belt with the intuition that when your part reaches a certain point in the machine your existence will be extinguished forever.

    Not fun.

    Interesting though.

      • No Hyperspace fool scared me off it years ago as you can see from his post above, he has always struck me as a wise and knowledgable poster on the nexus. He claims Salvia is not to be trusted, full stop. I’ve taken several other psychedelics but not anytime recently.

        The way he described it is almost identical to your image above.

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