SARS versions begin to emerge that overcome the most important virulence reducing antibodies

So I’ve been looking at the literature a bit and I thought this was interesting. There are different antibodies, that serve to prevent severe SARS2 infection. However, neutralizing antibodies, that can directly prohibit a viral particle’s Spike protein from binding to the ACE2 receptor to allow it entrance into a cell, will tend to bind to the Receptor Binding Domain.

Almost all the monoclonal antibody therapies, consist of IgG antibodies against the Receptor Binding Domain. It’s pretty intuitive thus, to understand that the receptor binding domain is constantly changing. That’s where evolution is putting most pressure.

Eventually however, you run into the point where people have placed such diversified antibody pressure against the Receptor Binding Domain, due to a variety of infections by many different variants over time, that the virus becomes dependent on a different strategy. The Spike protein is a glycoprotein: A combination of a chain of amino acids, with sugar molecules attached to them.

Most of the time, changes to these amino acids will allow the virus to escape highly effective antibodies that show up in most of the population. However, another route towards antibody evasion is by changing the position of sugar molecules attached on important parts of the Spike protein (glycosylation changes).

This is what you see for BA.2.86* (which includes the now dominant JN.1). Part of the reason it’s so successful, is because it figured out how to place a sugar molecule in a position where it blocks a bunch of highly effective antibodies against the Receptor Binding Domain, without interfering with binding to the ACE2 receptor. This glycan on the RBD halved the immunogenicity of the virus.

Of course the vaccinologists don’t feel like giving up, so they try injecting animals with this new BA.2.87 Spike protein. But you start running into diminishing returns here, I’ll explain why. Unlike most other animals, there is one sugar molecule we no longer produce, due to a mutation in our genes: Neu5Gc. We only produce Neu5GA.

Nonetheless this molecule still ends up incorporated into our cells despite our own inability to produce it however, because humans tend to eat dairy and meat, from animals that still produce this molecule. So sometimes we have Neu5Gc, in places where Neu5Ga is supposed to be. When people then get infected by this virus or are vaccinated, the IgG antibodies against the sugar molecules on the virus cross-react with this Neu5Gc incorporated into the surface of your cells. This trigger a hyper-inflammatory reaction.

So if this vaccine works in mice (who produce Neu5Gc and thus don’t end up with autoantibodies), that doesn’t mean it’s still safe in humans. Vaccinating against these highly glycosylated variants of the virus can be expected to induce IgG antibodies against the sugar molecules. Those antibodies lead to the risk of hyperinflammatory reactions against people’s own healthy cells, because of the Neu5Gc people incorporate due to the meat and dairy in their diet. This is not my personal vegan doomsday theory, this is what the link above explains.

Through somatic hypermutation, the ability of your cells to rapidly mutate their own genes to make slightly different antibodies, humans ended up with a wide range of different antibodies against the various SARS2 variants that changed their receptor binding domain. On the other hand, there’s another position that seems to play a major role in preventing severe infections.

That position is found in the N-Terminal Domain. There are antibodies against positions in the N-Terminal Domain, that neutralize the virus in an Fc receptor dependent manner. What this means in simple English, is that these antibodies stop the virus from infecting cells, not by interfering with binding to the receptor, but by getting stuck on the N-Terminal Domain of the Spike protein and then attaching to cells of your own immune system with their tail.

This seems to be mostly IgM antibodies that do this, the very large antibodies that are the first to be elevated in blood upon an infection. Such antibodies are large enough to be able to bind multiple Spike proteins or multiple viral particles together. These antibodies don’t last very long however, they decline after a few weeks.

If people’s protection from reinfection by the virus now depends on IgM (and IgA) antibodies, what you would expect to see is rapid reinfection after a few weeks in relatively healthy people. That would suggest the IgG antibodies are now no longer able to meaningfully stop infection.

These IgM antibodies bind to a particular position in the N-Terminal Domain, that is highly immunogenic, because it’s exposed on the surface of the protein (where antibodies can find it) and looks very much unlikely any of your own proteins (which your immune system tries to avoid reacting to).

Because this position generally doesn’t change much over successive versions of the virus you’re infected by, these antibodies are continually being recalled in ever greater amounts. The idea Geert van den Bossche proposes is that protection from the virus now depends mostly on these antibodies in most of the population. I quote:

The virulence-inhibiting effect of PNNAbs (polyreactive non-neutralizing antibodies): PNNAbs bind to Spike-NTD exposed on free infecting virions as a result of diminished neutralizing capacity of potentially neutralizing vaccine-induced antibodies (pNAbs) and thereby enhance viral infectiousness. These Abs have also a virulence-inhibiting activity in that they attach to virus that is tethered to migrating dendritic cells (DC) and thereby prevent transfer of virus from dendritic cells to cells in the lower respiratory tract (LRT) and other internal organs—i.e., high levels of PNNAbs adsorbed on DC-tethered virions inhibit trans infection in the LRT and other internal organs and, thereby, protect vaccinated individuals from severe COVID-19 disease (fig. 1).

So, you have the dendritic cells, which have an Fc receptor, to which these big IgM antibodies that attach to the N-Terminal Domain of the Spike proteins bind. You have high concentrations of these cells at barriers in the body. You find them in high concentrations in the lower lungs.

If something were to change dramatically in the N-Terminal Domain, these big antibodies would suddenly become unable to do their job and shit would presumably hit the fan, as they are one of the last few mechanisms preventing severe infections. That’s the idea.

I wasn’t very convinced of this idea. When you build plausible assumptions on plausible assumptions on plausible assumptions, you don’t necessarily end up with a model of what’s going on. I have been looking for some actual experimental real-world verification that this is what’s going on.

And so, yesterday something was released, that would seem like a form of experimental verification that this is where evolution is now headed. In South Africa, nine sequences were found of a very strange highly mutated version of the virus, now named BA.2.87. The whole thing is described here. All nine of these cases seen so far were found in hospitalized people, suggesting it’s pretty virulent.

Now what’s so remarkable about this version of the virus, other than the fact that it’s apparently locally dominant in parts of South Africa, without spreading very effectively around the world, is that it looks pretty much like what you would expect to see if it tries to avoid these big IgM antibodies that bind to the dendritic cells.

So, what you see is that two very immunogenic parts of the N-Terminal Domain suffered deletions:

This also removes a bond formed between two amino acids, that keeps the whole thing in its proper shape. That of course makes the Spike itself less likely to have its proper shape, so it suggests that yes, we’re reaching the point now, where there is apparently a huge selective pressure to change these parts of the N-Terminal Domain where these big IgM antibodies bind.

Other versions seen in South Africa also show this pattern:

Note, these versions seen in South Africa are (still) pretty unlikely to start rapidly spreading around the world, the way JN.1 did. They have been around for a few months now, without showing up in other countries, so they’re probably not as fit as BA.2.86 was.

But they’re interesting to me, in the sense that they provide experimental verification of what Geert van den Bossche has been arguing: There is now apparently very strong antibody pressure on the N-Terminal Domain.

If a particular phenomenon can happen once in biology, it can happen again. So, it seems quite plausible to me, that we’re going to see this phenomenon happen more around the world, after we’ve now seen it happen twice independently in South Africa. Versions of BA.2.86* could emerge, that suddenly have a bunch of weird mutations in these particular immunogenic parts of the N-Terminal Domain.

There’s another factor that has to be considered. I’ve explained a few times now, that would you would expect to see happen, in response to all the IgG2 and IgG4 antibodies that bind to the virus but don’t tell the immune system to kill infected cells, is that these antibodies would encourage fusogenicity: The ability to spread from one cell to another by fusing cells together, without having to leave the cell and be exposed to the antibodies. The new versions with the shorter NTD don’t just reduce immunogenicity and avoid the IgM antibodies. They are also said to be much more fusogenic. In other words, multiple mechanisms would seem to be favoring this new pattern to emerge, that would be expected to result in greater virulence.

This sudden loss of the most important remaining antibodies, would then be expected to result in a sudden jump in virulence. These versions would probably struggle to spread themselves around the world, but they would be good at spreading within people’s bodies, because the dendritic cells are no longer holding them back.

So this seems to be where we’re headed. The virus first mutated its RBD, to spread rapidly (Delta, Omicron) and increase ACE2 affinity. Then it grew better at targeting those organs where the antibodies can’t reach, the brain and gut. This is what you saw with BA.5. Now the virus has rearranged the sugar molecules on its RBD, so that a variety of antibodies are all unable to do their job of neutralizing the virus.

Since the first Omicron versions, the virus now also gradually grows more persistent in people’s bodies and better able to spread by fusing cells, without having to expose itself to their antibodies.

Finally, we now seem to be reaching an end-game of sorts, where most people’s protection depends almost entirely on large non-neutralizing IgM antibodies, that bind to a very immunogenic position. This position doesn’t exist in SARS1, where these parts of the NTD are smaller, which may be part of the reason why SARS1 was more virulent, yet less capable of spreading rapidly.

This now seems to be causing very strong pressure, to figure out how to avoid those antibodies, allowing versions of the virus to emerge with a destabilized deformed Spike protein, that are worse at spreading themselves, but make up for it by managing to evade these antibodies.

It could be these versions spread locally between people, as now seems to be happening in South Africa. But it could also be that people now end up with persistent infections, that eventually develop these NTD deletions on their own. This would mean that people are infected for weeks, but then their infection suddenly takes a turn for the worse.

SARS-1 was also bad at spreading itself, but its N-Terminal Domain was shorter, these regions where people’s antibodies now bind were presumably less immunogenic than they are in SARS-2. The price SARS2 pays for its more stable Spike protein that allows high infectivity and rapid spread, would seem to be greater immunogenicity in the N-Terminal Domain.

Presumably, such infections would be very severe, as the body is effectively left with no way for antibodies to neutralize these viral particles: The RBD now has glycans at ideal locations. Antibodies developed against the glycan shield sound nice in theory, but such antibodies would take time to develop and the problem would seem to be that such antibodies also react with our own cells due to the Neu5Gc in people’s diet, thus causing the sort of sudden hyperinflammation that we experience as symptoms of the disease:

In case of a viral infection, such as that sustained by SARS CoV-2 or after anti-SarsCoV2-vaccination, in a heavy xenosialylated host presenting with a high grade of inflammatory state of Xenosialitis, it is highly probable and plausible that the virus-neutralizing antibodies, produced to combat the “antigenic alarm”, indiscriminately cross-react against all MCA-contaminated XeSiA-Neu5Gc epitopes exacerbating the pre-existing condition of xenosialites and related forms of autoimmune pathology.

This is essentially the theory. My point is that based on the evidence I’ve now read and the sequences emerging in South Africa in the past few days, the idea that we could see a sudden jump in virulence because the last few IgM antibodies now doing most of the work cease to work has started to sound more plausible.

I have long noticed and remarked upon the studies that suggest people with plant based diets rarely develop severe COVID, whereas there are cases of young healthy bodybuilders who died of it. The most plausible explanation of this phenomenon, would seem to be the high degree of xenosialylation, from Neu5Gc in their diet.

I know there are a bunch of people out there who think that ivermectin or hydroxycholoroquine would save the day, but if that were the case, it would be impossible to sweep under the rug. If there’s a miracle cure out there, we would know by now. It was not possible to do proper trials for anti-HIV drugs, because they worked so well that people started sharing them. In fact, it now seems hydroxycholorquine contributed to the high death toll of the first wave.


So, essentially, what I think you’re looking at is as following:

  1. Highly fusogenic variants with glycan shielded RBDs establish persistent infections in people, whose innate immune systems are unable to clear the infection.
  2. These variants become subjected to pressure on their N-Terminal Domain by IgM antibodies that bind them to the Fc receptor of immune cells (mostly dendritic cells). Mutating the N-Terminal Domain suddenly allows them to escape this neutralization. This presumably makes it harder for them to spread from one person to another, but as South Africa now proves, such spread can happen at least to some degree.
  3. With the most important still functional antibodies now useless, the body would have to rely on antibodies against the glycan shield.
  4. Because most people already have anti-Neu5c antibodies from the meat and dairy they eat, antibodies deployed against the glycan shield will react with cells that have incorporated Neu5c.
  5. This will cause hyperinflammation in blood vessels, as these antibodies react against healthy endothelial cells unlucky enough to have Neu5C from meat or dairy. In addition as people continue to receive Neu5C from their diet, the body starts to produce neutralizing antibodies that contain Neu5C, which the body will also have to remove with antibodies that bind to those antibodies.

If you accept this logic, it would follow that people are best off abstaining from food with Neu5C, especially if they were vaccinated. After a few weeks, bacteria in the gut will no longer incorporate Neu5C in their cells. This then allows the antibodies against this glycan to wane. Those antibodies are then not recalled throughout the body, once the body becomes forced to deploy antibodies against the heavily glycosylated Spike protein.

This isn’t just my theory, or the theory from this study I cited. Other people have looked at this and came to the same conclusion. We seem to have lost Neu5C, because lacking this sugar molecule allowed our species to survive deadly outbreaks of viruses in the past:

 The absence of Neu5Gc in humans implies that the gene coding the CMAH enzyme hydroxylizing Neu5Ac into Neu5Gc was accidentally inactivated in hominins after the split from ancestors of chimpanzee, 2–6 mya. The observed production of natural anti-Neu5c antibody in humans suggests that, similar to the protective activity of anti-Gal, anti-Neu5Gc could protect against zoonotic viruses presenting Neu5Gc. It is further suggested that anti-Neu5c antibody protected the few hominin offspring, accidentally lacking Neu5Gc, against deadly viral epidemics that eliminated parental hominins synthesizing Neu5Gc. The absence of Neu5Gc in various mammals (e.g., ferret, sperm whale, seal, and New-World monkeys) further suggests that the accidental loss of Neu5Gc and the ensuing production of the natural anti-Neu5Gc antibody have mediated a selection process that contributed to prevention from extinction of a number of mammalian species.

Reintroducing it through our diet, is presumably a bad idea. We know the vaccines have failed dramatically, as evidenced by the continued circulation of the virus. But it would seem that through our Western diets, we’re interfering with the measures of last resort our immune system has to protect us against many viruses, which seem to be so important that we lost a gene after splitting from chimpanzees to protect us. Hence I once again wish to emphasize that people should eat plant-based diets.


  1. Wow, thanks for another update, very worrying indeed, especially considering that you are becoming more convinced that Dr. GVB may be correct after all. In that case, human society/civilization is unfortunately (or fortunately for the readers of this site who are misanthropes) doomed.

    I have often wondered if Geert reads this blog. He was collaborating with another young male genius who had no biology background, but, like you, learned virology/immunology as he went along. If I remember correctly, his background was in computer science. But sadly him and his girlfriend both died from carbon monoxide poisoning while staying at a hotel in Mexico. Geert paid tribute to him on his website/substack.

    I suppose that the predictions of Dr. GVB also share some similarities with those of Harvard2TheBigHouse, who believes that SARS2 will eventually cause ADE once it finishes deattenuating and reverts back to its original deadly form, stemming from attempts to design a LAV (live attenuated vaccine) for SARS, which all went horribly wrong at the end of 2019.

    • >especially considering that you are becoming more convinced that Dr. GVB may be correct after all.

      Well, if we see multiple variants emerge independently that:

      -Evade antibodies by dramatically rearranging the NTD region

      -Dramatically increase their fusogenicity in this manner and become more like SARS1

      -Are only found in hospitalized cases so far

      Then I don’t really have a choice, do I?

      We’re basically seeing the first cases emerge of patients who have the sort of version of the virus he warns about.

      It’s basically experimental verification.

      And yes, we’re also seeing what Harvard2TheBigHouse claims:

      The virus doesn’t evolve to start resembling the hCovs more (what the normiecons who hated the lockdowns argue). No, we’re seeing it evolve to start resembling SARS1 more.

      I hated the lockdowns too, I hate the masks, I hate the vaccines, I hate all of it. And I think all of it is responsible for SARS2 achieving something SARS1 never managed to do: Spread around the world and constantly reinfect everyone.

      But I’m not a delusional retard who’s going to stick his head in the sand: Right now this virus still hospitalizes as many people as seasonal influenza in a year, every two days. Millions have died, many millions more suffer brain damage, many suffer long COVID, many suffer immune damage.

      We can see brain lesions in aborted fetuses and we can find SARS2 RNA in 100% of those lesions. So I don’t really have a choice, other than to accept: We’re stuck with a big problem.

      My interest is in figuring out how people can survive through constant waves of reinfection by this virus, because that’s what you’ll have to deal with if you want a life worth living.

      I guess you could just never kiss someone, never have sex, never shake anyone’s hand, never go to a public toilet, always wear a mask, never go to a festival, always wear glasses (you can get infected through your eyes), never go to a sauna, never go the dentist, never act in a movie, never play a flute or a saxophone in a room with others, never go to a public swimming pool, never donate blood (they won’t let you wear a mask while you donate, they need to see if you’re doing ok).

      But then I’d rather just be dead.

      • Around here you can wear a mask while donating. The donation doctor takes your temperature and you have to reassure you want to wear it for your own protection. I have seen it once and asked. The nurse explained and added that somebody who is that diligent probably has clean blood.

        • You have to take off your mask to donate blood where I live in the U.S., but it is not because they care if you are okay. It is because they want to take your temperature but are not willing to use a forehead or ear thermometer. I went to donate and they said I only could if I took off my mask for that purpose (and then I could put it back on again) so I politely told them to fuck off and I left; I’m not going to infect my household so that they can make a lot of money (blood donation is a huge money machine in the U.S.). The nurse who was telling me this looked very sick herself. They claim that there is a terrible shortage of donors but they won’t make a trivial accommodation so I guess they don’t get my 0- blood.

    • Also, regarding this phenomenon that forms a key part of Dr. GVB’s predictions, where sugars cover the spike protein (glycosylation), which would confirm his theory and then lead to ADE, I remember that you were tweeting about a very similar phenomenon that was observed in a former variant that arose in Austria. That one thankfully happened to be a nothing burger. So, hopefully these new developments in South Africa turn out the same way.

      • Yeah I had a much vaguer idea of what it has to look like back then.

        Now it seems to me it’s almost certainly going to involve some deletions in immunogenic portions of the NTD.

        We’re going to see variants emerge more frequently, that involve deletions in those unusually long portions of the NTD.

        This is an excellent antibody evasion mechanism at the cost of increased virulence, so it seems inevitable that it will happen.

  2. Ferrets, sperm whales, and seals are primarily, or even exclusively, carnivorous. If losing Neu5Gc has an evolutionary advantage, it can’t be reliant on a plant-based diet.

  3. Per wikipedia, “Further studies have shown that humans have Neu5Gc-specific antibodies, often at high levels.” From eating meat. And in that situation, they may cause a lot of inflammation. But if a spike protein arrives that has that sugar, wouldn’t those existing antibodies to Neu5Gc be helpful by binding to that sugar on the spike of the virus? So eating red meat would be like being vaccinated; you’d have loads of preexisting antibodies. I’m assuming this is not true, but why not?

    • Another one of Radagast nothin’ burgers. You would think Neu5Gc is vitamin C. Humans lost it and got it in their diets and life went on.

      Shalom to whom? We are the baddies, fuck us.

      • I enjoy keeping tabs on cutting edge knowledge of covid brought to us by RR, and the existential threat posed to humanity by the crazy mass vaccination program.
        It’s my favorite subject.
        Shalom to the Jewish people in their ancestral homeland of Israel, and may God protect them from Muslim barbarism.

        If you don’t like it you know what you can do.

  4. It seems that poultry dos not contain Neu5Gc per this study:

    …Of significant note is the fact that plants and poultry do not contain Neu5Gc, and that fish samples studied so far contain low to trace amounts…

    And what is the difference between Neu5Ac and Neu5GA?

    …There are more than fifty naturally occurring derivative of sialic acid have been described. Out of this only two are
    predominant sialic acid, one is n-acetylneuraminic acid (Neu5Ac) and the other is n-glycolyneuramininc acid
    (Neu5Gc). Recent studies are reported that Neu5Gc is a carcinogenic compound which is present highly in meat
    and milk products. In this study, we aim to find the level of sialic acid in Indian meat and poultry products by using
    LC-MS/MS, Especially the estimation of carcinogenic Neu5Gc in meat and poultry products. The study shown that
    chicken and egg shown sialic acid only in the form of Neu5Ac and absence of Neu5Gc. Meat products shown
    presence of sialic acid in both form…

    And how does that apply to dealing with new mutations of SC2?

    All these is very interesting, I’m glad you order your thoughts through writing this blog, it is very interesting and educational. Thank you for that.

  5. Long before these “vaccines” ever came on the scene, I wondered if vaccination in general might not introduce a ‘weakness’ into everyone who took them that might take everyone down.

    I recently saw a YouTube interview of Brett Weinstein by Tucker Carlson.

    In a nutshell, Weinstein hypothesized/speculated about whether the “vaccines”, plus the man-made virus, combined with propaganda and large-scale illegal immigration into the USA of unvaccinated individuals, is a deliberate ploy to destroy and replace the population in the USA.

    Basically, Weinstein reasons that “vaccination” has created a biological difference, or ‘separation’, within the population that can be exploited by nefarious actors using biological warfare technologies to exterminate one section of the population, while leaving another section intact. He suggests that this could sidestep the problem of biological warfare agents being indiscriminate in who they kill thereby leaving one’s allies intact.

    Weinstein is concerned that the “vaccinated” are on the wrong side of this separation, and that ‘countermeasures’ should be developed.

    But I wonder, who is actually on the wrong side of the “vaccination”?

    If a ‘Mareks-like’ scenario eventuates, then wouldn’t it be the unvaccinated who get wiped out by a hot virus? Conversely, if a ‘Geert-like’ scenario eventuates, then won’t it be the “vaccinated” who’re doomed? And then we also have a third possible ‘Rintrah-like’ scenario wherein absolutely everyone is doomed by repeat infections.

    A choice of catastrophes.

    Perhaps the outcome balances on some factor, and a push by some actor can shove it one way or another?

    But, why not all three catastrophes at once? A new hot virus, plus increased vulnerability to same in the “vaccinated”, that keeps on spreading and reinfecting and killing absolutely everyone?

    Whatever the case, there is a clandestine biological war being underway right now, with various players creating new viruses and countermeasures for same, relentlessly seeking advantage, while the whole situation spirals further down the drain as new deadly viruses are engineered and released, and new deadly countermeasures are developed and released. . .

    Or maybe you think this sounds like science fiction? And maybe you’d be right, but after the events of the last few years, that seems doubtful.

    After all, it’s not as if TPTB have shown any interest in halting their lab experiments to create new deadly viruses, or to investigate the harms that are being created by their countermeasures for same. And it is clear that these labs are breaking down barriers that are better left standing intact.

    It seems easy for this to really spiral out of control, and incredible that there hasn’t been more of a revolutionary spirit among the masses against it.

    • Very early on Karl Denninger suggested that the vaccine could create a distinct population for purposes of biological warfare. I don’t think he thought it likely, but he did describe the scenario.

      There are two retired doctors in my condo complex who have had every shot and booster; they told me so and that they believed that prevented transmission and long covid (there are a lot of doctors who only read what they are meant to read). I do think that the instinct that another person is diseased can be helpful, because even before they told me these things I kept my distance; they seem like zombies. It is a terrible shame since they are very sweet people who have rescued dogs, but I don’t want to catch whatever they are brewing. Many people where I live have had every shot and booster; maybe that is why we recently had the highest wastewater virus levels of the whole pandemic so far.

  6. (I love Bret Weinstein and his wife!)
    It seems to me that the “Marek” scenario can’t happen anymore with this particular pathogen. The unvaxx’d survived, and the new vaccines don’t work against the new variants (which would be necessary for a Marek scenario).
    The unvaxx’d get their innate immune system constantly trained, somewhat like HCW’s do. If Health Care Workers didn’t get trained in their hospital working environment, they would suffer etc.

    • (I meant that HCW’s get trained against hospital pathogens)
      So, the fact that the vaxx’d are on the ‘wrong side’ of this, is a counter-argument against a planned mass population reduction, because they were the allies of those who could have planned such a thing (the likes of Gates etc). The unvaxx’d were less compliant. Unless they have something else up their sleeves.

      • I’m pleased to hear that Mareks is probably off the table, but I thought what caused it was vaccines not working, so maybe it still is a possibility? Or maybe someone will just release a more deadly virus they’ve cooked up that will have much the same effect? But I don’t know enough about it to say one way or another.

        With respect to the “vaccine” purveyors and their allies taking the shots and this representing a counter argument to a planned extermination, Gates and so forth are capitalists yeah? As Lenin or whoever said: “The capitalists will sell us the rope with which to hang them.”

        Perhaps it’s the capitalists who got exploited this time?

        • If I remember well, the Marek scenario had a vaccine that kept the vaccinated chicken alive, but was ‘leaky’ (i.e. wasn’t good enough to sterilize the pathogen off the vaccinated chicken) and therefore the pathogen spread more than before the vaccine, and the vaxx’d went around killing the unvaxx’d.
          So the vaccine was partly functional, as it was in the COVID case at the beginning (but not anymore).
          I THINK, more or less that’s what happened with Marek.
          I am going through the Weinstein interview. In the beginning he comments on the Pharma industry. Oh boy. A huge ‘rope with which to hang themselves’ (and other poor people unfortunately).
          Interestingly, the owner of the biggest Spanish pharma got himself a fake vaccination certificate!

        • Wombat, you wrote earlier that you wanted a time frame for all of this. One factor I see is that nearly everyone I know is now developing high blood pressure, or if they already had high blood pressure it is getting a lot higher. That is like a society wide ticking time bomb all on its own. Also people are getting things like constipation; things that are probably nothing but might be something awful (I pray not). All these people are vaxxed but then I almost only know vaxxed people. So I guess in a year or two the numbers of dead people will be absolutely impossible to cover up.

          • Almost everyone? That cannot be good.

            I’m basically a hermit, so I don’t really know anyone, but the small circle that I do know includes a “vaccinee” who has been diagnosed with long covid and has symptoms including high blood pressure.

            I don’t know how that will play out for that person, and they’re needing to take an awful lot of time of work these days. They’re not a malingerer either. Before this, they were a real energizer bunny, and they’re still pretty active even now.

            They just have to keep taking off refreshing months of work. . .

        • Well, this pharma exec clearly knew/suspected something which the others, if they took their medicine, either didn’t know or didn’t weight as highly as compliance.

          Perhaps someone ought to ask him what he thought was going on?

          He might have a clue.

          • That’s what I thought. Perhaps he had a clue from his scientific and academic credentials (which are impressive), and business experience, and even from mingling with other pharma giants.
            Also, it is impressive how even these people were afraid to sound the alarm.

          • Psychologically, it would’ve been pretty hard to sound the alarm.

            It’s one thing to refuse the “vaccines”, but another to go out of your way to challenge the ‘Lord of this World’ and/or his minions. Most people aren’t crusaders and just like to go along to get along.

            And it’s not as if ‘politically correct nazis’ haven’t been enforcing ‘right think’ on multiple issues in the decades leading up to the “vaccine”/virus issue. One wrong step and you’d get ostracized by the PC police and exiled from polite company.

            I can see someone picking their battles, refusing to participate when it comes to their own personal involvement, and washing their hands of responsibility for the rest.

            Evidence right there that we’ve been demoralized by all these years of power games and repression by the authorities and their minions.

            Our morals have been so damaged by years of concerted attacks that we just cannot stand up for what is right anymore when it comes to the crunch.

          • Kinda pointless raising objections anyway. I did, and they still all took the shots.

            Just like they’re supporting every other stupid thing too.

            Needless to say, there aren’t many people who want to talk to me anymore.

          • You know, I was very fortunate to avoid the vaccination… By chance I fell on a comment on YT mentioning Geert VB! Fortunately, my brother was also very sceptic.
            In general, most people in Greece were kind to the unvaccinated.
            Probably because the people are simple.
            A notable exception were some lawyers and doctors, but they are not very simple.
            And also: people were too terrified to listen to any common sense arguments. But they weren’t vocal supporters of the mass vaccination.

    • I’m not sure it is off the table. I’m surrounded by vaccinated most days in an open plan office and get headaches and worryingly, chest pains, when I’m seated close to an obviously ill chronic cougher. It’s unmistakable. I rarely got headaches and never had chest pains before COVID.

      If they are producing an Igg4 response then their bodies will be essentially tolerating the virus. So the virus multiplies and sheds onto others. With natural immunity your body goes into a highly inflammatory state to fight it off. So I’m wondering if the excess mortality (which seems to be cardiovascular in nature) could be a large chunk of the unvaxxed like myself who are surrounded by these super spreaders.

      • Yes, Rob. This is (IMO) similar to the Marek disease experiment:
        “Could some vaccines drive the evolution of more virulent pathogens? Conventional wisdom is that natural selection will remove highly lethal pathogens if host death greatly reduces transmission. Vaccines that keep hosts alive but still allow transmission could thus allow very virulent strains to circulate in a population. Here we show experimentally that immunization of chickens against Marek’s disease virus enhances the fitness of more virulent strains, making it possible for hyperpathogenic strains to transmit. Immunity elicited by direct vaccination or by maternal vaccination prolongs host survival but does not prevent infection, viral replication or transmission, thus extending the infectious periods of strains otherwise too lethal to persist. Our data show that anti-disease vaccines that do not prevent transmission can create conditions that promote the emergence of pathogen strains that cause more severe disease in unvaccinated hosts.”
        The difference (IMO) is that the cv vaccines *now* (post-Omicron) only prevent disease indirectly, not through neutralizing vaccine-induced Abs, because they are now non-neutralizing.

        • The Marek’s disease effect already happened: It was the Delta wave.

          The more virulent Delta variant had an advantage over wild type and Alpha, because its high viral load allowed it to overcome vaccine induced immunity once those antibodies began to wane.

          This then resulted in more deaths among the unvaccinated than you would have had in the absence of vaccination.

  7. “Highly fusogenic variants with glycan shielded RBDs establish persistent infections in people, whose innate immune systems are unable to clear the infection.”

    Please clarify whether by “people” in that paragraph you mean purebloods, or vaxlepers.


    This honestly feels like COVID brain damage. It’s like liberals are now literal right-wing parodies of themselves.

    I’m seeing more and more signs: my hairdresser, a woman in her mid to late twenties, seemed very stressed last time I visited; she also was constantly inhaling loudly through her mouth, on the verge of gasping for air. In fact, almost everybody around me seems to struggle with breathing now.

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