SARS2 vaccination is encouraging steadily more virulent new Omicron variants to evolve

When you vaccinate people against a virus they’re subsequently going to get infected by twice a year or more, then you want the induced immune response to be suitable for the long term. Everything suggests however, that the SARS2 vaccines induce an immune response that is not suitable for the long term. This is not just problematic for the people who received these vaccines, it is problematic because it is encouraging the evolution of more virulent SARS2 variants, as I will demonstrate in this post.

This is an important post, where I will explain three important points in successive order:

  1. Vaccination has induced an inappropriate immune response to SARS2, that damages the body. Experts who observe this inappropriate immune response in patients are now openly calling in the scientific literature for an end to the use of these vaccines.
  2. The inappropriate immune response has started encouraging the evolution of successively more virulent variants of SARS2, ever since the first Omicron variants emerged. This is in contrast to the natural immune response, which selects against virulence.
  3. We can identify the molecular changes that will encourage a dramatic increase in virulence. These are mutations that would normally fail to spread themselves, but are now starting to be selected because of very strong antibody pressure on a specific region of the Spike protein and likely facilitated by the unique new insertion mutation seen in BA.2.86.

The immune system has various tools in its repertoire, with which to deal with an infection. When the immune response to a pathogen is overly aggressive, this can be deadly or result in excessive damage to the body.

An important principle to understand, is that your cells are not just passive victims upon infection by a virus like SARS2. These cells can be instructed by various signaling molecules to remove viral material that has infected them, or they can use specialized receptors, to figure out on their own they have been infected. Upon instruction by immune cells, OAS1 can be activated, which degrades the RNA within a cell. RIG-1 receptors and similar genes like MDA5 are also meant to recognize viral RNA. Cells get better at using these pathways, after they’ve been encouraged to use them before.

As I have explained before, the innate immune system is instrumental in encouraging the cells to deal with viral material that has infected them. It secretes interferons, which directly interfere in the viral replication and assembly process, but also alert a cell that it needs to make sure it’s not infected itself. Dealing with the problem on its own, allows a cell to avoid the fate of being destroyed by the immune system.

This matters, because we’re dealing with a virus that is continually reinfecting most of the population, multiple times a year. We can see that people are suffering an accelerated decline in their lung function, that continues between 6 and 24 months after suffering a SARS2 infection. If those people then die five years later of COPD, we won’t count them as SARS2 deaths.

And please remember: We gave these vaccines to people of all ages. The response the immune system developed against SARS2 after vaccination, will be continually recalled, for decades to come.

Note also, another problem I have remarked upon before: A steady increase in Dutch people going to their doctor, complaining of a persistent cough:

This problem appears to be getting worse, as the years go by.

And so you’ll have to forgive me, when I insist on delving into the esoteric details of the consequences of this global experiment. When you get this wrong, which they did, the result can be a catastrophe.

I have explained many of the different problems we see, most notoriously the persisting IgG4 response seen in people who received at least 2mRNA vaccines before ever being naturally infected. But this is far from the only problem we’re dealing with.

An important finding you’ll encounter in the literature, is that the T cells induced by vaccination generally don’t secrete interferon Gamma. Interferon Gamma is highly effective against SARS2, it’s one of the main toolkits your immune cells have developed against viruses and importantly, it allows your infected cells to get rid of a viral infection themselves, without having to be removed by your immune cells.

Over time, with successive infections, you would have more and more cells in your lung environment, that have gone through an infection and know how to deal with it. this doesn’t happen, if your T cells fail to secrete interferon Gamma and your immune system depends instead on simply killing the affected cells.

And look what the literature teaches us:

In the present study, we also analyzed certain aspects of the cellular immune response in the three different cohorts described above. This included for one part the IFN-γ secretory response of pan T cells specific for an array of wild type SARS-CoV-2 spike peptides. No significant correlations were found between IFN-γ secretion and neutralization capacities, neither against wild type SARS-CoV-2 nor against the Omicron or Delta variants. Nevertheless, overall IFN-γ secretion significantly increased after booster vaccination with BNT162b2 (Supplementary Figure 3A) and showed a significant correlation with anti-spike IgG titers (Supplementary Figure 3B). Comparison of the three different cohorts demonstrated that no one in the COVID-19-naïve cohort was able to mount a strong IFN-γ response above 4×103 mIU/ml before their third vaccination, while after vaccination a low, but significant 18% of individuals reached such levels (Figure 5A). In contrast, in the COVID-19-convalescent cohorts the percentages of individuals with strong IFN-γ response (> 4×103 mIU/ml) before third vaccination ranged between 31 and 42%, and reached between 50 and 62% after third vaccination (Figure 5A).

With this graph:

You can see in the graph above, that there’s a whole demographic of people who were vaccinated before infection, with Interferon Gamma stuck at a flat 1. This study also found the same result.

We have somewhat of a clue, as to why the T cells are not releasing Interferon Gamma: Antibodies. Interferon Gamma secretion by T cells is more pronounced in people without antibodies against Spike.

When antibodies are stuck close together on a particular immunogenic protein, complement can bind to those antibodies. This is something I have explained before.

Look at this graph:

You can see here that antibodies after vaccination are targeted at specific regions. Because those antibodies are stuck close together on a protein, complement can bind. Hence we see that complement activation is much stronger after vaccination.

Complement does multiple things. One of the things it does is instruct the innate immune system to destroy a cell. This sounds nice, but isn’t, as it has the ability to be highly damaging to host tissues. There is a state of constant abnormal activation of the adaptive arm of the immune response, in the form of high levels of antibodies that react with every variant of SARS2 circulating in the population.

The outcome you’re effectively dealing with as a result, is that this adaptive immune response is constantly forcing the innate immune system to proceed with killing infected cells, instead of these infected cells receiving an opportunity to solve the problem by removing viral RNA for themselves, learning in the process how to effectively protect themselves from future encounters with the virus.

The other problem of course, is that this type of response is not fast. Waiting for antibodies to bind to SARS2 peptides expressed by a cell, waiting for complement to bind to those antibodies, waiting for complement to trigger a response that destroys the cell membrane, or attracts macrophages and neutrophils to kill the cell, all of this takes time. If those antibodies are IgG4 antibodies, they first need to rise to very high concentrations, for complement to bind.

As always, I’m all in favor of people just reading what I am explaining here and trying to falsify it. Complement is mostly meant for things like destroying toxins, venom and bacteria, harmful agents that breach your natural immune barriers to enter your body and have long stretches of amino acids where they look very different from your own cells.

Antibodies can bind there close to each other and then your immune system can deal with the problem, by binding complement to those antibodies. I have seen nothing to suggest that you would normally deploy complement against a respiratory virus that shows up in your lungs, but feel free to show me an example if you can.

Importantly, complement doesn’t bind to IgA antibodies, only to IgM and IgG. IgA is found in your mucous membranes covering your respiratory tract. But vaccinating people, means IgG starts to compete with IgA and increasingly takes over its job from it. This is why the difference in complement activity is probably even higher in the mucous membranes, than in blood.

And that helps explain why you see this:

And equally important, why we gradually see more and more persistent infections emerge in the population:

We identified 381 persistent infections with sequences spanning at least 26 days (11 Alpha, 106 Delta, 97 BA.1 and 167 BA.2). The relatively low number of persistent infections that we identified for Alpha is probably because fewer individuals were infected with Alpha than the other major lineages, but also because a smaller proportion of positive samples with Ct ≤ 30 were sequenced before December 2020, which captures the beginning of the Alpha wave, than after this date (see supplementary figure S1 in ref. 22). Of all the persistent infections that we identified, 54 spanned at least 56 days (3 Alpha, 13 Delta, 15 BA.1 and 23 BA.2).

It’s not just that the number of infections is increasing. As I explained long ago, infections will increasingly become chronic, as the virus evolves to persist and the immune response is increasingly mismatched.

If you understand all of this, you also understand why the constant recall of the antibody response is so nasty. Everytime the antibodies are recalled, the adaptive arm of the immune system tells the innate arm to kill the infected cells, rather than infected cells receiving an opportunity to fix the problem themselves and learn in the process.

Why are people’s lungs degrading at an accelerated pace? Well, their immune systems are constantly deploying an adaptive immune response against a virus, that is normally meant to deal with severe infections the innate immune system was unable to reign in on its own. Remember, the first waves of SARS2 failed to result in any detectable antibodies in at least half of those infected, thereby resulting in excessively high estimates of its deadliness, as far more people had already been exposed to it than people thought.

If you’ll forgive me for using a metaphor, imagine if every time people riot after a soccer contest, the police immediately start shooting, rather than first using their batons and resorting to tear gas if things escalate. Yes, the riots will stop, but it’s not a sustainable way of dealing with the problem.

We have an innate immune system for a reason, that picks the tools it picks for a reason. All of this would have been academic, if these vaccines had delivered what they were promised to do: Protection from infection. But they don’t achieve this and more importantly, don’t even turn their recipients into dead-end hosts.

So why isn’t anyone serious warning about any of this? Why do you have to find out about this stuff through an obscure Dutch blog? Well, more and more people are willing to speak out. I’m going to quote a study looking at antibody responses that was released a month ago:

Knowing that the mRNA vaccines do not prevent infections, the Omicron subvariants have been shown to be less pathogenic, and IgG4 levels have been associated with immunotolerance and numerous negative effects, the recommendations for the successive administration of booster vaccinations to people should be revised.

We’ve finally reached the “saying the quiet part out loud” stage. Millions of people have died by now. Millions more are brain-damaged, or disabled in other ways. The United States has 2.7 million more retired people since 2020 than expected, at least partly due to sickness.

I’ve told you many times now, that this IgG4 dominant response to Spike is a very bad thing.

Importantly, it selects for variants of SARS2 that are more fusogenic, because these antibodies generally fail to instruct the immune system to destroy infected cells, unless they reach the high concentrations that allow complement to bind.

This allows the virus to spread in people’s lungs, by simply fusing infected cells together with neighboring cells. That’s the sort of response we encourage this virus to develop, when we depend on an adaptive immune response that is able to neutralize viral particles, but prohibits the innate immune system from using its tools that enable it to rapidly deal with infected cells.

So have a look with me, at the fusogenicity we see of successive variants in Calu-3 cells, the best available model for the sort of endothelial cells in the lungs this virus hurts:

And here you see the same result, also in CaLu-3 cells:

It’s not difficult to interpret these results, the trend is obvious. They show that ever since the first two Omicrons (BA.1 and BA.2), the virus is getting slowly but steadily better at fusing cells together, reaching the level seen in the pre-Omicron versions.

That’s what you get, when you force the adaptive immune system to do a job meant for the innate immune system. Fusogenicity is the main determinant of intrinsic virulence we know of. And so, we arrive at the conclusion that we’re encouraging the evolution of ever more virulent variants of this virus.

Why we’re failing to discriminate against virulence

NK cells select against virulence, because these highly fusogenic Spike proteins, with high ACE2 affinity and a positive charge in their RBD, will bind very tightly to the NK cell’s specialized receptors meant to detect the proteins respiratory viruses use to bind to their preferred target cell’s receptors. In addition, the population’s evolving antibody response would normally select against virulence, because people would develop a stronger antibody response to virulence associated epitopes.

Your immune system is not just tasked with protecting you from disease. It’s also an essential part of its job, to discourage the evolution of growing virulence in whatever respiratory viruses you encounter. Otherwise, there would not be eight billion of us right now. As I have explained before, it has been documented for Influenza that NK cells preferentially bind to the Hemagluttinin genes of highly pathogenic variants of Influenza, like the 1918 flu.

Your IgG3 antibodies are generally cross-reactive, they are capable of binding to multiple different viruses. The job of these antibodies is not so much to protect you from future reinfection by a virus. Rather, the main job of these antibodies is to discriminate against certain virulence-associated epitopes observed in a virus that is circulating in your species.

Why did the 1918 flu not lead to endless waves of severe disease and death? Because of the NK cells that discriminate against it, but also because the survivors of that pandemic continued to produce very high affinity neutralizing antibodies for decades, that actively discriminated against the virulence associated epitopes of this particular variety of influenza. The survivors did not have long-term immunity from reinfection by influenza. Rather, they had long-term immunity against that particular highly virulent strain, which now had a reproductive disadvantage in our species as a result.

This is not very difficult to understand. It makes perfect sense that one of the many jobs of our immune system is to discriminate against virulent varieties of the hundreds of respiratory viruses known to infect our species. That also perfectly fits the accelerated decline of the more generalist innate immune system, compared to the adaptive immune system: One of the jobs of our elderly, is to use their acquired knowledge to discriminate against virulent pathogens circulating in our species, like the survivors of the 1918 flu did so well for us.

It seems as if nobody ever bothered asking why those previous four hCovs that jumped into our species never wiped us out, before deciding to launch this vaccine.

So what’s next?

Viruses don’t just exist in a state of competition with our immune systems, they exist in a state of competition with each other. The class switch towards IgG4 antibodies against the Receptor Binding Domain of this virus has resulted in somewhat of a sweet spot in the antigenic landscape. There doesn’t seem to be a strong incentive left, to radically change the Receptor Binding Domain to evade antibodies. The BA.2.86 variants are mainly developing mutations in their RBD that have been seen before.

This is a worrisome development, because it suggests that natural selection will now begin working elsewhere: With the low hanging fruit exhausted other changes begin to be selected, that carry a stronger fitness trade-off that has so far prohibited their spread.

I will show you an example:

This is one single deletion that is clearly being selected in Europe now, but not yet globally: S:F157-.

The last time this deletion was seen, was in the Delta variant. It causes some sort of change to the N3 loop of the N-Terminal Domain.

As I have said before, you can now expect deletions to emerge, around these regions:

14-26 (N1), 141-156 (N3) and 246-260 (N5).

These three loops in the N-Terminal Domain are unusually long in SARS2, compared to its close relatives in other animals. This unusually long region allowed the virus to spread across the world, by stabilizing its Spike in a form that promotes infection of cells. As amino acids are deleted from these highly immunogenic regions, the intrinsic infectiousness of the virus declines, but this is masked by the fact that it allows it to escape certain antibodies.

Relatively speaking, Japan has even more people than Europe who have received mRNA vaccines before they were first infected by the virus. We can look at which deletions are showing up in their population:

I have circled the colors, to indicate which of these deletions you would reasonably expect to affect loop N1 (blue) loop N3 (red) and loop N5 (green).

The evidence here is pretty clear: Deletions In Spike are emerging in Japan. These deletions are concentrated in the three regions, where you would expect very intense antibody pressure to be emerging right now. Over time, you can expect to see a situation emerge where these deletions gain a transmission advantage.

And let’s look at South Korea too, while we’re at it.

Here are the Spike deletions we see, in the past two months:

Again, basically the same thing, in a different form. It deletes different amino acids in N1, it hits the same ones in N3 as in Japan, but it apparently hasn’t started dealing with N5 yet. Note how in both countries, basically two thirds of all the deletions showing up now are in these NTD loops.

So the selection really seems to be happening, in highly mRNA vaccinated countries that have had their first BA.2.86 wave. If this wasn’t going on right now, you would expect to see deletions strewn across the Spike protein showing up in these numbers, but they’re strongly concentrated around the immunogenic loops of the NTD.

Virologists who recognized early on that vaccination with inactivated vaccines against a virus like this is bad news and felt a strong moral obligation to warn against it, do not like looking at these statistics, because it clearly reveals to them where this is now headed.

But for outsiders like me, who had to teach themselves what’s going on, these numbers are important to discuss, because it is the evidence we need, to prove the severe consequences mass vaccination with inadequate vaccines has had. As a simple guy, you receive conflicting messages from experts, with the majority claiming these vaccines are the best thing ever.

That’s why I’m sharing this data with you: Because it reveals that the warnings of a small minority against this endeavor were correct.

I want to emphasize again, that it’s not just the massive antibody escape that we’re dealing with once these deletions become commonly seen. These deletions change the shape of the Spike protein, to dramatically increase its fusogenicity, that is, its ability to fuse different cells together. You can reasonably expect the virus to start behaving more similar to SARS1, when it develops enough of these mutations.

These deletions, now being select for by mass vaccination, increase the intrinsic virulence of this virus. Some, like S:F157-, were found in Delta too, which became dominant and started sickening a lot of people, until the virus stumbled upon a way to dramatically increase its infectiousness.

I should also note that the BA.2.86 family now dominant across the globe, has a very rare insertion, not seen before in any other variant. At the start of the N-Terminal Domain, it inserts these four amino acids: MPLF. We can reasonably expect that this offers the virus some leeway, in the sense that it helps it to delete some amino acids from the highly immunogenic three loops mentioned earlier, without destabilizing the Spike as much as these deletions would in previous Omicron variants.

These deletions are only reemerging now, now that ACE2 affinity has increased dramatically and the antibody pressure on the RBD has diversified to such a great extent, that there are no real other routes left to survive in populations of hosts who have been vaccinated and already lived through multiple infections.

You might now be asking yourself: Alright, if these three loops are really being shortened, so that the main remaining functional antibodies can no longer bind there, won’t the immune system simply switch to making antibodies against the new version of these loops?

There are three reasons why this is unlikely to solve the problem:

  1. Recall of poorly neutralizing antibodies from previous exposures. This is the original antigenic sin phenomenon. Even if the immune system could in theory develop proper antibodies against the new version of these NTD loops, pre-existing antibodies that underwent affinity maturation are going to be deployed, that are less capable of doing the job.
  2. Evolution towards peptide mimicry. Viruses tend to evolve in a manner that causes their peptide chains to look like those of their host. When SARS2 was first observed, it had the curious trait of looking most similar to the proteins of humans and mice. This mimicry prohibits antibodies from binding there, without causing autoimmune problems for the host.
  3. Improved glycosylation. The virus evolves over time, to add sugar molecules in those spots where antibodies tend to bind.

The latter two of these phenomena mainly tend to happen when the whole population exerts strong concentrated antibody pressure on small regions, as otherwise the changes wouldn’t have a fitness advantage. That is, it happens in a situation of mass vaccination, where a population exerts strong homogeneous antibody pressure on small regions of a protein.

I understand this is not pleasant information and distressing for some. I want people to understand what is happening and why it is happening however, for multiple reasons. To start with, the people who brought this misery upon the world need to be held accountable. I have these statistics available, they’re easy to find, it should be easy to find for public health officials and vaccine manufacturers too. I don’t want people to pretend that this is some sort of mystery that emerged out of the blue, you can see clearly what is happening.

Second, if people understand what is emerging and if more people look at this, then people have a better chance of preparing themselves for it and looking for solutions to this problem.


  1. Quote: “If those people then die five years later of COPD, we won’t count them as SARS2 deaths.”

    Since a few days I have this suspicion too. First I thought my COPD diagnosis would be an old story from pre-covid times triggered by smoking. This still could be but it’s also possible it’s a result from my covid infections in the last years.
    I recently read covid do hide in the middle ear because they found many probes of middle ear inflammation covid positive. And I had two heavy middle ear inflammations in that time which lastet for months.

    I’m now ready to jump on the “we eat crazy stuff in the hope it helps” train. A substack writer which impressed me recommended serrakinase as good help against COPD. I tried to get it in the pharmacy. They had it in the computer but not on stock and also not on the list of their supplier (must be a good sign if Big Pharma don’t want it in the pharmacy).

    So I ordered it online together with Nattokinase because Walter and Rintrah saying it’s good against covid spikes. Can I take both together or is this bad? Is there other good stuff to restore lung functions? All hints are appreciated.

    Fuck. They get us all. The vaxxed and the unvaxxed.

    • >Is there other good stuff to restore lung functions?

      Vaporized terpenes. That’s the main reason forest air is good for the lungs. Ideally you would live surrounded by pine trees.

      You should look into vaporized cannabis too.

  2. In all my reading about Covid and the vax I have never heard of complement! Thank you for enlightening us about it! Not getting this poison is one of the best decisions of my life.

  3. Thanks for another update. Truly terrifying.

    > So why isn’t anyone serious warning about any of this? Why do you have to find out about this stuff through an obscure Dutch blog?

    I ask myself the exact same question pretty much every single day.

    In your recent “Why people are now constantly sick all the time” article, I asked you if there would be an evolutionary trade-off between infectiousness and virulence in these new strains with these rare NTD mutations. You argued that yes, there likely would be a trade-off. And you’re probably right, as Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche said similarly in a recent interview:

    (skip to 1:10:30)

    Interestingly, one minute later Dr. Philip McMillan then raises a concern that you yourself have raised on numerous occasions in previous posts: Are the unvaccinated in highly vaccinated countries in danger due to constant exposure to SARS2? (skip to 1:11:30)

    However, Dr. GVB strongly disagrees. It would have been interesting if Dr. Philip had asked Dr. Geert about the high levels of other circulating pathogens (RSV, measles, shingles etc.) due to population-wide T cell exhaustion.

    At 1:19:00, Geert then goes on to discuss his predictions for the future evolutionary trajectory of this virus. He doesn’t believe that there will be any more intermediate families/serotypes of variants (XBB.x, BA.x, JN.x etc.) and that the next one will be “the big one” (although he has predicted this numerous times in the past, only to be wrong about the timing, as Geert himself admits in the video interview).

    • Interestingly, the pro-vaxxers are still denying the phenomenon of negative efficacy against infection. I’ve linked to Edward Nirenberg’s Twitter before, here are two of his tweets (I won’t link to them because I don’t want to trigger the spam filter):

      “Berenson also throws out claims of negative efficacy of mRNA vaccines. These are nearly always due to behavioral differences in vaccinated and unvaccinated people or high levels of infection-acquired immunity- not vaccines increasing risk.”

      “The apparent negative efficacy of the vaccine in some studies is a statistical artifact arising from the effect of behavior on exposures and rising immunity in the unvaccinated from recovering from infections.”

      I seem to recall that the Cleveland Clinic researchers took those concerns and confounding factors into account, did a multivariate cox regression analysis, and still found the same results.

      And here’s something REALLY WILD. Here is an article from September 2021 titled “COVID-19 Vaccine passport systems should largely ignore recovery from COVID-19”, written by, you guessed it, Edward Nirenberg!

      So just from reading the title of the article you can tell that he’s going to somehow try and argue that vaccine-induced immunity is superior to that of a natural infection, and that the unvaccinated should never be allowed in bars, restaurants and shopping malls ever again! But it’s even worse than that. Scroll down and you will read the following passage:

      “Beyond the strain this places on the healthcare system [Nirenberg is referring to the unvaccinated taking up space in hospital emergency departments], there is another public health risk, which I really can’t state better than the authors of this commentary:

      As natural immunity builds in the population, SARS-CoV-2 variants may be increasingly selected as immune escape variants. Vaccination, on the other hand, even when partial, is unlikely to contribute significantly to the emergence of escape variants owing to the vaccines’ ability to strongly restrict the evolutionary and antigenic escape pathways accessible to SARS-CoV-2, reducing the emergence of such variants. It has also been shown that intra-host SARS-CoV-2 genetic diversity remains limited during acute infections in healthy hosts. Thus, the sudden emergence of new SARS-CoV-2 variants, often with several key mutations, is hypothesized to be rare during transmission among primarily healthy individuals (Braun et al., 2021).

      Ergo, it would be an absolutely insane public health policy to consider an equivalency between vaccination and immunity post-recovery from SARS-CoV-2.”


  4. That thing hit me five times hard. Two heavy psychosis, two heavy middle ear inflammations and a ruined lung.

    What will it do next to me?

  5. Question – if two healthy unvaxxed 30 year olds were living on the moon these past 4 years and one was given the Wuhan variant and the other was given JN1, which variant would produce a more severe reaction?

  6. Quote: “So why isn’t anyone serious warning about any of this? Why do you have to find out about this stuff through an obscure Dutch blog? Well, more and more people are willing to speak out.”

    If a crazy large majority (80%) of a society is involved in a crime, how should that society be able to fix that? The truth can only be said on obscure Dutch blogs.

    The more people change the camp, the more the remaining pro-vaxx faction will freak out, and if they see losing their majority they will totally freak out. On large scale this means war, and on small scale this means Hitler-Germany everywhere.
    Macron calling for ground groups against Russia is part of this freaking out. It would be better if they keep their majority, as least as long they are in positions in power.

    Someone wrote on the internet: “About this thing all will still speak in 100 years, but nobody in the next ten years”.

  7. Have there been any reliable studies in highly vaccinated countries like Israel to provide evidence to what you are suggesting?

    I for sure trust you and found your blog because of your wise writings re Covid vaccines.

  8. “To start with, the people who brought this misery upon the world need to be held accountable.”

    But what if some of these are very nice people we have a lot of respect for?

    They are certainly not your average LSWMs.

  9. My falsification is, dude it’s Rintrah, it’s just noise, he sets his mind to a conclusion, then fills it all with noise to justify that conclusion, the guy is the perfect opposite indicator.

    • That’s not an argument. You can clearly see that fusogenicity is steadily increasing. You can also see Europe is now beginning to select the NTD loop deletions.

      So my question would be: How do you see this ending yourself?

      • It will end in a feast of human blood, rotting body parts and an orgy of violence, where the Facebook moms construct the guillotines and post their messy execution results on Instagram, whilst their daughters do unspeakable things with the resulting politician, public health officials and Big Pharma executive corpses on Only-Fans.

  10. I think you’re implying this without saying it; more fusogenicic coof will have much more of an impact on jabbies than purebloods, because the cells in the latter are able to mount a defence against the virus within themselves, where the immune system cannot reach.

    Therefore, while there may be an increase in mortality for the pure, the change will be devastating for the jabbed.

  11. Had a Dr apointment today. Dr. same age as me seems to like to chat with me. Brought up igg4 twice with him and the idea of tolerance. Wouldn’t talk about it changed subject, to mandates and mistakes were made. Think they know whats going on. Try it with your doc seee what happens.

    • Doctors don’t know about that sort of thing; that is not surprising. But there is an expert who posts on Naked Capitalism and I have directly asked this person twice about the IgG3 to IgG4 shift and he or she has not replied; most out of character for that person and it seems to me that the people who run the blog are noticing that the question is being evaded. This person predicted that the vaccines would fail, but also said that people might as well get the shot. So I think he or she fears to look. Same with someone like Anthony Leonardi; these people don’t want to look.

  12. I agree with almost everything you stated here. My only challenge would be on IgG antibodies being in the mucosa. I always read that only IgA are allowed to enter and reside in the mucosa. Although the rising number of people coughing all the time and recurrent infections around me indicates something is happening that is allowing recurrent infections that are dealt with in a delayed manner by inflammatory response. The competition of IgG and IgA in the upper respiratory system has always been an inconsistency I have never been able to resolve. Perhaps it is simply not direct competition but is due to the type of initial response to the foreign protein from the mRNA vax tells the immune system to go straight to the adaptive response only from then on. Also, what if the original spike had so many shared epitopes with other viruses and this had altered the response to those viruses as well (assuming no prior exposure)?

    • IgG can outcompete IgA on certain circumstances to show up in our mucosa. It’s also seen in breast milk: Vaccinated women have IgG in breastmilk, unvaccinated have IgA.

  13. As time goes by and nobody care anymore I think it’s a great opportunity for somebody to produce a short narrative coloring book to explain it all for the dummyheads

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