Some people carry a lot of Saturnian energy in them.

You tend to easily recognise these people, once you learn about them.

They tend to dress in black, have a lot of freedom, free unstructured time and tend to have something philosophical to them.

These people tend to bring freedom anywhere they go, but generally with a bit of a bitter aftertaste. Saturn is also associated with the final liberator, death.

You can find examples of these people in the archetypal goth stars. People like Zheani and Marilyn Manson, they trigger mental changes in the people exposed to them. Zheani in particular has occult knowledge, she knows what she does.

Artists like this tend to have Saturnian and Venusian energy. The Saturnians break down established thought patterns in the mind.

Saturnians tend to believe in freedom. Not just freedom in the form of low taxes, or freedom of religion. No it goes much further than that, they believe in freedom in every form.

The only reason we overcame the lockdowns is by drawing on huge enormous supplies of Saturnian energy. It is as if the whole world fell under a magical spell to which only a few people proved immune, then they had to take great effort to dispell the magic. Most of the first posts on /r/lockdownskepticism are mine.

The reason some people absorb huge amounts of saturnian energy is depression. Saturnian energy is the equivalent of an opioid, it treats the symptoms, but can’t cure the underlying illness.

But you have to draw in other forms of energy too. No single person alive can live off just Saturn. Artists will tend to draw from Venus too, but for men I would recommend Mars or the Sun more. There are various magical ways of doing this, but simple ways to draw in solar energy are taking St John’s wort, sunbathing, or eating a San Pedro cactus. A good way to draw in Martian energy is weightlifting. Basil is also a typical Martian plant.

Men have to be careful with venerating feminine deities, because excessive veneration will make it unbearable to be a man. Cannabis draws in Venusian energy, it was known as Freia’s plant to the Germans.

You can also draw in this energy from others, which is known as vampirism and somewhat frowned upon.

If for example, you go to a bar, drink a glass of Vodka and visualize streams of energy drawing from a dancing group of people towards yourself, then that’s just what happens, you draw in the energy they release, mostly Venusian in nature.

One way to draw in huge amounts of saturnian energy, is to go to a graveyard and take Aztec tobacco. Your subconsciouness will then make use of this energy to rearrange the world in accordance to your will. As an example, if I were to do this, my own subconsciousness would most likely start stirring up the world in a manner that helps set animals free from suffering imposed on them by humans.

But I will seek out sources besides Saturn.


  1. OT:

    Today marks the 10 year anniversary of the Isla Vista massacre, so I thought that I’d share some of my favourite Elliot Rodger videos.

    NOTE: I do not condone the acts of Elliot Rodger, R.I.P. to the six victims and condolences to their families.

    But, like many of the other misfits who peruse this blog, I have a morbid curiosity regarding the psychology and motivations of mass killers. So, with that disclaimer out of the way, I present exhibit A:

    “Dancing In The Car, Elliot Rodger Style”

    This one’s a classic. The smiling, the nodding, the staring and the winking at the camera. The way he raises his eyebrows. The Whitney Houston, SoCal sunshine and flashy BMW.

    Stay tuned for part 2 of my comment, the grand finale…..

    • Exhibit B:

      “Elliot at Serrania park 2”

      The way he stands with his back to the camera, contemplating his tortured existence with one hand on his hip, then the swift 180 degree swoop as he approaches the camera.

      He enjoys showing off his Hugo Boss shirt and performs a dance move with his arms, before proclaiming how “fabulous” he looks.

      We discussed Elliott Rodger previously in this website’s comments section, where Radagast speculated that Elliott may have been secretly gay. He might have been onto something with that observation…

      • Fair enough, you’re right, I’ve re-posted it in the group chat, it’s awaiting moderation. Feel free to delete this entire thread once it’s approved over there.

  2. The pandemic and vax madness and its mental repercussions coincideded/still coincide exactly with a big Pluto transit on my Sun and 3 other aspected planets. Astrology (tropical) is definitely a thing for me, and I am also reading vedic astrology which paradoxically also seems to have an applicability for me despite the precession of the equinoxes and the radically different signs in my birth chart.

  3. Thank you for highlighting aspects of reality that most people are completely unaware of. Our “enlightened” age is soon to be over. We have many exciting ages ahead of us. We are still at the beginning.

  4. People who understand Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World also know what Radagast is talking about. I have no fucking clue.

  5. Astrology? Nice. Don’t know if I really believe how influential it really in reality, but here’s my take.

    So, speaking as as a Taurus those who are defined by Venusian energy (especially while lacking the Saturnian) do not care about freedom per-se, rather what they ultimately care about is beauty; everything else mere tools to be used to further the propagation of beauty. Freedom that results in ugliness is not worthwhile freedom.

    You say you want people to be free but free to do what? To let children troon themselves out? To allow corporation to create nightmarish tailings dams that inevitability flood our rivers and lakes with toxic particles? To inject fentanyl into your arms in your SUV until you expire? The freedom to perform these actions only results in ugliness, and so I give zero shits about the freedom of the creatures that want to perform such actions. They can go fuck themselves.

    Likewise, dysgenic totalitarianism where healthy people are forced into their homes for years so old fat decaying boomers don’t have to get sick likewise creates ugliness. Vulgar Dictatorships based around cults of personality in places like the USSR, Communist China, North Korea, or any African or Middle Eastern country are also ugly. Freedom and totalitarianism are both tools that can be used to create beauty or ugliness both, all they are is tools, beauty is what matters.

    I imagine that artists like Zheani typically have a balance of Venusian and Saturnian energy due to both a desire to push the boundaries; alongside a desire to create beauty. The thing is that since they care for freedom as a concept in-of itself they typically equate the concept of freedom with beauty itself. This is why they’re libtards, their aesthetic attraction to freedom becomes part of their identity and their politics. Talk all you about how the libruls are the REAL totalitarians. But we’re the ones who want to prevent people from being able to freely modify their bodies; or prevent the free migration of brown people into our countries, the true Saturnian doesn’t care if these result in death, they are death. Free from the mortal coil? That’s just another type of freedom.

    Hitler was a Taurus, and his desire to re-create the world in a image he found more suitable was very Venusian in character. Hitler was also on the cusp of being born an Aries, and I imagine his time in WW1 only allowed him to better learn to harness his Martian energy. Martians are power, they want to dominate everything and everyone around them. A combination of the Martian desire to be powerful and dominate and the Venusian desire to create beauty is how one gets a totalitarian dictator like Hitler; an altogether different creature from the faceless NPC blobs and self-interested pragmatists that are the typical totalitarian.

    All of this not to say the Holocaust was beautiful or even really justified. I think Hitler saw it as a necessary evil to pursue his perfect world (not that I agree with him)

    Something tells me when you wrote your “Beauty” post you were high on cannabis. After taking mushrooms, cannabis was very euphoric for me (while before it just shut me down). Perhaps the power it held over me had to do with my nature as a Taurus? Something to think on.

  6. Is this blog becoming a Zheani fanboi goon-temple?

    Btw, your description of “Saturn energy” and “dark goths” who are aware of “occult energy” could apply equally well to Yolandi Visser, yes? Die Antwoord have that particular schtick down WAY better than anything I’ve seen from Zheani.

    P.S. I notice in the Zheani song you featured that she praises pit bulls, a.k.a, the “niggers of the dog breeds”. I’m curious what your thoughts are on pit-bulls.

    Does your animal-love win out over your racism, or do you still have enough of a self-preservation instinct to realize this particular breed should be extinguished from civilized society?

    • The pitbull is the breed of choice of the lumpenproletariat – the slimy sedimentary layer of criminals, prostitutes, unemployed druggies, etc. at the very bottom of society.

      Living among them isn’t pleasant.

      Coming home past barking pitbulls straining at their chains in the Neighbour’s front yard really sets the tone.

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