Say no to hate: Seven deeply offensive stereotypes about straight working class white boys that need to end

Ted Kaczynski in front of his Montana cabin, 1972. (Courtesy of David Kaczynski from "Every Last Tie: The Story of the Unabomber and His Family," Duke University Press)

Who faces prejudice in our society? In the United Kingdom, white working class boys are the most under-represented group in higher education. There’s no explicit law in our society that officially marginalizes young working class heterosexual white men. Rather, we face the same situation that marginalized minorities have faced throughout most of history: The odds are simply stacked against you, because the society you live in doesn’t like you. It starts at a young age, when teachers grade the tests of girls higher than boys, because of their implicit bias against boys. Similarly, ethnic minorities in school receive higher grades, in an effort to boost their chances of attending university.

Most damaging perhaps, are the stereotypes that people tend to have, about heterosexual white working class young men. What? Stereotypes about straight white working class young men? Stereotypes are only held about minorities! Well, we are a minority too, in the sense that we are part of the minority of people in society who don’t fit within any category broadly acknowledged as being marginalized. There are seven common stereotypes, within which people mentally try to fit heterosexual white working class young men. They are as following:

1. The Racist

2. The Incel

3. The School Shooter

4. The NEET

5. The Chav

6. The Redneck

7. The Gifted Failure

The Racist

The Racist is perhaps the most reviled of the various categories within which society tries to fit us. Generally speaking, The Racist is upset about the fact that he grows up as an ethnic minority within a society where his ancestors have lived in homogeneous communities for generations. This is not acknowledged as an acceptable grievance, because The Racist’s plight is not the result of an explicit genocide against his people. Sure, The Racist lives in a society where a handsome man in the ghetto can impregnate fifty women and rather than witnessing the children starve, the government takes The Racist’s paycheck and redistributed it to the babbymammas. And sure, The Racist has a wife who doesn’t want to have children because they’re still busy paying off their college debt. The Racist however, is not subject to an explicit genocide. Society is simply structured in such a manner that the type of people The Racist identifies himself with, are slowly going extinct.

The Racist is a burden on society, because he harms other people. He gives mean disapproving looks towards blonde women in the street with Sub-Saharan African boyfriends, that make them seriously reconsider what their grandmother told them. If he was ever given any position of power in government or some company, he would preferentially hire people with a similar background to him. He would check to make sure they’re also racists, through his Racist Dog Whistles. There are various Racist Dog Whistles. Excessive knowledge about history is a common Racist Dog Whistle used by straight white men. Other Racist Dog Whistles we use are to complain about Islam, crime rates or the epidemic of men like us in rural American communities, who are mysteriously dropping dead like flies with needles in their arms.

The Incel

The Incel is rapidly growing to become a favorite reviled stereotype of young straight white working class men. The Incel, quite simply, is a young man, upset about not getting laid. This is a growing epidemic among young white heterosexual working class men. Because he is so plain and generic, he has no traits that might make him attractive. He doesn’t have a mysterious gypsy princess in his family line who passed her swarthy looks onto him, nor does he have the meaty arms of an African, he is simply of generic nondescript white ancestry. He doesn’t have a noble family name and he won’t inherit any assets he could pass onto his offspring other than his parents house perhaps.

To make matters worse, the Incel isn’t just white and poor, the Incel is unpleasant to be around. The Incel’s only sense of humor reveals his deep cynicism. The Incel stares in an uncomforting manner at women he finds attractive. He struggles to articulate himself, smells a little strange and his skin reveals a poor diet in combination with a few too many mutations in his genome. Worst of all, The Incel doesn’t understand that beggars can’t be choosers. The Incel looks like a sunlight deprived blob of fat, but nonetheless feels attracted to the same kind of women as Johnny Depp and Justin Bieber feel attracted to: Women in their early twenties, with healthy skin, wide hips, narrow waists, long hair and delicate facial features.

The Incel is told to just be himself and to find someone with similar interests, but the Incel’s interests are all stereotypically male. The Incel likes to play video games, listens to terrifying heavy metal, jerks himself senseless to pornography, hangs out in shady chatrooms on the Internet and obsesses about computer languages, obscure conspiracy theories, cryptocurrencies, Star Wars and assorted subjects that simply don’t interest good looking young women. The Incel would benefit from being attracted to overweight women with polycystic ovary syndrome, as these women might have more masculine interests that fit theirs, but we live in a blighted universe created by a cruel demiurge, who makes young men attracted to women they have nothing whatsoever in common with. For The Incel, there are three possible outcomes: The Incel eventually finds a mate and the mental scars from his chronic isolation eventually fade away, The Incel becomes a chronic lifelong burden on society, or the Incel becomes so sexually frustrated that he transforms into the next stereotype: The School Shooter.

The School Shooter

The School Shooter is generally the manifestation of working class heterosexual white boys whose white male privilege is insufficient to grant them the things they had hoped for out of life. Of course, some white boys are natural born psychopaths, whose only innate biological desire is to chase bullets through girls, ethnic minorities and homosexuals. Most however, are a product of chronic resentment. The School Shooter preaches idiosyncratic ultranationalist political philosophies on the Internet, but outside of a small circle of other boys who plan to go out in a blaze, his apocalyptic political ideology falls on deaf ears. He has made sure however, to record all his highly valuable insights, so that the media can spend the next two weeks pondering his motives, immortalizing him in the process.

Because of the exponential growth in School Shooters, white boys who wish to become School Shooters find themselves forced to come up with tactics to murder as many people as possible, or to introduce some other unique twist to their massacre that helps make it newsworthy. Some white boys spend months coming up with elaborate boobytraps, self-manufactured hand-grenades and tactical simulations in their favorite video game, to maximize the number of casualties. Other white boys expect that their manifesto will be sufficient to deliver them attention, provided they put sufficient effort into it. Yet others find a best friend and egg him on to join in on their massacre. I expect that some will eventually try to guarantee media attention for their massacre by carrying it out in the nude, or trying to kill people  by reciting bad poetry to them.

In eighty percent of cases, the School Shooter eventually kills himself, because he didn’t really have anything to live for in the first place. His favorite Industrial band disbanded years ago, the local Goth club attracts swingers in their fifties dressed in bondage gear, dysgenics and the fall of the Third Reich ensure he is surrounded by inferior retards for the rest of his life, but worst of all, his experiment with self-made fireworks or the time he thought he could get away with sexual harassment led to a criminal record that will forever prohibit him from holding onto any sort of job that doesn’t require him to wear a name-tag.

In ten percent of cases, the School Shooter is surprised to find himself so fearful of the metaphysical implications of death, that he eventually accepts spending the rest of his life in jail. This leaves us with ten percent of cases, in which the School Shooter is such an extreme narcissist that he wants to live, to see people talk about his horrific deeds. A prominent example of this category if Anders Breivik. There are various warning signs that a white boy could become a School Shooter. If he seems even more intelligent and less extraverted than the other white boys, this is a dangerous warning sign. White boys who are shy never interact with normal people who might notice ahead of time something is wrong with them. White boys who are intelligent, eventually become frustrated by the fact that even though they know a lot about a subject, they’re still seventeen year old boys in high school with white trash parents, completely incapable of making any sort of productive use of their knowledge. The most dangerous sign of all however, is when these boys wear black clothing and listen to loud music. If you ever meet a boy like this, run and don’t look back.


Closely related to the Incel (although I will proudly testify to the fact that you can occasionally get away with being a NEET if you’re talking to the right girl), the NEET is characterized by the fact that he gave up on life. He didn’t choose to be born, but he is considerate enough that he doesn’t want to hurt his parents by killing himself. He has settled on living in their basement and playing computer games until the heat death of the universe. In the old days, a NEET could be considered a leisurely aristocrat, or a hermit. Back then a young man could insist he’s sitting in his room all day long, as part of his religious devotion. Today, a young man has no useful euphemism for the fact that he’s a NEET.

The NEET is a burden on society, but most of all, a mystery. The NEET benefits from white privilege, male privilege and a variety of other forms of privilege. He chooses instead, to solely utilize the privilege of having white parents who can afford to tolerate his presence in their moldy basement. The NEET has a small number of day to day activities. He plays video games, but if his social anxiety is temporarily is remission, he might look for a meetup group to play Dungeons and Dragons with. When Jupiter aligns with Mars, the NEET might attend an obscure underground heavy metal concert, by one of the handful of bands his friends on his favorite heavy metal forum don’t consider to be a couple of commercial posers.

The Chav

A Chav displays the kind of fashion and behavior we normally associate with young men from ethnic minorities, despite being white. Thus, he has negative added value over ethnic minorities: Instead of being exotic and mysterious, he merely demonstrates the local recessive genetic disorders that occasionally manifest themselves in the form of red hair or crooked noses. The Chav has figured out that his society tolerates and fears young men who display criminal, inconsiderate and antisocial behavior. He thus chooses to drink alcohol in public, loiters in the local park with his friends or drives around with loud motor scooters.

The Chav is the ugliest, least sympathetic kind of young straight white working class male out there. The Chav has no real traditions, no culture he inherited, no special tastes or interests that might trigger our sympathy. Unlike the prior kinds of white boys, the Chav isn’t hopelessly lost, his blue collar job as a car mechanic or a plumber will eventually teach him discipline and his testosterone will decline as his beer belly grows. In general, the Chav eventually even settles down and has 1.7 children.

The Redneck

The Redneck shares traits with the Chav and the Racist. The Redneck primarily upsets us by virtue of the fact that he seems rather content with his lot in life. While you work 48 hours a week at a vegan gluten-free smoothie bar to pay off the debt you incurred for your women’s studies degree and your mortgage for an apartment the size of a garage box, the Redneck has four children, a wife who thinks an invisible guy in the sky will punish her if she’s disobedient to her husband, a big yard filled with random car parts and crops contaminated with heavy metals. Most importantly, The Redneck has a simple vision of life that gets him through the day. God created us six thousand years ago and he doesn’t have to worry about retirement or global warming because Jesus will have returned by then anyway.

The Redneck is endearing. Even the most militant pink-haired lesbian feminist deep down thinks it’s kind of cute that he’d rather die than receive government funded healthcare, or insists that abortion is racist because it’s black genocide. If there are still any white people in existence two hundred years from now, they will be descended from Rednecks. They live too far from the major cities for suicidal policies to have any real effect on them. Speculative property bubble? Who cares if you live in a trailer in the woods? Record high college tuition? Sorry son, we can’t send you off to college as we need help taking care of grandma. Life is happiest when it’s simple.

The Gifted Failure

The Gifted Failure is the most depressing of the stereotypes people have about young white working class straight boys. The Gifted Failure was taught to read before he went to school, because his parents still regret never accomplishing something noteworthy in their own lives. The boy was rewarded for saying clever nerdy things and displaying an interest in the world around him, with love and attention from parents who would otherwise rather watch TV. These clever nerdy things illustrated to the parents that the kid must be gifted. The parents then go on to insist to the school and the entire community that the kid must be gifted. When the kid walks into a room somewhere, he is greeted with a family friend or a neighbor, who jokes he is his grandmother’s “little professor”.

Eventually, the kid goes to high school and college, where he finds himself alienated from his environment. He might drop out and become a NEET, or he might have sufficient strength to force himself through the hoops. However, the Gifted Failure is defined by the fact that he eventually reaches a breaking point. The pressure and expectations placed upon him are too much. He might quit his job or his Phd tract, to insist on living a “sustainable” life, in a cabin in the woods of northern Maine. He defends his choice to abandon his community and career, with a long articulate monologue about peak oil, soil erosion and global warming.

None of this however, is in any serious manner affected by the fact that he now lives in a cabin in the woods. When asked about this, the Gifted Failure will insist that if everyone lived in a cabin in the woods like him, all of our problems would be solved. Those who talk to the Gifted Failure then try to change the subject to the butterfly collection the Gifted Failure has gathered over the years, or offer to help him gather firewood. Upon arriving back home, those who met the Gifted Failure tend to take away their young son’s homework away from him and insist on playing a game of Super Mario Kart with him.

Of course, these are merely unjustified damaging stereotypes that people happen to have about young white working class straight men. Stereotypes of course, have no real relationship to reality. In reality we are a diverse bunch of people, who can’t simply be shoved into simple boxes like these. We have thoughts and feelings like everyone else, but unfortunately we don’t have a twitter hashtag yet, so our plight is as of yet unheard. By addressing some of the most common stereotypes held about us, I hope to contribute to our eventual emancipation.


  1. breivik is the best example of the worst, among other things. there are cruder examples too, like nic cruz, but still. breivik plagiarized thousands of pages into his manifesto, large parts he recanted later, and then proceed to kill 77 white children (“to prevent islamization”) and uh… oh yeah, in his manifesto he praises “al-qaeda”. Then retards like varg vikernes boohoo at his prison sentence. The only good thing varg vikernes has done is been a monkey at a type writer. of all the idiots in that scene of his youth – the death metal scene – he happened to get imprisoned before he caused even more harm to himself – and found out that having a large family was actually all it takes in life to be relatively successful. If only people were less preoccupied with internet frog memes and “right wing death squads” they would maybe TALK TO A GIRL and have children.

    good examples in every category.

  2. “Upon arriving back home, those who met the Gifted Failure tend to take away their young son’s homework away from him and insist on playing a game of Super Mario Kart with him.”
    Ha ha ! This is funny.

    In a lot of your essays there are solid jokes. Obviously the stuff you write about is far more interesting than the drivel you can find in the MSM. You deserve credit for some of your gags too.

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