Schizo night livestream

Dear LSWMs,

This blog has been running for years, I am starting to run out of ideas. I could debate all sorts of political ideas here but I don’t see the point in that. It’s not like people change their minds on this sort of stuff and it has been done before.

When an LSWM is out of ideas he does one of two things:

-Become obsessed with Jews cryptocurrency

-Start a podcast

But podcasts are overdone. Cryptocurrency on the other hand, is like the Internet in 1999! No, really, it’s the future (and always will be).

Anyway, I want to do a livestream, it would be fun. We’ll call it the schizo night livestream.

I would ride my bicycle around town, vape weed, point out some interesting graffiti, show some abandoned buildings, the local church that was recently burned down (not by me, the perp reported himself to the cops). Maybe I will run into some hedgehogs or some bats too. I can definitely find rats if you want to see rats.

I am waiting for YouTube to approve me for streaming.

Trust me, this is a great idea.

Let me know if you have any requests.

Me, exploring the urban hellscape in the dark


    • Thanks Mehen for the additional psychedelic advice on that other article’s comment section. I will be sure to let you know how I get on, I just need to find a plant nursery that sells large San Pedros now that the growing season is starting after a long winter.

      Rintrah this is a fantastic idea, will be very fun for us to watch.

      > Let me know if you have any requests.

      I’d like to see some of that great cycling infrastructure, and picturesque Dutch villages, where everyone is still white.

      Maybe show us where all the wealthy boomers live. I read that some of the most affluent towns in the Netherlands are located near the forests of Utrecht, like Laren and Blaricum. Although I’m not sure if you’re within cycling distance of these places. There’s also this:

      Largest ecoduct in the world apparently. Lots of wildlife footage to be captured I’m sure.

      Or you could just show us your local forests where you trip balls, or the meadows where the daughters of the wealthy boomers ride their ponies.

      And of course since you’re Dutch and Spring has started, you must show tulips.

      Maybe in the near future I’ll upload some videos to Rumble/Odysee and share them here, my neighbour received a drone from his daughter as a present but he can’t use it because he doesn’t have a smart phone so he gave it to me. There’s an old Norman castle and Knights Templar ruins not too far from where I live that I could capture some aerial footage of, also an abandoned house that’s been taken over by nature.

      There’s also an Island off the coast of Dublin home to a population of Wallabies, but it’s too far to fly the drone all the way out there.

  1. Rintrah, you and I are completely different persons, but I have a similar feeling of running out of ideas.

    For me, a part of “running out of ideas” is my insistence on posting only what I believe to be true, coupled with a strong cognitive dissonance I have about some big foundational concepts that I thought were truths but which I now doubt.

    This makes it difficult to pick a topic to write about, but also limits “new ideas”. It is possibly a part of spiritual growth.

    Or, perhaps, this is the Covid virus persisting in the brain

    • > For me, a part of “running out of ideas” is my insistence on posting only what I believe to be true, coupled with a strong cognitive dissonance I have about some big foundational concepts that I thought were truths but which I now doubt.
      This makes it difficult to pick a topic to write about, but also limits “new ideas”. It is possibly a part of spiritual growth.

      Call it “spiritual growth” if you want, but to me it seems that humans are not able to discern “TRUTH” (with a capital “T”) and that humans can only bicker among themselves about the varying shards of PERSPECTIVES they are allowed to see. So each human thinks he sees the Truth, and argues with another human who thinks he sees another Truth. These two humans think they are doing something meaningful.

      But there is no meaning to it. As you yourself note, you wonder if you really “got things right” or that “maybe there are other things to learn”.

      There is the bait that keeps you stuck on the hook like a fish in the water.

      Or like Charlie Brown who is repeatedly assured by Lucy that she won’t pull the football away at the last second, as she always has.

      Yet Charlie Brown continues to muster up his resolve to have another go at kicking that football…

      The Real Truth is becoming clear to me: all of us humans are part of an experiment, conducted by Higher Forces, to see how we react, like rats in a maze.

      If anyone reading this has ever winced or cringed at the suffering animals endure by our scientists for their research, you just might have what it takes to understand what is happening to humanity as a whole — AS WE SPEAK

      When I was younger, one of my favorite films was “Dark City”.

      I didn’t have any real conscious understanding of my attraction, just that I liked “weird shit” in a general sense.

      As I’ve gotten older and wiser, and exploring Gnosticism and related philosophies, I can confidently say it’s one of the greatest films of all time.

      (The new version of “WestWorld” comes in a close second)

  2. The church sounds interesting, as is the graffiti. If all else fails, you can try to tame the rats with your vegan powers.

  3. I have too this “nothing more to say” feeling like Rintrah and Igor. And I’m ill again since some days with whatever. The cough I have since long time got worse. Maybe Igor is right and it’s the bioweapon ruining our brains.

  4. Walter says too we have fast aging old brains:

    It’s impossible for us to detect such a decline, we have always the feeling it’s all ok and we’re at normal intellectual height. The declining could have started 10 years ago and we would still not be able to really see it. We have only a weak notion that it was way better long ago.

    I always wondered why my people in 2015 suddenly thought it would be a good idea to open borders for all, and critical objections were all completely ignored. Was there already a widespread brain damage in the population caused by unknown early variants of SARS-COV-2?

    • Diogenes, we are all screwed to one degree or another. My vaxxed sister-in-law has had at least two bouts of COVID. Her downward spiral into dementia is driving my brother crazy. Thanks for the link.

  5. Really handsome man

    Can you look into the “regular” childhood vaccins. Every year they add another compound to the cocktail. Thank you

  6. “the local church that was recently burned down”

    Was that the modern, spiritless one? If yes, the ruins will be an improvement.

    I look forward to your dark tourism.

  7. I keep trying to recommend you a mind blowing book on a completely different topic. Did you have any thoughts on that? I have mind blowing books on many other topics to recommend also. I just got blown out of a mental rut and I’m trying to spread the wealth here.

    • Hey sorry, I’m going to look into it. But to be honest, my capacity to read books is almost gone. I have a very poor attention span by now. I’m taking some omega 3 supplements, maybe that will help recover it.

      • I’ve been going through a whole mental revolution lately owing to several factors. It’s revealed clearly to me that most things I myself was doing were not helpful for me at all, they were mere outlets for frustrated hopes and goals. Once I fully realized what matters to me, it was very easy to viscerally comprehend that everything else was just keeping me away from those few things I really get fulfillment and a sense of being alive from. It’s not even just obvious surrogates activities, like masturbation as placeholder for marriage, it was more of the form, “boomer lives in social straitjacket, has no outlet except yelling at Fox news; therefore spends all day super duper giving a shit about the opinions of Sean hannity,” not so much in specifics but in general form, like Freudian sublimation but only towards useless ends.

        I hope you too take stock of your own weekly schedule and realize as I did that every instant not exploring to find the next interesting thing, is a moment you will regret in ten years, because it kept you from the moments worth remembering.

        If you sat this very instant in your room and focused on meditative visualization until you could visualize any picture clearly for half an hour without the slightest lapse in focus, and then used that focus to read a mountain of wild books, you’d instantly become more weird and your 2034 self would look back and thank you profusely.

    • Sorry, I stand with Israel until my last breath.

      Whenever I feel sad, I just remember that Muslims lost control over the Holy Land and then I immediately feel better.

      • It is possible to think that Jews need to live in the Holy Land, but to also think that Netanyahu is a fool who fell into a trap. Lloyd Austin’s recent estimate of the number of women and children killed so far in the bombing of Gaza is 25,000 (and as the U.S. secretary of defense, he would be expected to give the lowest figure he could). Just women and children. Years ago, Menachem Begin said that Israel would never kill women and children in a war; that it was against their moral values. Israel is losing vast numbers of American supporters because of this. War is a sin. They should have waited on the Lord and prayed instead, and He would have led them to an answer that was not sinful. I pray for peace, but I do not expect peace, and I do not expect Israel’s attempt to win this war to succeed. It will just lead to more deaths of both Muslims and Jews.

        • Okay, now I don’t know what to think about how many are dead:

          “The number of civilian casualties in Gaza has been at the centre of international attention since the start of the war. The main source for the data has been the Hamas-controlled Gaza Health Ministry, which now claims more than 30,000 dead, the majority of which it says are children and women. Recently, the Biden administration lent legitimacy to Hamas’s figure. When asked at a House Armed Services Committee hearing last week how many Palestinian women and children have been killed since October 7th, Secretary of Defence Lloyd Austin said the number was “over 25,000”. The Pentagon quickly clarified that the Secretary “was citing an estimate from the Hamas-controlled Health Ministry”. (March 14th ZH article citing the Daily Skeptic).

          As a religious pacifist I should not be focusing on what the exact numbers are, or even what the likely numbers are, but this is ridiculous.

      • Radagast I am now a complete Israeli shill because I’ve realized the truth that Israel is our proxy; and all the wignat complaints about the U.S being “zog” are retarded. God Bless Israel! The Holy Land is Scandinavia btw, Jews can have their Holy Land though, and the rest of the middle east if they can keep it.

  8. I support the anti-Israeli side generally, and Hezbollah more than Hamas/Palestinians. Mainly because Hezbollah people has defeated the Israelis twice, in spite of all the talk about technology, high IQ, etc etc etc. The Southern Lebanese are courageous, unified, not bribed by the US– and capable of victory.

    • You’re against America so you’re my enemy. Anyone that opposes my country is the enemy. Radagast understands the proper place of the European is to support AMERICA’s geopolitical interests because he’s not a GAY NEO NAZI and/or SANDNIGGER LOVER.


        I wish Hezbollah was more aggressive in kicking the Pentagon out. It would end the waste of money.

        Ukraine, Yemen, Afghanistan, Lebanon… and maybe even Taiwan. Anybody who cheers that army on has a geopolitical humiliation interest/fetish.

        • Inflation isn’t a big deal, it destroys savings, but this is offset by it also destroying debt. Anyway, if you don’t want to see my country destroy its geopolitical rivals and create the New World Order to lead our race to the Stars, you’re my enemy.
          >But that costs money
          Yup, we should cut welfare, medicare, social security, and other worthless shit and put that money into the military and NASA. Sacrifice everyone for eternal domination.

          • LOL, putting money towards the greatest welfare queen. It’s not the 50s anymore, the US army doesn’t intimidate anyone, and it can’t destroy anything.

            How did eternal domination go in Afghanistan? How is it going now with the Houthis? They couldn’t even protect America domestically in 2020, against BLM. They’re the biggest joke.

          • You’re right, all the inferior peoples of the world no-longer fear us. They’ve become arrogant from us treating them with kid gloves due to libtardism. I can’t wait for WW3, I’ll be on the front lines and we’ll make the world fear the Anglo again!

  9. The front lines of Twitter, sure.

    Anyways, returning to what I said earlier, I appreciate Hezbollah because they are a reminder of what a unified cohesive group looks like, something that no longer exists in the West.

    • You admire subhumans but dislike me for sharing the same mentality. I think you’re a cuck, I think you want a train of Arabs to run a train on your wife and blow their loads into your bussy.

      • Well, I think you were more insightful on drugs.

        The fact that the US Army has been the biggest cuck of the last, what, fifty years is too much for your brain, so you have to resort to picking some kind of fight. There are tons of apps for that, including Twitter, so why not post that garbage there?

        I won’t reply to future comments. You are too clueless and annoying.

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