Scotland: The canary in the coalmine is getting sick

After a new virus began to spread around the globe, we responded with an unprecedented global experiment. Around most of the Western world, people were given one of two options: Get vaccinated, or become a second class citizen. The vaccines consisted of one of two options: Allow yourself to be injected with a genetically modified chimpanzee adenovirus designed to express the Spike protein, or allow yourself to be injected with mRNA encapsulated in lipid.

In the United Kingdom, they mainly settled on their own vaccine, the one where you use a genetically modified chimpanzee adenovirus. You inject the vaccine into someone’s muscle, the virus enters the cells, releases its DNA into the nucleus and the cells are fooled into producing the toxic spike protein, along with a number of adenovirus genes.

This can be considered a pretty novel experiment. Except for the COVID-19 vaccines, the only other viral vector vaccines in use worldwide are two Ebola vaccines used for ring vaccination primarily in small rural villages in Africa, in countries where the average life expectancy is in the early sixties. If these sort of vaccines carry harmful long-term side effects, we would have no way of knowing.

So how’s the experiment going? Well for that we can turn to Scotland. Scotland is in many ways a good place to study what’s going to happen in the rest of the Western world. Vaccination uptake is very high, mass vaccination began very early this year, the country’s Northern location means that cold weather sets in earlier and the nation is pretty transparent and reliable in releasing its data.

Unfortunately the data is pretty worrisome.

It should be obvious from looking at this data that something is wrong. Mortality last week was 30% above normal. Even if you removed all COVID deaths, mortality this week looks worse than it did a year ago. But the most important thing to note is that the excess mortality consists effectively entirely of people dying at home (ie unexpectedly):


Nothing here suggests it’s getting any better.

In Scandinavia we’re not seeing excess mortality, despite widespread vaccination. That gives us some clue in regards to the direction we should look in. We know that the vaccines lead to the development of autoimmune conditions, specifically thrombocytopenia. Immune Thrombocytopenia is linked to vitamin D deficiency.[1,2] Most studies suggest vitamin D deficiency is far more common in Scotland than in the Scandinavian countries. The relative lack of deaths from COVID-19 in Scandinavia is also likely linked to less vitamin D deficiency.

What seems to be happening is that the vaccines lead to widespread autoimmune problems, because of the production of autoantibodies. Vitamin D is known to play an important role in modulating the immune system. With higher levels of vitamin D, the adaptive immune response is suppressed and the innate immune response is strengthened. Vitamin D deficiency greatly increases the risk of developing autoantibodies in various conditions.

Unfortunately, we don’t really know how many cases of thrombocytopenia we’re causing with these vaccines. If someone ends up in the hospital with a stroke a few days after receiving the vaccine, then we’ll recognize them as victims of vaccine induced immune thrombocytopenia. However, nobody can tell us the size of the iceberg: How many cases of mild immune thrombocytopenia are we missing, for every case that we do recognize because of the severe complications? The anecdotal reports of heavy menstrual bleeding suggest to me that we’re missing a lot of cases of immune thrombocytopenia.

Mild immune thrombocytopenia is not something to ignore. Occult cerebral microbleeds can be seen on an MRI scan in 43% of people with diagnosed thrombocytopenia, compared to 0% of control subjects. In other words, if we’re missing people who suffer from mild thrombocytopenia after receiving the vaccines, then that means we’re causing people to suffer silent microstrokes that don’t immediately reveal an effect. If at age thirty you suffer immune thrombocytopenia, your remaining life expectancy is reduced by twenty years.

This is why the vaccination program needs to be halted as soon as possible and the cause of the excess mortality needs to be investigated. It’s now beyond obvious that there is no plausible benefit to be derived from vaccinating young people with these vaccines. The vaccines don’t eliminate transmission, vaccinating young people merely accelerates the development of antibody resistant variants of this virus.

I know that a lot of people will argue that the vaccines are simply doing what they are designed to do, that this is part of some nefarious plot, but I don’t believe this to be true. After all, it’s not the elite forcing this upon the general population. The managerial class was first to sign up for these vaccines. I’ll quote Unz:

According to the newspapers this morning, Goldman Sachs has now required all its employees to get vaxxed before they’re allowing to work in the office, a requirement that presumably will include all their upper-ranking executives. I’d expect this sort of policy will soon be followed by almost every other major Wall Street firm.

So apparently the diabolical plot by our ruling elites to exterminate themselves is now moving forward at a good pace. People won’t be able to keep complaining about Wall Street once almost all the Wall Streeters have vaxxed themselves to death.

It’s theoretically possible of course that high ranking executives are receiving fake vaccines filled with saline, but someone would have to administer those and the high ranking executives would probably want their own family members to avoid being injected with something that’s going to kill them too. Before long, you end up with the kind of numbers that guarantee someone will blow the whistle.

Rather, we seem to be seeing the opposite: The managerial class rushed to get these vaccines. Israel made sure it was first in line to get these vaccines, Africa isn’t receiving anything and nobody cared whether or not you choose to get vaccinated, until it became clear that the vaccines were less effective than people had hoped, at which point the vaccinated became eager to turn the “right-wing populist conspiracy theorists” into second class citizens.

Disregard the grand unified conspiracy theory for a moment. I would urge you instead to consider the far simpler scenario, that people who were panicked and terrified by a new virus rushed a product with serious side-effects, in an effort to protect themselves against this virus. Under what sort of conditions do you think we’re most likely to widely deploy a medical product that causes serious harm? When fear and panic cloud our judgement.

Unfortunately, as I’m sure you will have noticed in your own direct environment, when people have received this vaccine they develop a psychological shield, that prohibits them from recognizing any evidence that anything is wrong with these vaccines. Evidence that these vaccines are unsafe has to jump over much higher hurdles after people have taken these vaccines themselves.

So, when the entire managerial class has been vaccinated and the evidence starts coming in that people are dying in droves, nobody really wants to acknowledge what the evidence is showing. You can see this mechanism in action when a radio host in the Netherlands has someone calling in who claims to work in a hospital and reports seeing an epidemic of people suffering vaccine induced cardiovascular problems:

Disregard the question of whether we can trust this report or not for a moment. Normally, if you’re a competent journalist, this would trigger your journalistic instincts: This is interesting, I need to figure out if this guy is legitimate. You start asking more questions, hoping the guy will give you some evidence revealing his location, so you could verify his reports. Rather, we see the host tries to get the guy to shut up and keeps parroting that “none of what you are saying is proven”. That’s the general response you see from vaccinated people: They just really don’t want to know.

Multiply this conversation a million times and you start to get a clue in regards to what’s happening at health agencies and in hospitals around the Western world right now. “It looks like the vaccine is killing people.” Is responded to with: “This hasn’t been proven.” Rather than: “We need to get to the bottom of this.” When the data gets too worrisome, we stop reporting the data.

We’ve paused these vaccination campaigns multiple times, because we saw worrying trends: People with blood clotting problems, excess sudden deaths among nursing home residents, sudden strokes, etc. However, after every pause you’re faced with the realization that you have already given these vaccines to millions of people and so your mind falls for the sunk cost fallacy.

As long as people continue to believe that this is all some sort of giant plot to kill a bunch of people, then our ability to halt these vaccination campaigns remains negligible. It’s only when serious journalists start reporting on the excess mortality, that something is going to be done about this. Consider this post a request to get serious journalists, with the kind of credentials that get the managerial class to pay attention to what you have to say (nobody is going to care when I say it, people like me without college degrees are basically subhuman to them), to pay attention to this.

Too many people are dying. We need to start getting answers.


  1. You write “Most studies suggest vitamin D deficiency is far more common in Scotland than in the Scandinavian countries. The relative lack of deaths from COVID-19 in Scandinavia is also likely linked to less vitamin D deficiency”

    The comparison of Scotland with Scandinavia has other aspects – my impression is that Scots are generally much more unhealthy than Scandinavians. Scots eat a typical British diet with a large proportion of sugars, fats, meat products and processed foods. Scots also seem more sedentary and indoor-living than Scandinavians (nothing like the cross-country skiing mania of Norway, Swedish nude sunbathing, or Finnish saunas). Lifestyle issues are important here.

    P.S. I just discovered your site- excellent commentary.


  2. Every night at 7.30pm in Melbourne Damien and I host a talk show called Cafe Locked Out that streams live to social media, where we allow members of the public brave enough to talk about what is going on, regarding everything to do with Covid and more importantly the apparently authoritarian regime being constructed in our city.
    The object is to defend free speech by refusing to be silent. And that’s why unscripted. Like a lively conversation in a bar or café.
    We are in Melbourne and there is a huge pressure to be silent.
    We started the show just over a month ago and our face book page has already reached well over 1.3 million people. With over a 1M minutes of video watched every seven days.
    We are not anti vax, we are pro-choice, but we are anti bullshit, and strenuously against segregation, and vaccine passports.
    Damien and I were also at the Shrine and were arrested on the steps.
    if you would be interested in being a guest or just offering a comment we look forward to hearing from you.
    Michael Gray Griffith

    • I am Australian born stuck in Philippines for the last 2 years. I have studied the pandemic including all documented activities up to the release of the virus in Wuhan. We expected our place to be used for quarantine as pandemic used to mean people dropping gead from a highly contageous condition. However nobody died and we have never seen or heard of a proven case of death from Covid-19. We have heard my vaccine injury cases and I am currently finishing a book on the subject including all the known antidotes to the various facets of the vaccine damage. would be happy to talk about it!

      • a short summary list of most beneficial treatments, and link to your book, would be much appreciated by my friends trying to counteract the consequences of their poor forced “choice”

  3. >This is why the vaccination program needs to be halted as soon as possible and the cause of the excess mortality needs to be investigated.

    Well, it seems that Team Human is helping out Team Virus after all. That is not necessarily a bad thing, in the grander scheme of things.

    > when people have received this vaccine they develop a psychological shield, that prohibits them from recognizing any evidence that anything is wrong with these vaccines

    Not everyone. I am reluctantly vaccinated, but I was more than aware of all problems before, and I still am now. I also have three pre-teen sons: the oldest will turn 12 in a few weeks. I do not care if I die unexpectedly, but I am worried about them.

  4. Lol, the Radio 1 presenter interrupts the nurse and announces the following radio program: “Diversity in fiction and media”.

    Sometimes jokes writes themselves.

  5. Are financial executives members of the ruling class though? Aren’t they just following the directives of those who own the corporations (basically all major corporations)?

  6. i find it hilarious that you’re doing anything but cheering on these people walking into the wood chipper

    all is well and ever will this be so

  7. that actually puts it too lightly

    these ‘people’ are lined up ad infinitum one after the other one after the next swan diving into a roaring meat grinder and just watching each other fucking do it

    what are you doing calling yourself a misanthrope while not sitting in the stands and jumping up and down in delight at the sheer spectacle

    death is birth yo

  8. “managerial class/israel got vaccinated early” “someone would blow the whistle”
    This comment is pretty disingenuous…not a feature of the rest of your amazingly informative blog. MANY people are blowing the whistle, MANY videos and reports of high level elites getting fake vax shots exist, there are many different covid shots with many different toxic ingredients being found, even amongst different batches from the same manufacturer by researchers around the world analyzing contents, so it can be inferred that there are likely ones that actually have some sort of benefits, and miss out the graphene/parasites/toxins/gene therapy contents, and actually confer some sort of benefit, reserved for those who are on some chosen shortlist.
    Thing is, a LOT of people that sold out to the cabal behind this genocide, that we plebs might think are high up, *think* they are on the short list of people to be saved, when actually they are on the list of useful fools to kill off first…look at the russian revolution, and how many of the useful idiots that helped slaughter the russian natives to take over, then ended up being killed off themselves as the new system took over. Parasitic narcissists do not like competition for control.
    As to israel, check out the graph of vaccine dosage vs misscarraiges, if you can find it (tried to find it for you but google is useless these days), showing a clear patttern of correlation for the entire hundred or more countries listed..except israel, which is a clear and distinct outlier, with one of the highest vax rates but somehow avoiding the outcome literally every other highly covid vaxxed country has, ie, whatever they did rollout early in israel, it was NOT the same as other countries, either they got a more useful/less toxic vax, or a much higher proportion of saline control doses (are you aware of those?), or something along those lines. Or perhaps they are just lying more about their death/ miscarriage statistics than anyone else. Either way, the data from their is suspect as any sort of useful comparison for covid vax outcomes.

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