Set up to fail by the biggest moron in history

This idiot, Den Uyl, made the worst deal in Dutch history

The more I think about it, the more it just boggles my mind how my generation has been set up to fail.

Consider the simple example of what happened to our colonies. In 1975, the Dutch government agreed to grant Suriname independence. At the time, the whole kingdom of the Netherlands had a population of about 14 million people.

Suriname at the time, had a population of about 400,000. The Netherlands without Suriname has a land surface area of 41,000 kilometer. Suriname has a land surface area of 163,000 kilometer.

In other words, when the Netherlands and Suriname decide to go their own way, Suriname gets 80% of the land surface area, for 4% of the total population. The Netherlands gets 20% of the land surface area, for the other 96% of the population.

I don’t know if people realize this, but we had our colonies for a reason. Humans need a place to live and do things. You need places to grow food, places to find the materials your society needs, etc.

Imagine one man has to live off 256410 square meters of land. That’s the situation in Suriname today. Share the whole land equally among every person in Suriname and they will receive 256,410 square meters of land. Now imagine one man has to live off 1923 square meters of land. That’s the situation in the Netherlands.

If this was medieval Europe, everyone would understand the situation. The guy in Suriname becomes an aristocrat, the guy in the Netherlands becomes a peasant.

But now consider this: It still wasn’t good enough. So what happened is that our Dutch government, that gave away 80% of our land to 4% of the population, agreed to pay Suriname 1.5 billion Euro. And even better, Suriname began with zero debt. The Netherlands forgave Suriname’s entire debt.

And it gets better. A third of the population in Suriname, didn’t like the idea of having a corrupt Creole gang running the country, so they left to the Netherlands. Our country ended up having to take care of them too. They got 80% of the land, but they forced us, who got 20% of the land, to take care of 33% of their population!

In Suriname itself, the government immediately just began to violate its promises and began expropriating land of white Dutch landholders in Suriname.

Now consider this map of Suriname’s population density:

Maybe you think the people of Suriname deserved independence, even though a third of the population had so little trust in the future of the newly independent nation that they left while they still could.

Fine. But what exactly, entitles them to inherit land that they never set foot on? The entire inland of Suriname, has exactly no relationship to any of the people living in Paramaribo. They never visited it. They never owned any of it.

There’s a handful of native tribes living there, that speak their own languages. What relationship do those tribes have, to the Indian and Indonesian laborers or the creoles who live in Paramaribo? How do you decide that those people now have to live in a country ruled by creoles? They don’t speak the same language, they don’t look the same, they have no shared history. Why do they become Surinamese subjects, instead of Dutch subjects?

My country is being forced to take care of tens of thousands of asylum seekers, who enter our country every year. Fine. We’ll say that’s our obligation. But we literally have no physical space for them in the Netherlands. We’re building houses, on land that’s going to be beneath sea level. You know what would be really useful? If we still owned Suriname. We would have a place to settle people we can’t settle in the Netherlands. Everyone would benefit.

This is of course not very dissimilar to what happened in Indonesia. The Javanese wanted independence. Fine. They kicked out thousands of people who had to come to the Netherlands as refugees. Fine. But why do the Javanese end up owning the whole archipelago? What ties Java to West Papua exactly?

Who came up with the rule, that whatever subject people happen to be most populous get to inherit the whole colonial empire of their masters? We are expected to grant Suriname independence. So why isn’t Java forced to grant West Papua independence?

The economy in Suriname today, depends almost entirely on the exploitation of natural resources found in the rainforest covered parts of the country. Gold and oil are 67% of the country’s export. Beyond raw resources, they don’t manufacture anything of substance.

These natural resources don’t come from Paramaribo of course. They come from parts of the country where nobody lives, except for some indigenous people, who don’t like it. So why exactly, are people in Paramaribo entitled to these natural resources?

But it gets better. Here you have the six islands the Netherlands settled. There are 337,000 people living there, almost as many as in independent Suriname. But these islands have basically no land.

They have a density of 343 people per square kilometer, That’s almost 100 times the density of Suriname. There are some tourists to these islands, but mostly, they just cost us money. These islands used to be administered from the capital of Suriname, Paramaribo.

Again, because these whole countries are covered by cities, there are no meaningful natural resources to acquire and food production on these islands is practically impossible too. The population consists of descendants of enslaved people, like in Suriname.

In a sane world, when Suriname went independent they would have run these parts of the empire too. After all, if they can take care of the native Indians they have zero cultural ties to, they can take care of the population of these islands too.

But that didn’t happen of course. No, those parts are still part of our country today. They get some tourists, but mostly we have to pay for everything there. But the natural resources that would allow us to pay for everything the people on these islands need, went to independent Suriname.

But it gets even better. Bonaire, St Maarten and St Eustatisu are “special municipalities” of the Netherlands. If I want to move to these islands, to live there, it’s not allowed. I’ll need to prove I’ll have an employer, enough money to take care of myself, a house I’m going to live in and evidence of good behavior of the past five years.

What if the opposite happens, the people from these islands want to come live in the Netherlands? There are zero requirements. A convicted criminal in the Netherlands wants to move to Bonaire to start a new life? They won’t let him in. A convicted criminal on Bonaire wants to move here? No problem! This is not a hypothetical concern. The murder rate on these islands is 10-20 times higher than on the mainland.

Note that the Americans don’t do any of this. The Americans purchased Alaska in 1867. Today it’s full of oil and other resources. They’re not about to give Alaska independence. The Netherlands got Suriname in 1667. We have continually had Dutch people living there since then. But we’re just expected to give this part of the globe away, whereas the Americans can occupy basically an entire continent, with no obligation to grant independence to any of the people living there.

I ask myself: We have eighteen million people now, living on this tiny plot of land, about to sink under the ocean. What exactly are we supposed to live off? We had natural gas, but our government basically gave away our natural gas in 1967. These drooling retards wanted to pump up all our gas within thirty years, thinking it would be worthless afterwards, because everyone would be using nuclear energy.

So I am born in the 90’s, to poor boomer parents. I’m born into a country that gave away the Eastern part of my country to the Javanese. The Western part of my country is given away to creoles living in a city of 300,000 people, surrounded by empty forest, except for the poor overpopulated islands. And the natural resources that the middle part of the country has, are pumped up and given away for pennies to Turkey and other countries, because the retards running this place think we’re all about to start using nuclear energy.

So what exactly, am I supposed to do? Sit in an office and sell fake Internet money to people, because we own nothing, because we gave everything we owned away to less than 4% of the people? Borrow 400k from the bank and spend my whole life paying it off, because the land in this country is ridiculously expensive, because we stuffed 18 million people into 20% of the old kingdom’s land area?

Just imagine for a moment, if the kingdom of Saudi Arabia said to the Shiites living on top of all the oil in the Eastern part of the country: “Hey, you guys are obviously oppressed by us. Here’s your own independent nation. We will pay your debt for you. We’ll give you some extra money too. Any Sunnis afraid of getting lynched in your country we will accept as refugees. Have fun!”

That’s what my country did with Suriname. Complete insanity. They got the best deal in history, but they still managed to screw it up. They almost immediately ended up with a dictator called Desi Bouterse, who began killing people who criticized him. And then the country descended into a civil war that lasted six years, killing hundreds and causing thousands of refugees. That’s a lot, when your population consists of just a few hundred thousand people.

I just wish I could go back to 1975 and ask these morons: What exactly do you expect us to do? You’re about to give away everything you inherited, what do you expect us, your descendants, to do exactly? Sign ourselves up for wage slavery?

I just find myself wondering, if these people ever considered the simple fact that we could afford to have a population of 13 million people living in a river delta, because we were able to import the stuff we need from abroad.

Back in 1975, these morons made a catastrophic decision, that left us with the 1923 square meters of land per citizen we have today.

I just want to ask you: What are we supposed to be doing, with 1923 square meter per citizen? You can’t hold pigs and cattle at these densities, without poisoning the soil with their manure. And what are these animals even supposed to eat at these densities? Food imported from abroad.

It seems that leftists and liberals are just completely incapable of considering the possibility that a population needs to own fertile land to have any sort of chance to sustain itself.

These people instead left us with unsustainable schemes:

Tourism. We let people see the country, those people pay us and then we can buy food that we can’t grow ourselves because we gave away 80% of our land in 1975.

Education. People from other countries come here to pay money to attend our universities.

Knowledge economy. Dutch people are so smart that the whole world will pay for our expertise.

These are all varieties of the same scheme: Fool the world into thinking that this country is somehow uniquely special and competent, which it isn’t. If the Netherlands was somehow made up of uniquely special and competent people, we would not be dumb enough to give away 80% of our land to 4% of our population.

What’s going to happen now is that we’re going to end up like Egypt: Millions of people, huddled together, building houses on top of the fertile soil that is supposed to be feeding us. But it’s frankly worse, because Egypt at least has an entire desert. Maybe they’ll find oil there, or some other natural resources.

We on the other hand, have nothing. Absolutely nothing. We just fool the world into thinking that this is some kind of paradise, because this place depends on fooling the outside world into thinking it’s paradise. Why does a third of the country vote for Geert Wilders? Because it’s a lie, this place is not paradise.


  1. Yes, it’s insane.
    The worst of it is seeing the former great nations of Europe adopting millions of people from their former colonies out of some weird sense of guilt.
    Is it America’s fault?
    I never wanted the entire world to try to look like America.

      • History repeating?

        “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship.”

        Alexander Fraser Tytler

        What’s happening with immigration in the USA seems like a variation on that theme: – first, start stacking the electorate with immigrants who vote for you, thus perpetuating your power (which also drives down the plebs wages and drives up real estate prices and so forth which helps your mates and donors in business)
        – next, create special rules/protections for immigrants to ensure the destination remains attractive to immigrants to keep the gravy train running, so things like welfare, government housing, etc.
        – rinse and repeat until the country is broke, riven with internal dissent, nobody has a decent paying job owing to increasing competition, services are stretched and falling over, crime is rife, etc.
        – finally, impose martial law and install a brutal dictator to restore and maintain order.

        I’m sure the same theme is also playing out in other ways in the USA too.

        If you are in the USA now, and if you think the writing is on the wall, then you might want to think about what impact the coming dictatorship is likely to have on you.

        Perhaps there’s something you can do to prepare?

  2. >what do you expect us, your descendants, to do exactly? Sign ourselves up for wage slavery?

    That’s exactly what they expect you to do.

  3. Buhu. Bunch of river wussies. Grow a pair and go inavade some of the lands of your neighbours. Or even better, genocide those neighbours by right of devine mandate and took their land. Dutch wussies were the dirty hands of imperialism and greased the wheels of jingoism for centuries. Now i am supposed to feel bad about their peasentry because they believed their lords and kings? Come on, Wilhemina, i don’t have any spare feelings for peasents (even inbred ones) and i don’t regret any past empires. Dust to dust and all that. The world is for the ones who are not afraid of living. And a certain bunch of river wussies are so afraid of living life they need adderal to even woke up or to delusion themselves with tales of their very short lived relevance. Fuck’em. Just another bunch of wussies going down the drain of history. Yawn. Nothing new and nothing of interest to me and my people. We have seen all the ‘history gratest’ taking the dirt nap. Nothing special or unusual albeit unfortunate and painful for ‘history greatest’.

  4. America is full of people from Europe and their descendants. I have relatives by marriage in Michigan who are from the Netherlands; I’m guessing their grandparents came over around 1900. You have brains and some money and you are not tending a helpless creature that can’t be moved; move yourself to the U.S., either legally or otherwise. The alternative is to spend the rest of your life miserable about a situation you can’t do anything about and also being immersed in it (you can still be miserable about the Netherlands while in the U.S. of course). Moving to Michigan would be like eating a zillion cacti for your brain.

    I know a couple who grew up in Nebraska. They moved to New Jersey for his job. They almost went insane, because no matter where they went, even in the most deserted nature preserve, they could always see some trace of humans, if only in the distance. They couldn’t stand that. They did have a cartoon on their refrigerator of a guy in a straight jacket, who was grinning and saying “I can get used to anything!” They were in New Jersey for about fifteen years and then he got another job and they MOVED. To a location where they didn’t have to see human stuff. It is possible to move. People do move.

    • Is it not ridiculously difficult to get into America now? I’ve heard of people with medical degrees who can’t get in and go to Canada instead. I know it’s a country of immigrants and have great Aunts and Uncles who went over there to work over half a century ago but I don’t think it’s as easy to do that these days.

  5. The least the Dutch can do is mass immigration to colonies first.

    Insinuate themselves back there. Open the immigration gates to the Dutch like the Hart-Cellar act in America.

  6. Den Uyl’s rotten corpse should be dug up and fed to the pigs. Then that monument they built to him should be smashed up for scrap. And that’s just for warm-up.

  7. Realistic article. The Netherlands has long been destroyed. Most people are up to their ears in debt. They pay more than 80% tax. Both the man and the woman work very hard to maintain their family. Working people can only retire at age 67. The highest age in the Western world. Dutch people are the morons nowadays and they don’t realize it.

  8. 2. Another problem that has been forgotten by most Dutch people is the situation in the Netherlands during the 1940-1945 war. The queen and her government fled to London. There was no longer a Dutch government during these years. Only the German occupier.

    Many officials assisted intensively in the deportation of Jews to the extermination camps. Many ordinary residents have secretly offered shelter to Jewish people, risking their lives and their families. After the war, the queen and the government returned and were apparently welcomed with open arms by the population. While these people should actually have appeared in court for treason.

    The same leaders simply moved on. For that reason I see the current situation in the Netherlands as a punishment from God. No clean sweep was made with the leaders of the time, allowing a different type of leaders to emerge, and that was the intention.

  9. >it just boggles my mind how my generation has been set up to fail

    Don’t be such a wuss. Don’t blame others for your own failings. The life quality in your country is sky-high. Go see this

    The US forced Europeans to give up their colonies. In exchange, for 70 years we were able to build schooling and healthcare systems and consume like there was no tomorrow.

    Tomorrow is now and the deal has gone sour. But it was still the greatest deal imaginable. As subjects of a foreign (US) occupation we still have remarkably little to complain about.

    • Yes we get it, you’re a gay liberal utilitarian and you think happiness stems from gorging yourself and going to school. Of-course when people aren’t simply happy with feasting and going to school, it’s a personal failing.

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