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I have stared at this for half an hour and I still don’t know who she’s shooting at, but I’ll happily risk my life to give her rear cover. I’ll follow her anywhere she goes and I won’t fall behind, especially when she climbs the stairs.

“That’s propaganda designed to make you care about the Zionists!”

Yes, and it totally works on me. Because the other side looks like this:


You people go ahead and write your manifestos in the comments (that I dump into the trash) to explain to me why the ululululu screaming penguins need to drive mommy into the sea. The first manifestos are already emerging:

We can keep this short and simple:

I care about the lives of intelligent, good-looking people, who are kind to animals and know how to have fun.

Be sure to drop your manifestos in the comments about how:

-Jews are not white

-I am a Jew

-I fell for Zionist Globalist Neocon propaganda

-Israel is Nazi Germany

-Those people at a psytrance party had it coming

-Hamas is different from the people who elected Hamas

-Jews are responsible for mass migration (as opposed to hyperagreeable leftist women). Stephen Miller definitely wants to flood the Western world with migrants.

My trash box await your insights.

Look, I’m going to explain this just once, so I never have to explain it again.

White people have a genetic defect.

It is as if all white people basically have a mild form of William’s syndrome.

This may be a consequence of two centuries of dysgenics, accelerated by the world wars. It could also just be a product of the cooperation required during harsh winters. But it is as it is.

You’re just too agreeable. You’re too kind, too nice, too social, too extraverted, too diplomatic, too willing to adjust to social norms, too submissive, too trusting. The antisocial autists who read my blog are an exception of course. But this is just your racial trait, like it or not. Perhaps it was adaptive in the past, but now it is maladaptive. You have to figure out how to deal with this flaw, if you want to have a future.

Blaming Jews when your own women wait at the train stations to kiss the arriving Syrian refugees is just the same denial you people apply to climate change: You don’t want to see the problem, because the implications are too horrifying for you to accept. You have a genetic defect that you have to learn to compensate for somehow, sorry.

And every once in a while some of you people are traumatized because some “youth” beat you up at a bus station at 11PM after you went out drinking, you finally snap out of your spell and then you realize you don’t have a future like this, so you blame the Jews.

The reason you blame the Jews is because Jews are not agreeable. You’re not used to that. They always stand out. You can find endless rants and tiresome texts penned by Nazi’s and Neonazis about how Jews are hagglers and when you buy things in a store owned by a Jew, you will pay too much.

That’s how most of the world works: People will charge what they can get for a product. When you buy Nike shoes or a Lamborghini you’re also paying too much. It’s your job to figure out what something is actually worth, unless you live in a hyper-agreeable homogeneous society like 1950’s Sweden.

And every once in a while, that hyperagreeableness of white people, especially white women of childbearing age, inverts in on itself and results in virulent antisemitism. You have pink-haired they/thems cheering for Jews to be driven into the sea now because they have to go to school with penguins. Congratulations on that.

Keep blaming Jews. See how that works out for you. Idiots.


  1. The gist of today’s polemic seems to be that “The reason you blame the Jews is because Jews are not agreeable,” and as overly nice and altruistic White people we are not used to that.
    Ok, point taken, but I think it applies more to HSWFs than LSWMs.
    LSWMs are tired of a century of idiotic American foreign policy and feel victimized, while HSWFs never tire of finding more victims that they can mother, in place of their own babies which they are not having.

  2. This is not a racial thing. It is a spiritual thing that has nothing to do with race. The evangelical Quakers in Kenya (and there are about 400,000 of them) are as Williams Syndromey as any white European. Jesus, who most fully instantiated love, obedience, sacrifice and humility, was, as a Jew, the same race as Arabs. A few months ago my ultra white practicing-Christian European-American neighbor ended up in the hospital; my observant Muslim neighbor immediately tracked down her teenage son and drove him to her so he could help with her care until her husband could be reached. Each of us has the light of Christ within us (whatever we may call it) to a different degree; race is a snare and a delusion; it is one of Satan’s cheap tricks.

    I agree that accepting particular immigrants who want to kill other people (any other people) is a very bad idea and shouldn’t be allowed, and that people who commit violent crimes should be immediately arrested and jailed.

    I also agree that the situation in Israel is terrible. But so is the food situation in Africa (New York Times, “How a Fertilizer Shortage is Spreading Desperate Hunger, Oct. 15th). Right now 90 million people just in Nigeria are hungry every day because of the fertilizer shortage; this is not the usual background poverty, this is something sudden and dire and it is getting worse and worse. If you look at the faces of the people in this article you will be very upset; they are unwell and very, very scared.

  3. For a more stylized depiction of the dynamic between America and its allies, you should watch the scenes in Cuba from Godfather II. What’s happening now is not that different, only the location and local flavor has changed, and the outcome will be the same.

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