Slowchat (2019)

This is the slowchat section, where you’re free to share anything you feel like sharing (within limits).

I will occasionally jump in and comment too. Don’t take it personal if I fail to respond, I’m bad at getting around to stuff.


  1. Do you have any links to help get to grips with Blake’s cosmology? You are obviously fairly familiar with the works of Blake

  2. Do you ever worry about overexposing yourself? I hold views that are generally incompatible with my religion due to the simple fact that in orthodox interpretations one is supposed to keep their ‘innovations’ to their self. So I have a lot of thoughts on veganism from a health perspective, religion but also consciousness in the universe (two things which definitely conflict). How do you decide which of your opinions are worthy of getting said and which to keep to yourself?

  3. I take inspiration from deer. The young bucks are expected to emigrate to other populations. The females are expected to stay. Obviously in a human population this might sound like treason towards one race – but I only mean it in the context of ones own people in a collective sense. There are many countries – of any race – that are still relatively homogeneous. It is an objective fact that white countries experience this privilege the least, and this is objectively unfortunate. However, there are some. The historically economically gutter states of the eastern bloc are racially privileged in this sense. Migrants typically go where the money is – invaders go for the pillage. Since there is money in Germany for cheaper labor (still good wages, nonetheless) many Turks and eastern europeans migrated to Germany. So while western Europeans states are only ~70% ethnically homogenous – where the ethnicites used to be recognized by dialect of language – have now succumbed to being classified by cruder, more encompassing races. Germany is no longer prussians and bavarians – it is Germans and Turks. The UK likewise is no longer Welsh or Scots or English, but “White” or “Asian [pakistani]” or “black” or… You get the idea. However, in the eastern bloc… it’s land where people look like you!

  4. Ever since I discovered your blog on reddit, I’m always happy to read your mushroom-powered musings on the world. Wish I could share these topics with more friends around here, as controversial as they are even tho I don’t necessarily agree with everything. Greetings from Chile.

    • are there limitations that might prevent or delay posting comments? I tried to post a comment on a recent post and it doesn’t appear. 🙁

      • Sorry about that, it’s true, there is some basic automatic spamfilter, it’s unfortunately necessary to have that. I try to check regularly.

  5. Man, I sincerely need to talk to you for a little urgent matter. Forget the road trip. Could you please send me a private message

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