1. Helping Israel won’t kick the Arabs out of our countries, or make them better behaved. If Israel wins where do you think the surviving Arabs will go once the Jews get their little ethnostate? If you want to argue for gunning down rapefuges at the border I won’t stop you, but I don’t think that’s really what you’re about.

    • >If Israel wins where do you think the surviving Arabs will go once the Jews get their little ethnostate?

      Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, the Arab gulf states, whether they like it or not. We’re not letting them in.

      • >whether they like it or not. We’re not letting them in.
        That’s naive and not how reality will play out. Our governments are not going to deny starving brown people. Low status white males that would deny the starving brown people don’t have the power to do so.

        • >Our governments are not going to deny starving brown people.

          This is what LSWMs believe.

          Talk to some leftists. They’ll tell you the truth:

          We make deals with the North African government, to let the Africans die in no-man’s land between Tunisia and Libya.

          The Gazans are NOT going to end up in Europe. And even better: With Britain out of the EU and all the new Eastern European country that join the EU, we keep getting more low status white males, who block every attempt to let brown people into the EU.

          Once Ukraine joins the EU it’s completely over for libs. We’ll basically have an ethnostate. No, scrap that. An ethnoempire.

          • Also, for what it’s worth: Western European cities are so overpopulated, even brown people vote against letting brown people into Europe.

          • I’m not fully convinced, wanting to stem some of the tide as a means of not being overwhelmed doesn’t mean that European governments are necessarily gonna deny the Palestinians (Especially considering how high profile this conflict is, most libs don’t know about our dealings with North African governments.) Or that non-white immigration will stop overall, but I hope you’re right.

  2. Muslims dont have any fucking power fucking Belgium could conquer the whole Islamdom if they werent being throttled by woke. The amount of effort that has been made to present this gang of fly ridden nobodies as a threat to the West has been stunning

    • Europeans conquered nearly the entire world a few centuries ago; and the power gap between the white and non-white worlds has only widened. A charge of Zulu warriors had a better chance of defeating the British Empire than Saddam’s Iraq had a chance of defeating the American Empire. The only reason why white people aren’t currently dominating the planet is because we have willingly filed down our fangs and claws out of sympathy for the inferior. The only true threat to white people in the 2st century is white people themselves, not Muslims, not Jews, not Africans, not Hispanics, not Asians, only white people.

      The relevance all other peoples have only goes so far as in they are used as weapons and tools by one group of white people waging war on another. This does not mean that non-white peoples do not victimize individual white people, they do so all the time; but non-whites would not be an existential threat without the white ruling class allowing them to be so. You could put together every military in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, and they would be destroyed by the U.S and its European vassals. The only issues with destroying the enemy hordes being logistical ones (Do we have enough ammo?) Before you bring up China understand that their capabilities are vastly overstated.

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