So what’s the plan exactly?

Sorry, I’m just looking at this and wondering what you guys are planning to do. I don’t hear your aspiring presidents talk about this either, I hear them brag about who’s better at playing golf. It just mesmerizes me, to look at how people just continue with business as usual, as the world is changing all around them and nothing they’re doing is making sense anymore. NOAA is forecasting 17 to 25 named storms this year, of which 8 to 13 are expected to be hurricanes and 4 to 7 are expected to be major hurricanes. And in 2020 there were 30 named storms, the most ever.

A music video I made for the apocalypse

Two million people in Texas lost power and 1,097 flights were canceled, when Beryl crashed into the state two days ago. I’m not American, so I don’t know how everything works there, but I just wonder how you’re supposed to deal with living like this. Texas now gets so hot in the summer, old people die because they can’t afford to repair their air conditioning. So a hurricane hits your state, the electricity poles go down, you’re stuck without power and then you die because you can’t cool your home and it’s 42 degree Celsius. Is that the plan?

And look, I know most people survive these hurricanes. Beryl killed three people in Texas so far. But you’re supposed to spend your days, doing more than just not dying. In 2017, seven million people were told to evacuate for hurricane Irma, but only 700,000 actually evacuated. Many people think they tend to fear-monger too much, others just can’t afford to evacuate.

But they’re giving these warnings for a reason. The behavior of hurricanes can be difficult to predict and it’s getting more difficult to predict as the world changes. We’re not just dealing with more hurricanes these days, we’re dealing with hurricanes that have started behaving differently. They can rapidly intensify, so you may think you’re dealing with a category 1 hurricane so you don’t evacuate and what ends up hitting your town is a category 3 instead. Researchers found that whereas 1% of hurricanes in the 1980’s rapidly intensified, by the 2020’s, it was 5%.

There were ten such rapidly intensifying storms in 2020. So I wonder, how do people deal with this? Instead of evacuating because there’s a hurricane coming, you find yourself evacuating because there’s a storm coming, which may unexpectedly suddenly turns into a hurricane. And Beryl was the first category 5 hurricane of a season ever. The water now stays above the critical temperature for more of the year, so the season widens.

Evacuations are costly. People can’t work during an evacuation, people have to find some alternative shelter, people have to travel. When an entire neighborhood is evacuated, people who don’t leave can break into your home to loot stuff. And keep in mind, you don’t need a category 5 to destroy a city. When Katrina hit New Orleans, it hit as a category 3. Jamaica was just hit by Beryl when it was a category 4.

And then you have to ask yourself: What exactly are these islands in the Caribbean supposed to do? People can live there, due to tourism. That’s what these people on these islands do to earn a living, they run hotels. On Union Island, 90% of the homes were destroyed. They also have no power right now, their main power plant consists of a bunch of solar panels that suffered 6 million dollar worth of damage, which is ironically not very climate-proof.

What are these people supposed to do? In Jamaica tourists had to put their mattresses against the windows of their hotel room and hide in the bathroom. Are you going to come back, if that’s your vacation experience? You can’t even leave the island, when these hurricanes hit. So you’re on vacation, a hurricane hits and now you’re stuck on the island, while your boss expects you at work.

“We got to Jamaica on the 24th June and were supposed to leave on July 1st. Our flight was pushed back to the 3rd, then pushed back to the 4th. Now we are being told we won’t be able to leave Jamaica until the 9th, which is next Tuesday” Well I guess you’ll just have to return to work a week late, I’m sure the boss doesn’t mind.

In Jamaica, tourism was 34.7% of GDP in 2019. It’s the same for the Dutch islands that we still own, in Aruba, tourism is 60% of GDP. It’s completely insane, to have these entire communities of 120,000 people living on an isolated island, who can only survive there because dumb idiots from all around the world show up, to pay inflated prices for everything.

You know what Aruba is without tourism? A bad place to live, the equivalent of a bumfuck nowhere dead town in an American flyover state, floating in the ocean. You want to get into a roller coaster? You want to see live music? Well Taylor Swift or whatever you want to see will go to the Netherlands, because there’s 16 million people here and we can all reach each other within hours.

If you organize a party in the Netherlands on a weekend in Utrecht, people from all across the country can visit it and return home the same evening by public transport or car, sixteen million people. But if you live on Aruba and want to see a soccer match? You will have to get into an airplane to see something, because nobody is going to visit an island that has just 100,000 people living on it.

Everyone in these places indirectly survives because of the tourists who show up. The other stuff that you need, like healthcare, which is 7% of GDP in Jamaica, is only affordable because you get your income from the tourists who show up. It’s the same story as in Greece, with islands where people are trapped in their hotel by forest fires. Those people won’t return. And then when they won’t return, you realize everything else on the island was only surviving due to tourism.

In a complex global economy, a small island is no logical place for humans to live, we congregate in giant cities, because services are cheaper when we can provide them to a large group of people simultaneously. So how can we afford to continue living on small islands? Thanks to tourism. Ireland is surrounded by islands where farmers used to live, but when you stop growing your own food and start needing things like dialysis, you can’t afford to continue living on these islands.

We’re all collectively finding out right now, that it’s not fun anymore. It’s not fun to go to Greece and find out your hotel is on fire. It’s not fun to go to Mallorca, Spain and find out it’s 44 degree Celsius. It’s not fun to go to Jamaica and put your mattress against the window, hide in the bathroom and return late for work because the whole airport shut down.

So people will stop going. Most of them are still in denial right now, they’re sitting in their hotel room inhaling the smoke of the forest fires and trying to figure out where they should take a picture of their feet on the beach so that their friends on Instagram are fooled into thinking they’re having a great time. But they’re going to figure it out eventually and then they’ll stop going.

You have a choice where you want to go in summer. But the people who live there, depend on your choice. When you start choosing some other place, those islands have nothing else. That’s their whole justification, that’s what keeps these societies now alive, people visiting a place like this is the reason a Greek island is still inhabited, rather than turning into something like an abandoned Irish island off the coast.

I would say, just check out all the small islands of Ireland here and check out what happened to them. They’re almost all depopulated now. Well, that’s most of Greece soon. That’s most of the Caribbean. That’s Mallorca, the Canary islands, all these places people go to. They’re not going to be fun places to visit, so people won’t visit them, but everything on these islands depends on people visiting them.

See, this has always been the main problem with climate change. It isn’t that the whole world becomes uninhabitable. It’s that this whole problem is happening so fast that you can’t realistically expect society to adjust to the consequences. Communities evolve over centuries, Athens is still using the Roman aquaduct constructed by emperor Hadrian 1900 years ago, but we will be living on a different planet within our lifetimes.

But there isn’t really a plan for this. Everyone is just busy trying to maintain business as usual. The tourism minister of Greece tells you to just come to Rhodes, because only 10 to 20% of the island is on fire, instead of half the island.

Come to Rhodes! Only ten to twenty percent of our island is on fire!

But nobody is thinking seriously about this.

No, it’s worse. They want to expand the insanity. They want to have 27% more visitors by 2030. They’re building new hotels all across these Greek islands, right as we speak. They’re making entire island communities dependent, on this unsustainable economic model.

You know what the Victorians did? They built a giant sewage system from 1859 until 1870 and they made it with big massive pipes, much bigger than anything they needed, because they knew the world would change in the future, so they planned for it. So they never had to expand the pipes, even as the city grew massively. But what are people now doing? They’re pretending the future will just be an even bigger version of the present!

Well, the water of the Mediterranean sea is getting warmer too. We’re now getting the first hurricanes in the Mediterranean sea, a category 2 one hit Greece in 2020. And in 2023, we got Cyclone Daniel. It was the deadliest ever, killing thousands in Libya and it was the most expensive storm to ever hit Greece, causing more than two billion dollar in damages. There was so much rain that parts of Greece just become useless for agriculture, for many years to come, because a thick layer of mud flooded over the farmland.

So your economic model is unsustainable. You’re supposed to start evacuating people from these islands, because there will be nothing to do there in a few decades. I’m pretty sure there won’t be a lot of people saying “I’m going on vacation to Rhodos” in 2060. It takes time to evacuate an island with thousands of residents.

It takes time to teach people other skills, it takes time to build houses where these people will live as tourism winds down, you can’t fix any of this overnight. But they’re not doing it, they’re doubling down.

And it’s not just your island turning into hell on Earth you have to consider, I understand that’s hard for people to acknowledge. No, just try considering for a moment the simple fact that tourism is the one thing we can scrap when we don’t have money.

You can’t stop eating, you can’t sell your house and live on the streets, you can’t stop paying your electricity bill, you probably can’t sell your car. But if everything gets more expensive in your life, you can decide not to go to some obscure Greek island that’s still “authentic” (lol).

So that’s what people are going to be doing. When? In 2030? Maybe. In 2050? Maybe. It’s not going to take very long. People are already saying they stopped having kids because they can’t afford them anymore, do you think it will take long before they decide they can’t afford to visit some Greek island anymore?

But nobody wants to plan for this. Everyone wants to plan for a future where we just pay to sleep in each other’s hotels and eat at each other’s restaurants apparently. We’re just driving at full speed into the hard wall of reality.


  1. After seeing this numerous times, I have to say something.

    >They also have no power right now, their main power plant consists of a bunch of solar panels that suffered 6 million dollar worth of damage,

    Your “Dutch-isms” are cute, but here in MURICA, we use the plural form and call it “6 million DOLLARS worth of damage”.

    • “… male and female he created them. And God blessed them, saying: Increase and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it, and rule over the fishes of the sea, and the fowls of the air, and all living creatures that move upon the earth.” – Genesis 1:27-28

      INTERESTING that God commanded humans to multiply into a non-infinite system (the Earth). Almost like He knew something would happen before a truly maximum carrying capacity was reached. Please pray and stay confessed.

      What should you pray for? Jesus told us. “Watch ye, therefore, praying at all times, that you may have strength to endure the tribulations which are inevitable, and to stand before the Son of man.” ” Luke 21:36

  2. > abandoned Irish island off the coast.

    The Irish government is now offering grants in an attempt to incentivise people to repopulate these islands. Basically, you buy an abandoned derelict house on one of these islands, and the Irish government will gift you €84,000 that you can use to fund building renovations/repair.

    Sounds great, but it’s not a lifestyle that many people desire. It’s not just the isolation of living on a remote island. Most of these islands are off the West coast, so there’s constant wind and rain coming in off the Atlantic.

    Some of the Star Wars movies were filmed on some of these remote islands and peninsulas. There is also a set of 385 million year old fossilized footprints, laid down by one of the earliest amphibians that made the transition from sea to land:

    “The Valentia Island Tetrapod footprints are of international significance as it represents the transition of life from water to land – a momentous turning point in evolution and provides the oldest reliably dated evidence of four-legged vertebrates (amphibians) moving over land.”

    > It just mesmerizes me, to look at how people just continue with business as usual, as the world is changing all around them and nothing they’re doing is making sense anymore.

    The following Carl Sagan quote springs to mind:

    “It is far better to grasp the Universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring.”

    • I like the sound of exile to an Irish island, constant wind and rain, or perhaps to the Falklands?

      “It’s lucky,” he (the Controller) added, after a pause, “that there are such a lot
      of islands in the world. I don’t know what we should do without them. Put you all in
      the lethal chamber, I suppose. By the way, Mr. Watson, would you like a tropical
      climate? The Marquesas, for example; or Samoa? Or something rather more

      Helmholtz rose from his pneumatic chair. “I should like a thoroughly bad climate,”
      he answered. “I believe one would write better if the climate were bad. If there were
      a lot of wind and storms, for example …”

      The Controller nodded his approbation. “I like your spirit, Mr. Watson. I like it very
      much indeed. As much as I officially disapprove of it.” He smiled. “What about the
      Falkland Islands?”

      “Yes, I think that will do,” Helmholtz answered. “And now, if you don’t mind, I’ll go
      and see how poor Bernard’s getting on.”

  3. Hurricanes are awesome and I hope to experience one someday. They’ve been recharging the Florida Everglades for millions of years, injecting life into environments that would otherwise dry up and die. Sound and fury!
    Do they strike deadly fear into autistic guys for some reason?

    • Charlie: “Hurricanes are awesome and I hope to experience one someday.”

      I had the same attitude but a roommate who lived through Hurricane Hugo in Charleston, SC (1989) told me I didn’t know what I was saying. He’s a pretty gung-ho and fearless guy so I take his word for it. Other people I have met who have ridden out hurricanes have since told me this is a foolish wish too.

      • PhD in NE you don’t understand.
        I REALLY want to experience one, stare up into the sky and behold the encroaching power.
        The pacific coast is too placid, we don’t even get a decent thunderstorm.

  4. It’s even worse! Global warming these days causes heavy snowfall in Patagonia and half of Argentine with record temperatures well below “normal”.
    The winter season in ski resorts this year started already in may – one month earlier than expected.

  5. Quote: “So what’s the plan exactly?”

    Why have a plan against forces of nature we can’t influence?

    Ya, I know, you still think CO2 is the main and only adjusting screw for the global temperature, that’s the base of all your reasoning and judging.

    But you can’t calculate how the sunrays were able to heat up the oceans like it was recorded, and if you try it, you will fail by a factor of 36,000.

    So that’s the plan: To survive and hope there is a god and nothing happens by chance.

  6. My plan worked out fine. Lost power earlier today. Gas generator kicked in automatically two seconds later, and my air conditioning, lights, and internet access are all up and running just fine. The rain was so dense during the height of the storm, you could see ‘curtains’ of water compressed and moving together due to the force of the wind. It was pretty cool. I’m getting solar installed next week, so I won’t have to rely solely on the generator when power goes out, and I’m planning to install tie down points for tarps to cover the panels to protect them from hail.

  7. Off season will become main season. Skiing will be replaced by going/flying to the beach etc.
    Once all forests are burned down, there is nothing left to burn. I also suspect locals will be fed up and will subsidize or outright shift their food to goats to let them eat cake, uh the bushes. Goats are brutal. Combined with sheep they flatten bushland to pastures within years. Some goat species eat xerophytes and evergreens. The rest will be cut down by hand.

  8. > then you die because you can’t cool your home and it’s 42 degree Celsius. Is that the plan?

    That is more or less my retirement plan, yes.

  9. Thanks for spending time wondering what will happen to Greece and the Greek islands.
    My very first post here was about an Elder (monastic), Saint Amphilochios, who lived in the early 1900’s.
    Under his spiritual guidance, the island of Patmos turned GREEN again, from being a barren rock like most of the Aegean (volcanic) islands. He gave his spiritual children (including all Patmians) an “eleventh commandment”: Thou shalt love the trees!
    Interestingly, he was the Abbot of the Monastery of the Apocalypse (Revelation), for which book you dedicated a post a few days ago.
    A problem with the Catholic Church is that they modified the Creed (perhaps a translation error), by adding “filioque”, “and from the Son”. That the Holy Spirit “proceeds from [the Father] and the Son”. The original Creed was retained by the Orthodox: The Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father. In historical time (during the Pentecost) the Son sent for [“κατέπεμψεν” katepempsen] the Holy Spirit.
    The above led to the Great Schism.
    However, the Germanic people also rebelled against Rome (right after New Rome – Constantinople fell to the Turks), and thereof we got Protestantism too.
    Many Protestant branches are looking to bring back the Holy Spirit into the picture (see, Pentecostalism).
    The Orthodox Church, having preserved the original Creed unmodified, thanks to all the vast tradition of theology by the so-called “Greek Fathers of the Church”, didn’t downplay the Holy Spirit, as the West did.
    And therefore Monasticism is still vivid in the East.
    Monasticism was also vivid in the British Isles, during Celtic and Anglosaxon Christianity! (they were still Orthodox Catholics back then, before the Normans were sent from France to subdue them) With many Monasteries in those little islands surrounding Ireland. They also evangelized most of Western Europe.
    I am saying this to connect the dots with a few posts and recurring themes and big questions here.
    So, what is the plan?
    The plan is…

    • Maybe i am trying to proselytize (convert) you. Why not?
      Quality is more important than Quantity.
      The East is the minority among all denominations.
      But that’s because we are weak compared to the West. And being weak, makes us count on the Lord’s help, as Saint Paul says.
      Also, it means that i consider you as people of Quality.
      Anyway, mass (quantity) conversions are not ideal.
      You will find your Path.
      As for a plan… I don’t have one.
      The less neurotic i become, the fewer plans i have.
      But if you want a plan: Make peace. Praying helps with that. Perhaps, praying in a community helps even more. I bet it helps with misanthropy. Also, very important: think about participating in communion.

  10. I don’t know Rintrah, but I honestly think all this can be solved with electric cars, building more housing, and putting down a few windmills here and there.


      “We need to build more housing in order to solve the housing crisis.”

      “Why not reduce demand instead of increasing supply? We’d have lower housing prices, less fat retards, less pollution, less farmland, less traffic, lower healthcare costs, all without having to build anything, and–”

      “No, we just… can’t, okay? We just can’t.”

    • Thats the funny thing the problem has been solved. As part of the Paris accord all countries make a legally binding commitment a Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC). If you read Australia’s for example from 2022

      “In this updated NDC, Australia is increasing the ambition of its 2030 target,
      committing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 43% below 2005 levels by 2030.
      Australia also reaffirms its target to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.
      Both targets are economy-wide emissions reduction commitments, covering
      all sectors and gases included in Australia’s national inventory.
      Australia’s new 2030 target is a significant increase in ambition. It is a 15 percentage
      point increase on the upper end of the previous 2030 target of 26 – 28% below 2005
      levels – or half as much again as the previous target. The revised 2030 commitment is
      both a single-year target to reduce emissions 43% below 2005 levels by 2030 and a
      multi-year emissions budget from 2021-2030”

      All by committing to spend a few billion. Don’t see a problem if massive change is this easy. Here the link

      • Do not be fooled by the BS espoused by the Australian Gov.

        The past and current Labor party (left wing socialist) have spent the past decade destroying the countries power generation system which took 5 decades to build.

        They have destroyed a large proportion of our coal and gas generation and steadfastly refuse to lift the ban on nuclear energy.

        During this period they have destroyed the countryside by erecting useless wind and solar plants and in the process drive up the cost of electricity in this country to the point no one can now afford it (higher than most other countries).

        Why is this BS, because we are one of the biggest exporters of coal, gas and uranium/thorium if we didn’t do this our economy would be at third world levels whilst providing cheap reliable power to our competitors and ruining our manufacturing.

        If they were serious they would not export any coal gas or nuclear fuel but they do so it’s a joke the whole thing is a joke

        They also invent nonsensical words to keep the stupid people that vote for them in line, examples include green/blue/black hydrogen, renewable gas and carbon pollution.

  11. People know smoking can cause cancer and other diseases but they still smoke. It’s human nature to hope for the best outcome and have a wait-and-see approach.

    • People smoke to fight nervousness. Doctors could help them with meds, but doctors are extreme hesitant to give even weak meds like valium.

      So who is really guilty about this grievance? The smokers or the doctors?

    • And as an addition:

      The overall damage of longtime valium use is by far not so worse like the longtime use of cigarettes. A real doctor would see that and would give a smoker, who wants to stop, valium without long drama.

      But real doctors are rare, most of them get trained in their study to only accept one state: A total addiction free, total healthy person. An Ubermensch. They are all still sons and daughters of Mengele.

      • I was able to quit smoking years and years ago by using Prozac. The smoking cessation drugs basically are Prozac. So maybe St. John’s Wort would work.

        • I heard it’s realtive easy to get prozac in the USA, but in Europe it’s nearly impossible. I do not know one person who ever got prozac from the doctor.

      • Diogenes I am a smoker so I have some experience.

        But I’ve read too many horrific tales of benzodiazapene withdrawal to ever think it’s a good substitute.

        Low or zero nicotine vaping is probably your best best. It’s the only thing that ever worked for me

  12. There were two on-point headlines today in SFGate: “Tourists Still Flock to Death Valley Amid Searing Heat Blamed for Several Deaths,” and “‘We’re Kind of Used to It’: Tourists Unfazed by California Wildfire Still Head to Popular town.”

    A major wildfire got within a mile of the hospital in Mariposa last week, but they decided not to evacuate. They were lucky and it didn’t reach the hospital, and it was put out.

    Hurricanes have always been a thing in New England; the 1929 Long Island Express was part of living memory when I was growing up. You cut back the trees around your house, and either get a cheap portable generator (if you are handy) or a costly kicks-in-by-itself generator if you aren’t handy and have the funds. Or you just budget for hotel stays; that is what my parents would do. It was and is just part of life. So that part of the budget will increase.

    I think you may be underestimating the ability of people to get used to things, and the effect of widespread brain damage from covid and the vaxxes. Five years from now it is true that more people will be yelling “climate change climate change climate change!” as things burn but most people will still be saying “yeah, whatever, I guess I need a better generator.” And tourists will still be setting forth.

    • Yeah that seems to be the case.

      People just gradually learn to accept living in dysfunctional societies.

      But it’s taboo to mention that it’s happening.

      They can accept the symptoms, they can’t acknowledge the root cause.

    • I find myself understanding now, through experience, how we have limited control over events.

      I guess I used to believe that we could largely control what was going on, but now, no, I don’t really believe that it’s that simple anymore.

      Nowadays, I find myself understanding why the people of Pompei and Herculaneum etc. didn’t just up and leave.

      Events have momentum of their own, and one just gets swept along with them. We are the scum on the surface of an ocean that fizz and pop and get taken along with the current, that we cannot control. Under us are even deeper layers of currents, that we have even less control over.

      Ultimately, I guess the system we live in is not under rational human control – although we think and act as if it is.


      It took getting caught up in covidworld to make me realize why people didn’t just up and leave as they saw Nazi Germany build around them, or whatever, as the covidworld edicts somehow filtered through from ‘wherever’ to various countries who implemented them. I found myself just waiting for the place to tip into full Monty totalitarianism, apparently trapped, contemplating how I would make my last stand.

      It seemed like regular processes of control, or opposition that is a necessary function of democracy, were just sidestepped.

      Much as they are with all manner of other subjects.

      Immigration? Tick. Climate change? Tick. Etc.

      Perhaps understanding this might help some people feel better about where things are headed.

      Or perhaps it is just so much bullshit if you look at it a different way.

      • This is much like the free will vs no free will discussions, I guess.

        It might help some people come to terms with their individual deeds if they are led to believe that they are just a meatbot.

        It might also help people come to terms with the collective deeds of the system if its participants are led to believe that they are beyond their control.

        Or both of those could be completely wrong and we’re all guilty as fuck sinners and residents of Babylon; with deeply flawed and fallen natures, depending on how you look at it.

      • > I found myself just waiting for the place to tip into full Monty totalitarianism, apparently trapped, contemplating how I would make my last stand.

        Why make a last stand? Why be defiant? Do you have some sort of death wish? Do you feel the need to be a LSWM “hero?”

        Why not just go along to get along and enjoy comfort and ease?

        FUCK PRIDE



        • “Why make a last stand?”

          Because I don’t want to do what they tell me.

          Everyone has their limits, I guess. Accepting multiple shots of rat juice, and/or signing up to the beast system, appears to be mine.

          I’m also recalcitrant by nature.

          Refusing to comply with evil diktats comes relatively easy to me.

          I don’t know why, because it can hurt and has caused me significant damage. But, if I think it’s wrong enough to resist, then that’s what I’ll do.

          Maybe it’s rooted in one too many experiences with psychos. I won’t do what they tell me if I think it’s wrong. They hurt you either way. Might as well force them to stab me in the front rather than the back.

          Who knows though?

          Why do any of us do anything.

          • It can be a trap though.

            I have experimented before with trying not to resist. For example: “Sure, whatever boss, I don’t care one way or the other, here are some options, pick one and we’ll go with it.” But, I find that they are not satisfied with that.

            Instead, they wanted me to crusade for ‘right’ cause, when they already know that they are going to crush me by choosing the ‘wrong’ one.

            It’s like some kinds of people know what they are doing is evil and demand a sacrifice as part of a ritual that they need to go through to absolve themselves before they can make whatever shit it is happen.

            They want to see someone try to fight the ‘good fight’, then crush them, as if they can somehow get you to eat their sins, then sacrifice you and make them go away. Whatever, it’s weird and makes no sense.

            And whatever, I don’t have the energy for crusading anymore.

            They are the ones coming with demands, not the other way around.

            Maybe I’m just ready for them to finally finish me off for good.

            Some sort of Deathwish, as you say.

          • Yeah, who knows. I might even be the last person to find out what I want.

            Psychological defenses might get in the way.

            Whatever. It just is what it is.

          • Could not agree more with your comment.

            As Peter Garrett once sung “it’s better to due on your feet than to live on your knees”

  13. Wombat:

    > It’s like some kinds of people know what they are doing is evil and demand a sacrifice as part of a ritual that they need to go through to absolve themselves before they can make whatever shit it is happen.

    Nobody believes what they are doing is “evil” even though it might seem that way to you and others.

    Apart from a vanishingly few exceptions, everyone thinks they are doing what they do for “good reasons”.

    Now, that realization is truly a kind of horror.

    • “Nobody believes what they are doing is “evil””

      Ah, but Lots of people do know when they’re doing the ‘wrong’ (in case ‘evil’ is too strong a word) thing.

      That’s why they try to hide things: euphemisms, self-censorship, conspiracies, etc.

      The fact that they do the ‘wrong’ thing, even though they know what they are doing is ‘wrong’, is pretty horrible.

      But yeah, I agree that lots of people are ignorant of the wrong/evil that they do.

      There’s lots of that going on, and yeah it’s pretty horrific. That might even represent most of the evil that gets done.

      “Affectability, progress, are vanities spawned by fear … The aim of what you call civilisation is a man in a smoking jacket, whiskey and soda, pressing a button, to destroy a planet a billion miles away, kill a billion people he’s never seen.”

      • Quote: “Ah, but Lots of people do know when they’re doing the ‘wrong’”.

        In my multi-person-model of humans it can’t be said by this way.

        One of the sub-personalities, which is maybe ill, does something bad while dominating the person, but after switching to another sub-personality the person does not know about the wrongdoing.

          • True. It is possession. But this possession is very normal, we all have it all the time.

            From my knowledge about brain anatomy each of the four hemispheres (inner and outer brain) has its own memory modul.

            I guess in a mental healthy person those four modules are well connected, so that the person has always full access to all of them, even after switching to another sub-personality.

            But in a mental ill person those connections could be weak or non-existent, which means the person has memory holes after a switching. And by this way they can do bad things without rememebering.

  14. “so what is the plan”

    I honestly don’t think there is one.

    What fascinates me is people get so hung up around the axles on insignificant things. AGW is a good example an increase of 0.012% of CO2 has triggered a type of mass psychosis leading to the spending of trillions upon trillions of dollars on boondoggles making faceless men rich beyond imagination in order to control the weather. We could have solved world hunger and raised the living standards of the global population for that kind of money.

    I think there are far more things to be concerned about for example.

    1, what kind of society or parents celebrates when their children begin their “transition” in Australia we cut the breasts off 10 year old girls and the dicks off young boys how sick are we? This is ok but OMG it’s hot today let’s tax someone to make it colder

    2, We are on the brink of nuclear war and the USA, the last great super power is staggering around like a punch drunk boxer with a demented moron holding his finger over the launch button.

    No one I know seems to be concerned with this, they are more concerned with the lack of equity and diversity in the business sector and the mythical gender pay gap.

    3, the poles are shifting rapidly, the magnetic field is collapsing, the sth Atlantic anomaly is growing larger, even small cme’s are causing high latitude aurora’s this could potentially take out sats and internet.

    Most adolescent Australians could not open a can of beans without google

    4, Saudi Arabia just told NATO if they don’t Russia there 300 billion dollars back they will sell all the treasury bonds they hold, this would collapse the EU and US economies in a heart beat.

    5, I tried to stop people taking the covid shot (97% got at least 3 shots) and all I got in return was abuse now I just sit here waiting for them to die (I find this to be quite depressing)

    I could go on and on, when I tell people these things they look at me as if I am a conspiracy nut.

    These people have no plan because they are too stupid to know what is going on and I have given up trying to help them

    • >What fascinates me is people get so hung up around the axles on insignificant things. AGW is a good example an increase of 0.012% of CO2 has triggered a type of mass psychosis leading to the spending of trillions upon trillions of dollars on boondoggles making faceless men rich beyond imagination in order to control the weather.

      The problem is that there’s a certain threshold level of cognitive capacity necessary to understand the nature of the problem.

      It’s like being a child who wants to eat candy all day long.

      Your mom knows why that’s a bad idea, but you’re not smart enough yet, so you can either:

      1. Trust that mom has it right. That’s most of the green/leftist crowd. They just trust that mom is telling them the truth.

      2. Think she’s just being a mean tyrant and eat all the candy you want, until you get diseases with big long names you never heard of like type 2 Diabetes. That’s most of the low status white males. Not just on climate change, but also on topics like the shape of the Earth, human evolution, saturated fat, cholesterol and all sorts of other stuff.

      That’s the climate problem in a nutshell.

      Most low status white males just don’t have the cognitive capacity necessary to understand the nature of the problem.

      But unfortunately, they do get to vote.

      • Quote: “The problem is that there’s a certain threshold level of cognitive capacity necessary to understand the nature of the problem.”

        Sorry, it’s you who is unscientific and irrational, because your “El Nino, ship emissions” reasonings are unscientific lame ass excuses. If you would really be so intelligent like you do, you would see the energy-bilance problem and you would admit that there must be another heat source, way more powerful than the sun.

        But you are so conceited, that you will never admit your error.

        • Here we have another low status white male with his own unique precious snowflake theory about what’s REALLY causing global warming.

          Just as every purple haired lib has its own unique gender, every low status white male has his own unique argument against the evil librul elitist man made climate change hoax.

          And they’re all beautiful and heckin’ valid to me!

          <3 Low status white males

          <3 Purple haired libs

      • The day you divorce from the spinning ball the Malthusian death cult has shackled you to will be a glorious one Rad. That is, of course if you have the cognitive capacity to see past all the lies. The other LWSMs reckon you’re on the higher IQ side of the midwit bell curve but I have faith that you will come to terms with the true nature of this realm in time.

        All the world’s a stage as Shakespeare said, probably from his Globe theatre 🎭

        Fun bet, I will pay you €50k if you can prove that we live on a globe🌍

        • The cumulative effects of industrial civilization are ultimately energetic in nature, and strongly evil. The common explanation given is a smokescreen, but the collective activity of society is still causing enormous harm to the world we live in nonetheless.

  15. If you want to know what net zero means in Australia then watch this video.

    You will soon realise this whole thing is a fucking scam,these people don’t give a fuck about the planet and they don’t give a fuck about the environment all they give a fuck about is making money.

    Remind me again if you have to destroy pristine wilderness to build you useless wind turbines then what are we saving the planet for?

    These wind turbine developers really piss me off

  16. I was wondering whether the Suez Canal was disastrous to the Mediterrenean, not just through the influx of tropical fish, but also by causing a rise of the sea temperature..
    (i remembered this human intervention when i read the latest post about kitties)

    • Bermuda Triangle is a psyop, its proximity to Cape Canaveral should show you that. It’s where the “space” rockets land after launch 🚀 a boogeyman story of vehicles disappearing should keep the normies away from eyeing up floating rocket debris.

      Also Wombat, your fallacious building of a straw man shows me how little you have looked into such matters with any objectivity.

      It takes a serious thinker to question one’s epistemology.

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