Social media versus low status people

High status people on social media: I haven’t left my house since march 2020!

Low status people you know in real life: I’m going to this test street where they basically always fill in that you have already been infected so nobody will harass me when I go on vacation this summer.

High status people on social media: I always walk around old people at a big distance so I don’t infect them.

Your low status grandmother in real life: I’m 83, I don’t give a sod.

High status people on social media: Transwomen are women, transmen are men.

Low status people in real life: Did you hear about this Green party councillor who was thrown in prison after raping a ten year old girl while dressed as a girl himself? His son has autism and had adult boyfriends as a kid and now he’s a Reddit admin who thinks he’s a woman and dresses up in diapers. Poor kid never had a chance.

High status people on social media: I can’t believe those LITERAL NAZIS managed to win seats this election! smh #cancelwhitepeople

Low status people you know in real life: Last year 108,000 more people entered the country than left the country. We only managed to build 69,000 new houses, as prices for existing houses rose 8% year on year, for the second year in a row. I can’t believe how young college graduates manage to be dumb enough to continue voting against their own interest.

High status people on social media: Look how quirky and cool we are when we’re hugging each other through a plastic wall!

Low status people you know in real life: Those people have lost their minds.

High status people on social media: According to this latest new study, if you don’t want to wear a cork in your anus when you go to the supermarket you’re a right-wing authoritarian sociopath! <3 science

Low status people you know in real life: Please leave me alone.

High status people on social media: Say it louder for the people in the back: BLACK TRANS LIVES MATTER!

Low status people you went to school with: Yeah I moved to this small rural town down south. It’s mostly full of conservative protestant people but they don’t really bother you, so I’m fine with them.

High status environmentalists on social media: Overpopulation is a racist hoax the environmental crisis is caused by capitalism the biggest 50 corporations emit 323423% of all greenhouse gasses yadda yadda.

Low status environmentalists you know in real life: Africa has 1.2 billion people right now and will have 4 billion people by 2100 according to UN projections. I don’t really see that ending well.

High status people on TV: Staying apart keeps us together!

Low status people in real life: Grandma is coming over tomorrow.

The handful of high status people you have the misfortune of knowing in real life: Fifty thousand tweets on their profile, completely lost touch with reality because their de facto peer group now consists of a handful of blue checks on Twitter. Their opinions are based on whatever corporation or government managed to deploy the most bots this week. Thinks liking cats and “science” (aka popsci psychology websites) is a substitute for a personality.

Low status people you know in real life: I basically banned all social media from my laptop, I only still use Facebook to chat and follow a handful of imageblogs on tumblr.



    • Yeah good point. There’s a lot of “temporarily embarrassed” people out there who are pretty sure that they’re going to end up as part of the managerial class one day themselves.

  1. i think you’re dramatically overestimating how many low status people really give a shit about jessica yaniv style online/campus culture train wrecks one way or the other. whether the person explaining the hypothetical trans reddit rape counselor was doing it from a progressive damage control or right-wing outrage viewpoint the average blue collar worker is going to respond the same way: “damn thats crazy bro” and then go on with their day.

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