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My troll account (one more strike away from being banned, because I keep calling for genocide against the unvaccinated):

My sorta real account:

My Reddit account:

My Youtube channel:

And (insert drum roll)… my Tumblr:

I’ll throw them all into a linktree one day but for now this will do.

If I ever get hit by a bus, or simply cease to exist because I’m high on mescaline in the woods at night and the battery of my phone dies so there is complete darkness, you’ll have a complete digital footprint to explore.


  1. What about your oeuvre from /r/accountt1234, which is now locked? I miss reading your post describing the destruction of the environment using the 10 steps of genocide.

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The patients in the mental ward have had their daily dose of xanax and calmed down it seems, so most of your comments should be automatically posted again. Try not to annoy me with your low IQ low status white male theories about the Nazi gas chambers being fake or CO2 being harmless plant food and we can all get along. Have fun!

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