Society as one big autism test

This is the deceptive aspect, whenever the left pushes the idea of “equality”. They never really mean true equality, because equality per definition doesn’t exist. Rather, they just want to take wealth out of the equation used to determine status. Then it’s mostly just beauty and social competence used to determine status.

Those are the things they’re good at, acquiring wealth is the thing they’re bad at, so they want to make that part obsolete. They have already succeeded at making virtue obsolete, another aspect of the status game they’re bad at. Humility was redefined as “lacking self confidence”, chastity became obsolete and gluttony became normalized.

Socially competent people hate the wealth part of the status game, because it’s the part they’re worst at. After all, being socially competent means adjusting to what everyone else around you is doing. Acquiring wealth on the other hand, means to buy things when nobody wants them and to sell them when everyone wants them. It means not adjusting to what everyone else is doing, it means being a contrarian.

What right wing heterosexual men tend to want is relatively simple. Wealth is their way to step outside of the social game. If you own a bunch of apartments that deliver you 8% returns in the form of rent and go up in value by another few percent every year then for all practical purposes you’re done, you’re no longer dependent on other people’s approval of you. You could put bumper stickers on your car that say “unvaxxed Trump supporter” and they can’t really do anything to you, even though they all hate you.

Contrast this with the income normie, or worse, the blue check status climber. They are always forced to navigate within the narrow confines of ideas and beliefs that lead other people to tolerate you. They are always forced to move about within the Overton window.

Women really don’t understand why young men seek out wealth. They think to themselves “oh you’re vain and materialistic”. The reality however is that we’re desperate to escape this society and wealth is the only way to do that. As long as you have no wealth, you’re left with no other option than to adjust to your society’s increasingly idiotic and oppressive consensus.

When you have your own income generating assets, then you’re no longer forced to adjust to this society. They can fire you for being racist, they can fire you for being transphobic, if everything else fails then they can always drum up some woman you met at a party ten years years ago who claims you squeezed her in her bum when you were drunk. You know what they can’t do? They can’t seize your house because you’re racist. They can’t take your stock portfolio because you protested against the lockdowns. They can fire you from your job if you’re unvaccinated, but they can’t seize my Shopify puts.

And so the whole system is always trying to make you dependent on that monthly income, that umbilical cord on which you depend for oxygen that they can always sever at any given moment. They will allow you to borrow endless amounts of money to buy a house, but only if you have the right income. That way they can take everything away from you by throwing you out of your job. It wasn’t like this fifty or sixty years ago, most people did not need a mortgage to have a place to live.

I want to be able to get away with not playing the social game. I want to be able to be hated by everyone, without having it affect my ability to take care of my own needs. I just want you to do a little mental exercise for a moment. Tomorrow you walk into your cubicle and you open your company’s public chat canal and you say one of the following things:

-All lives matter

-Transwomen are not women

-Climate change is a hoax

-The gas chambers are a hoax

-Trump 2024 build that wall #MAGA

-Evolution is a hoax.

-9/11 was an inside job.

If you say those things, you’re not hurting anyone. They are just words. They can’t hurt other people, other people can’t even interpret them as insults because they don’t refer to individuals. But your life will be over. If words can end your life, then you’re not free.

And that’s the difference between right wing heterosexual men and everyone else, particularly the autistic ones. We don’t need other people to like us. We just want to be free. Everyone else wants to stop that. They want us to always be dependent on other people’s approval, because that’s their natural state of being. They intrinsically need other people to like them, their chains are innate. We don’t, so they envy that.

The concept of autism didn’t really exist 200 years ago, because it didn’t really matter. Either you had property and passed it on to your legitimate sons, or you didn’t and your sons became cannon fodder for our colonial projects overseas. Today the entire society you inhabit is basically an autism test. A Human Resources department is like a continual autism police department where a bunch of cat ladies have to make sure you’re not too autistic to hold onto your job. A college degree is a certificate that proves you’re not too autistic to get through four years of doing group projects and showing up at 9:30 in the morning to do what you’re told.

Even fifty years ago you could get away with being autistic as a man, it just didn’t really matter. People would say “oh he’s a crank” or “oh he’s a dick” or perhaps “yeah he’s rather honest”. It’s the same with how it’s now practically impossible to hold onto any sort of position in society if you’re perceived as “racist”. Everyone is racist. The difference between right wing autistic men and everyone else is that they’re honest about it, so this society punishes them.

And so right wing autistic men who don’t die from an overdose of fentanyl tend to go one of two routes in life:

-The uncle Ted anprim route

-The high CAGR route to financial independence

You might say “what about the gym bro alpha male route?” but the reality is that those guys are not truly autistic, because they still want other people’s approval. They want to be popular among boring people, they just need someone else to motivate them and remind them how to do it.

Because keep in mind, if you could somehow change your brain to make every ethnic group as likable to you as your own (if you insist on doing it, try cannabis and MDMA) and if you could even change your brain to feel comfortable around people who completely change their physical appearance through expensive tax-payer funded surgeries to look like the opposite gender (I have no idea how to do that one), you’re STILL not done.

Rather, they just change the conditions. If you pass the first autism test, they come up with the next autism test. As an example, being unvaccinated is the new being racist. Young autistic men are clever enough to do the math for themselves (as opposed to following societal consensus), realize the harm of these vaccines outweighs the benefits for them and so they’re unvaccinated. Society then prohibits them from going to restaurants and other stuff, so coworkers figure out that they’re unvaccinated and boom, you have just failed another autism test.

And once again, college is nothing more than an expensive autism test too. Look at your average American #BLM #transwomenarewomen #consentissexy #stillnotaskingforit college campus and tell me the place is designed to do anything other than making right wing autistic men feel suicidal, with endless subtle social nuances, the complexity of which is accelerated at an exponential rate, until you reach the point where an autistic white man will be called racist for calling a black man eloquent.

This is the grand contradiction you’re dealing with: Every new social norm is meant to make society more inclusive, but it merely makes society less inclusive for people who are bad at following social norms, ie autistic men. This society will tolerate any sort of deviancy, except for the pathological honesty that characterizes autism.



  1. Why would you not think there exist humans whose reasoning for an action is not dependant upon social statuses or any other such rhetoric and that they could not treat every other human mind that is the same design as itself?

      • Or you could live life in any of your aformentioned social statuses by. being indifferent to any human because he/she possess a proclaimed higher or lower status.

        The issue is very interesting though . Class based diversion of concepts is a normal phenomena . If you are an American or Syrian you are a terroriost is an interesting statement and an analogy to the fundamental contradiction within the mind,that of the organizational manifestations of human fundamentals .

        If you call yourself ,for example , a superior human from other peasants,then you train yourself inefficiently and moreover the person perceiving your ignorance trains himself as such by “mis routing” all your manifested contradictions to conclusions such as “He is a cop,American etcetc” .Cool stuff.

    • I don’t know why you care so much about nordics. Most nordic women are ethnomasochistic wokies. Nordic women feel a moral obligation to give away their own homeland to other ethnic groups. You won’t find a Japanese, Korean, Indian or African woman, who feels the same way.

      I care about every life, white, black, brown, nordic or southern, occidental or oriental. The only people whose lives I genuinely don’t care about are woke white women. Black women can be forgiven for being woke, white women can’t.

      • I mean, being the master race is kind of hard to reconcile with living in a multiparty democracy, yet being unable through democratic elections to get people in office who will promise to stop trying to turn your country into New Mogadishu.

        The Turks vote for a guy who tries to rebuild the Ottoman empire. The Russians vote for a guy who tries to restore the Russian empire. Even the Americans re-elected a guy who was going to steal Iraq’s oil for them.

        I don’t really see what the Nordics have going for them.

  2. Thinking back on my jobs, and workplaces over the years, the workplaces that were run by professional technical people were those that had comfortable environments for autistic types (like me). Those work environments were meritocratic, rewarded ability, and valued getting things done. On the other hand, in work places that were run by professional managers, socially competent people were valued and moved up the internal ladders of socio-economic status. The autistic underlings were seen as useful, but stationary, work horses to move the socially competent up and along their path. I certainly worked many late nights and weekends to make other people successful.
    I dont complain. I did get paid for my effort, as promised when I accepted the work. That said, comparing the start of my engineering career to my current position (software, silicon valley), organizational room for autistics, male orientation, even frank technical discussion, is actively circumscribed, and tolerated only as skills are needed. If one doesnt speak in corporate affirmations, parrot authorized sentiments, and express what others might most like to hear, at least here in sv, one is perceived as uncultured — and so disqualified.
    I think men should plan as they go to extract themselves long term out of the current corporate workplaces that have arisen. Smaller companies are likely to be better than large, where that is an option. Stay focused and develop one’s core talents and interests if one is working for others. Try to develop those talents into a situation where one can eventually work for oneself. Keep aware of novel options in an ever changing world. Certainly, keep out of debt, invest where you can, and spend less that you make. Ultimately having money on hand means you have freedom when the time comes to do what you want, rather than do what others tell you to do.

  3. I think Autism King is stating that it is impossible to create equality.
    (I suspect Autism King is a libertarian)

    I agree with your point that people (BOTH men and women) don’t understand status and what the opposite sex is looking for in mates and potential for social status, there should be more education in that, and not just whatever I was taught.

    I disagree with your claim that socially competent members of society despise wealth. In my experience being socially competent makes allying with people a snap, and combining in groups is the best way to leverage abilities to be successful both financially and in the economy.

    Now full fledged sociopaths can get rich too, but they have to at least understand the society they prey upon – especially when to move on to avoid retribution when their prey figures out what they are.

    Now for actual (not libertarian) autistic, poor Bruno Bettelheim made such a mess of understanding it.

  4. Darold Treffert at Winnebago State Hospital in Wisconsin was one of the first people to attempt to measure autism in the general population. His study, published in Archives of General Psychiatry in 1970, showed an autism rate of less than 1 in 10,000 children.

    Then, sometime around 1987, the autism rate in the United States began to skyrocket. By 2017, the autism rate in the U.S. was 1 in 36 kids (Zablotsky et al., 2017). So the U.S. has experienced a 277-fold increase in autism prevalence in the last 50 years.

    In some places and populations the rates are even higher: in Tom’s River, NJ, the state’s largest suburban school district, 1 in 14 eight-year-olds is on the autism spectrum; in Newark, NJ, 1 in 10 Black boys is on the spectrum (forthcoming).

    The United States is in the midst of a genocide.

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