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I have spent some time asking myself whether I want to explain what’s going to happen. I have decided against it, I don’t see who benefits from me explaining something we have no influence on. It’s not hard, if you really need to know you can look into it yourself. If you don’t want to know then that’s fine too.

I’ll just share my recommendations:

To start with, your headache is probably not just a headache. I’m sorry. Around 98% of the population has been infected by a neurovirulent Sarbecovirus, with a spike protein that accumulates in your brain, as your body struggles to get rid of it. About 20 million people have died from it. Long covid is mainly a product of microclots in the brain, you can just look at people with a scanner and see them, you can give them anticoagulants and their symptoms improve. Kinda hard to accomplish that with a psychosomatic illness.

You can degrade the spike protein with nattokinase, as well as the accumulating amyloid proteins your neurons produce to trap viral particles.

You can buy nattokinase supplements online, or you can buy natto in a store. Take the Nattokinase supplement on a full stomach, so the enzyme survives your stomach ph.

Important: If you decide to buy natto in a store, you need to check whether it actually has active nattokinase. You add a bit of soy sauce and a bit of mustard, then you stir it thoroughly and rapidly. Hold it near your ear. Do you hear the noise of tiny bubbles popping? Your natto has some nattokinase. If you have really potent natto, you’ll also notice it upon eating it: It may irritate your tongue a little, like pineapple does for me, and you may notice a blood pressure drop within a few minutes after you eat it. I’d recommend actual natto over the supplement, but only if you’re really sure it’s the good stuff, rather than a mediocre fermentation.

You can also make your own natto, it’s not overly difficult. Again, to make sure you got it right, you’ll want to hear the sizzling sound of tiny bubbles popping when you stir it. Adding a small amount of barley helps increase the nattokinase content a lot.

Another option to consider is Bromelain + NAC.

It’s also important to go to the gym. There are two important exercises: Running on the threadmill and the leg press. All the other exercises are of secondary importance.

I could expand with a long list of other stuff, but this to me seems the most effective stuff we’re aware of. Please be kind to animals and to people.


    • It is confusing. On the one hand, pretty much every “how to take nattokinase” site says to take on an empty stomach. The idea is that if there is food in the stomach, the nattokinase will use up all of its enzymatic power on breaking down the proteins in the food, and have no potency left for breaking down dead tissue.

      On the other hand, a guy named Jesse Santiano recently looked at a study re the stability of nattokinase at different pHs which found that nattokinase is stable at a pH of 5 to 9, and so it should be taken with food so that the food will dilute the stomach acid and raise then pH (Jesse Santiano article of March 19th, 2023). And that regular stomach acid of pH1 would denature the nattokinase (which is a protein). That sounds credible, since the nattokinase in natto is in a food and it is effective.

      If you go to the “Doctor’s Best” nattoserra (which I’ve happened to settle on; nattoserra rather than nattokinase) item description on Amazon, they cite a double blind trial of 193 people who were given serrapeptase (yes, I know, not nattoserra, and not nattokinase) after meals, with measurable positive results. That supports the “with food” approach. I am seeing that DB brand puts the serrapeptase portion into a matrix which is supposed to protect the enzyme from stomach acid (it doesn’t say if the nattokinase in the product is similarly protected)(it seems it isn’t since their plain nattokinase is not in a matrix), and so they say you should take their product on an empty stomach. Of course, who knows if this special matrix works. The people in the review section who seem to be having fabulous results are mostly taking 2 capsules in the morning and two at night, which means they are probably taking it both with and without food (that is a higher dose than the company suggests).

      I’ve been taking one capsule of this version per day for about six months on an empty stomach, as a preventative. I guess I’ll add a second capsule per day, with food. That is my midwit conclusion.

      • Please take on an empty stomach.. but it has to be enteric coated for both N/S. Taking it in combo is way more effective than either alone (still pretty good). Low-moderate doses for maintenance… high to super high for vex injury repair. Since Nov ’22, I started doing high doses and managed to reverse .. literally melt away decades of arterial plaque. Much healtheir base blood pressure readings now.

        Oh, when on high dose treatment, use the BP monitor to check the effects.. should only be taken every 2 or 3 days, as the body’s liver/kidney will need time to clear the waste products created as the N/S does it’s magic.

        • Thank you very much for that info. Do you think that it would work for cardiac calcification? That is my problem. I found out when I had a work-up scan; I was hoping to donate part of my liver but I couldn’t because of that.

          • I haven’t had such specific bloodwork done, so can’t confirm for sure. But my base BP has gone from 150/100 to 128/78 over the course of 4 mths with minimal moderate exercise. But if I get a cut, the scab is too easily scraped off when doing a high dose N/S. In those situations, I would drop to 3/3 for a couple of sessions, then get back to a higher dose.

      • Good advice, BUT. Leg press works front. Need posterior chain work to balance. Hip thrust. Deadlift. Glute kickback. Leg curl. etc.

  1. Come on Radagast, please tell us what’s going to happen.
    Do you think civilization as we know it is going to survive the mass vax campaign?

    • Civilization as we know it won’t survive. With or without the vax campaign. It’s inherently unstable, and rapidly eating out its own supports.

  2. The BromAc® paper you link to is a paid advertisement for MucPharm’s products, and if you track papers listed under the lead author (Javed Ahkter, MucPharm employee), you’ll soon find many studies of other diseases and conditions that BromAc® treats. It really is a registered trademark.

    However, NAC can induce cancers, possibly through how it affects apoptosis related with senescence. On the other hand, taking “high doses” of antioxidants without stressing events can induce stress response senescent conditions, such as DNA damage. While there are plenty of articles showing the benefits of NAC as an “anti-aging” wonderdrug, beneath the surface are articles investigating how it can create conditions for melanomas, carcinomas, or tumorogenesis.

    One positive thing that came out of looking further into “antioxidant” use related to cancers was finding out how beneficial pterostilbene is. You have to eat large amounts of blueberries to take it in naturally, but it doesn’t hurt to eat blueberries regularly.

  3. You’re getting out there. I’ve had no brain symptoms. If I drink too much my head hurts. If I do not imbibe I wake up refreshed from a night of productive dreaming.

    The gym is a terrible place to exercise. Run outside and do deep squats while breathing real air. Why a vegan would encourage this behavior is puzzling.

    The host’s recommendation of Natto consumption is “spot on”.

  4. Thank you for this article, Very helpful. I purchased natto after your previous remarks about it. I use a type with millet instead of barley. Besides a lot of nattokinase it contains 13-15 mcg of vitamin K2 per gram of natto. Vitamin K2 helps to keep the arteries flexible and moves the calcium to the bodyparts where it is needed most: namely bones and teeth. I did your sizzling test this morning and I heard a slight popping, like a low-bubbling lemonade. Hope the sound was enough. Together with the natto I take vitamin D3 because it helps the K2. Thank you!

    • >I did your sizzling test this morning and I heard a slight popping, like a low-bubbling lemonade. Hope the sound was enough.

      Yes, that’s exactly it.

  5. Interesting theory. Given the fact that we cannot verifiably prove or disprove your theory by doing a brain scan on a RCT to a long-term tracked population, we will have to somehow come up with some circumstancial evidence to test the validity of your accumulative brain damage hypothesis. A few aspects I am particularly interested in. 1. Even if the brain damage is universally felt, how does it affect different demographic differently? Break it down by sex, by age, etc. 2. What will be the most obvious measurable functional changes an average person can tell from pre-infection vs. post-infection? 3. How do we know we haven’t experienced similar things as a species? I understand there are manmade aspects of this particular virus that would almost never occur spontaneously in nature by itself; but, I find it hard to believe that we haven’t dealt with infections inflect long-term accumulative damages to our core functions in critical organs out of countless microbiome infections we as a species has been dealing with over millions of years.

    Ps. Again request to stay private as I strongly dislike wasting time engaging with the mundane stupidity of other internet dwellers. If you can reply as an addendum to the article (from the unknowing readers’ eye) but answering my posted questions here, it would be appreciated.

    • You should find and watch Dr. Naomi Wolf’s (not an MD) interview / conversation with Dr. Breggin (MD psychologist) where they discuss the personality changes they have observed in the vaxxed. Might be at her website at

  6. Dementia patients undergo regular testing for the decline of mental capacity. Maybe this is a way to go for self assessment, but I suspect this would cause more bad than good in terms of inducing psychosomatic illness.

  7. I have been pondering how you could have a fabulously popular substack, and gently promote ways to be cognitively and immunologically healthy in a challenging situation, and make some money, and, best of all, help animals.

    It needs to be presented as a “weight loss” substack. It mustn’t be strictly vegan since that doesn’t actually work on its own for weight loss (I was a strict vegan for 19 years and that was the heaviest I ever was), and also that would drive people away. But, it could recommend only very small amounts of the most humanely produced foods (e.g. pasture raised eggs). That is, assuming that that would work for weight loss; I don’t actually know. If you tell people ways to solve their biggest misery – obesity – they will notice the other things you say. And, people who feel better due to weight loss will spend more time outside, noticing nature and caring about the natural world. Food cost will need to be taken into account, since obesity is especially a problem of poor people (although the last I read, the fasted growing demographic of obese people was the wealthy).

    • Okay, here is a start on the intersection of weight loss (as a lure to substack readers) and cognitive help from consuming nattokinase: (Conclusions: In participants with obesity and DM, regardless of weight loss, metabolic health improved after taking Natto for 3 months. Higher percentage of subjects in the treated group had improved HbA1c, fasting Insulin, glucose, and HOMA score.)

      Although that is not weight loss per se, improving insulin resistance could likely ultimately help with weight loss. This trial only lasted for three months and the authors felt that a longer trial would lead to additional improvements.

  8. @

    “…high to super high for vex injury repair…”

    What is [number] super high dose?

    “…Since Nov ’22, I started doing high doses and managed to reverse .. literally melt away decades of arterial plaque…”

    How did you verify that? Blood pressure only?

    Anyone know the answer or have a link explaining.

  9. Does your recommendations apply to unvaxxed as well as vaxxed? Is it the virus that’s the problem, the vaxx, or both? My apologies if you state this in your article and i have missed it somehow.

    I purchased nattokinase based on your previous recommendations.

  10. You should find and watch Dr. Naomi Wolf’s (not an MD) interview / conversation with Dr. Breggin (MD psychologist) where they discuss the personality changes they have observed in the vaxxed. Might be at her website at

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