Some Dutch Documentaries

Sorry if you think I’m spamming, but I’m banned from Twitter and don’t want to post about covid all the time.

So today I feel like sharing some really good documentaries from the 90’s I stumbled upon. Unfortunately these are only watchable if you speak Dutch. If you don’t speak Dutch you’re subhuman, so I’m going to take it for granted you can all just watch these and if you can’t then it’s overdue that you start learning Dutch.

This one is about a Surinamese guy who is in jail with a bunch of Dutch heroin addicts. He acts smug towards the heroin addicts, he feels superior to them, so they hate his guts. They try to incite him to fight them, so that he’ll be punished by not being transferred to another prison.

If you think that’s dark, this one is darker:

This one is about a group of teenage girls in a juvenile detention center. It features a Surinamese Hindustani girl who was adopted by Dutch parents, only to be sexually abused by her adoptive father and an indigenous suicidal Dutch goth girl who worships Charles Manson.

And if you wonder why I watch stuff like this, it’s because for me a documentary like this is uplifting. The reason for that is pretty simple. These girls have a woman like Tini, a plain middle aged Dutch woman who looks a bit like Ma Flodder and lets them hurl insults at them and grabs them like a pro-wrestler whenever they try to beat each other up.

In a third world country like the United States these girls would be sleeping rough or getting raped at CPS, but a superior race like the Dutch, commonly referred to as God’s gift to humanity, will try to leave them with some sort of future.

The question is: Why? Why does a middle-aged Dutch woman bother with that? It’s the late 90’s, the economy was booming, she could have easily found another job, something where she doesn’t have to wrestle teenage girls who hurl abuse at her. Heck, she could have just collected government gibs like my parents did back then. But something in this woman makes her want to take care of people who have hit absolute rock bottom. And whatever that may be, to see it is medicine for my misanthropy.


  1. I might be just a sub-human who doesn’t speak Dutch, but I think you should start a new twatter account. It needn’t be a waste of time that gets quickly banned.

  2. “If you don’t speak Dutch you’re subhuman, so I’m going to take it for granted you can all just watch these and if you can’t then it’s overdue that you start learning Dutch.”

    Hahaha! You’re really funny, in a misanthropic kind of way. 😉

    Anyway, no, I cannot speak Dutch and I’m not going to learn it (and so, alas, I cannot watch the documentaries). I hear that Dutch is practically impossible to learn. Not because the language as such is particularly difficult, but because, apparently, when a foreigner tries to speak Dutch to Dutch people, they just switch to English. Sure, the foreigner can pretend not to speak English, but I’ve never been particularly good at deception…

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