Someone answer this for me

Why do the artists with the best music always have the most retarded worldview?

I would sign up for a lobotomy, if it allowed me to make music like this. I can’t stand this woman, she breaks down crying over the fact that a Jew gets to play in the finale of Eurovision but it’s clear she received the gift. Just the utter coldness of this song, the song itself is like a graveyard in winter.

When she asks “what’s in your head”, it becomes more like a metaphysical question. At 1:30, as she slowly turns her eyes to the camera, I basically have a cerebral orgasm, the only reason it doesn’t bring me to tears is because this woman disgusts me.

And yet, she supports a bunch of genocidal 85IQ goat-fucking sandniggers who murder Jewish children hiding under their parents bed and rape teenage girls in front of their grandmother in the name of a retarded desert cult founded by a pedophile. They eagerly show you what they are: People with zero redeeming value, excess ballast on spaceship Earth, people who would kill her at the first chance they get, who would never allow her to thrive, to achieve anything. If the Gaza strip had never existed, would you have missed it? Would the universe feel incomplete to you? How can you look at these people and not wish for cholera to break out among them, for the stinking rotting corpses to pile up in their tents?

Why? Why is the world like this? Why do all our artists hate the Western civilization that allows them to exist? Why don’t they hate our enemies? Why can’t they be proud, of what we are, of what we have achieved, why do they want it flooded with trillions of retarded rapist sand people who make entire cities unlivable? Why can’t they snap out of the cultural conditioning?

Why do these people receive the gift? Why do conservatives make retarded country music or autistic piano music, or MAGAhiphop?

I’m alone in the world. I’m a stranger anywhere I go. It feels like the whole universe is just designed to mock me.


  1. “If the Gaza strip had never existed, would you have missed it? “

    Yeah but they do exist and Israel has gone full OTT tits overboard as usual pummelling loads of innocent humans (sorry, they are human and experience trauma and pain just like you). Christianity which gifted us this wonderful civilisation with endless fucking moralising which is NEVER going to end as it is founded on a stupid fucking Arabic religion worse than Judaism. The cold austere pluralistic world view of Greco-Roman civilisation which Christianity utterly dismantled can never come back and the world is all the worst for the Roman Empire ever setting foot in that godawful fucking sandpit.

    • When Israel hits you, you’re dead. You might feel your brain explode for a millisecond, but that’s it.

      Unlike the Jews in the kibbutzim, they don’t have to watch their children and grandchildren being tortured in front of them.

      Israel goes too soft on them.

  2. “When Israel hits you, you’re dead. You might feel your brain explode for a millisecond, but that’s it“

    What if you’re a kid on the outskirts of the blast who gets her legs and genitals blown off? Honestly,posting that comment was a mistake and I cannot be fucked arguing about this fucking war so delete my comment if you want.

  3. I am unable to answer the question that you ask us.

    I’ve also never understood why leftists/liberals are apologists for a barbaric religion that condones homophobia, paedophilia, misogyny, anti-semitism, et cetera. It boggles the mind.

    It’s good that my comment on your “Jungle spice” article piqued your interest in the music of Bambie Thug (although you may have already been aware of “their” music before that, in which case I stand corrected).

    It’s scary how far to the left many young people have swung in recent years.

    I just try and accept that pretty much no humans are perfect, we all have flaws and are hypocrites in many ways. Every single one of us. You can still appreciate the good work that Greta and XR have done despite their flaws. You can still be a fan of the music of Bambie Thug despite “their” political views. Same thing with Zheani, who vowed to boycott The Great Escape because they are being sponsored by Barclays.

    It’s a Saturday afternoon at the start of Summer. Just sit back with a cold beer and enjoy the good times we have left.

    • > If the Jewish state in Palestine had never existed, would you miss it?

      Of course he would. He has roots there. (Goes way back)

  4. It’s not too complicated. You see muslims around you doing things you dislike, and conclude muslims must be the problem. Jews and Muslims hate each other, and you hate Muslims, and therefore Jews are right. And therefore, things like Epstein don’t count, things like PNAC don’t count, campaign financing doesn’t count, etc. Those are conspiracy theories for low LSWMs, not enlightened high LSWMs.

    It is a very normie way of thinking, or rather, it is the normal human way of thinking, and autists are only able to break out of this mode of thinking temporarily on certain subjects. Nobody is 100% autistic on 100% of subjects 100% of the time.

    It’s like this: someone looks around, and sees that vegans are annoying. Therefore, animal cruelty and industrial climate change are not problems. They must be overblown, because vegans care about both and vegans are annoying. This is, obviously, a very silly way to look at the world and make choices. But everyone does. You are not immune. I am not immune. Nobody is immune. Everyone, at some time, sets aside a logical assessment of the way the world works in favor of an emotional one. And everyone, autist and normie alike, believes their own emotional reaction to be a logical one.

  5. Quote: “Why do the artists with the best music always have the most retarded worldview?”

    It’s not her, it’s the tech nerd behind her who knows how to use synthezisers and samplers.

    You’re an european, if you focus on the middle east, you can only fail. That’s not your world, so don’t try to make it to your world.

  6. If the Gaza strip had never existed, would you have missed it?

    It no longer exists. No one in going to pay to rebuild it. Israel won’t allow it to be rebuilt. So a million plus very angry arabs are coming to kanada, Europe. Australia and New Zealand. Wouldn’t want to be Jewish there now. Rad you said you aren’t Jewish, but your dad is? Too bad you mom wasn’t, everything would be easier then.

  7. my analysis blames it all on the enlightenment. pre-enlightenment, the great talents were willing to work ad maiorem Dei gloriam because that’s what you did; there was probably no correlation between talent and politics. after Locke and da boyz came around and declared the individual sacrosanct, you needed to have something new to say–i.e., a leftist–to be considered a great artist. if you had talent but just continued using the same themes and techniques as the last generation, well, sorry the history books aren’t going to remember you. in their field, great artists were/are revolutionary and their opinions matter; however, being someone who rejects the current status quo, you will likely have similar revolutionary thought. the definition of leftism has drifted left over the years (duh), so to our eyes Bach, Beethoven, and Brahms are hopelessly reactionary, but at the time they would have supported a 18th or 19th c. Germanic version of “free palestine.” (the times, however, weren’t as retarded so their avant garde views were less harmful.) anyways, multiply this selection effect with the leftward drift over the 200 years from baroque to rock’n’roll and now you have artists with literally retarded world views because they are the people who have fresh takes.

  8. If it’s any consolation, I’ve always hated the original version of this song.

    All that godamned yodeling and yelping 😡

  9. Her music, for whatever role she plays in it, is alright, not great by any means. But I take your point that often it is creative people, or at least young creative people, who hold such vile worldviews. That’s near-normal for young people. I, like everyone around me then, was a leftist till I began reading Orwell at age 22.

    But you ask a better question: Why do all our artists hate the Western civilization that allows them to exist? Why don’t they hate our enemies? Why can’t they be proud, of what we are, of what we have achieved, why do they want it flooded with trillions of retarded rapist sand people who make entire cities unlivable?

    OK, well, they’re mostly young. Even aged certified leftist Margaret Atwood has denounced Dear Leader Justin’s legislation that will crush freedom of speech. So age brings the possibility of growth.

    And being young, it’s entirely possible they have no understanding of what western civilization is about beyond a handful of silly slogans, esp if they exist in a leftist bubble.

    I suspect there’s some truth to the adage that ‘progressivism’ is a mental illness. Or perhaps just an artifact of both intellectual and emotional immaturity that some never mature out of.

    Still, I think there’s something else to it. Western civ accords ‘the other’ some space. It values pluralism. To a totalitarian mind (collectivism of either the communist or fascist variant), tolerating an alternative idea is the greatest sin.

    • > But you ask a better question: Why do all our artists hate the Western civilization that allows them to exist? Why don’t they hate our enemies? Why can’t they be proud, of what we are, of what we have achieved, why do they want it flooded with trillions of retarded rapist sand people who make entire cities unlivable?

      Probably because the sensitivity they possess which informs their “musical gift” is the same sensitivity which perceives the inherent cruelty of “evolution by natural selection” and “the clash of civilizations”.

      A good litmus test for one’s priors is the question: “Do you believe all civilization is built on genocide?”

      (It is, actually)

      The second question would be: “And do you think this fact is GOOD or BAD?”

      (That one really gets the noggin’ joggin’)


      Separating parts from the whole and then forgetting the whole leads humans to believe that they can destroy “evil” while still having “good.”

      *Man is torn between his fear of bell and his greed for heaven.*


      Consider the claim that humans’ big brains are an evolutionary result of our species eating animal flesh for millennia.

      And then wonder if that was ever a good thing.

      Most people are confused/hypocritical/bewildered by these issues, assuming they ever considered them at all.

  10. The real answer to “why is it like this?” is, it is like this just to fuck with you (and people like you who have deeper emotions than average). Put your ‘ontological paranoia’ goggles back on again. This reality is illusory. My advice is to stay true to yourself, don’t waste your energy trying to fix the world or you will end up spending your time being upset and fantasizing about nuking goat herders in the gaza strip instead of working on yourself in an inner sense, which is really the only important thing when you’re in a place like this one.

    • And I understand the inclination to go, ‘but if we just had a certain degree of purity in our nation’s genetic haplotypes and everyone followed this particular philosophy and blah blah blah then it would be better,” as I went through that phase myself when I was younger. No radagast, you’re living in a dream/simulation, created out of the corpse of someone you probably miss without fully understanding what you are feeling or why. It is DESIGNED to suck. It’s a false reality run by a psychopathic being masquerading as a god, that sees us all as toys or puppets to play with. I’m not just baselessly speculating or saying this for no reason, either. People often assume that spiritual awakenings are all about love and light, but my experiences were more like living through a creepypasta in real life for 3 years straight. So take from that what you will I suppose.

      • As a final aside, I think it’s a good thing to embody within yourself the types of behaviors and so on that you think would lead to things being better, and even to encourage others to do so as well. And actually it’s important in some sense, but not because it’s going to change the nature of this world, but because it will help others on a personal scale and it will change you for the better over time. So I’m not saying not to do that, I’m just saying it’s a bit of a waste to divert all of your attention to being angry about a world that is designed to produce exactly that reaction from you. Strive to become something better than this place, yourself, whatever that means to you personally, so that you are incompatible with this world.

      • >It’s a false reality run by a psychopathic being masquerading as a god, that sees us all as toys or puppets to play with.

        I’m not sure you quite yet realize Radagast is a crypto-Jew who does the whole pro-environment/anti-LSWM/anti-humanity/anti-Goyim schtick because a massive depopulation event clears the way for his favored “team” to rule forevermore.

        If all his purported tears and handwringing over the fate of animal suffering were commensurate with his intelligence, he would have reached the same conclusions you and I have, Tryptie.

        But no.

        He wants “war” and “conflict” and and “natural selection”, but only in the particular direction he would prefer.

        Like so many other perfidious Jews I’ve known.

        But hey, the cows and pigs are cute and self-aware and such. Let’s throw in some bafflegab about the intelligence of octopi while we’re at it too.

        The real reason Radagast is opposed to your Gnosticism is because Gnosticism correctly identifies YAHWEH as the Demiurge, the “Evil One”, as “Satan”

        But YAHWEH is the God and Lord of Radagast’s Tribe. The Khazars.

        Radagast will NEVER oppose YAHWEH (YALDABAOTH, in our cosmology)

        Just observe how often he offers paeans to the “beauty” and so-called “transcendence” of the “natural world”

        He points to the illusions of cute animals to tug at his readers’ heartstrings while at the same time ignoring the CONSTANT AND UNDENDING HORROR OF ANIMALS SUFFERING AND BEING KILLED AND EATEN BY LARGER PREDATORS EVERY DAY, CONSTANTLY.

        He is spirituallly a Jew, (that which is known among the LSWM’s as as “Satan’s Little Helpers,”) those critters who had both the intelligence and amorality/shrewdness to adapt to this Hell Realm and thereby acquire positions of power and influence through an abiding loyalty to its psychopathic “rules of engagement”.

        Abrahamic Christianity is diametrically opposed to Gnosticism.

        Because what most people consider to be the “Father God” who “has our best interests at heart” is in reality SATAN/DEMIURGE


        for HIS benefit

        NOT OURS

  11. seems pretty simple to me, all these artists have obviously sold their souls, so they are fully aligned with the side of chaos confusion and destruction.

  12. I cannot put it more simple:
    We live in a rapidly secularized world (‘demystified’, as people put it here very often).
    That means there is a huge gap of information about Christianity, or Jewism, or Islam, or Gnosticism, or whatever.
    Do some “Religious Studies”. Or ask someone who knows more about Christianity etc.
    It is not a bad thing to ignore. It is bad to think that you don’t.
    ‘Demiurg’ means creator, from Greek ‘demiurgos’.
    The notion of a lower creator god(s) is most likely middle East. (Persian, i.e. Mesopotamian).
    I don’t know why Gnostics call ‘Satan’ (in Hebrew: an adversary, or accuser, or obscure) a demiurg. Obviously, the Hebrews (Babylonian captivity), would be content if at least you don’t raise this lower-god entity (if you insist) into the same level as God.
    Did you ever watch ‘the X-files’?
    I did and I loved it!
    It was very thrilling to see (supposedly) secret knowledge unfold, and think–by relating with the protagonists–that you are among a few elect (an elit) who has this ‘Gnosis’ (knowledge in Greek).
    So, I understand the appeal of Gnosticism.
    Besides that, Gnosticism probably came from how our minds work:
    We like categories. Boxes.
    A basic category is: good vs evil.
    (that also makes gnosticism akin to manichaism.)
    But for Christians, the world is ‘kalos lian’ καλός λίαν (extremely good), according to the Genesis, and we know that, because we met people (even contemporary Saints), who met other people, who met other people…….who met the Apostles and all the others who met Christ, and were healed by Him, and knew that He resurrected, after dying in the most unjust manner, because He wanted free-willingly to take ALL the human nature and ALL the circumstances of our lives (even the unjust), leaving nothing outside.
    (and as they became healthy, you can tell they are trustworthy witnesses = ‘martyrs’ in Greek)
    And that is the most celebration-worthy, and self-sacrifice-worthy, and healing (health-bringing) thing.
    So carry your cross, support each other, and thank Him (Eucharist) for everything.
    In other words, relate with Him.
    And then everything will fall into place. Even the unjustice that may have happened to you, bc you will see that we are all interconnected, and we are all saved (as Persons) in Him. (and His creation obviously)

  13. There are also scripture verses and tradition that indicate lucifer was a master musician in heaven before his fall.

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