Someone is trying to contact you, but you’re not picking up the phone

God values our liberty more than we do. That’s the thing that people don’t seem to realize. It’s easy to say that God doesn’t exist, if you don’t look for the evidence and ignore the simple fact that God doesn’t want to force his presence on us. But if you sincerely look for divinity, it’s not hard to find. You can buy fifteen grams of Psilocybe truffles in just about any major Dutch city for around fifteen Euro. If that doesn’t work, you can find them on every populated continent, growing just about anywhere humans live.

If I had to come up with a way for God to contact us, without violating our free will, I couldn’t think of a better way to do it than “let’s put a bunch of little mushrooms everywhere that can be recognized by the fact that they turn blue when you touch them”. “But what if humans turn their cities into concrete nightmares, devoid of life?” “Don’t worry, we’ll make it easy for them to grow these mushrooms in their own bedroom, they won’t need anything more than a syringe and a plastic bag full of grain.”

And I know what you’re thinking “here he goes again with his wild speculation”. But hear me out. When humans first started trying to grow mushrooms, the problem we had was that they would be contaminated by mushrooms full of psilocybin! We couldn’t grow mushrooms on our own, because nature was spreading psychedelic mushrooms like invasive weeds!

This isn’t some strange coincidence that happens when you grow some obscure tropical plant. This is what happened when humans began trying to cultivate one of the four kingdoms of life for our own nutrition. If you’re an idiot, you would say “oh no, my mushroom farm has been contaminated by illegal drugs”! On the other hand, if you have an IQ above room temperature, that would be the sort of indicator that something out there is trying desperately to contact you.

We can debate what Salvia Divinorum means, we can debate whether humans are supposed to be peeling the needles off South American cactuses. But this shows up on any terrestrial surface where humans can produce food. It doesn’t need any real processing. And still the humans are skeptical.

“What’s wrong, why are they not picking up the phone? I miss them, I want to talk to them.”

“They don’t trust it, they made laws against it.”

“What do you mean they don’t trust it? We designed it so that you can’t grow addicted to it. You can’t die from it. You’re back to normal after five hours and you feel great for a couple of weeks afterwards.”

“I know. But they don’t trust it. What do you want me to do about it? The cops will knock down your door in the middle of the night if they realize you’re growing them.”

“Well, shit.”

If you don’t take mushrooms at least twice a year, I don’t know how you get through this mess. You live with your parents? Take them somewhere out in nature. It’s winter? Book a hotel room.

Once you take them you’ll remember that all this bullshit is in fact just that, bullshit. New variant, new lockdown, who the hell cares? You’re going to die, like everyone else. The Earth will continue spinning, with us or without us. We screwed up, we’ll have to deal with the consequences. There’s no point in nitpicking over the details. “The omicron variant looks really dangerous!” “Looks like we’re already running out of coal guys!” In the grand scheme of things, it really doesn’t matter.

If people really realized this, the machine would come to a standstill. We have enough food to feed everyone. We have more empty houses than we have homeless people. Unfortunately we are all stuck in this machine that just teaches us to seek to dominate and exploit. I run into these dudes everyday, they earn 80k in a year and they decide for themselves: “I’m going to buy an expensive car and continue working my soul-crushing job at the bank. Women of childbearing age will still want me to ejaculate my semen in their vulvas when they see my ugly mug in a cabriolet!”

That’s how the machine keeps running, until it has killed everything. That’s the dominator culture in action. God forbid you don’t have the most expensive car your salary will afford you, how are you going to show off your status now? It’s not socially acceptable to print out your bank statement and staple it to your forehead, so you need a car that accurately reflects your income! God forbid you don’t eat beef, how are you going to have bigger muscles than this other guy? It’s an endless rat race towards death, that almost everyone is stuck participating in. The dominator culture is a race towards death. Death is really the only destination a system like this can reach, hence why Jesus said it’s easier for a camel to go through a needle than for a rich man to go to heaven.

The alternative is pretty straightforward. God is condensed love, by taking psychedelics you are exposed to God’s love without intermediaries and can learn to become his instrument. When enough people start taking psychedelics, the dominator culture will simply implode. It’s already struggling under its own weight. People are dropping out of this system in droves, employers are struggling to find people to hire. It’s not a system that can survive when people can catch a glimpse of infinity.


  1. Your wisdom shows through your words. Fooled not by the Covid scam, ye wander free through life, unbound by the chains that trap so many. Hah! They don’t even see these chains! They read your words, they might wonder wistfully for a moment, but then they go doing the same as before. Sigh. So many of them. So few of us.

    Be careful what you write, for if you think that people are in a trance about Covid, then wait till you see how closed minded they are about this particular topic. You might lose a lot of fools from your readership. But then again, is that such a bad thing? Life’s too short to live suffering the company of fools.

    Thank you for your beautiful blog. Coming here after a day in what the world is like nowadays is like living in Chernobyl, but then finding a beautiful rose everyday in the garden. Thank you for the rose.

    As for the mushrooms, you made me crave them again. It’s been years now, but I shall find them. So many things I could say. I remember trying to share the experience with others… so many closed minded fools. Then there are other fools who abuse them without seeing what they are. God chose his sacrament carefully – it doesn’t reveal the mysteries of the universe just because you consumed it. You must be receptive to the signal, and even then, it’s no guarantee.

    I know I don’t need to tell you that, Jesus said blessed are ye for you can hear, blessed are ye for you can see. Not many people understand that phrase, but I think you do. I leave you with my favourite phrase of Jesus’s:
    “The kingdom of God is within you”

    🙂 I know, you know, but the fools will think I am just talking about taking mushrooms. Hehehe.


  2. Love this post! Thank you Radagast!!!

    Just to add some personal experience …, no, not from mushrooms unfortunately. I had some personal ‘phone calls from the universe’ but the connection was so bad because of my cluttered mind that I wish I had some purifying help. Psilocybin seems to be such a genius gift. No wonder governments want to ban it – if you get the call and hear what She wants to tell you then there is no way you take the elites and ruling order/narrative seriously. I couldn’t find psilocybin mushrooms locally – many looked alike but not exactly. Some were almost saying ‘I’m fine, take me’ but my brain was like ‘And if you make this up and die who’s gonna take care of the kids’. Cluttered mind – told you already.

    My experience is that God is trying to call each one of us on a daily basis via so many channels. We just need to clear the line from doubts and fears. Mushrooms are a perfect way to pick up the phone but all it takes is actually to listen without thinking and then switch into thinking without listening. A phone call is a wave of talk, listen, talk, listen ….

    At some point I found windsurfing extremely helpful to listen. Not the fast or acrobatic thing that I am anyways not even remotely capable of, but just trying to balance between the two fluids – water and wind – and thinking of nothing for awhile. It feels like your body has soaked in wisdom.

    Another help for me is visiting a small mountain monastery in Bulgaria, where I come from – it’s almost like nothing special happening while I am there but then I simply cannot get the pictures out of my head and they always give me this feeling of ‘relax. all this hustle is not important. God is bigger than that and takes care of everything. He just needs your help if you can lend him a hand. If not – it’s fine as well.’

    It sometimes feels like you are the phone while God is trying to help somebody. You are in a position to do a small gesture, to maybe even say a single word that means a lot to somebody – you hit the moment and do it. You connect the call and see it happening. It’s not because you are so generous – it doesn’t cost you anything and you do it because God asked you kindly.

  3. >You’re going to die, like everyone else. The Earth will continue spinning, with us or without us. We screwed up, we’ll have to deal with the consequences. There’s no point in nitpicking over the details. “The omicron variant looks really dangerous!” “Looks like we’re already running out of coal guys!” In the grand scheme of things, it really doesn’t matter.

    Would God really allow us to up and disappear? Or for our deaths to be both permitted and insignificant because we failed to sufficiently resist the admittedly crushing, all encompassing machine? Could that really ever be God’s will for us?

    • Out there far away in a dark intergalactic void of space, there is an asteroid about the size of a Honda Fit tumbling alone, far away from any star, far enough from its nearest galaxy that our asteroid can behold the totality of that galaxy also tumbling along with its own fluidic rotation.

      Cold, silent, rotating, falling forward for billions of years, in between the galaxies, avoiding the long quantum filaments, its pockmarked surface like a rocky sponge, every vacuole lip harboring deepened shadows never seeing any light, never will, never burning up from the thermal storm of a plasma gravity well, but only tumbling, turning, without orbit, without curve, without tension, just falling forward calmly and quietly and externally.

      If you sit for a moment on our asteroid, let it turn you about to see its own dome of stars and that galaxy, you will understand that God’s plan is on a timescale of such inevitable patience that it’s not different from indifference, great and enduring indifference for such small things, when you could sit near enough to Sirius or Betelgeuse and marvel at their roiling life and surge rather than our small friend’s silent journey to the edge of the endless flattening.

      Maybe there’s a meaning to all this that comes from sitting on something spinning and thinking about it.

  4. Reminds me of this Thomas Pynchon quote –

    “Kekulé dreams the Great Serpent holding its own tail in its mouth, the dreaming Serpent which surrounds the World. But the meanness, the cynicism with which this dream is to be used. The Serpent that announces, “The World is a closed thing, cyclical, resonant, eternally-returning,” is to be delivered into a system whose only aim is to violate the Cycle. Taking and not giving back, demanding that “productivity” and “earnings” keep on increasing with time, the System removing from the rest of the World these vast quantities of energy to keep its own tiny desperate fraction showing a profit: and not only most of humanity—most of the World, animal, vegetable, and mineral, is laid waste in the process. The System may or may not understand that it’s only buying time. And that time is an artificial resource to begin with, of no value to anyone or anything but the System, which must sooner or later crash to its death, when its addiction to energy has become more than the rest of the World can supply, dragging with it innocent souls all along the chain of life. Living inside the System is like riding across the country in a bus driven by a maniac bent on suicide . . . though he’s amiable enough, keeps cracking jokes back through the loudspeaker . . .”

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