Something grim is brewing in America

So I’ll have to address SARS-COV-2 again.

There are a few basics I want to mention first, that have been explained in previous posts. If you want to see the evidence, you’ll have to look up those posts, this is just a summary. So, the brief summary is as following:

-Vaccination resulted in antibodies that neutralize the virus. But as the receptor binding part of the virus has changed dramatically, those antibodies can no longer neutralize the virus in the originally intended manner.

-Because these antibodies against the receptor binding domain became practically useless, a lot of people worldwide now depend on antibodies against regions in another part of the virus, the N-Terminal Domain. This part of the virus is thus now under immense pressure to change in a manner that renders these antibodies useless too.

-People who were not vaccinated generally do not depend on IgG antibodies for protection from severe disease. Instead, there have been immunological adaptations in their endothelial cells, vascular and lymphatic adaptions in affected organs, as well as the migration of natural killer cells and plasmacytoid dendritic cells into affected organs. Resident plasmacytoid dendritic cells are particularly poorly studied, but it seems they are long-lived in the tissues where they take up residence, like the eye.

It is particularly important that people have developed these immunological adaptations in their brain, as there isn’t really a way to achieve this otherwise: You can’t just vaccinate people with some attenuated virus that starts infecting their brain cells, to develop a tissue resident innate immune population in the brain, no such vaccine would be safe enough to bring onto the market and give to children.

You can expect that these immunological, as well as vascular and lymphatic adaptations, are going to be important once we get the next pandemic: Bird flu in humans. Like SARS2, that virus focuses on the endothelial cells in the brain.

-There are three highly immunogenic loops in the N-Terminal Domain, where most of the remaining useful antibodies seem to bind. Those loops are smaller in other virulent corona viruses and making them smaller increases fusogenicity (ability the virus has to merge cells together) dramatically, so this immune pressure would over time be expected to lead to deletions in these loops, that also have the effect of increasing the virulence of the virus.

-With BA.2.86, which led to JN.1, there was a weird insertion of four amino acids at the start of the Spike protein. This insertion, as I argued before, generated room that allows the virus to start deleting other amino acids further down the line, like in these N-Terminal Domain loops. My argument is confirmed by others here.

-One deletion in particular became very widespread, emerging independently on different lineages of JN.1. Deleting amino acid #31 of the Spike protein allows a sugar molecule to attach to amino acid #30. That sugar molecule then blocks antibodies from binding to surrounding regions.

-But the sugar molecule then allows further changes to emerge.

…and that’s where we’re at now.

The worst case scenario basically, resulting in a sudden unexpected upsurge in severe illness, would be some sudden dramatic change in the structure of the N-Terminal Domain. That can happen pretty rapidly, with just one or two mutations, when it happens to the amino acids that determine how the whole protein is folded: Cysteine. The cysteine amino acid forms bridges with other cysteines in the protein. Those bridges decide how a protein is folded, when you get new cysteine bridges or lose old ones the shape of the whole protein changes, that’s enough to make most antibodies useless.

We know this, because it happened before back in 2021, but we never got any major trouble from it because Omicron wiped everything else out.

And that’s why what’s happening in America right now is a problem. One of these lineages that deleted amino acid 31 has now had a very rare mutation you almost never see: A new cysteine at position 34. And importantly, this is a mutation showing up within what’s right now the fastest growing lineage. The cysteine could emerge, because antibodies can’t bind in that region, due to the sugar molecule now stuck on position 30.

There are five cases so far, 3 in Canada, 2 in the US, so we know it has some sort of advantage over its ancestor.

What’s harder to say is whether this is enough for the conformational change, or whether another cysteine may need to disappear first, to trigger a proper conformational change, in which case this would just be an intermediary step that now has a fitness advantage.

These conformational changes can cause most antibodies on the NTD to become all of a sudden useless. They are also capable of suddenly making the virus far more virulent, by dramatically increasing its fusogenicity, turning the virus into something more equivalent to SARS1.

So that’s what’s going on. And now I want to explain what to make of this, based on my own insights. I know this is indigestible to most people, but I wish to explain what I consider the best response.

I have had many different types of psychedelics many times in my life and I came to the conclusion that there is essentially a conflict between two forces of nature:

Fire, represented by the God of the Hebrews, who revealed himself as a burning bush to Moses. Loyalty and devotion to the fire, is what humans have always used to protect themselves from the darkness emanating from nature, ever since we lived as pre-historic hunter-gatherers. Many hunter-gatherers have strict social norms on who is allowed to handle fire, that right is limited to a handful of men, a kind of proto-priestly class. Zoroastrianism is another expression of this.

Earth, a feminine force perceived as Satanic in most Abrahamic religions.

What has actually happened is that humans have caused such systematic abuse of non-human lifeforms, particularly cows, chickens and pigs, that the Earth beneath our feet has become filled with hatred.

Life itself as a result of our actions has plunged into a negative hedonic state: We live on a planet where suffering exceeds pleasure and as a result nature is willing to exterminate essentially all of us. This is also why you see the bizarre alliance between Islamists and environmentalists: Allah is best perceived as an extraterrestrial force, as represented by the meteor fragments worshipped in the Kaaba. Worshipping this egregore of Allah just endows an extraterrestrial life devouring force with immense power.

And so when heathens, witches, pagans and the likes are portrayed as Satanic, this is correct, but only in the sense that they seek to befriend a force that has become transformed into a ruthlessly antihuman force, by our own behavior. The Earth is not inherently Satanic, it reflects our treatment of it back at us. It is like trying to befriend an abused dog in a dog shelter, who barks demonically whenever you approach: The dog is going to bite you, unless you’re very careful and gradually introduce yourself.

Humans consume the flesh of animals, to externalize negative emotions. Instead of having to undergo isolation, pain, torture and mutilation ourselves, we impose this suffering on animals. Eating their flesh is essentially a form of black magic, a ritual that we perform to avoid having to integrate our shadow. In addition, we have externalized the hatred that nature feels for us.

The cure for this would be to internalize these emotions. People should internalize misanthropy and thereby relieve the Earth of the burden it has to carry, that increases with all the traumatic deaths of the animals eaten by humans. This is unfortunately very difficult in a Christian cultural environment, in which people are taught to love their fellow man.

Dharmic cultures never had slaughterhouses, these places are cursed, they transform the people who work in them and they have a very bad impact on their environment. There is a very dark force emanating from these places, due to the suffering of the animals in those places, it is released into the environment.

The SARS2 pandemic, began in the slaughterhouses. The first sick people in most Western countries were slaughterhouse workers. You can generally see these basic principles I am explaining to you reveal themselves to you from signals in your environment.

To understand these things just requires a different way of looking. It is like you are staring at an optical illusion that can be seen in two different ways and you just need your brain to snap into the other way of perceiving things.

There are different things that you can do, in an effort to remedy this situation, or at least avoid falling victim to it.

-You can seek the protection of the God of the Hebrews. He blesses those who bless Israel. He makes it explicitly clear throughout the Bible that these are the people he takes care of, the people who befriend the Jews. With the dissipation of Christianity also dissipates the power this deity has to protect people from the wrath emanating from the Earth.

People think I am a Jew. They always think this. I will play along and pretend that I’m Jewish. I’ll ask you this question: Who was spared in the black death? The Polish. What set the Polish apart from the rest of Europe? A few years before the black death struck, their king began to welcome Jewish refugees from across Europe. You can come up with some theory about a Jewish conspiracy to wage biological warfare, or you can just accept that there’s something going on here that you can’t explain through natural means.

I would just encourage you to accept that there’s a deity that protects the Jews and those who bless them. And I would encourage you not to seek a fight with this deity.

-You can seek to appease the Earth. This is something I recommend as well, but it is difficult, because the anger that is contained within our surroundings, the sheer dark hatred, is growing at an exponential rate, as more and more animals are mutilated, stuck in dark cages and forced down narrow corridors where they know they are eventually going to be killed, as they can see and smell the blood. Cows normally gather around sick cows to say goodbye and have mourning behavior once a sick cow dies. This is all impossible in the modern world, the animals are robbed of their dignity. What appeasing the Earth means is not difficult to comprehend: Quit your bullshit job, get rid of your car, stop flying, stop eating animals and take psychedelics to reconnect to nature.

Ultimately people will have to internalize the darkness they have collectively externalized. You can do this by reconnecting to the Earth, sharing in Her suffering. Then it is mainly limited to intellectual abstraction, living in your head. But when this fails, the darkness breaks through the barriers we have put up for it and becomes concrete reality.

The transgender phenomenon is also a product of this darkness emanating from the Earth, to which the Christian defenses are breaking down. When that darkness invades people’s minds, teenage girls suddenly want to become boys, or have their breasts removed, or adult men want to become women. This is not really something new, you can look up the cult of Magna Mater to see a previous example, during the peak of the Roman empire. These people essentially tend to become like dark priests, manifesting the hatred and darkness emanating from the Earth. An example:

But it is more like these people become a vehicle for a beauty emanating from the Earth. They become possessed by an external force. When you look at them, they are a neurotic broken mess:

Nobody believes me when I explain these things, but it is as it is.

As nothing has been done to address the source of this darkness emanating from the Earth, this situation is going to culminate in a cocktail of plagues that will dramatically reduce the human population. Other people are beginning to realize this too:

And I know most people will not believe me. But it is as it is. You create this darkness yourselves, you expunge it from your own lives, but it is building up around you and eventually the levees are going to break.


  1. Thanks for another update, very eerie how these new variants evolving independently/convergently so perfectly fit the theoretical model of the “immune escape” pandemic. It still blows my mind that it’s just a very small number of individuals (yourself, Geert Vanden Bossche, Philip McMillan, Mikolaj Raszek, Bret Weinstein, etc.) talking about what is (along with the climate crisis) BY FAR the most important thing happening in the world right now.

    You wrote before that the best explanation of this insanity is that it is human nature to engage in wishful thinking, that the horrific reality of all this is too difficult for people to accept. It seems that the majority of virologists/immunologists around the world are in denial that things are starting to get much worse.

    So the pandemic will end and we will reach a state of population-wide herd immunity (equilibrium between host and pathogen) when the majority of the population exert sterilizing immunity of SARS2 using their innate immune systems (NK cells, PD cells etc.), turning themselves into dead end hosts for this virus.

    The unvaccinated who have been by now exposed multiple times to this virus fulfill this criteria (of variant independent immunity), as well as those who only took 1 x mRNA. Unfortunately those fully vaccinated prior to exposure do not fall into this category as their adaptive immune response prevents the training of the cellular innate immune response.

    That leaves us with the many unknowns regarding those infected prior to vaccination. You’ve wrote previously of the mechanisms of how the cellular innate immune system is trained, specifically certain types of natural killer cells like NKp46, NKp44 and NKp30 which receive epigenetic training and modify themselves (different genes are hypermethylated or hypomethylated). So, those infected prior to vaccination will have some level of training of their innate immune system, but how much so remains somewhat unknown due to lack of data (would require either tissue biopsies or autopsies to determine what the tissue-resident NK cells look like).

    I was NOT expecting that very interesting sudden transition from the first section of this article to the second and final section. Israel received 323 points in the public vote, second only to Croatia. And I was quite shocked last night when I saw that that the Irish public vote (not the jury vote) gave 10 points (out of a possible 12) to Israel, considering that Ireland has a reputation for being one of if not the most anti-Semitic countries in all of Europe.

    • I started a course on channeling spirits a few weeks ago, maybe this helps the Earth. I really don’t care if it is irrational and makes no sense, reality itself is completely derailed already so why not give it a try? I am having some “success” so to say and I am learning a lot. I am also done going out to eat with people unless I am literally forced to in my job setting. That includes my family which has been exogenously immersed in the vicious circle of poisoning themselves physically and mentally via the consumption meat, animal products and unethically sources products, etc. I mean just the simple fact that there are organic and non-organic food products with price-parity or even cheaper being organic, and they still knowingly consume the non-organic version? How does that even make any sense? That’s just one clear indication for all the despair and toxic collective sludge accumulating on Earth. Yes, the externalized madness will come back for sure. I can’t even look them in the eyes, the seeping suffering just hurts. And just eating vegan food, stressing my preference for organic food if monetarily possible, etc. around these people is just so cringe. I have been doing it for 7 years now and it is still so weird that I have to explain all that and they still don’t get it. I mean it is simple logic and one step leading to the next. There is nothing to “not understand”.

      • Dear Vegan,
        a word of caution if I may: Don’t do channeling! You do not know with whom you are dealing on the other side. As humans we are not equipped to deal with the astral realms – and it is in fact quite dangerous to go there. That is why all the great teachers and avatars of human history, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, Krishnaetc. told their followers to not go there – because we have no sensors to know, wether we are being just manipulated by the other side. I saw it firsthand with a Shaman woman I once knew – she started channeling with all the best intentions, was a good-hearted and kind and loving person – and in a few years she developed (under the influence of several “masters” from the other side) into an egocentric, manipulative, non-integrous person…. so again dear Vegan: Please do not go there! The astral realms are dangerous – it is better to keep away from them. You can help earth and your fellow human beings in many many ways…. but not by being played by the astral entities, which are very clever and cunning in fooling us humans…. take good care and all the best

        • Erik thank you. Do you know who are those in the astral realm? Are they spirits, souls of humans that have passed away or just energies that can influence our realm? My inner voice “told” me to stay from channeling and in general allowing any entity to use my body. I’m just curious.

          • Hi Ann, my responses seem somehow not to go through – but let’s try one more time for “aller guten Dinge sind drei” as the saying is around here. I only had brief encounters with the lower astral realm, before keeping away from them, but from what I read in the works of David Hawkins, Derek Prince, Chuck Youngbrandt and others, it seems there is an infinity of other dimensions, to which the human may gain access to, which are inhabited by demons, lost souls and all sorts of entities, who have two things in common: a) that they refused God and b) that they are therefore keen to lure humans onto a sinister path, because the human still has the possibility to get closer to God. Dr. Hawkins talks about this issue here from h 1.29 on. Have a great day

  2. Quote: “But it is as it is.”

    You often use this nihilistic spell. What a cheap trick to declare absolute truth.

  3. OBTW, our family of American Purebloods has been visited this past week by a new, interesting variant of the Famous Virus. Symptoms like the first strains we felt in 2020/2021 ago (several days of fever, chills, body/nerve aches, intense cough, joint pain), plus the added neuro aspect we were seeing in 2022/2023 variants (anxiety/sleeplessness, headaches, and the kids kept on seeing visual distortions, i.e. “everything looks closer” or visual hallucinations in the dark). Felt like an “all-in-one deal”. No idea if it was this same new development you mention. Just bringing a pebble to your stone soup. FWIW, we are all recovering just fine with nothing but hot tea and rest. Never tested, never jabbed.

  4. The world is cursed by animal slaughter, so guard yourself from Gaia’s revenge by esteeming (but not actually joining) a religion that hinges on animal sacrifice.

    Cool story lmao

    I really wonder why you don’t consider just converting to Judaism. What’s stopping you? You implicitly believe in the good fortune of its people as a result of the favor of its god, and therefore implicitly believe in that god.

    What’s stopping you?

      • You must surely know deep down that I am right that that fucking thing is a psychopath. I kind of feel bad for the religious jews here.

      • Free?

        Might this be a double-edged thing? As in, give yourself over to God, lose some kind of freedom there by giving up your will to him, but gain another kind?

        • Perhaps.. children (esp. teenagers) think they are losing their freedom by relating (unless it is with peers they admire for some reason).
          If Rad is an autist who likes finding patterns and predicting, maybe it is even more difficult to open up to the surprises and the unpredictability of relating with other persons.
          (our Lord is a Trinity of Persons)
          ON the other hand, maybe Rad is helped through an intense love for the rest of Nature (Creation). Of course, humans are also part of the Creation (Nature). However, they have the freedom to relate, with other humans, with the creation, and with the Creator.
          I guess he means “free of religion”, not “free from God”.
          I wonder, does one give up his freedom if s/he celebrates with others? It could be a concert, a folk feast, a wedding… Celebrating is the best way to connect/relate and feeling free at the same time.

        • About the 2nd half of the post, i think: projections.
          Maybe it isn’t very important if the source of intense situations is internal or external. It might be Gaea (Gaia), or it might be our collective mistakes. Who knows?
          If it helps to project our own wrongdoing to someone or something outside us, maybe it is an acceptable projection. We can’t predict how we shall grow.

  5. >I would just encourage you to accept that there’s a deity that protects the Jews and those who bless them. And I would encourage you not to seek a fight with this deity.

    Your Lord, your Christ
    He did this!
    Took all you had and
    Left you this way!
    Still you pray, you never stray, never
    Taste of the fruit!
    Never thought to question why…

  6. > I would just encourage you to accept that there’s a deity that protects the Jews and those who bless them. And I would encourage you not to seek a fight with this deity.

    haha, it is just too hilarious, that the fermenting brainstemers (targets of cyclic cleaners like spike) tend to “think” that the blood lusty & full of hatred “deity” (rejecting vegan sacrifices is one of the main hallmarks of anti-christ/satan), to whom they sold their cortex/soul/individuality by indulging in anaerobe practices, will be their savior – but yeah, the unbinary/unreflective part of the brain can fool you into anything once activated/dominant… (also that energy reversing drugs can bring true/whole enlightment instead of just getting some selective insights & then feeling special/chosen – chosen to go to eternal hell/death/helix-breakdown, whereas subconsciously they already well know with whom they associated, neatly symbolized by their increasing attraction to darkness & fear of more co2)

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