Sometimes I have an existential experience in the supermarket

Sometimes I have an existential experience in the supermarket. My father’s great-grandparents had their own farm. They would grow cabbages, pickle them to prepare them for storage, fill the shelves of the house with pots of fermented cabbage and that would be their food. That was what they’d eat, to get them through the winter. They lived in an era when the majority of parents would have to bury at least one of their own children.

Today we have an infant mortality rate of four per thousand. Most parents will never have to bury one of their own children. People live to be eighty or ninety years old. And they can eat anything. You can ride your bicycle down the street, enter a supermarket and find any grain you want. Buckwheat, rye, oats, maize, quinoa, barley, rice, spelt.

You have fresh bread, pre-baked bread for you to bake in your own oven, bread with poppy seeds, sesame seeds, rye bread, sourdough bread, white bread, wholegrain brown bread and bread that looks and tastes white but supposedly still has the dietary fiber you need (don’t ask me how).

You can find any fruit you can think of and most of them are available at any time of the year. Pomegranates, apples, oranges, grapefruit, mandarins, mango, coconut, watermelon, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, pineapple, peaches, avocados, cherries, cactusfruit and lychees. It’s a small miracle, the things we have.

You can find two dozen different types of peanut butter, with different types of nuts added, bits of chocolate. You have three different options, to decide for yourself how darkly toasted you want the peanuts to be.

You have a combination of different mushrooms you can eat. White button mushrooms, Portobello (which are a more mature variety of the white button mushrooms), oyster mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, shimeji mushrooms and nameko mushrooms. Things your grandparents probably never even heard of.

If you’re too lazy to leave your home, innovation is dropped on your doorstep for you if necessary. There are new things almost every day. Pizza bottoms made of cauliflower, kombucha tea, snacks made of seaweed, herbal teas from a cocktail of different plants.

As someone else put it: “People like me had everything we needed and more. Things our grandparents could not even dream of. We had everything we could ever wish for.” It’s a common trope that people from Eastern Europe living under communism did not believe Western supermarkets to be real. They thought they were set up to create a false impression of abundance.

I would love to say that the Dutch supermarket is a monument to the success of capitalism. But it isn’t. Because for all it has managed to accomplish, all it manages to offer people, it has failed at achieving one thing. It has failed to change what you want.

You still want the same thing. An animal in a dark cage, bred to grow as fast as possible, fed antibiotics and soybeans imported from what used to be forest in Brazil. An animal that never sees the forest where it feels at home. An animal that only sees daylight when shipped to the slaughter house. You want this every day. But it’s the one thing Mother Earth can’t offer you.

The tropical fruit is slowly shipped from tropical nations in giant refrigerated containers. The Dutch greenhouses allow us to grow just about anything people want, in the middle of winter if necessary. Almost everything we have, almost every miracle of modernity, we are allowed to keep.

But you’re feeding 100 grams of protein to a cow, to produce 4 grams of edible protein. And you’re occupying half the world’s habitable land for this purpose. Nature has offered you an insane variety of alternatives. Jackfruit, oyster mushrooms, seitan, I’m not going to name them all. But apparently none of them are good enough. I wouldn’t know. I have long forgotten by now what the bodies of other animals taste like.

This is what goes through my mind, when I walk into a supermarket. Then when I return home, I try to figure out how to sedate myself. How to stop myself from understanding.

Because I know what we deserve. And I know what we’re going to get.


  1. Not going to allow any comments on this unless someone has something really meaningful to say.

    I don’t believe in free speech for low status white males, I only believe in free speech for women, brown people and WEF members.

      • Real freedom-loving patriotic alpha males eat pigs who eat plastic. This is the diet most compatible with human evolution. We evolved to eat plastic-eating pigs. It puts your body in a state of ketosis.

    • Well, since I don’t want to lose my freeze peach privileges, I’ve decided I’m actually a bisexual Chinese little girl. Still going to eat meat though, I need the extra estrogen production to look more like my true self.

  2. In the bible the people had manna directly from heaven that tasted like a rich cake but they lusted after meat. So they were given meat which then resulted in a plague.

  3. “Then when I return home, I try to figure out how to sedate myself. How to stop myself from understanding.”

    It is obviously extremely difficult for intelligent compassionate individuals like yourself to function in today’s bizarre society. In addition, when you consider the rising rates of neurological disorders like autism, schizophrenia, ADHD, depression, anxiety etc. among today’s Western population of Millenials and Generation Z, it’s understandable that many people are turning to drugs to help them cope. I read a recent article in The Times discussing Ketamine risks among University students:

    According to the author, the drug increases the risk of incontinence, depression (although the author acknowledges that micro-doses can help alleviate depression), memory loss, panic attacks, psychosis and bladder damage.

    I’m curious to find out just how much of this is media scaremongering. You have extensive knowledge of drugs, you live in a country globally recognised for its drug culture, and you have lots of friends/acquaintances who take drugs. So I thought I’d ask you:

    Are you aware of any instances among your friends, acquaintances, former work colleagues, neighbors etc. in which they developed psychosis/schizophrenia after experimenting with psychedelics? Because like you, I will be taking psilocybe and/or mescaline as soon as I can get access to them (here in Ireland mushrooms are now starting to appear in areas where sheep graze, and I will soon begin cultivating San Pedro in my family’s garden). And this is my biggest concern. But since much of my youth has been destroyed by mental illness, this is worth the risk for me. But I just thought I’d ask you. Obviously I’m not expecting you to divulge any specific information/anecdotes as I respect the privacy of you and your friends private medical information. Maybe a simple “yes” or “no” will suffice. Thank you Rintrah.

    • The bladder risks from ketamine are seen only in habitual users who abuse the drugs at rates you wouldn’t believe. Someone like yourself has nothing to worry about.

  4. Rintrah, when are you finally going to realize this fucked up world is fucked up and irreparable by design? That is to say, God/Source/A.I. was limited in its ability for Creation?

    It could only create the variegated world of phenomena out of its undifferentiated self.

    This means individual things can only exist by consuming other individual things.

    Life feeds on life.

    1 + (-1) = 0

    There are no free lunches.

    Do more drugs.

    Or higher doses of whatever you’ve been dabbling with.

    You’ll see.

  5. COVID19 and CO2 emissions are remarkably similar problems: existential threats to a population too stupid to stop breathing its own exhaust, studied by corrupt bungling scientists “accidentally” enabling totalitarian depopulation, and an underlying problem that is obviously yet controversially human-caused and exacerbated by the panicked unpopular response.

    Masks don’t work due to negative side effects, but neck gaiters are only polite to screen one’s droplet spray when in proximity during a bioWW3 plandemic. If you can get cuckservatives to wear neck gaiters, you can get them to switch to seafood. Good luck.

  6. It’s worse, because now we have vegan meat products too that literally taste exactly like their evil counterparts and are priced almost exactly the same. But so many people choose to be retards regardless.

    • First of all, they don’t taste like their evil counterparts. I was a strict vegan for 19 years and I could tell instantly if something contained even in extremely tiny amount of meat; it has some effect on the brain. Second of all, the modern fake meat products now on offer are really bad for you; they contain cellulose and titanium dioxide (harms pancreas) and TBHQ and hexane and carrageenan (causes IBD) and magnesium carbonate and all sorts of other bad junk; even Praeger’s contains canola oil. The old timey veggie burgers, made from black beans or lentils, taste very good if you are actually hungry and add catsup and onions.

      • Strangely fitting answer, for a cult member of “we’re all gonna die soon for realsies cuz global warming”.

        I can’t wait for the flow of time to prove you wrong, man.

        Just like flow of time proved all the covax doubters (including you) right.

        But hey, maybe you intoctrinated “extinctionists” manage to push western civ back to middle ages before your lies and bad models are finally seen for what they are. Hope not, but one never knows. Power of stupid people in large numbers and all that.

          • My friend has goats, sometimes when I’m over at his place I help him tend them.

            One of his goats was chained to a tree, with a chain carefully measured to make sure the goat could get to the nearby river to drink. The goat knew the river was there. The river is known to be safe and it’s already used for crop irrigation on the many hobby farms in my town. The goat was not tangled as the area was pretty open aside from grasses.

            He goes over there and she’s looking pretty skinny and dried out. Thinking the goat may be dehydrated, he offers her a five gallon bucket filled with water. She drinks the entire bucket. He figured that was the problem and left her with a big container of hose water. The next time he returned she was dead.

            Recap – this meat robot was SO FUCKING DUMB that it could not keep from dying of dehydration, when it could take ten steps and be standing in a clean river. It’s obvious at a glance that food animals are as dumb and expendable as Minecraft cows and chickens.

            I don’t even eat much meat or dairy and I really legitimately don’t know how you feel bad about the fact that people eat meat.

            You really need to stop scrolling v-gan propaganda videos selectively edited to show animals in rare behaviors that make it easy for you to project human traits onto them and go spend some time on a farm instead.

            It’s no different than propaganda designed to make every blackskin appear as a dark skinned superman who would be our superior in all ways but for our oppression, except for whatever reason you suffer a psychological glitch that makes you susceptible to the same propaganda when it’s about animals.

          • The goat was lonely and depressed. Goats are extremely sensitive and smart and social animals; he left it alone and it was bereft of its companions. It drank when the human showed up because it had some company then.

            You are too blind with hatred to see these things. Not to mention stupid. And you are too stupid to see that you are stupid. I guess that can’t be remedied.

  7. “It has failed to change what you want.”
    I think you are wrong here.
    The supermarket has abstract our consumption from the way the products are produced. We do not have to take care of animals for one year and then kill them with our hands to eat them. If we still had to do this we wouldn’t be consuming as much meat as we do now. The supermarket allowed us to keep the illusion of us being kind and generous beings while we participate in a mass murder.

    • I am extremely cheered by that. You made it sound like the goat was alone; go back and look at what you wrote.
      Probably the goat had an illness, and your poor rural acquaintance couldn’t afford vet care; it can be costly.

      I get great moral credit for first being vegan, and then for being honest about problems of being vegan so that others can avoid harm. It takes courage to be honest against interest. As far as I can tell, the nattoserra and K2 are working wonders. At this point, it hardly matters since everyone is going to be dead or demented due to the bioweapon long before any regular heart disease I might have would have a noticeable effect.

      • He took another goat to a vet for other issues, literally nothing you have assumed has been correct, and yet you keep assuming stuff.

        If you were smart at all you’d notice your track record and take that as a sign that it’s time to just sit back and observe for a bit before drawing conclusions, but then again the sort of person who essentially suicides via v-ganism and yet still advocates for it, is not the sort of creature willing to introspect and make course corrections.

        • You haven’t actually read what I’ve written. I haven’t been advocating veganism. I’ve been advocating for “close to veganism.” I don’t think strict veganism is safe, because humans didn’t evolve that way, and we don’t have enough data. I was willing to take a knowing risk, and did, and got some information. That is a form of courage that you can’t even imagine in your cowardly hate filled racialist world.

          Taking another goat to a vet doesn’t mean he could afford to take that one to the vet. And anyway, a simple google search shows that what he did wasn’t going to work, and so the goat died of his laziness and neglect.

          You are blinded by your crazy hatreds, and so you can’t read properly.

    • So, I just googled “goat won’t drink water.” And it turns out that this is a common problem with goats, and there are cheap and easy remedies. But your worthless buddy did not do those things; he just gave the goat a gallon of water and went off and let it die. So he killed the goat with his laziness and willful ignorance.

      • Since equality is not true, animals are not equal to people, especially not white people, therefore I am not terribly bothered if one died.

        You are right that according to google, goats may decline water even unto death for retarded reasons, and that simple additives in the water may get them to drink anyway.

        This does not change the core assertion that only a profoundly stupid creature needs to be encouraged to drink water so as to avoid death, and therefore its life mattered even less than it already did.

        It’s kind of like how pandas will not even reproduce unless immaculate conditions are meticulously provided by research teams – at some point, this becomes less the fault of researchers for not doing it right, and instead becomes the pandas’ fault for being shitty animals.

        • An animal is defective if it fails to compete in its natural environment. Australia is full of uncompetitive fauna vulnerable to extinction by superior Eurasian fauna.

          Goats are not defective. They are highly successful, both as wild and domesticated animals. Few animals have a better record at doing both, and humans aren’t one of them.

          When Satan rules the world, as he must in some iterations, he will surely keep a few goats around for nostalgia, but not humans.

          Killing animals by depression and thirst is not the Aryan way. A little kool-aid with captivity is not too much to ask.

        • The goat was a prisoner. So are the pandas. Saying that prisoner animals are not behaving intelligently is just the usual human sadism. “Hey, prisoner, why the fuck aren’t you happily taking good care of yourself so that I can make some use of you?”

          Your buddy: “Im a lazy fuck who wants to imprison animals so that they consequently have particular needs, but I can’t be bothered to then meet those needs. I am an illiterate retard who can’t use google.”

          You: “I think it is great to be an illiterate retard who can’t use google in order to properly tend imprisoned animals.”

          Animals would almost all do better than humans in most environments. If the measure of intelligence is the ability to survive when left alone, most animals are smarter than most humans.

          • Goats have an IQ of mayonnaise, they just wander around in a large fenced in area eating whatever they can forage, how is that a substantially worse experience from them living in nature except the fact that they have vastly less predation to worry about?

            I’m not surprised you identify with the goat in this scenario because you are essentially the human version, choosing to eat a weird diet until your heart calcified even though perfectly decent other food was around within arms’ reach. You keeling over and dying of v-ganism by your own hand wouldn’t be really any different than the goat dying of dehydration right next to a clean river.

            I don’t know what to say except that you’re retarded and the gene pool would be vastly better off without you.

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