Sons of Ted, Grandsons of Diogenes, Avatars of Mars

The critique of civilization has generally been a phenomenon limited to speculation between four eyes, for 130+ IQ white males prone to social isolation. Ever since the Unabomber manifesto was published it has attracted the disenfranchised, young men too intelligent for their own good. It’s popular among college students with poor grades, computer programmers and sysadmins who realize HR isn’t going to sack them if they say something politically incorrect, boys with beautiful souls and terrible childhoods and obscure academics who grew bored of every suggestion proposed by Chomsky to fix the dystopia we’re living in. The people who like the Unabomber are so incredibly uncool, that we eventually become¬†cool. That’s what’s starting to happen now, as the nypost decides to devote a full article to them.


Ted Kaczynski aka primmie-Marx, back in 1978

Another thing I can’t help but notice is that they tend to be ridiculously handsome. Strong brow ridges, deep set eyes. If they were socially competent, they’d be the kind of guys your girlfriend tells you not to worry about. Instead, all that testosterone made them handsome, good at math, hyper-rational, unhappy and autistic.

It also turned them into anarcho-primitivists. Manly men are not attracted to luxury, comfort or girls with three layers of makeup on their skin who browse Instagram and listen to Rihanna and Taylor Swift. These modern day Heathcliffs sleep in the cold, in a wooden shack or in a tent. They eat raw oysters or roadkill, shun all social contact and spend their days by themselves in nature, preferably around dusk. They’re more animal than human.





To the Romans, Mars is a personification of hypermasculinity. He is detested by all the other Gods, except for Venus. He is associated with war, destruction, competition, sports, agriculture, wild animals and the wild woodlands. His sacred animals are the bear, the wolf and the woodpecker. The relationship between Mars and Venus is the epitome of passion, Roman couples loved to have themselves portrayed in art as Mars and Venus, but their relationship is per definition fleeting, illicit and unsustainable. In Western esoteric traditions Mars is the lesser curse in our world, the greater curse comes from Saturn, who is associated with the timeless aspects of existence, such as philosophy and death.

What Mars is good at, more than anything else, is destruction. They don’t just blow up cities, they are emotionally detached abstract thinkers, whose words cut like a blade through lofty illusions. They shatter the notions you held certain, they leave destruction and confusion in their wake. They thrive best under the conditions everyone else finds frightening. Consider the man pictured here, John Jacobi, who travels across the United States to learn how to butcher a rat. To you butchering a rat sounds like a nightmare scenario. But Mars is as much in his element butchering a rat as he is when he climbs through the smoldering ruins of a city.

John Jacobi aka primmie-Lenin


Besides Venus, those associated with Mars tend to receive tacit sympathy from those in power, natural born leaders who like to be associated with this personification of masculinity. If I wasn’t Alexander, I would want to be Diogenes, Alexander the Great once said. After the riots in Charlottesville, Trump defended the alt-right protesters who helped him get elected. If I wasn’t Trump, I would want to be a basement-dwelling 4chan-browsing neet who makes memes in Paint that make overweight pink-haired feminists insecure and thereby willing to put out, he is reported to have said.


Anprim-chicks are the best. If this doesn’t get you all hot and bothered, uncle Ted is disappointed in you and wants you to eat more worm-infested blackberries, raw oysters and roadkill.

An-prim media darlings

I find it worth noting that primmies like Jacobi are treated as media darlings. It’s worth asking yourself why this happens. Why are these young men who want to set up a global eco-terrorist movement treated with so much sympathy, when 4chan neets who want a white ethnostate or paranoid basement dwellers who think Obama is a reptoid are looked down upon? There are a number of reasons. Besides the fact that primmies are somewhat smarter than 4chan neets, as primitivism takes more googling to discover than the alt-right, primitivism is still rare enough to make sure your typical college professor hasn’t developed a psychological immune response against it yet. “If adult height differs genetically between different ethnic groups, isn’t it possible that intelligence also dif-” Your college professor has already tuned out, his immune response has been provoked and he won’t consider what you’re saying from an emotionally detached perspective.

The bourgeoisie loves to be criticized, especially in the context of the standard they uphold for themselves. What the 4chan neets do is criticizing people who are taken into protection by the bourgeoisie. Successful confident people don’t mind if you criticize them (as long as the criticism has an ounce of truth), but they get angry if you pose a threat to their family.¬† On the other hand, the primmies confront the bourgeoisie with the intellectual outcomes and the internal contradictions of their own ideals. Your college professor is concerned about global warming, but he flies to his conferences. He develops computer algorithms that recognize faces, but he fears what they will be used for.

Finally, all people have a tendency for sympathy towards people who are morally consistent, who have strong beliefs and live their lives in accordance to them without imposing them upon others. To be a 4chan neet doesn’t require any real sacrifice. In fact, you yourself are the one who would reap the gains from your white ethno-state while others have to bear the cost. The primmies on the other hand, live their lives in a context of sacrifice. They abandon luxury and the fruits of industrial civilization. They found something greater than themselves and devote their lives towards it.

Primitivism is also ultimately individualist. Every primmie has his own nuances, his own ideas and his own favorite authors. We know the alt-right on the other hand, only as a mob. When you know someone as an individual, it’s hard not to feel sympathy for them. The 4chan neet might have his own unique story that led him into his mom’s basement where he developed a fetish for anime girls. We never hear it, because there are too many of them and because they all take comfort in anonymity. The alt-right is a series of individual posts and memes, written under pseudonyms. Mr. Jacobi and Mr. Kaczynski on the other hand, are men with tragic life stories.

Advice or lack thereof

I thought I had advice for these men, but I must admit that I don’t. I could tell them to take Ecstacy and psychotherapy to improve their social skills, convince themselves that lab-grown meat and stratospheric sulfur injections will solve the problems they identified, find a boring office job, marry, have children and move on with their lives. I think that doesn’t solve it. Once you’ve seen the spectacle for what it is, you can’t unsee it. It creeps up on you at random moments during the day. “Why are we doing this again?” You’ll find yourself asking as you walk to the supermarket from your job. You check out the food section and you find that all the vegetables are covered in plastic, because we the consumers won’t buy it if it has a dark mark. You remember reading that the ocean will have more plastic than fish in it later this century.

Joining the rest of us, those decadent consumerist earth-annihilating technophiles who don’t eat dead rats, requires self-medication. If you take the right pills, the balance of serotonin receptors and neurotransmitters in your brain slowly changes, until you eventually stop thinking about whether the ocean has more plastic or fish in it and start thinking about what to say to that cute girl behind the counter. Something has been changed in your brain and now you’re able to pass as a normie, you’re capable again of sitting a whole day in your office chair without starting an argument or pissing someone off.

If you thought I’m writing about taking anti-depressants, you’re wrong. I don’t take anti-depressants. I self-medicate by jogging, lifting weights, taking vitamin D, eating San Pedro cactuses, snorting Kanna (literally), eating magic Mushrooms and taking vitamin B12. I do have a colleague who disappeared for a few weeks, came back dosed up on citalopram and is now capable of working again. I don’t know what he does exactly, he ragequit the last project he was working on. The last thing I heard was that he’s building a fake bank page that allows us to call Indian scammers and convince them that we’ll let them log into our bank account. We do that for fun, but we tell ourselves that we do it to learn about their procedure, so that we can take measures against it when they try to scam your grandmother. Are you still reading along, or are you busy signing up for rat-butchering 101?

Like I said, I thought I had advice, but I don’t, because there is nothing out there that could be considered a genuine solution. If you’ve seen the spectacle for what it is, you can put it out of your mind through (self-)medication. But just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Ted Kaczynski appears to consider it undignified for people to take anti-depressants. I consider it undignified to die in a literal prison because you sent bombs in the mail to people while you lived alone in a cabin in the woods. I also don’t think that you can unleash a revolution against civilization. “Let’s destroy all industry so that after 90% of people have died the Earth will warm slightly less than it otherwise would, thereby preventing everything with a spinal column from going extinct” Is not the kind of bandwagon a lot of people will jump on.

We’re a minority and we will always be a minority. How many people are willing to stop eating beef to address deforestation and climate change? How many people are willing to stop flying? That’s already a bigger group than the people who would be willing to destroy civilization. And yet our little group of not-so-radical-eco-radicals is already incapable of making a measurable difference. The measurable difference the anarcho-primitivists will make will consist of scientists with amputated fingers and handsome socially incompetent men locked up in supermax prisons.

I have done some navel-gazing lately and came to the realization that I’m a hedonist. The best question to ask yourself is not what you can do to save the world, but whether you’re having fun. If you’re pooping blood because you ate a dead rat and pissing blood because you slept with a girl with tattoos on her fingers while you were train-hopping, but you’re having fun, then you’re on the right path. If you’re sitting in your office chair and wondering when it’s 6 PM, you’re not on the right path. A lot of our biggest problems would be solved if people stopped doing things they don’t consider fun and stopped building their lives around a series of hypothesized obligations they imagine themselves to have towards others.

This doesn’t just go for guys in office chairs. It goes for guys in wooden cabins too. If you were genuinely having such a good time in your cabin in the woods, you wouldn’t start sending mail bombs to random people. I can believe that primmie Lenin might be having fun. I can’t believe that primmie Marx was having fun, in spite of what he might say. Having fun should be high on your list of priorities and when you find yourself yearning to send mail bombs to people, it’s a symptom of the simple fact that you’re not having fun. The solution to that problem is to change your life. Meet new people, develop new hobbies, relocate to a place with smarter people and find another job. After you’ve shaken the kaleidoscope, take a look at the picture that has formed. If you still don’t like it, shake it again.


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