Sorry, no doctor’s appointment for you

Sorry, your radiology appointment was canceled, because your doctor felt like voicing his opinion on the Internet. Turns out he’s a genocidal zionist who wants to bomb Gaza into oblivion!

And in case you wanted to have your leukemia treated, that’s not going to happen either. Because the woman who treats your leukemia, endorses the massacre by Hamas!

And if I were you, I would make sure you brush your teeth really thoroughly tonight, because I just found out on Instagram that your Turkish dentist thinks the Armenians totally had it coming.

And I hate to say this, but you shouldn’t expect to get your medicine at your local pharmacist either, because I found out that he wants to legalize necrophilia, as I caught him liking a tweet by an autistic libertarian.

And if your teenage daughter is off to the mental ward again, I’m sorry about the shortage of staff. But it turns out the nurse we hired just doesn’t respect people’s gender self-identification, so we had to revoke her license. Look, I’m really sorry it took ten minutes before someone found your daughter after she was eating broken glass again, but we can’t have transphobia in the mental ward! Do you want teenagers who are already mentally vulnerable to suffer the pain of being misgendered by a TERF?

And I have to mention that I caught your local plumber on tape, yelling the N-word at an African American gentleman who cut him off in traffic. And that’s just really uncalled for, so if you need to make a big dump, I would recommend you to just take a shit in your garden and not risk your toilet getting clogged again. Just giving you a head’s up, that’s all.

Your local police officer was caught making a racist joke in a group chat, so considering black people are disproportionately targeted by police violence, he’s now on the dole. I would recommend you to have some patience, next time you call 9/11 because there’s a guy trying to climb into your house.

And I’m trying really hard right now, to find someone who will show up to wipe your grandma’s bottom in the nursing home, but I googled the only applicant I got and it turns out she was caught on tape five years ago telling a black man in central park she would call the police on him. Calling the police on a black man, is basically attempted murder!

And you’ll have to find a tutor to help your daughter prepare for her math exams, because we caught her high school math teacher engaged in statutory rape against a seventeen year old student of hers. And now there’s a long list of seventeen year old boys standing in line in front of her home, looking to be statutory raped by her too!

And we had to drop the CEO of our company, because we found out he donated to a campaign against gay marriage a few years ago!

What? You want us to drop our standards?

Now look, child labor is abuse, so we have to send kids to school instead, where they learn important things.

And the elderly should be free to stop working, they earned their retirement.

And people who are disabled can’t be expected to work.

That leaves us with a minority of the population.

But we’re going to have to look within that minority of people, to find the ones who are not racist anti-semitic transphobic homophobic genocide-denying or genocide-endorsing nutcases and who don’t suck off their 17 year old students and don’t call the cops on black men in central park.

And then we’re going to have to hope they will say “yes” and won’t think they’re better off setting up a patreon or a substack or an OnlyFans or a crypto ponzi scheme.

And of course there’d better be no THC showing up in their urine!

And no, record labor shortages won’t change any of that.

And If I were you, I would now light a candle and print out this deeply insightful article I just wrote. Because I just checked, it turns out your local power plant is operated by a bunch of QAnon Sandy Hook truthers and I’m mailing the power company’s HR department as we speak.

So, when your candle runs out and you’re left sitting in the dark, I hope you can find comfort in this simple fact:

You did not suffer the indignity of being serviced by someone whose publicly stated views, sexual behavior, or other lifestyle choices fall outside the Overton window.


  1. Our rulers don’t care to prosecute every single person that has a politically incorrect viewpoint, that’s unfeasible and society would collapse if they tried. Instead they simply make examples occasionally to keep people scared and in-line. It doesn’t matter if you believe that children shouldn’t have their genitals cut apart if you keep that opinion to yourself and act like everyone else is a libtard out of fear.

    Fear is the system’s best weapon against its enemies. Look at how scared Right Wingers are of even meeting each-other irl. Right Wingers have read stories of Feds making examples of their ilk and don’t want to be the next one. The actual statistical probability of being made an example of us is irrelevant compared to the fear a few examples can generate.

    Factory managers don’t care if only a few workers refuse to work; these can be made examples and fired without hurting the factory’s productivity much. It’s only when the worker’s unionize and they all start protesting together that this is no longer feasible.

  2. “Sorry that we have to evacuate you and your family from your home because a major incident (INES Level 7) has just been declared at the nearby nuclear power plant because the safety engineers were unable to keep the spent fuel rods cool enough because we had to fire one of them earlier this week because he came into work wearing a “Trump 2024” hat which triggered one of our genderfluid staff members in the HR department and because other safety engineers left in 2021 because they refused to submit to the Biden Administration’s mandate of a rushed experimental gene-based “vaccine” and because our remaining safety engineers are currently too disabled to work due to myocoinciditis and early onset dementia.”

  3. My son turned 19 today and he’s got your autistic thing. Chem eng like me, but while I wanted to get the grade for pride and more money… he strives to understand it. Gotta understand each detail. The lack of pride and real purity of it. I am envious.
    Want to sent him your brilliant article above, but shit he still has some hope.
    Haha… wait until he finds out the bigass greenhouse I just built isn’t just for organic lettuce and broccoli. When he asks about the thc and shrooms I will drop this blog on him and really fuck him up!!

  4. How could you leave out firing everyone who refuses to get injected with whatever sludge the pharmaceutical industry just brewed up? The U.S. army recently wrote to ex-soldiers so separated two years ago that they’re welcome back (i.e., desperately needed), without an apology or back pay of course.

    There’s a potato bread company from Pennsylvania which became a boycott target last year because one of its top executives had donated to Republicans. I hadn’t heard of the brand, but in light of the boycott I tried their rolls, and they’re delicious, and now I buy them regularly.

  5. It’s an important lifestyle choice to self cancel.

    Please consider the following points:
    1) Niggers are inferior subhumans
    2) God hates niggers
    3) This antagonistic God-nigger relationship is responsible for all of the sufferings of the nigger demon species on this planet

    Just a helpful PSA

  6. I do think it’s important that professionals whose job is to care for your health in moments when you are your most vulnerable should be held to a standard such that they aren’t braying for murder of various groups, among which might be their patients.

    If I were a jew with leukemia would I feel safe or well served if I knew my provider openly cheered the massacre of my kind?

    • I agree, in order to feel safe as a Low Status White Males I think anyone who hates on Low Status White Males should be fired for my safety. I’m so scared that some rich bourgeois leftist will see I voted for Trump and decide to cut my artery for it.

    • You are confusing your Jews. Firstly, there are the Jew Jews (the original Jews). These are the real Jews. These Jews are the chosen ones – chosen by God. They are more or less harmless, and beneficial for society in many ways.

      Then you have the fake Jews. The fake Jews were converted forcefully, by the Russians, in 780 to 800 AD. They are hopelessly inbred evil thieving corrupt sociopaths, that now worship at the synagogue of Satan. These fake Jews hate the real Jews. These fake Jews hate the Christians, Muslims and more or less everybody else on the planet.

      The fake Jews use the real Jews as shields. These fake Jews have infiltrated and they control every single Jewish institution including Israel. Understand that the Israeli government (the fake Jews) hate their own resident Jewish population more than the Arabs do.

      The Jews that are the collective Z O G, dropping all those JDAMs, turning the little Palestinian kiddies into screaming in agony with missing legs and assorted other dripping mincemeat, they are the fake Jews.

        • Well, that is the whole point of Russia first emptying Ukraine of the fake Jew Zelenski and his merry band of UkroNazis funded by Blinken and Nuland, before now backing Hamas with next-gen weapons to undertake regime change in Israel. Khazaria served as the sociopath, murder, theft and otherwise satanic empire sitting between the Christian Byzantine Empire and the Islamic Caliphates. If you are a Jew, know your Jews. There are real Jews, and there are fake Jews. Around the year 780, the Khazaria empire decided to convert to Judaism. The Russians forced them to convert and it has been a long standing war ever since – and the war continues. So which one are you? Are you a descendant of the Khazars or are you a decendent of the real Jews that were chosen by God?

          • Anyone who does God’s will, which can also be described as Christ’s will but doesn’t have to be, is a “real Jew”.

            “And think not to say within yourselves, We have Abraham to our father: for I say unto you, that God is able of these stones to raise up children unto Abraham.” Matthew chapter 3, verse 9.

            It has nothing to do with genes or ethnic heritage; it is spiritual.

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