Sorry Wignats, Dutch tokkies make the rules now

Hail our people, hail victory

Dear wignats,

Considering Dutch tokkies are the only ones who manage to get an LSWM party elected, from now on we make the rules.

Dutch tokkies have united to seize power.

Who did the Dutch tokkies elect?

The honorable Noahide Geert Wilders:

This is Geert Wilders, now leader of the biggest party in the Netherlands. He went to a Kibbutz in Israel at age 17 and returned home to seize power. Yes, he seized power, while you’re spending your days arguing on Twitter about the USS Liberty and the dancing Israeli’s on 9/11. You’re hearing it here first.

To explain this to American low status white males: The Netherlands, yes, that place you know as Holland too, that place where Amsterdam is located, where you go to smoke weed and catch STDs, managed to make our version of Marine le Pen, or AfD, or Orbán prime minister, that is, our country’s leader (considering we have a powerless monarch as head of state rather than a president). They might still try to block him, you can never be 100% sure, but it’s practically impossible considering the outcome and would stir things up quickly.

Here’s something for all of you geniuses to consider: When Israel realizes all its biggest allies are leaders of anti-immigration low status white male parties, what do you think Israel is going to do? What do you think Jews are going to do? Do you think they’re going to push the diversity shtick until every European country is run by the local chapter of the Muslim brotherhood?

If I could convince low IQ low status white males of one thing, I would convince you that those Jews you think are plotting against you, are actually just suffering the same mental disease as blonde German girls on train stations waiting to kiss the arriving Syrian refugees. Many of the Jews who were killed by Hamas in Israel were peace activists, who spent their days driving sick Palestinians to Israeli hospitals.

They’re not malicious. Just very, very naive.

And you know what sets us apart from the barbarians? We cherish innocence.

So here’s my polite request to the low IQ wignats: If you could do us one favor, while we are busy booking victories and you are busy spewing esoteric memes on Twitter, please just try not to get in our way for once.

Don’t show up whining that Wilders is a WEF puppet.

Don’t start crying that Wilders supports the “Zionist genocide” against the poor Pakistoonians.

Don’t start bitching that Wilders is a neocon.

Accept that people here rally around civilization, instead of around Y chromosomal haplogroup R1b or the JQ. Because unlike you American wignats, we know we’ve lived here since the glaciers retreated and the dolmen were erected, so we don’t have to LARP.

Just once, just once in our lives, try not to make our job harder for us.



  1. Dude, the dutch people made my day today! Freaking happy to hear that PVV won this one. I hope the next dutch member of the European Commission is from PVV, but of course reclaiming Netherlands back for our western civilisation is the most important win!
    I need to visit Netherlands soon to pick up the phone while God is calling 🙂
    Most LSWM are with you, mate 😉
    What are your thoughts on if the PVV will manage to make a coalition and have their government. In Germany, even if the AfD makes it as a strongest party, which i don’t think they will, they’ll be blocked by the others.

  2. I’m glad your party won, but is it productive to the overall white power movement to use it as an excuse to sneer and berate other factions trying to do similar?

    Why not take it as an opportunity to share some tips instead?

    No more brother wars means no more brother wars.

  3. Well colour me pleasantly survived. Congratulations to Mr. Wilders, his Freedom Party and all their supporters. I’m quite shocked at the margin of victory. That earlier post you wrote several days ago had PVV at 26 seats (from November 18th opinion poll), tied for 1st with VVD. Before that the Freedom Party were sitting in 4th place. And now they have won with THIRTY FIVE seats, 10 ahead of the runner-up!!

    He obviously must of performed extremely well at that round table televised debate and said all the right things for PVV to have surged so much in popularity in such a short amount of time. But like you said before, the Freedom Party were also helped inadvertently by all the pro-Hamas Muslim and far-left protesters in Dutch cities (before Israel even launched their counter-offensive) which I’m sure was a rude wake up call for Dutch moderates. There is a book that I hope to start reading soon called “Murder in Amsterdam: Liberal Europe, Islam, and the Limits of Tolerance” by Ian Buruma which discusses this topic.

    • *surprised

      37 seats now. Truly unbelievable. It will be interesting to see how the Moroccan immigrants react to this. They tend to even cause riots in Dutch cities when GOOD things happen to them (like when they won football matches at the Qatar World Cup last year). Geert Wilders will probably require even more bodyguards and security from now on.

      • Honestly, the Muslims are voting PVV too.

        Individual Muslims tend to want something different than the collective egregore that rules over them as a mass.

  4. >Accept that people here rally around civilization, instead of around Y chromosomal haplogroup R1b or the JQ. Because unlike you American wignats, we know we’ve lived here since the glaciers retreated and the dolmen were erected, so we don’t have to LARP.

    I’m an American and proud of that fact. My forefathers were the among the best of the European race. They were men who yearned for power and freedom unlike the vast majority of their kin that were complacent serfs. My people turned over 3 million square miles of wild forest and grassland into the most powerful Empire the world has ever seen.

    White Americans (The only actual Americans) have made more contributions to scientific development than any other people. Even as though it has degenerated, the American armed forces could still take on the rest of the world’s armies in an open field and win. Americans are the strongest and the smartest, we built the world you’re living in, for good and ill.

    All of the above is what I’m proud of, and want to preserve. I give zero fucks about muh haplogroups except as an intellectual curiosity. At the end day, I really don’t give any fucks about Jews either. Jews live in the shadow of the Burger like everyone else.

    Tomorrow I’m going to feast on turkey while thanking my ancestors for all the sacrifices they made so I may exist.

  5. With respect to Israel, I think what angers Americans is the suggestion that they should spend their lives and money on the problem— which is what Europeans are implicitly calling for when they whine about the issue. American lives, and debt (money of their grandkids), on some stubborn hellhole where all the local factions can agree on one thing: never negotiating and settling the issue. Blood for no oil.
    If the Dutch soldiers want to defend Israel, why should I or any American tell them what to do? If the Dutch banks want to send billions their way, why would I care? But we all know that won’t happen.
    America should slash the funding, withdraw the troops, and then tweet pro-Israeli stuff from across the world, which is what smart people do. Stay home, send hopes and prayers and essays their way, but don’t bankrupt yourself for nothing.

  6. When whites finally get their shit together they can achieve anything that is physically possible.

    The jews help us develop and preserve what we have built. The muslims just destroy everything.

  7. Only knowing a little about it, I’d assumed that the normie parties would make a laager to keep Geert and the PVV out of government. If that’s not in the cards, this will be interesting.

  8. Rothschild civ derailers are not the same group as girlie raver civ derailers.

    You should know this. They too are Jewish and justify their modus operandi with their Jewishness. That is a problem.

  9. Muslims desire to kill me via beheading, if I do not convert. Zionist Israel/US dual citizens desire to slowly kill me via their shekel earning lethal injections, whether I convert or not. Both I therefore consider as my mortal enemy. I therefore act accordingly, by donating significant funds to both sides so that they can carry on for as long as they desire. This is all that I can do in my position. Whilst they are both busy killing each other, they are not entirely focused upon killing me.

      • It is the truth, as undesirable as it is. I spent a lot of time in Africa, so I know exactly how these immigrants think. They will kill me in an instant when they eventually gain the power to do so. As for the Zionist injection pushers, they are all one particular religion, all of them. Many are now noticing this uncomfortable fact. I also Including those that own and control the mass media propaganda effort that pushed the injections and those Wall Street nominee shareholder board members that rolled out the coercion. This I will never forget and I will act accordingly.

  10. I am glad Wilder’s party became the largest, and I think that the pro-Palestina demonstrations are what ultimately lead him to victory. Cautiously right-wing people like myself are horrified by demonstrations calling for murdering the Jews, and voted PVV to make the point.

    But strictly speaking, he hasn’t “seized power”: he only got about 25% of the votes and seats. He cannot form a government alone and will have to form an alliance with other parties. And the odds are not in his favor: I hate to say it, but his political career will soon be over.

    The VVD is the only party available for an alliance. But the VVD has been in power for decades. They know all the dossiers, have all the right contacts at home, in Europe and the US. Rutte is on his way to be NATO president. And the despicable Jette of VVD’s sidekick D66 is getting some important post in the EU. In other words: the VVD will be running rounds around their “ally” PVV.

    Plus of course, Wilders will not able to form a government even with the VVD: he will have to find more allies, like the CDA now reborn as NSC.

    In the best scenario, PVV voters will be puking bile 6 months after the government is formed, once they realize that their elected seats actually support globalist policies. They’ve been “jewed”.

    In the worst scenario, a Wilders government will never be born. They will pretend to be negotiating for months and complain about how difficult it is to form a government with Wilders, of how irrational and irresponsible he is. And then they will do the obvious thing: a VVD-GL/PvdA-NSC government, with enthousiastic support by low-lives like D66, Volt and the like.

    So as happy as I am that Timmermans is licking his wounds and that upper-class MILFs are screaming “fascism!” every five minutes from their electrical FIAT 500, I am left with a sense of impending doom: Wilder’s days are counted.

  11. More than Amsterdam and weed, to me Netherlands is the place of gabber/hardcore LSWM Dutch music. I was a huge fan in my teenage years and even began taking basic Dutch lessons because of it.

    Anyway, I can definitely see that same naivete in Jews as I see in White women hugging refugees, more than malice or a sense of destruction.

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