Spike protein detoxification advice

I’ve already many times recommended people to eat natto, or if that’s not an option, to take nattokinase. This should break down spike protein and the amyloid your neurons release to trap viral particles that builds up in the brain.

However, it seems that most of the neurological effects of the Spike protein, are caused by its ability to bind to the nicotinic acetylcholine receptors, preventing acetylcholine from doing its jobs. Fortunately, it seems that you can solve this, with something that binds very strongly to the receptor. Nicotine binds 30 times stronger than acetylcholine, so what seems to happen is that when people get a high dose of nicotine, it kicks the spike protein out of the acetylcholine receptor. This would explain why people’s long COVID neurological symptoms disappear after taking nicotine patches for a few days: It’s kicked out of the acetylcholine receptor, the body can degrade it and the neuron can receive the right cholinergic signaling again.

What I personally tend to notice is that whenever I’m around old fat people who are constantly sneezing and coughing, I get a headache like effect in my brain a few minutes or hours later. I think this is the brain just reacting to Spike proteins, specifically the endothelial cells freaking out.

But lately, I found a solution that has me feeling clear-headed, confident and well again: Rapé. Rapé is basically the indigenous Amazonian version of tobacco, they use a different species with much higher nicotine concentrations and they generally blow this into your nose. When you snort it, you get an immediate rush of energy, which makes you dizzy and is physically uncomfortable but strangely mentally comfortable.

I’m not going to write a whole post defending the virtues of nicotine and tobacco here. I know nicotine and tobacco are addictive, I also know smoking tobacco causes lung cancer. But the evidence is just pretty clear that the combination of monoamine oxidase inhibition and nicotine that the tobacco plants offer can have cognitive benefits as well. For some reason, it’s really taboo to consider the possibility that this plant can help human beings too. And so rather than just writing another sermon, I just recommend any of you who feel constantly tired, anxious and miserable with strange headaches to look into it.


  1. The plant is native to the New World, is a member of the nightshade family, and its sap is very irritating to the skin. Not sure there’s a good explanation for humans even using the stuff, except perhaps something along the lines of “I had a dream where the plant talked to me and here’s what we’re supposed to do with it”. It’s a sacred plant in native north american cultures. I have heard some plausible theories about tobacco-related addiction and cancers being simply the inevitable result of failing to treat the plant with the proper respect.

  2. Ok, probable dumb question alert: what about nicotinamide and NAC? Anything there, other than name similarities?

  3. I remember early on in the pandemic some people proposed the theory of light smokers being less susceptible to Covid and the nicotinic receptors. I was a light cigarette smoker then and it’s true I never got sick.

    Of course smoking is bad for your lungs which helps the virus so maybe a wash with tobacco. Now I vape but patches or gum are probably better. With those though you don’t get the MAOI activation but I don’t know what’s the percentage of the effect that comes from or if pure nicotine is enough.

  4. I couldn’t agree more. Tobacco is a beautiful & easy plant to grow. Plenty of unique varieties available. There’s a fair amount of research about nicotine for cognition & brain health. The industrial paradigm turned a sacred plant into an addictive commodity, and that is the only lens most people are capable of viewing tobacco through.

  5. Just ordered me some rape murici, i experience the same head aches when coming from crowded plates.
    Do you just snort it or use a curepipe, if it makes a difference at all

  6. I second the observation on getting symptoms when meeting other people. Quite baffling and I still suspect my observations. But I also use all detox methods I know. And thank you for yet another thought-provoking article with fresh independent thinking.

    I still think we do not quite know what the sickness is. Reading about equine herpesviruses rings some bells for me, for wxample this “EHV-4 infection is restricted to respirator tract epithelium and associated lymph nodes; EHV-1 strains develop cell-associated viremia and have a predilection for vascular endothelium, especially the nasal mucosa, lungs, placenta, adrenal, thyroid, and CNS. The neuropathic strain of EHV-1 produces a viremic load 10- to 100-fold higher than that of non-neuropathic strains.” From https://www.merckvetmanual.com/respiratory-system/respiratory-diseases-of-horses/equine-herpesvirus-infection

    Spread by aerosols seems probable, and viruses are everywhere, all the time, anyways. I think it was Eugyppius who pointed out that live virus vaccines tend to lessen all-cause mortality. This makes me think viruses are useful information to those bodies that can take it. Helping the body to survive, not by seeking to destroy the virus, but by alleviating the bad reactions, is a good strategy. Judging what is good and what is bad causes unnecessary stress, which lessens adaptability.

  7. Unbelievable. Yesterday, had a client who was out sick for 2 weeks, but then came in for his session. Sniffling sneezing coughing the whole hour. Within 3 hours, I ended up with a wicked headache and could NOT figure out why I had it. By the evening, I was saying to myself “This feels like a Covid headache”. THANK YOU FOR THIS BLOG……going right out and buying rape, nicotine patches natto and whatever else I can get my hands on. Geez, this makes me mad. And also makes me wonder do I have to institute a 3 or 4 week sick policy??? At that rate, I would lose my business….

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