Stay young, donate blood

Sorry, nothing entertaining today, just something useful.

Some people smoke cigarettes in an effort to die earlier, but I think that’s stupid, because it also makes you age faster. What I want to recommend instead to my dear readers is to donate blood. Donating blood will help you stay young.

It works as following. What we know as aging has a number of causes. One of the main causes, is the buildup of junk in your body. There’s all sorts of junk your cells produce that they can’t break down themselves. Some of this junk ends up circulating in your blood. The easiest way to get rid of it is to just tap your blood and fortunately there are people out there very eager to have your blood.

If you snort or inject drugs they won’t take you and if you’re a sodomite you’re not allowed to join the club either, doesn’t matter whether you bite the pillow or not. Fortunately the guys I’m into generally live out their whole lives in denial and I’m going to need a lot more MDMA than I feel comfortable taking before I’ll just kiss them without saying a word. Imagine being a Southern European boomer who could go his whole life kissing his mates and nobody ever gave a shit.

Anyway, I was explaining how to stay young forever, because the way to discover that arcane knowledge is through obscure wordpress blogs. You’ve heard of these experiments where they give young blood to old rich people. This doesn’t really do much, but it’s based on the parabiosis experiments, where they would link an old mouse to a young mouse and the old mouse would become younger.

The reason that stuff worked, is because the real issue is that all sorts of toxic junk builds up in your blood. There also seems to be some sort of issue with signaling molecules that build up over time and then get stuck in a self-sustaining feedback loop that says “this mouse is old”, but it’s complex and we’ll know a lot more ten years from now than we do currently.

If you’re already old, you may need a massive dillution of blood to rejuvenate your body, which the blood bank isn’t going to do for you, but if you’re thirty like me, blood donation is a fine way to slowly get rid of the junk you don’t want to have building up in your blood. In old mice they get rid of half the plasma and then their bodies rejuvenate.

But if you’re a young man like me, there are plenty of other benefits to consider too. A woman naturally loses blood, a man would normally naturally lose blood in accidents and from parasites in his intestines, but you don’t. Your body is “designed”, for lack of a better term, with the assumption that you’re going to be losing blood from time to time. Mosquitoes are supposed to bite you, ticks are supposed to be stuck in your skin, worms bite your intestines, leeches suck you dry when you wander through the river, everyone is out to consume your blood when you’re a wild animal.¬†You don’t lose that blood, because you live the post-industrial normie lifestyle.

To make matters worse, unless you’re vegetarian like me, chances are you get a lot more iron from your diet than your body actually needs. And the unfortunate thing is, your body has no mechanism to lose iron. It’s generally stored in your blood, so your body just operates under the assumption that you’ll lose excess iron by bleeding, which doesn’t happen for reasons we just discussed.

You can look up the studies done on blood donors, all of them show that we have a fraction of the cardiovascular disease that other people have. Our blood vessels just stay young for longer periods, our blood pressure is lower for obvious reasons and the evidence generally shows that we’re just less likely to die in a given year. I’m guessing some of you are already old (think 50+). Honestly, in that case I would recommend also looking into plasma dillution. Some self-experimenters are already doing it and getting pretty good results.

Of course I’m not saying donating blood is the end-all solution to aging. It’s one of multiple solutions. Also important are fibrinolytic enzymes like those from Natto, a plant based diet and plenty of antioxidants. Even more important perhaps are psychedelics, to regenerate those cells in the body that don’t naturally regenerate a lot.

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