Stuff white people like: Dying for Israel

You’re either with they/them…

Or with them.


No sorry that’s not how the world works anymore, we don’t do the whole argument and debate thing anymore. The whole “changing people’s minds with arguments” thing is over. The whole “disagreeing with my peers on this” is not a thing anymore. We don’t read articles and books before making up our minds. We now just look at five second tiktok videos, soyjack memes and some vague gut feeling to decide where we best fit in.

If someone writes an article for with a catchy title that hits all our dopamine receptors by promising to validate once again our opinions about how the world functions, we might bother to read the whole thing. But beyond that it’s just endless layers of increasingly surreal inside jokes that will be completely incomprehensible eventually to people who didn’t grow up with an Internet connection.

Sorry, none of the boomers who watch Fox News will hear your five minute sperglord explanation about how you’re marching with Achmed and the pronouns brigade but ackshually are a based chad trad alpha male who just opposes the Zionist lobby sending young men off to die in Iraq and all the foreign aid that goes to Israel. Nobody has the attention span for any of that anymore and anyone running for office and peddling that stuff is not going to win the Republican nomination because the evangelicals, boomers, neocons and the Jews will not vote for you.

Hey, you people decided to do this with the irreversible transformation of our atmosphere happening at a speed more than an order of magnitude faster than during any of the previous mass extinctions, so now I can do it too. Your special snowflake little pet peeve concern about dying for Israel is now just “woke antisemitism”, sorry, I don’t make the rules.

You have all the Republican candidates on stage there, none of them dare to raise their hand when asked if they believe in global warming. And Israel is another one of those sacred unquestionable right wing dogmas from now on. It became almost questionable with the rise of Ron Paul style paleoconservatism, but now that the pronoun people signed up to volunteer as Achmed’s harem guards once the caliphate is reestablished, you will just have to deal with it.

Israel is a stable pillar of the right. Israel bashing gives right wingers the ‘ick’ now in the same way acknowledging the global warming problem does and nothing anonymous NEETs on the Internet say or do will change that anymore, sorry, deal with it.


No sorry, there is no third position. “I hate them both” and “I don’t care” are both just woke Palestine leftism, sorry. “I hope they both die in droves” is literally just the Hamas position, it doesn’t make you an aloof right wing edgelord, it makes you far-left.

Want a consolation price? Jews have to deal with the same problem. There is no sophisticated special snowflake position of “I support BLM and the demographic transformation of Europe but I want a special exemption for my own ethnostate” anymore either.

Even Israel is forced to come hurrying to the angry low status white males with its tail between its legs, asking to join the pack:

“It’s not funny”

Do I care? Here’s what I care about: Your government isn’t going to post something like this.

Israel knows who it needs:

Blonde evangelical soccermoms who believe their preacher’s claim that Israel’s creation and victory in multiple wars against all its neighbors is a miracle performed by God.

They need them to push out as many blonde sons who will shoot rockets from Yemen out of the sky on a ship in the red sea for them twenty years down the line as possible.

They unironically literally need this:

Blonde protestant anglo-saxon low status white males who live in sundown suburbs, marry young to stay-at-home wives who never went to college and all go to church together on Sunday.

And they 100% know it and figured it out and realize they have no alternative.

They might hate it, but they don’t have a choice.

They thought they didn’t need it. They thought their wall and their AI system and their Iron dome would do the job for them.

Nope, they need low status white males, who unfortunately for them don’t breed very well in concrete cubes stacked on top of each other with women with blue hair and tattoos they met through dating apps. They could pay these women to have IVF but that doesn’t get them the cowboy off to volunteer in Israel after 20 years, it gets them a queer for Palestine.

If there were not a bunch of boats full of American low status white males off the coast of Israel, Nasrallah in Lebanon would have said “fuck it let’s go” and they would now be fighting a two front war. Or a three front war, if you want to count the rockets the Houthis in Yemen are shooting at them too. Good luck with that.

They know it, you know it, they know that you know it, they’re embarrassed that you know it, they’re still too proud right now to admit that they know it but they don’t have to admit that they know it, they just have to act like it.

And can I tell you a secret? After the fall of the Byzantine empire to Islamic invasions and multiple crusades for the Holy Land, I love little more than to see how Muslims lost control over the holy land and impotently rage about it in the streets on a daily basis, completely unable to do anything about it. I have generations of ancestors, who can’t think of anything else that would make them happier to hear.


    • I think that stands for Dansgaard–Oeschger events (supposedly a cycle, so I guess that figure is the average). If I’m right, will I get some chocolate Hanukkah coins from RR? It’s almost that time of year.

  1. There is something so romantic about cowboys living in rural Montana, Wyoming and Idaho. Least densely populated region of The United States. Jaw-droppingly beautiful natural scenery. Most guns per capita. Not a single obese blue-haired they/them wokie with tattoos and piercings to be seen for hundreds of miles in every direction. It will be the perfect place to escape the eventual collapse of the American empire.

    “Blonde protestant anglo-saxon low status white males who live in sundown suburbs, marry young to stay-at-home wives who never went to college and all go to church together on Sunday.”

    Unfortunately this lifestyle is no longer possible because President Nixon closed the gold window in August 1971 and now the Federal Reserve has almost completely obliterated the American middle class through artificially low interest rates and QE infinity. Now they are finally raising interest rates years too late which will burst the mother of all speculative asset bubbles in the housing, stock and bond markets. The amount of human suffering that central bankers cause is incalculable.

    But yes, it is a great shame that all of Jared Kushner’s efforts of negotiating peace talks between Israel and Arab countries have all completely gone to waste. This Israel-Hamas war (and Ukraine war) would’ve been much less likely had Trump been re-elected in November 2020. Personally, I am still convinced that the DemonRats stole that election. There were too many incidents of shenanigans happening on election night for me to believe otherwise. “Burst water pipes” meaning that Republican adjudicators were not allowed to observe counting, mysterious truckloads of vote ballots arriving out of nowhere at 3 o’clock in the morning. The senile corrupt fool “Joe Bribe ’em” meant that war was sadly much more likely because America’s enemies sensed weakness. Sorry, rant over.

  2. Wonderful, hilarious, and ACCURATE.
    Thank goodness you are solidly on the right side of this, unlike so many other huge disappointments currently pissing me off.
    To add some kind of point of my own, conservatives want to preserve western civilization as we know it as long as possible and Israel, although ultimately doomed, is an inspiring torch bearing outpost. Russia is having to pay a big price to beat back the genocidal nazis AGAIN, at the same time Europe needs to fight off the genocidal barbaric Muslim hordes AGAIN.
    Light over darkness, for as long as possible. Our struggle.

  3. You misunderstand. This particular initial military operation is simply about 1) depleting IDF and US weapon and ammunition stockpiles and the destruction of all IDF APCs and tanks; and; 2) derailing / terminating all Arab / Israel normalization of relations (e.g. Saudi). This is it. Objective 2 has already been achieved. Objective 1 will take between one and two years. You must understand that Hamas is Russian special forces trained now. For them now, it is simply about military objectives, nothing else. Bibi fell for the trap.

    • Putin destroyed Muslims in Chechnya in a very ugly war, and now they fight for him. Russia crushed ISIS in Syria, in spite of Obama. Remember when Hillary wanted a no-fly zone in Syria in order to shoot down Russian planes that were trying to kill ISIS and Al Qaeda forces?
      I confess I’m lost. American “foreign policy” has made little to no sense to me in my lifetime but I am a mere LSLIQWM so how can I understand?

      • Putin was the peacemaker in relation to what is now the Chechen Republic. He did what the Israelis are incapable of doing – loving your enemy and treating them with respect and dignity and then offering them equal standing and prosperity – a valued and meaningful life as an equal citizen. Old testament ways of an eye for an eye vengeance do not work and have never worked. Revenge and retribution is never the answer. It only breeds more violence and hatred.

        As for the war in Ukraine, contrary to the western propaganda, the Russian military was not really involved, other than providing strategy, on the ground tactics and air support. The grunt-work on the ground was done by the Chechens, private military contractors and local volunteer militias. Understand that, with the exception of Poland, the UkroNazis were the best army in Europe. The mistake that the Ukrainians made was not fighting towards the West. They could have had victory all the way to the English Channel.

        My skills are in biological warfare countermeasures, but I do intimately understand military strategy and tactics. To understand what is going on, you must understand Russian methods. They have been the same for 150 years. For example, I have spent significant time studying the mid and south German armies, as they joined together and proceeded to the Battle of Stalingrad. I deeply understand Russian methods. Russian methods are always to go in small and weak, make your enemy believe that they are making progress, and then lead them into one cauldron after another and then keep them in that repetitive process, in a slow meat grinder, all the time making them think that they are making progress, whilst you slowly and consistently deplete their army and their weapons. Then when the army is sufficiently depleted, then you go in for the methodical operation completion. The other thing with the Russians, they never react to provocation and always treat their enemy with dignity and respect. This is why Ukraine must use anti-retreat forces to shoot any Ukraine soldiers retreating or surrendering. Russian solders will never shoot a surrendering or retreating soldier, ever. They have a special radio frequency for this purpose and their prisoners are treated with respect and gratefulness – for the surrender.

        The role of the Chechen soldiers in the 1500 km front was to do close quarters urban combat. Each squad had one or two embedded Hamas. The job of the Chechen squad leaders was to train the Hamas soldiers in urban combat methods against NATO / western weapons and tactics. Some stages (e.g. Bakhmut / Artemovsk) were kept going in a stalemate, deliberately, so as to cycle through more Hamas trainees for the combat experience.

        IDF special forces were sent to Ukraine and many died as a result of Hamas soldiers. The Muslim solders in Ukraine were brutally efficient whilst at a massive numbers disadvantage. The Hamas soldiers were even more brutally efficient. Even the Kremin was shocked at the dedication of the Hamas. They truly fight to the death. They welcome death for their cause. What was missing was the training in Russian methods, They have this now.

        Israel was kicked off by the Russians because US / NATO cannot now support Ukraine and Israel at the same time. US / NATO will therefore dump Ukraine, thus allowing the Russian army to now enter the territory and prosecute the final operation stage of their military operation (the Russian verion of shock and awe).

        Hezbollah / Iran will not be involved in Israel (other than at a nuisance level). Their efforts will be directed to Syria. Israel will be 100% the responsibility of Hamas. They will use the exact same tactics as in Ukraine, a slow and steady meat-grinder designed to deplete soldiers and weapons and stockpiles. It will take 2 years. As in Ukraine, it will be a deliberate deescalation strategy designed to keep the US soldiers at a minimum. If the IDF back off or if there is a peace deal, Hamas will simply enact another provocation, to which the IDF will respond. The response is integral to the Russian strategy.

        Russia and China know that to the defeat the West, they must defeat the US. To do this they must defeat the American Israel Public Affairs Committee which controls all of US politics. Without AIPAC, the USA will become directionless and then a multi-polar world is possible. To destroy the APAIC, Israel must be turned into a failed state and a multi-polar friendly Jewish government installed. Hence, there must be regime change in Israel. This is the ultimate Russian military objective, as in Ukraine.

        The Russians and Chinese were hesitant to take down Israel. Israel’s behavior in Ukraine changed their minds. Israel sent special forces soldiers, and AIPAC controlled politicians funded the war in Ukraine. What you must understand is that Hamas are not terrorists anymore. They are now a trained private military force. The October 7 provocation was not a terrorist attack. It was a carefully crafted military provocation, designed to elicit a desired response, which the IDF duly provided.

        It is sad to see, but like Ukraine, the IDF has already lost this war, from the very beginning. They just cannot see it. They are blinded by their hate and rage. This is their structural weakness. They are blinded by emotion – and this weakness will be used against them, right to the bitter end in 2025.

        • Eye for an eye. Is meant to make the punishment fit the crime.

          Do you want the scenario where being late is the same death penalty as betrayal?

          That’s how the Qin got overthrown.

        • That is a very interesting analysis. It seemed to me from the start that Netanyahu had stepped into a trap, and this describes the trap. I just copied what you wrote and sent it to a friend who is an ardent friend of Israel and also fluent in Russian to see what he thinks.

      • It’s incredible how the US keeps falling into Russian traps.
        Lots of people mock the invisible hand of the free market, but to me it seems that we have the invisible hand of the American Neocon Left, which acts in the same way but for government corruption.
        All these departments appear to have the same goal of enriching bloated communists in the most degenerate ways possible, which lets them work together without any overarching control system. Hillary doesn’t need to order Seth Rich’s death for appropriating her emails when most FBI agents will recognise the danger to their ideology and take action on their own accord.
        And yet it seems Russia has found the grains of sand it can throw into this machine at exactly the right places to get it to destroy itself. Due to the lack of oversight, the individual elements continue doing their thing even as the machine tears itself apart. There is no way for them to stop.
        See Ukraine

        • Apart from everybody chopping their dicks and tits off and otherwise being triggered, the Department of Defense still thinks that it is 2002. In the past 20 years, the Kremlin, the Chinese, the DPRK and Iran have been busy, very busy, busy devising new technologies and massively increased industrial capacity. As an example, they have a collective capacity to manufacture 20 million 152mm artillery shells per year. US/NATO/the West is planning in the next few years to get to 90,000 155mm shells per year. Next gen warfare is artillery, with fire control computerized via targeting drones. With this, there is no escape. everything is hit, relentlessly. Their next-gen 152s designed in DPRK are silent, completely silent. The old ones you could hear coming, not these ones. Russian electronic countermeasures shut down everything, including F35s. Russian air defense stops almost EVERYTHING.

          The most important thing however is that the Russians eat clean natural food. Their brains are not inflamed and poisoned. They can think straight. Furthermore, they do not cut their dicks off.

  4. Is Israel needs a Varganian Guard to protect itself from the sandniggers, it should pay its low status white male mercenaries a Varangian wage. Four hundred thousand USD a year and pillaging rights seems like a fair bargain. Christian Zionism isn’t good enough any more; bring out the shekels.

  5. If you think Israel’s recent material physical victories are a sign of God’s approval, you need to read the Old Testament and see that they also had many military defeats and that the people of the time saw them as signs of God’s disapproval, so they could have more of those defeats in the future even if they have “won” recently. I don’t think any of that history is to be taken literally even to the extent that it was literally true; I think it is to taken by us spiritually and allegorically. The recent material success of Israel is not a promise from God of future material success; God’s will is not our will and we don’t know what will happen.

    I wouldn’t assume that the people working on those aircraft carriers are competent, or if they are, that they have equipment that is functional. My poor 16 y.o. niece (adopted as an infant from China; my brother dead three years ago so no dad now) wants to join the military and I’m sure that they’d scoop her up instantly if she continues in that plan. But she couldn’t work one such a ship, seriously, even if they put her on one (and they would). All she does all day long is text her friend who also has a dead father. And she lives on junk food. They’ll take anyone now, even kids like her. She’s not going to ride the calvary to the rescue of the material state of Israel; she couldn’t find Israel on a map; she probably can’t read a map.

    My second cousin’s daughter also wanted to join the U.S. military but couldn’t because she was too fat. As in, over 300 pounds; just enormous. Then she ended up in the ER multiple times due to drinking to near death (she was saved only by her weight, ironically).

  6. “derailing / terminating all Arab / Israel normalization of relations (e.g. Saudi). This is it. Objective 2 has already been achieved. Objective 1 will take between one and two years. You must understand that Hamas is Russian special forces trained now. For them now, it is simply about military objectives, nothing else. Bibi fell for the trap.“

    Yep, the big news was Iran-Saudi meeting. And Egypt and Jordan giving the US the cold shoulder. It doesn’t matter which side you’re on emotionally, Israel is out of allies.

    • and also the billions in aid and reconstruction money that will soon be washing through Hamas’s Qatar bank accounts. Bibi just gave Hamas enough money to buy enough heavy weapons to take on the US. This is what Israel does not understand. The IDF bombing the Palestinians into human mincemeat is a critical part of the plan.

  7. I will make this comment shorter. Ye can see the date and the topic on the url:
    Israel should pick its friends more carefully. If it was ever about friendship, justice and cultural ties. And at least partly it must be: they (Israel) should have (carefully) supported young Assad against radicals, for their own survival (one needs to be surrounded by like-minded people).
    And yet, with all of the Israeli PR in the US, and Iran and Russia backing him too, Assad’s Syria is still a pariah to the West. Christians of Syria, and Israel and Armenia = the oldest on earth.

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