Summer Jam of 2024

This one is a special privilege for germans and swampgermans like me, americels can’t follow it:


  1. Hi LSWMs, I am unironically an Americel, I have fifteen heart attacks per day and roll out of my SUV every day over the pavement on my way to the local walmart while shitting my pants from eating the keto diet and getting discarded fentanyl needles stuck in my rolls of fat, but here is what I think about Europeans:

    Europeans are so cringe.

    • Very cool.

      Now post a picture of your belly for us, so us Europeans can ponder what we think of your opinion.

    • A real American would be carnivore by now. Also if you’re not fat enough to require a mobility scooter in Walmart you’re ngmi.

  2. Color revolutions have consequences.

    How do you defeat one? You simply hand them the reins of power and watch the whole shit-show implode.

    Have you noticed yet? Everybody seems to be noticing the great noticing.

    Remember, Hitler was a leftist – that one day – seemingly out of nowhere – was democratically elected.

    Watch how it plays out and it will not be the NPD. The right is irrelevant and powerless.

  3. Nice, L’amour toujours is one of my favourite songs, and Alternative für Deutschland is one of my favourite political parties.

    One region of Germany where support for AfD is particularly strong is Saxony, which makes sense when you realise that those East Germans have first hand experience of the misery of communism.

    It was a great shame that Dresden, the capital city of Saxony was fire-bombed at the end of the Second World War. The Allies knew that they were going to win the war, but they still went ahead and destroyed all that great architecture, needlessly killing ~25,000 civilians.

    There is a small town just south of Dresden named Glashütte which is the home of the German watchmaking industry. A. Lange & Söhne is arguably the greatest manufacturer of mechanical wristwatches in the world, in my opinion they are even superior to Patek Philippe. Here is one of their finest pieces, the Datograph Perpetual Calendar Tourbillon:

    • It was more like 250,000 civilians killed in the firebombing of Dresden. The city hospitals were filled with war wounded, and the streets were full of refugees from the east.

  4. I first heard the chant AUSLANDER RAUS about 20 years ago, and then the Germans proceeded to elect Angela Merkel over and over and import several million auslanders.
    I also recall Hillary Clinton saying that Merkel was the politician she most idolized.

  5. To what extent are Dutch and Deutsch mutually intelligible? Like, if the typical Dutchman watches a German newscast how well can he understand it?

  6. I like how her boobs are bouncing when she plays the song on her electronic instrument.

    I guess, soon, instead of color revolutions we will get White revolutions

  7. Given that Hitler was himself an Ausländer in Germany makes the Bunker meme where he is angry about “that song” being sung all the more precious.

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