Suppression of the innate immune system: The main cause of the pandemic of the fully vaccinated

Update: Big news. Just after finishing this essay, I found this news report today in the Israeli media, where the head of Ichilov Hospital’s coronavirus ward just stated that 70-80% of patients are vaccinated and the vaccine has “no significance regarding severe illness”. Vaccine failure is now becoming officially admitted.

I have been reading more lately, to understand what is happening in the current phase of the pandemic. The main piece of information I have overlooked is the suppression of the innate immune response. This appears to be the biggest problem we’re dealing with right now, it seems to be a bigger issue than the virus evolving away from our antibody response.

Children were generally capable of resisting SARS-COV-2 infection, the reason for that is their strong innate immune response. The vaccines suppress the innate immune response and as a result, populations that are fully vaccinated against this virus experience outbreaks unlike anything seen before.

Take a look at this study:

Besides their effects on specific (adaptive) immune memory, certain vaccines such as Bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG) and the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine also induce long term functional reprogramming of cells of the innate immune system. (Netea et al., 2020). This biological process is also termed trained immunity when it involves increased responsiveness, or innate immune tolerance when it is characterized by decreased cytokine production (Ifrim et al., 2014). Although these effects have been proven mainly for live attenuated vaccines, we sought to investigate whether the BNT162b2 vaccine might also induce effects on innate immune responses against different viral, bacterial and fungal stimuli. One of the trademarks of trained immunity is an elevated production of inflammatory cytokines following a secondary insult (Quintin et al., 2012). Surprisingly, the production of the monocyte-derived cytokines TNF-α, IL-1β and IL-1Ra tended to be lower after stimulation of PBMCs from vaccinated individuals with either the standard SARS-CoV-2 strain or heterologous Toll-like receptor ligands (Figures 1 and 2). TNF-α production (Figure 1B-1G) following stimulation with the TLR7/8 agonist R848 of peripheral blood mononuclear cells from volunteers was significantly decreased after the second vaccination (Figure 1C). The same trend was observed after stimulation with the TLR3 agonist poly I:C (Figure 1D), although the difference did not reach statistical significance. In contrast, the responsesto the fungal pathogen Candida albicans were higher after the first dose of the vaccine (Figure 1G). The impact of the vaccination on IL-1β production was more limited (Figure 2A-2F), though the response to C. albicans was significantly increased (Figure 2F). The production of the anti-inflammatory cytokine IL-1Ra (Figure 2G-2L) was reduced in response to bacterial lipopolysaccharide (LPS) and C. albicans after the second vaccination (Figure 2K, 2L), which is another argument for a shift towards stronger inflammatory responses to fungal stimuli after vaccination. IL-6 responses were similarly decreased, though less pronounced (data not shown). The induction of tolerance towards stimulation with TLR7/8 (R848) or TLR4 (LPS) ligands by BNT162b2 vaccination may indicate a more balanced inflammatory reaction during infection with SARS-CoV-2, and one could speculate whether such effect may be thus useful to regulate the potential over-inflammation in COVID-19, one of the main causes of death (Tang et al., 2020). On the other hand, inhibition of innate immune responses may diminish anti-viral responses. Type I interferons also play a central role in the pathogenesis and response against viral infections, including COVID-19 (Hadjadj et al., 2020). With this in mind, we also assessed the production of IFN-α by immune cells of the volunteers after vaccination. Although the concentrations of IFN-α were below the detection limit of the assay for most of the stimuli, we observed a significant reduction in the production if IFN-α secreted after stimulation with poly I:C and R848 after the administration of the second dose of the vaccine (Figure 1H, 1I). This may hamper the initial innate immune response against the virus, as defects in TLR7 have been shown to result in and increased susceptibility to COVID-19 in young males (Van Der Made et al., 2020). These results collectively demonstrate that the effects of the BNT162b2 vaccine go beyond the adaptive immune system and can also modulate innate immune responses.

Note how they also tacitly explain how these vaccines actually reduce deaths: They don’t prevent you from getting infected, rather, these vaccines prevent the immune over-reaction that leads to acute respiratory distress syndrome in a handful of people who are infected. Your immune system learns to become more tolerant of the virus. That’s how these vaccines have mainly prevented deaths.

They can’t end the pandemic and they prevent the development of herd immunity, by decreasing the innate immune response against this virus. Rather, the vaccines reduce deaths by raising the white flag. The halfwits taught your immune system to tolerate the spike protein, tolerating the spike protein reduced deaths and so the halfwits accidentally booked a success and began injecting the whole population with this junk.

Rather than developing a vaccine, the halfwits at Moderna and Pfizer had accidentally developed an immunotolerance inducing therapy that appeared to help reduce deaths (as long as you make sure to label people as unvaccinated for the first 21 days after the first injection). The halfwits also made sure to exclude high risk elderly from their initial trials, so the vaccines looked far more effective than they actually were. They had achieved the most dangerous kind of success: Accidental success.

It wasn’t immediately obvious that the vaccines increase infection risk by disabling innate immunity, because initially your body is flooded with effective neutralizing antibodies against this virus. It’s only once the antibodies begin to wane, that it becomes clear that the main methods your body normally uses to prevent or abort infection have been disabled.

And if you understand that this is what has happened, then you also understand how this happened:

And how this happened:

We have created a brave new world, in which our immune systems function more like those of the bats who carry these viruses with them. Rather than always being on the lookout to purge this virus, the vaccines teach our bodies to tolerate this virus. The virus then changes its receptor binding domain, so that it’s no longer hampered by our antibodies and an uneasy truce comes into existence.

Here in the Netherlands, we reached what would normally have been a peak in viral RNA in sewage for this virus in oktober of 2021. That’s how you would have expected the peak to look, before our immune systems begin to purge the virus and viral RNA in sewage starts to decline again. What has happened instead is that in the next three months, RNA in sewage quadrupled. Everyone is constantly shedding this virus, as we have been turned into proper hosts.

If you keep this in mind, that the vaccines induce immune tolerance, then it should be quite easy to keep peddling statistics forever, that suggest the vaccines are protecting people. After every booster, you ignore the infections that happen during the first week of immunosuppression and you pile those infections and subsequent hospitalizations or deaths onto the previous pile.

In addition to this, you only record the people who end up with the traditional symptoms of an immune overreaction as COVID deaths. People who die because their immune systems were taught to tolerate a virus that continues to spread through their bodies, don’t have to be recorded as COVID deaths, you just record them as something else.

Here’s what I mean:

Results The study population included 1355 patients (mean age 48.7±20.5 y; 770(57%) female, 977(72%) white non-Hispanic; 1072(79%) insured; 563(42%) with cardiovascular disease (CVD) history). During a median 6 months at risk, the primary composite outcome was observed in 38/319 (12%) COVID-19(+) and 65/1036 (6%) COVID-19(-) patients (p=0.001). In Cox regression adjusted for demographics, health insurance, and reason for COVID-19 testing, SARS-CoV-2 infection was associated with the risk of the primary composite outcome (HR 1.71; 95%CI 1.06-2.78; p=0.029). Inverse-probability-weighted estimation, conditioned for 31 covariates, showed that for every COVID-19(+) patient, the average time to all-cause death was 65.5 days less than when all these patients were COVID-19(-): average treatment effect on the treated -65.5 (95%CI -125.4 to -5.61) days; p=0.032.

Conclusions Either symptomatic or asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 infection is associated with increased risk of late cardiovascular outcomes and has causal effect on all-cause mortality in a late post-COVID-19 period.

COVID infections lead to cardiovascular deaths a few weeks later. However, why bother registering them as COVID deaths? They don’t look like the traditional patient with shortness of breath who keeps progressing and ends up in the ICU where they’re placed on a ventilator before passing away. Rather, they just develop a stroke or a heart attack because this virus continues to replicate in the background and so we don’t record them as COVID related deaths.

This can happen to unvaccinated people too of course who get infected. However, unvaccinated people are generally speaking less likely to get infected, as the innate immune response remains functional. When you live in a nation where most people are unvaccinated this also means you’re also less likely to be exposed to the virus, thus leading to even further reduced risk of being infected. And that’s how we end up with the following sort of graphs:

This probably will not last, as South Africa and India begin vaccinating their population too. However, it demonstrates that our current peaks are not seen in countries with low vaccination rates. Countries that currently perform worst, are the ones that have given everyone booster shots.

After the third dose of the “vaccine” wanes, which happens quite rapidly, the combination of a suppressed innate immune response and an absence of neutralizing antibodies leads to a situation where the virus is now capable of overwhelming the body again. This then leads people to start dying in the traditional manner again. Here we can see what’s currently happening in Israel:

How long until people start asking difficult questions about what’s happening in Israel right now? Every day that this catastrophe in plain sight continues is a day on which thousands of people in other countries receive their booster shots, even as Israel plainly demonstrates to us what will happen a few months later.

But this requires of me to answer another question: Why do the neutralizing antibodies decline so rapidly? Why doesn’t your body just endlessly keep churning them out? Take a look at this:

In COVID-19 naïve subjects, the decline of total antibodies at 6 months was lower (i.e., −54.7%) than the decline of IgG (i.e., −89.6%) or NAbs (−98.7%), while in seropositive participants, the decline of total antibodies and IgG at 6 months was quite similar (−74.8% versus −79.4%) and lower than the decline of NAbs (−98.7%).

Neutralizing antibodies declined by 98.7% in six months. Why does this happen? Your immune system is a very marvelous design. It deploys the right weapons, at the right place, at the right time. The reason it doesn’t constantly churn out these neutralizing antibodies is because these antibodies can also bind to your own proteins. Evolution forces the virus to resemble proteins in your own body, because that makes it much more difficult for your immune system to deal with this virus.

And so what seems to happen is that your body develops peripheral B cell tolerance. Take a look at this:

Immunological tolerance removes or inactivates self-reactive B cells, including those that also recognize cross-reactive foreign antigens. Whereas a few microbial pathogens exploit these “holes” in the B cell repertoire by mimicking host antigens to evade immune surveillance, the extent to which tolerance reduces the B cell repertoire to foreign antigens is unknown. Here, we use single-cell cultures to determine the repertoires of human B cell antigen receptors (BCRs) before (transitional B cells) and after (mature B cells) the second B cell tolerance checkpoint in both healthy donors and in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) . In healthy donors, the majority (~70%) of transitional B cells that recognize foreign antigens also bind human self-antigens (foreign+self), and peripheral tolerance halves the frequency of foreign+self-reactive mature B cells. In contrast, in SLE patients who are defective in the second tolerance checkpoint, frequencies of foreign+self-reactive B cells remain unchanged during maturation of transitional to mature B cells. Patterns of foreign+self-reactivity among mature B cells from healthy donors differ from those of SLE patients. We propose that immune tolerance significantly reduces the scope of the BCR repertoire to microbial pathogens and that cross-reactivity between foreign and self epitopes may be more common than previously appreciated.

SARS-COV-2 is no different, it strongly resembles your own proteins. In nature there is a reason for everything, the reason your antibody response against this virus doesn’t last is because the antibodies always carry the risk of binding to your own proteins and interfering with their function. The B-cells tasked with churning out antibodies against SARS-COV-2 are constantly activated by your own tissues and so this leads them to become tolerant over time and cease producing their antibodies.

The simplest answer I can give is that invoking an antibody response in your blood to a coronavirus is just not how your body would normally deal with a virus of this nature. If you want to understand this virus and how to deal with it, you just have to look at who happens to deal with it effectively and who happens to struggle with it. For children the virus has been equivalent to a common cold throughout the pandemic, although their extremely high exposure to Omicron because of our previous stupid actions is now starting to cause more children to get sick too. On the other hand, the elderly were getting very sick from this virus.

The simplest way to approach the problem would have been to realize that the innate immune system in a cohort of vulnerable elderly needs a boost. Vitamin D signaling boosts primary antiviral immunity. Aging of the immune system resembles zinc deficiency and zinc supplementation boosts innate immunity as well. Unfortunately the people wanted a high tech tower of Babel style solution and so they decided to inject themselves with some synthetic mRNA.

This is another important piece of the puzzle to understand. They couldn’t inject people with regular mRNA, because it doesn’t work. The cells have all sorts of mechanisms that alert them when they’re expressing alien mRNA, it stimulates an immune response. So what they did in this case was they began to replace certain nucleotides with synthetic versions, that your own regular mRNA generally wouldn’t use. Instead of uridine, they began to use N1-Methylpseudouridine.

This helped increase the efficiency of expressing the mRNA and it reduced the risk of people suffering severe allergic reactions. However, recognizing the viral mRNA would be part of a normal immune response. With the mRNA made unrecognizable to your cells, the cells don’t really put out inflammatory signals. Normally an alien protein like the Spike protein would be produced by your cells, in the presence of all sorts of inflammatory signals produced by the infected cells that are meant to alert your immune system that something is wrong.

In this case, your own cells infected with this synthetic mRNA are being fooled. By producing a synthetic form of mRNA that your cells can’t recognize, the cells are prohibited from doing their job, which is to alert your white blood cells that they have been infected with alien genetic material. Your immune system still finds out that there’s a new alien Spike protein expressed by these poor cells, but the cells themselves don’t send out the inflammatory signals that normally encourage your immune system to do something about it. This leads to a situation where your immune system now learns to some degree to tolerate the Spike protein.

N1-Methylpseudouridine is not intrinsically synthetic, it does occur in some organisms. It can be found in certain forms of yeast for example. And this probably helps explain another part of the puzzle we’re dealing with. If you go back to the study I cited at the top, you see that immune response to fungal material is actually increased after vaccination:

The response of innate immune cells to TLR4 and TLR7/8 ligands was lower after BNT162b2
 vaccination, while fungi-induced cytokine responses were stronger.

After all, here’s what they’re doing:

-They want to fool your own cells into producing coronavirus mRNA.

-Your cells have all sorts of innate immune mechanisms that ensure they don’t just get fooled into producing proteins based off alien mRNA that made its way into your cells.

-This problem made it very difficult for companies like Moderna to actually use mRNA technology for anything and it also made it practically impossible to produce vaccines with mRNA.

-They solved their problem by replacing certain nucleotides with very strange rare nucleotides like N1-Methylpseudouridine, that your body normally very rarely encounters.

-Your innate immune mechanisms are now fooled, your cells don’t realize they’re being “hacked”  and so they produce the Spike protein, without the cells that got infected with this mRNA really complaining that something hostile entered the cell.

-Your adaptive immune response discovers that these epithelial cells lining your blood vessels that got infected with this synthetic mRNA are now expressing a dangerous new protein, the Spike protein. However, because they see no inflammatory signaling from these cells, the adaptive immune response is weak and sort of tolerant towards this new protein structure.

-It seems that because they’re using this weird nucleotide normally found in yeast and other microbes, your body’s innate immune response assumes it was fooled by some sort of fungus, instead of being fooled by dumb scientists. In response to this diagnosis, the innate immune response begins to focus more on fungal material and less on viral material.

-With your innate immune response now more focused on fungal material at the cost of viral material, your body has become more vulnerable to infection with SARS-COV-2. The innate immune response is supposed to help stop you from getting infected in the first place, the adaptive immune response is there to help clean things up when an infection gets out of control. This is how we ended up in the current situation, where people constantly get infected, but the traditional COVID-19 deaths are relatively low in the first few months after vaccination/boosting.

-This adaptive immune response consisting of large amounts of antibodies is gradually tuned down through immune tolerance. The reason this happens is because these antibodies also bind to your own proteins and thus although they help you deal with the virus, they cause all sorts of other problems that only stop once the production of these antibodies declines.

-Once this adaptive immune response has been dialed down a few months after your last injection, you’re now stuck with the following situation: Your innate immune response to this virus has been broken because these dumb scientists injected you with weird synthetic mRNA that doesn’t look like normal viral genetic material to your body but looks like something more fungal, because they had to dodge the innate immune response to get your cells to produce the spike protein without causing you to drop dead from an allergic reaction. Your adaptive immune response was supposed to solve the problem for you, but the adaptive immune response consists mainly of large amounts of antibodies that are very destructive and targets a version of this virus that no longer exists, so it is knocked out too after a few months.

Your innate immune system was fooled, your B cells are not allowed to do their job because their way of dealing with the problem has all sorts of harmful side-effects because almost all their antibodies also bind to your own proteins. This means that you’re now left with basically one way to deal with this nasty virus: Your T-cells!

For young people this generally works reasonably well, but as we grow older, our T-cells become bad at performing their job. However, T-cells are also known to become exhausted. If your body is continually getting infected with this virus because your innate immune response no longer properly works against it and your B cells are not capable of helping you because the virus changed too much and the B cells cause too much collateral damage, that means your T-cells are left to deal with a very nasty job on their own. That raises the following question: As people now continually get infected, are we going to witness T-cell exhaustion?

If you look at it from this perspective, then it begins to make sense that we’re seeing record numbers of deaths in Israel right now.


This path we are descending on now is how you end up with mass death. The innate immune response was the first layer of immunity that developed in our ancestors. It’s the most primitive and fundamental form, even plants have an innate immune system. Many organisms rely entirely on their innate immune system to survive in this world. The innate immune system works pretty well against pathogens that change rapidly. The innate immune system focuses on certain rough patterns of characteristics that these pathogens always have to follow.

With these vaccines, we damage the innate immune response against this virus, possibly against many other pathogens as well. I can’t explain the whole process, there’s a recent paper by McCullough who delves even deeper into how the innate immune response is harmed by these “vaccines”, which should really just be considered a blasphemy against nature, just as the mandates are blasphemy against civilization.

With the innate immune response disabled, you’re left with the adaptive immune response. However, even if we constantly keep injecting people with mRNA and adenovirus vector vaccines to trigger a constant antibody response against this virus, we’re faced with a situation where this virus mutates. The Dengue virus knows how to perfectly use your antibody response to its own advantage. Different strains use the antibody response induced by other strains of Dengue, to enhance their own replication.

With the corona viruses we’ll see something similar emerge. As you can see with Omicron, they have now evolved to deal very effectively with your adaptive immune response. If our bodies then develop a novel antibody response specifically towards Omicron, you’ll see variants of the coronavirus that figure out how to use that niche to their advantage, BA.2 seems to be an example of that, it only seems to have an advantage over BA.1 in places that have had a big BA.1 wave. These future variants don’t have to be related to Omicron, Omicron came from seemingly nowhere and we still have many other variants that lay in wait for their time to strike.

It’s fine when a handful of elderly people have grown dependent on antibodies to help them deal with a coronavirus. When a whole population depends on antibodies to protect them against coronaviruses, the coronaviruses become subject to huge selective pressure to change their spike proteins, so that they start using our antibodies to their own advantage. We can’t defeat a virus like this by giving everyone antibodies against it, people need a strong innate immune response to this virus.

Again, look at Israel, a few days ago I reported that they had the highest case rate per capita on the planet. Why did they have the highest case rate per capita on the planet? Because they were first to give everyone the third shot, which means they are furthest along on the path towards suppression of the innate immune response against this virus and thus they were now depending on an antibody response that can’t deal with this virus. The innate immune response that is supposed to prevent infection has been damaged the most in Israel, so that’s where we saw the highest case rates per capita.

The T cells then have to solve the problem when the B cells can’t do it, but the T cells take a hit everytime they’re forced to deal with this virus, the virus thus begins to damage what’s left of your immune system. This damage to your T cells causes something similar to premature aging and acquired immunodeficiency.

This virus would have behaved similar to other coronaviruses if we had treated it similar to other coronaviruses. We gave it a bizarre preferential treatment, wiped out all viruses that induce cross-reactive immunity with our lockdowns and exposed everyone to vaccines that confused our immune systems, so now we’re dealing with a coronavirus that has received tremendous help in decimating our population.

If they wanted to give people a vaccine against this virus, they should have kept it simple and low-tech. An intranasal live attenuated virus composed of a regular strain with one or two deleted genes would have caused an immune response very similar to that caused by a natural infection. Give it to high risk elderly and you have solved the problem insofar as it needs solving.

You don’t have to believe me anymore, at this point you can just look at the numbers coming out daily. If these vaccines could solve the problem for us, you wouldn’t be seeing:

-Record deaths in Israel

-Record ICU admissions in Israel

-Record cases in Israel

-The only place suffering no COVID issues is unvaccinated sub-Saharan Africa

-Higher case rates in vaccinated than unvaccinated people

-Higher RNA in sewage than during last winter

-Record cases throughout highly vaccinated regions of the world

-Unexplainable excess mortality that seems to come and go together with different variants of this virus

-People who continually get reinfected

All of these are irreconcilable with a vaccine that works. We’ve seen ninety percent of Israeli elderly above 60 receive three doses of this vaccine. The pandemic is supposed to be over in Israel but it’s not, they’re doing worse than ever before.

Reinfections with this virus are supposed to be a non-issue. At first they were very rare and when they did occur, hospitalization rates would be reduced by 90%. When we began giving people these vaccines, we began damaging the innate immune response and so reinfections become more common and more severe. We’re now seeing people reinfected, not just with different variants, but with the exact same Omicron variant, within sixty days. T cells generally don’t get better at fighting this virus, they get worse at it over time. When our immune response is mainly dependent on T cells, as it now is, the reinfections get worse over time.

If you want you can blame shape-shifting reptiles for this, you can blame Klaus Schwab, you can blame anyone you want, but the only thing I see is human arrogance, the Tower of Babel tale repeated on a global scale. It’s a technocratic attempt by halfwits to control nature and it’s blowing up in their faces. Instead of asking why things work the way they work, they just change things and look at whether they see the result they were hoping for.

Ask yourself: Do you think the people at Pfizer or Moderna ever asked themselves why the body deals differently with N1-Methylpseudouridine? They found their holy grail, in the form of an altered nucleotide that makes their mRNA technology work. But do you think they ever questioned their holy grail? Do you think they ever asked themselves why cells that previously refused to tolerate their attempts at hacking them now suddenly tolerated them? Of course not, they’re half-wits who found the result they were hoping for and they ran with it.

Elderly people in nursing homes have been dying from coronaviruses for generations, we have known this for decades. Why did we never develop vaccines against these viruses? For the same reason we never developed effective vaccines against respiratory syncytial virus for children. Some respiratory viruses are difficult to develop effective vaccines against. The fact that there’s a sudden outbreak of a novel coronavirus doesn’t suddenly make the process easier, it mainly makes us less critical about potential flaws and risks involved.

And now you can see the consequences of that.


    • Well, isn’t the best case where you live a normal healthy life with antibodies that protect you against a virus from 2019, that is evolving and has evaded the vaccine with only a chance of reduction in symptom severity while the worst is a myriad of health issues which cannot potentially be linked to the vaccine?

    • It is time to find the appropriate antidotes to GenTherapeutics.
      There are natural products that are able to block and destroy the adenovirus RNA. This would already prevent the production of spike proteins.
      However, the destruction of nanoparticles is more complicated. This is because they consist, among other things, of substances from which plastic bags are made. Substances that are found in antifreeze agents. Polyethylene glycol. PEG holds the nanoparticles together and cannot be metabolized.
      That there would be an overreaction of the immune system was clear from the beginning. The innate immune system reacts to an infection by producing antibodies and phagocytes. At the same time, the immune system of the vaccinated must now produce the additional antibodies against the spikes from the vaccines. With each additional dose, the immune system is overloaded. There is an overreaction with inflammation and also an immune deficiency due to overload. In the past, these processes were learned in biology classes. Apparently, people now know nothing about the innate immune system.
      The FC Bayern Munich, is the best proof of how miserable the vaccines work.
      In December, most of the players and some of the support staff were boostered. 3 weeks later, 9 players and 5 attendants were SARS-CoV-2 positive.
      One boosted Canadian player is in the hospital with heart muscle inflammation.

      Ways to stop spike protein production by adenovirus RNA from vaccines. Research reports.


      Vaccines Inactivation!!! That’s the most important thing right now.

    • A life long commitment to and monitoring of keeping your immune system supported–proper nutrition, sleep, manageable stress levels. Health now has to be your first priority. Treat your vaccine status as a chronic illness/condition.

    • Logic would dictate that taking more poison cannot ameliorate a previous consumption of the same poison. Beyond that, given the previous criminal history of Pfizer, why did anyone trust them to do the right thing this time? I knew back in 2019 to trust Pfizer less than I do the Sicilian Mafia because I knew what those corrupt drug pushers had done in the past. The information was readily available for anyone who was interested enough to read it. Now all that those unwary enough to have believed these snake oil salesmen will have to closely monitor their health in the future and watch for signs of trouble that they might previously have igonored with no serious consequences.

  1. Amazing article. I’m curious if you communicate with Geert Vanden Bossche. I would love to hear his thoughts on this. I get the feeling he would agree with everything here.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. The halfwit, midwit accidental explanation on developing the so called vaccines isn’t really supported very well given the number of companies that came up with nearly the same solution simultaneously. Further review shows each company having the same % (5%) of “hot” lots.
    Plus the simultaneous shutdown of all countries at the same time. Plus most of the large country leaders being Schwabs “Young Global Leasers” and you get too many threads. As in high tech manufacturing (hard drives), once is incidental, twice is coincident, thrice is “you got a problem, or a n organized effort”. Excellent analysis, though. The future is not bright for vaxxed or un vaxxed.

    • I’ve heard of the hot lots problem. It seems to me that the cause is that they’re having difficulty standardizing the dose of the product. I don’t think they’re just randomly choosing 5% of the population to give strokes and myocarditis.

  3. You keep using the term ‘codon’ in places where you should be using ‘nucleoside’. Otherwise, bravo on writing such a great piece!

    • It should prove to be less dangerous than the mRNA vaccines, but these vaccines don’t have the ability to end the pandemic or even prevent infection in the individual who receives them.

      The most logical route would have been to treat this like the flu: Young people get infected, high risk elderly receive an intranasal vaccine.

      • Will Novavax cause the same sort of immune suppression as MRNA? Currently my family is unvaxxed and waiting in US for alternative vaccine, such as Novavax, but if going to cause similar issues, will rethink. Having a difficult time finding info.
        This article was so informative btw. Thank you for your work.

  4. This is a masterpiece, thank you. Everything you write makes me so grateful we didn’t get vaxxed. My wife worked in big pharma for a while and knows a little about the vaccine process and said, no you don’t whip up a vaccine in a couple of months. And I’m the naturally skeptical and cynical about something like this, so we have made a good pair in this situation.

    “Children were generally capable of resisting SARS-COV-2 infection, the reason for that is their strong innate immune response.”

    I seem to recall either you or maybe Eugyppius commenting that children were getting Omicron due to innate immunity evasion. And the quote above is “were generally capable of resisting”, so are we to assume that there is an additional component of innate immunity evasion occurring in the unvaccinated as well (as I would presume these Omicron kids are)?

  5. Excellent analysis. It seems that my old “immune tolerance hypothesis” that I posted on JMG’s discussion last summer might not be just a hypothesis anymore. Somehow even most of the “alternative” perspectives seem to be ignoring the tolerance aspect – I’m not sure why as it seems obvious to me that stimulating self to produce non-self in the absence of a real infection is going to generate tolerance to that non-self (the spike protein in this case) while also sending an auto-attack alarm to downregulate the innate immune response (as occurs in people with autoimmune conditions).

    • >Excellent analysis. It seems that my old “immune tolerance hypothesis” that I posted on JMG’s discussion last summer might not be just a hypothesis anymore.

      That was you? Yeah that was pretty much spot on. Exposing the spike protein on the surface of cells in the absence of the normal inflammatory signaling seems to induce tolerance.

  6. So is it safe to get off the shot, shot, booster etc. roller-coaster at any point? Or once on, is it riskier to jump off than to stay on? How permanent is the damage to the immune system? Does anyone even know yet?

    • You’ll have to jump off at some point. Better to do it earlier than later. From Israel it’s clear that endless boosters is a path that rapidly hits diminishing returns. The fourth shot delivers no clear protection whatsoever.

    • Yeah. I think this would have been the only route that makes sense. Delete one or two genes and you could have given people a live attenuated intranasal vaccine.

      It seems they don’t want to do that because they fear hybridization with the wild virus. I don’t know how likely that is. The intranasal vaccines they’re now making seem to be more strange hybrids of viruses with all sorts of risks that are difficult to anticipate and outside of my level of understanding.

  7. I always sit up and pay attention when Radagast posts something new about covid although I can’t pretend I understand all of the science (as opposed to The Science™).

    If I understand correctly, what we are now seeing is a situation in which the virus thanks to the “vaccines” is evolving or has evolved into something that many people will never be able to fully shake off and which might do long term damage to their immune systems. This made me think about HIV which I understand can infect some people for a while before any symptoms of AIDS appear.

    The timing of an article that appeared in the British press yesterday about something that appeared that day in Nature:
    about a “virulent” strain of HIV seems suspicious timing.

    Thanks as always for your research.

    • HIV is a benign virus that does not cause AIDS. The pharmaceuticals prescribed to HIV positive people actually cause the symptoms of AIDS and eventually kill. AZT was the original drug that did this. There are now many others.
      Read JFK Jr.s book The Real Anthony Fauci. He devotes several chapters to the AIDS scam. It was Faucis first evil masterpiece.

  8. The vaccination rate among the elderly in Israel is 95%. If the ICU patients are 70 – 80% vaccinated, it means that the vaccine still does provide some protection.

    • Those are the ones that survived the previous jabs. The weakest ones died within the “unvaccinated” period from the shots themselves. So, what the world has right now is a global sampling error by ignoring the deaths of the weak immediately post-vaccine

    • Most of the Chinese ones are whole inactivated. There was some worry that they could cause antibody dependent enhancement, but they seem to be holding up pretty well compared to the spike protein based ones.

      • I meant inactivated. Not attenuated.

        Ad hominid attacks such as name calling “halfwits” has no place in scientific evidence sharing.

        The facts will speak for themselves.

  9. Wow…such a good article. Thank you for the hard work.
    While I can’t pretend I understand all of the technical details of what is being written I get chills down my spine at the implications of your conclusion.

    The prospects of a Marek’s disease in humans is giving me nightmares lately.

    Could this be a way to having a Marek’s disease in humans? But instead of chickens there will be the unvaxxed up for the 100% sure death rate upon infection and vaxxed ones for a lifetime of booster jabs (however short and filled with serious adverse reactions as it may be).

    If we’re going down that route, a logical conclusion might be to risk the jabs in the long run?

    • In the long run the vaccinated ones may experience more health problems than the unvaccinated ones, the reason being a frozen immune repertoire.


      “Dangerous Original Antigenic Sin Anticipated in SARS-CoV-2”,

      It is known for over twenty years that a human body that has a sound selenium blood level is well prepared to fight viral infections and to suppress the production of viral mutants (see Keshan disease, SelenoPrecise as an organic selenium product).

      Combine this insight with a healthy lifestyle plus vitamin d, zinc and omega 3 fatty acids and you are good to go.

  10. Hello I enjoyed the summary and conclusions. Is the DNA damaged permanently is my question and secondly do the T Cells hold a record of my immunity to CV if I have had it naturally?

  11. I love your work Rada. It is the best summary on the web, by far, of the immuno and viral. It is so insanely good, enorm bedankt.

    Im sharing with those that will not drop dead after or while reading.

    But I’ll have to add… this isn’t malpractice. An oopsie. A inoculation booboo. This was planned from the get-go. You can’t keep explaining this by incompetence and groupthink. Maybe the continuation to a degree, not the onset of this all.

    It fits WAY to well in all global plans prior. The pandemic miraculously answered all ‘sustainable development’ questions. The perfect storm doesn’t exist in nature…

  12. This seems to be the big question that’s not known yet:

    Does the nasty side effects of the immune system suppression by the Vax wear off?

    Or is the immune system permanently reprogrammed.

  13. SARS-CoV-2 may affect the immune response via direct inhibition of T cell receptor:
    Mechanistic hypothesis and rationale

    During co-evolution with their hosts, many viruses have evolved a membrane fusion mechanism to facilitate host cell entry. Examples are human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) and severe acute respiratory syndrome coronaviruses 1 and 2 (SARS-CoV-1 and SARS-CoV-2). These viruses can also infect immune cells (e.g., T cells), providing one of the possible mechanisms for the T cell lymphopenia observed in patients with these infections. Previously, we hypothesized and confirmed in vivo that like HIV-1,
    SARS-CoV-1 can use its fusion domain not only to enter the T cell but also to directly inhibit T cell receptor signaling. Here, based on the analysis of available structural and clinical data, we hypothesize that SARS-CoV-2 may use a similar “disarm the alarm” strategy to suppress immune responses. We also discuss the implications of this hypothesis for better understanding coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pathology, developing effective COVID-19 vaccines and improving clinical outcomes for COVID-19

  14. Would you expect an increase or decrease in candidiasis cases among vaxxed? Synth mRNA stimulates anti-fungal response but T cell fatigue reduces protection.

  15. Wow. Sadly (for all my vaxxed loved ones), this makes far too much sense of what’s going on. And I agree with your final words RE: blame. The hubris of humanity today is simply this centuries version of the same pride expressed at Babel. Centuries ago doctors “knew” of the four humors of the body, and bloodletting was the “high-tech” medical intervention meant to save lives (but actually probably killed vast swaths of people). Same hubris, new century.

  16. Thank you for this article. When the vaccines were just beginning to come out many were warning that Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) had not been solved by science and very well could prove to be a problem. One article I read said that when the vaccinated started getting sick it would be ADE and they would simply claim it was caused by “another variant” and not the vaccine.

    I’m not a doctor or scientists by ANY stretch. Can you explain the difference between ADE and Immune Sysystem Suppression?

    Thank You!

  17. Radagast, thank you for this post — I’ve shared it with people I care about to try to get them off of the booster treadmill.

    I was going to ask you for citations that I could give them for the notion that substituting pseudouridine for uridine underlies the mechanism causing the innate immune suppression by these ‘vaccines.’

    But then I got Malone’s recent post in my inbox, which I don’t know if you’ve read. He comes to the same conclusion as you do, and goes a bit further: the pseudouridine was inserted likely as an attempt to bypass innate immune detection of non-self mRNA, but is responsible for innate immune suppression, the persistence in the lymph node GCs of the vaccinal mRNA, and likely a slew of other adverse effects like reactivation of latent viral infections.

    Cheers and thank you again for a masterfully written post.

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