Teenage girls be like

Teenage girls be like: “Ew I don’t want my boyfriend to watch porn, that’s disgusting and perverted, he should only have interest in ME!”

Those same teenage girls:

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Chapter 65

And then I walked in on Draco having sex with Harry while Ron was eating his ass. They were moaning really hard, like some kind of wild animals. I ran away crying as Draco ran naked after me, still erect. “No baby I can explain this, it’s not what it looks like, I swear, I only have desire for YOU! Dumbledore told us that the only way to defeat Voldemort is through one giant massive gay orgy, there is no other way! Please, you have to believe me!” But I wouldn’t have any of it.

It was clear to me now that Edward Cullen is my one true love, I had found him stalking me earlier during the night, when he climbed into a tree to watch me undress. I opened my drawer, but all my panties were missing. “Ugh Edward, what am I going to wear now…” I sighed to myself. I decided to wear my black miniskirt without any panties, there was no other option. I am not like, a slut or anything, but there was just nothing else for me to wear. But what I didn’t realize yet at the time, was that my panties were actually stolen by a werewolf.

I decided to go to my therapist, to explain to him what had happened. “And how zit it make zu feel, when ze panties were missing? Did zit make zu feel perhaps, like when ze father did not have attention for zu and zjust walked away zo pick up cigarettes one day, never zo return?” He said, as he sat down next to me and slowly began to brush my leg. This felt wrong at some level, but I couldn’t resist. He was a married man easily twice my age, who smelled like whiskey and cigars, whereas I was still just a teenage girl. “Hey I think I have to go now thanks for this session but-” “No you can stay” He said, as he held his finger against my mouth and grabbed my hand tightly.

But then the CEO of the clinic walked in. “What is going on here! Are you harassing a girl more than twice your age? You disgusting old pervert! I should have fired you years ago!” He grabbed my therapist and forcefully shoved him out of the door. “Hey I’m really sorry you had to experience that…” He said. “It’s ok, but thanks for caring…” I responded. “Hey… did you know your eyes look really pretty in the moonlight?” He said. “Heh thanks… that’s really sweet of you to say!” I replied, as I blushed. “Hey would you like to go out with me this friday? There’s this upscale restaurant in Paris where they serve really good sushi, I think you would like it, we can just go with my private jet.” “Thanks, I’ll have to think about it, I’ll let you know tomorrow OK?” I responded.

I texted my best friend Hermione about what had just happened. She didn’t believe me at first. “Oh my God I know him, he is like so cool! All the girls at school love him because he is in this Emo band but he is also the CEO of ten mental health clinics now. His mother mistreated him when he was a child, leaving him covered with cigarette marks. You have to be careful with him though because he can be really cruel when a woman reminds him of his mother, but he can also be really sweet sometimes, I think he still has a good side he just feels like he always has to be strong and mean because of how difficult his childhood was.” She responded. But then I heard loud barking and was suddenly bashed through the room. It was the werewolf who had stolen my panties earlier. He pinned me down on the floor and began to lick my face. I looked carefully at him and realized he reminded me a lot of my ex-boyfriend who is addicted to heroin, but also of my own dog…

Stay tuned for chapter 66 sorry this will have to be next week because I have to study for my exams! xoxo


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