Thanks again, Generation Cronus

The babyboomers panicked in march 2020, because they began to suspect they would finally receive the cosmic retribution they believe they deserve, so they locked everyone up at home until SCIENCE! would save the day. This wasn’t done for the nursing home residents, it was done for obese boomers who didn’t want to end up in the ICU.

All the smart people realized a bad vaccine against SARS-COV-2 would merely make things worse, but four companies went ahead and poisoned the Western population. The result we got of course, was escalating vaccine-enhanced herd susceptibility, as illustrated here:

Without vaccines, we would have had herd immunity. With a vaccinated population, we ended up in the current situation where people get infected about twice a year, because the herd isn’t building up the sort of durable immunity against this lung-damaging brain-damaging lymphocyte depleting virus that brings r0 below 1. The boosted boomers are walking biohazards.

So here is what you get as a result:

We have seven times the normal number of kids under 6 months hospitalized with RSV, with hospitals begging Biden to declare an emergency, along with flu hospitalizations at a decade high. This is not just immunity debt, you don’t end up with seven times the normal number of hospitalizations like that.

You can also see from Denmark, which already had a massive RSV wave last year and now has another massive RSV wave, that this can’t be down to just the lockdowns preventing people from getting it. There is simply increased susceptibility to severe outcome:

How do you think this happens? Hint: People are getting infected twice a year now with a lung-damaging lymphocyte damaging/depleting SARS corona virus. The reason people are getting infected twice a year now, is because your politicians’ only goal was to prevent their electorate of obese solipsistic boomers from facing the consequences of their own actions, rather than asking what is good for the population as a whole.

You bought yourself a summer in 2021 with empty hospitals, but you disrupted the natural mechanisms that lead to population-wide sterilizing immunity against rapidly mutating respiratory pathogens of this nature.

And we’re now paying the price.

Pregnant women who get infected by SARS-COV-2 end up with infants with reduced lung volume. Those infants will be more vulnerable to respiratory viruses as a consequence.

I’ve said this numerous times, to anyone who will listen: When a new SARS virus jumps into the human population, kills millions of people and you decide to respond by disrupting the natural mechanisms that lead to herd immunity, you’re creating an existential threat.

You don’t get fat boomers in the ICU anymore because everyone’s T-cells have had exposure to Spike and so you don’t really see people with an over-exuberant pro-inflammatory cytokine feedback loop that leads to ARDS anymore. But that’s not what SARS-COV-2 is. That’s not why we have the genetic fingerprints of natural selection by corona viruses in our genomes. That was not the threat, that was what made the boomers panic.

Seven times the normal number of infants in hospitals with RSV, simultaneously with a decade high influenza outbreak, is an existential threat. These kids are being stunted in their potential for the rest of their lives, they’re not going to be great athletes. They’re supposed to have 80-90 years of life ahead of them, rather than ten more years of staring at the idiot-box. This is with two infections a year, but look at RNA in sewage in my country:

The lows are getting higher as the year goes on, due to ongoing evolution of the virus, homogeneous herd level immune fixation and population-wide immune depletion. So let’s say we’re looking at three SARS-COV-2 infections a year in 2023 (compared to 8% of the population getting influenza in a given year), how many hospitalized infants do we end up with in November 2023?

I have to ask you, dear reader: Do you consciously realize that you are looking at a warning I have constantly emphasized, that is now unfolding in front of your very own eyes?

These vaccines terraform the human immunological landscape for SARS-COV-2. SARS-COV-2 then further terraforms the landscape, both for itself and for other pathogens.


Why do you have droves of kids in the hospital with RSV now, simultaneously with an unseasonal influenza outbreak reaching a height not seen in years?

This is like climate change, in that you have a long list of positive feedback loops served on your platter, without any significant negative feedback loops to bail you out:

-IgG3-> IgG4 from constant boosting.

-OAS from repeat exposure to Wuhan spike.


-Hematopoietic progenitor cell damage from Wuhan spike exposure (ie direct vaccine induced immune toxicity).

-T cell damage from constant reinfection.

-Increasing viral biomass from ongoing evolution.

-Increasing viral biomass from ongoing immune depletion.

-Accelerating rate of evolution, from increasing viral biomass.

I would love to hear: What’s the negative feedback loop that’s supposed to save the day?

The now fringe Zero COVID academics have exactly one: Accept that you’re now unable to breathe the air. That’s their proposed solution, to accept that the air is now poisonous and the human body can no longer withstand exposure to the wide variety of respiratory viruses we’re continually exposed to, a kind of final alienation of human consciousness from nature.

But I have to say this: If you signed up to receive these vaccines, you are to some degree complicit in what is now happening to the infants. Actions have consequences, just as I am complicit in damaging the atmosphere for having worked at a Bitcoin company. And you might say to yourself: “I wouldn’t be able to go to my shitjob/shitcollege.” But that is the thing with existential threats: Averting them requires paying a costly price, in my case it means I had to ditch a comfortable lazy job where I could roll out of bed at 10AM in the morning and work from my laptop.

It would be easy to blame the government, if it wasn’t for the simple fact that most of the moronic cowardly self-absorbed Western public readily signed up for these genetic and immunological experiments. They didn’t exactly have to force most of you by gunpoint, the few people who were a little hesitant would hear “you can’t show up to your existentially empty meaningless cubicle shitjob anymore if you don’t roll up your sleeve” and it was enough for most morons to sign up for this crap.

Thanks again.


  1. Question: In the Dutch sewage sampling data, is that the number of SARS-Cov-2 virus particles specifically, or does it include other viruses?

  2. When you speak about the “morons” who took the vaccine, you’re making the mistake of assuming all the people who chose to be vaccinated 1.5 years ago would make the same decision today. I have to think the majority of them would not make the same choice, knowing what we know today about them. You have to remember that when these rolled out almost two years ago, we were told they stopped transmission and were safe and effective. There also wasn’t widespread information about how dangerous they might be. Those side effects can only be discovered after enough people have been vaccinated. So the discussion should center on the people who are still continuing to sign up for boosters, which seems to be only a fraction of those who signed up for the initial vaccine.

    • Ian R, I don’t think having figured out the covid shots are bad news since willingly getting one in early 2021 is sufficient to clear oneself of being a moron. Just because a person isn’t stupid enough to grab a red-hot iron barehanded twice doesn’t mean he wasn’t a moron for grasping it the first time. For those who are still unable to see the gene slurry for what it is even now, there are the classifications even further down the old Goddard intelligence scale, like imbecile and idiot. (Unfortunately that includes most of the people I know.)

      By the time most people went in to get injected, they had already lived through ten months or more of the reign of the Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions, the suppression and vilification of promising and safe therapies, and gaslighting about the virus’s origins – all in all the most sustained, comprehensive, worldwide campaign of post-human, anti-rational, anti-child, anti-elderly, anti-poor, superstitious, selfish, oppressive, greedy, hypocritical, bullying, cruel, totalitarian bullshit in history. Anyone who took the official representations about the experimental injectables at face value after all that is a moron or worse.

      Where I differ from our red wizard host is in how sympathetic I am to those who felt compelled to take the needle anyway. I don’t necessarily disagree with his description of them as cowardly, but cowardice is normal, and I’m not comfortable faulting people for sticking with their shitjobs when the alternative may have been the gutter with the actual shit.

    • I am not making a mistake at all. All the sufficient information was there. If someone lacked the intellectual curiousity or mental aptitude to figure it out, they were not so smart.

    • No, Ian R. They would do the same thing again. They didn’t know 1.5 years ago, because they didn’t look. They let the constant media drumbeat and the panic of the herd serve as their excuse to go along. The majority will line right up for the next shot that is “required”.

    • “you’re making the mistake of assuming all the people who chose to be vaccinated 1.5 years ago would make the same decision today”

      Unless you’ve built a functional time machine, this is utterly and completely irrelevant. The fact is, their silly selves took the !vax, even though there was a plethora of information tell them it was a terrible idea (that the people pushing it hardest are the people you wouldn’t trust to wipe your ass should have at least got their antenna up).

  3. I have been thinking lately about how every mythology has the destroyer, Loki killing Baldur, Seth killing Osiris and so forth. Our precious little patch of sense-making can be smashed easily, especially when it gets really nice and precious and virtuous. We as a civilization, and it seems all civilizations, refuse to go gently into the good night. We keep producing ever more precious hothouse flowers. Has there ever been a civilisation that could stop and turn around? Agility is good for individuals, it would be good for civilizatios, too. Some very old cities, like Barcelona, have been able to re-emerge from doldrums several times.
    Sorry for the tangent, I’m so sad about the vaccine madness and also notice it is very hard to relate to vaccinated folks.

  4. “The babyboomers panicked in march 2020, because they began to suspect they would finally receive the cosmic retribution they believe they deserve, so they locked everyone up at home until SCIENCE! would save the day. This wasn’t done for the nursing home residents, it was done for obese boomers who didn’t want to end up in the ICU.”

    Thats been my assessment of what happened in March 2020 onwards. It wasn’t the really old who designed lockdowns and vaccines, they aren’t in positions of power, they are all retired. It wasn’t the young or lower middle aged either, as they haven’t made it far enough up the greasy pole of power to be making decisions of that magnitude. No, it was the 50-65 age range of people who are at the top of every organisation and governmental power structure who looked into the pit and saw death looking back at them, and sh*t themselves. They were expecting a few more years at the apex of their careers, before retirement on a hefty pension, and then 25-30 years of comfortable retirement. And suddenly it was going to be taken away from them in a flash by covid. And everything they then did was to prevent them losing this future at the expense of everyone else. The elderly they threw under the bus by clearing hospitals into nursing homes, thereby decimating the population of elderly people there, they destroyed the futures of the young and lower middle aged by closing schools and shutting down the entire economy, and they risked the lives of everyone with their obsession with vaccines at the expense of all other pharmaceutical solutions to covid. Oh and they destroyed their economies by printing money to pay for it all.

    Now it has to be said that everyone else went along with all this because they were sh* scared too, but the experience of Sweden shows that with proper leadership a frightened population could be led through the covid storm intact. But the Boomer generation had no intention of showing bravery and leadership, they were laser focussed on saving their own skins, and nothing else mattered.

  5. An I right in thinking that the increase in children in hospital with RSV would be due to children being vaccinated, and the resulting increase in infections is also affecting those who aren’t vaccinated, due to greater exposure to infection? Or is it almost entirely vaccinated children?

  6. The kids hospitalized with RSV are too young to have been vaccinated themselves.

    We are being told that they are getting so sick because they have been exposed to covid over and over since birth, and that that has damaged their immune systems. And there may be truth to that. But then there is this study which just came out (I saw it via Mowrey’s substack):

    Estep, BK. et al. “Skewed Fate and Hematopoiesis of CD34+ HSPCs in Umbilical Cord Blood Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic.” Cell. Online pre-proof. Nov. 10, 2022.

    The umbilical cords of infants whose mothers were vaccinated were so damaged as to be untestable.
    (“Due to the poor recovery of CD34+ [HSPC] cells from the vaccinated donor group after thawing cryopreserved stocks, these [standard umbilical cord blood HSPC] assays were only performed with [non-vaccinated] negative and non-vaccinated N-/S+ donor groups’ CD34+ cells.”).

    So, their immune systems were wrecked in the womb by their mother’s vaccination. That is why they can’t fight off RSV now.

  7. “I would love to hear: What’s the negative feedback loop that’s supposed to save the day?”

    Well, eventually, most of the vaccinated will be dead, and the immunological landscape will revert back to something more normal. Of course, the amount of suffering and death needed to get there is more than I’d wish on anyone….

    • And you have to ask what percentage of the unvaccinated will survive if the tribulations of the vaccinated get really biblical.
      If a sufficiently large percentage of the population is repeatedly off work sick until they eventually become disabled or mentally impaired (cumulative heart and brain and immune system damage) then at some point you would expect the economy, supply chains, power grids, basic utilities to crumble and become increasingly dysfunctional.
      And then famine and a wide variety of diseases in the context of a civilization that can no longer feed everyone.
      Maybe it never gets that bad…maybe it just reduces life expectancy to 65 and kills off all the boomers early. Still won’t be fun.

      I don’t know, nobody knows, but I personally decided to leave “Safe” New Zealand and move to eastern Europe because I didn’t want to be in a country with a 95% compliance rate when history turned over the card and revealed the level of damage.

  8. What do you think is the outlook for the unvaxxed in particular? Can we hope to develop some kind of immunity, or are we doomed to endless repeat infections like the vaxxed?

    I’ve already had it twice, but the second time was entirely my fault. I foolishly believed covid was over, and took stupid risks.

    • >What do you think is the outlook for the unvaxxed in particular? Can we hope to develop some kind of immunity, or are we doomed to endless repeat infections like the vaxxed?

      Really hard for me to say. If they keep giving people molnupiravir, there’s an impossible to quantify chance we’ll end up with completely new variants against which nobody has meaningful immunity.

      But there are two questions to be considered here:

      -Do you keep getting infected?


      -If you keep getting infected, what’s the impact of the individual infections?

      And to both of those questions, the answer would appear that you’re better off without these vaccines. Infections are rarer and when they do occur, viral load drops down faster.

      I’ve written a few posts here, on how immune damage from SARS-COV-2 would seem to depend on the nature of your immune response to the virus.

      Organ damage from SARS-COV-2 infection seems to relate to the amount of anti-nucleocapsid antibodies you produce.

      But perhaps most importantly, we need to remember the trade-off: SARS-COV-2’s RBD evolves towards greater ACE2 affinity and away from neutralizing antibodies against Wuhan. This would be expected to come at the cost of homology to our own proteome.

      In other words, as it continues to evolve, it should become easier to develop a wider range of antibodies against more regions of the RBD (assuming your response is not fixated on Wuhan of course).

      And so that gives me reason for optimism, but it’s too complex for me to have a clear simple answer.

  9. It was clearly evident to everyone, immediately, when the injections were introduced that the FDA, CDC, et al were lying. What were the two key words? Effective: questionable but not immediately identified as a lie. Safe: immediately identifiable Lie. No way of knowing long term effects. Blatant lie. Right to your face.

  10. My personal concern right now is how unvaccinated women 20-30 are rare to find.

    Even though I dodged the shot, I’m concerned I’ll end up marrying a vaxxed lady for a lack of viable options and my offspring will be immunodefficient or die within 10 years of age…

    • Perhaps 10 years from now we will hear stories about “those crazy antivax misogynists” who travel to low-vaxxed countries looking for a potential bride. And the foreign women who scam them while pretending they never got the jab.
      I’m sure the NYT will mock their ridiculous desire to find a partner who isn’t going to drop dead of turbo-cancer before her children become teenagers.

      • Bob: More like next year.

        Ed: Preachin’ to the choir, friendo. Of course, there are also women in the same boat, but it’s sad to see all my friends’ lovely daughters being vaxxed and thinking, well, that’s the end of your genetic line, dummies.

  11. So boomers did it. When thay realise what covid really does to their vaxed selves and family, they will do what?
    What crzy shit happens far away now, to some other people, and will soon come here and happen to you?
    One answaer: China zero covid is coming this winter, to stay forever.
    Thay will blame new variant, Putin, climatechange, even Xi. But those measures are their only hope.

  12. The only way out that I have seen that seems to have any chance, is that which Geert VDB has advocated all along. Stop any further doses being used. Give ivermectin / hydroxychloroquine to literally everyone to reduce transmission and try and minimise viral load in vaxed / boosted.
    Treat adverse effects of vax depending on symptoms, test for Vit D levels and boost that. Then hope that our bodies realise there is a foreign presence and they get rid of it. It’s not just the immune issues, I know several working age people who have died from cancers that ‘suddenly’ appeared, three more who died suddenly (one driving a car, another queuing at airport and one went to bed during day not feeling great, died in bed) and one with blood clots in brain (30yr old). None of these people were ill previously, they were not overweight or immunocompromised, they all had houses, families, access to food/water/health care.

    Use of mRNA should never have been permitted, money and greed overcame safety.

    • >The only way out that I have seen that seems to have any chance, is that which Geert VDB has advocated all along. Stop any further doses being used. Give ivermectin / hydroxychloroquine to literally everyone to reduce transmission and try and minimise viral load in vaxed / boosted.

      I think you would need some sort of complex antiviral cocktail.

      The problem with almost any antiviral is that if you decide to give it to the whole population, you’re simply forcing the evolution of variants that resist it.

      If ivermectin or hydroxycholoroquine work (I have no opinion on that), that’s still a different question from: “Will they still work when we have been using them on a global scale throughout the whole population?”

      Hence why I think the only real solution to this problem, insofar as a solution can exist, is holistic: Forest terpenes, transition to a diet based on plants cooked at low temperatures to preserve the protease inhibitors, etc.

      You would also probably need to get rid of obesity in the population, because almost all spread originates from a minority of people with a very high BMI.

      And also worth keeping in mind: If we do somehow eliminate it from the whole population, that doesn’t mean we’ve eliminated it from the rats, the deer, the cats, the stray dogs and all the other animals who are getting infected yet. As soon as we stop the campaign, it would just jump back into our species now.

      I don’t expect there to be a magical fix, as this is simply mankind reaping what we have sown over the decades.

      • Thank you for your excellent work and for challenging our thinking. I am going to read more about terpenes.
        I think your holistic approach would do us all good. I will walk in the woods more.

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