The abnormal antibody response persists

So, a new study looks at how people respond to the most recent variants of SARS2 and you still see that the problems you should be familiar with by now persist. Unusually, we get to look at results from naturally immune people, both children and adults, which we get to compare to people who received two or three shots of mRNA.

Here we have the results from 2 doses of mRNA plus an infection:

Here from 3 doses plus an infection:

Here from unvaccinated kids who have been infected:

And here from unvaccinated adults who have been infected:

We see that among 90% of the mRNA vaccinated (“hybrid immunity”), there is recall of a subset of the antibodies developed from vaccination and subsequent infections. We know these antibodies are not strong enough to prevent infection, but they will be recalled during the infection. These are most likely mainly antibodies reacting against a conserved highly immunogenic region of the NTD.

Among the unvaccinated children and 90% of the unvaccinated adults, there is no neutralization from circulating antibodies in serum. They are thus going to control an infection through their innate immune system. If the innate immune system is not capable of neutralizing the virus on its own, they will develop a novel antibody response against a subset of regions of these novel Spike variants.

The response seen in the mRNA vaccinated here is going to select for fusogenicity: It can be evaded by fusing cells together, so mutations will be selected that improve the ability to fuse cells together. Such cells that are fused together will have to be destroyed.

On the other hand, among the unvaccinated, the plasmacytoid dendritic cells and the NK cells will respond with an aggressive interferon response. Infected cells will be alerted by the different interferons and many will respond by destroying viral RNA that has infected them.

Those cells become better able to recall the pathways they used to get rid of the viral RNA, through epigenetic modifications. They use RIG-I receptors within their cytoplasm, to recognize viruses. These receptors don’t just work for one respiratory viruses, the epithelial cells in your lungs are able to recognize many different respiratory viruses with their RIG-I receptors and they get better at using this pathway, whenever they’re encouraged to use it by interferon.

There are other genes used for this too. MDA5 and OAS1 allow these cells to specifically recognized unusually large chunks of double-stranded RNA, the sort of stuff your cells in your lungs will contain if they were infected by a corona virus, but not if they were infected by a single-stranded RNA respiratory virus, like respiratory syncytial virus.

So your cells in your lungs can be trained, to learn how to avoid becoming virus factories. This is possible when the innate immune system catches an infection early. It’s not possible when T cells are forced to step in at a later point, once an infected cell has already begun fusing together with neighboring cells. Then it’s inevitable the cell has to be killed.

You have the adaptive immune system, for jobs the innate immune system can’t solve on its own. The innate immune system is able to solve the job with less damage. It doesn’t use a sledgehammer to hit a fly. But force the adaptive immune system to do stuff that would normally be solved by these innate immune responses and you will screw all of this up, in ways that can be difficult to anticipate.

We see that people who were vaccinated and then infected have an accelerated decline in lung function, that continues from the period 6 months after the infection to 24 months after the infection. Ask yourself: Is it good to just continually send T cells to kill infected epithelial and endothelial cells in the lung? I don’t think so.

When people have fibrosis in their lungs, whether from smoking or constant SARS2 infections, they can use nattokinase and serrapeptase to gradually remove excess fibrin in their lungs. Vaporized(!) terpenes can reduce the inflammation that is causing the excess deposition of fibrin.

Eventually we will reach a point of very strong antibody pressure. This is when you can expect changes in cysteine bonds, glycosylation changes and/or deletions to happen in the highly immunogenic loops of the N-Terminal Domain. Those changes will tend to hamper transmission to some degree, but increase fusogenicity and enable dramatic antibody evasion.

As I have explained before, that’s when I think the sea will retract from the shore and we will discover that large sections of the population have been swimming naked.

The Dutch elected representatives are again beginning to notice the excess mortality concentrated among our elderly:

This is not going to get any better, as long as you’re sending the wrong cells, armed with the wrong tools, after this virus that is continually reinfecting the whole population. If you think your whole population is now showing elevated levels of pneumonia because of “lockdowns”, you are very naive.

I have argued this many times now and I have asked people to work on solutions for this problem many times now. Just click the links in my post, read about this stuff for yourself.

You have deployed an experimental vaccine, that reprograms the human immune response, in a manner that does not work and is now beginning to undermine the population’s ability to deal with all sorts of different pathogens. The evidence shows that the immune response is broken after just two shots of mRNA. That’s 90+% of the adult population in many countries.

You now have measles spreading everywhere, growing cases of tuberculosis, you have record-breaking levels of pneumonia, seen in all ages groups, you have elevated levels of people going to the doctor suffering coughs that don’t go away. You have winter after winter, of excess mortality you can not explain, when you should be witnessing abnormally low mortality due to the harvesting effect. You have scientific evidence that the lungs of your population are deteriorating at an accelerated rate.

Your population is deploying antibodies, against all sorts of pathogens that their innate immune system would normally handle. These are overwhelmingly antibodies that do not instruct the immune system to deal with infected cells, these are IgG4 antibodies that are telling the innate immune system to stand down and ignore what’s going on. Pathogens around the world are mutating, to make use of the population’s abnormal immune response.

I have said this many times now, as long as you ignore what you created with these therapies, it is going to get worse. This virus will not just disappear either, as long as this poor antibody response is constantly being recalled by the majority of the population in developed countries.

Are you planning on letting teenagers deploy this abnormal antibody response that is continually being recalled with every new infection, for the next fifty years of their lives?

You need to work out some sort of therapy, to remove these abnormal B cells and T cells from the lungs and allow plasmacytoid dendritic cells, NK cells and other innate immune cells to do the job they are meant to be doing.


  1. There is a subset of the population who fall into a “middle ground” i.e. neither fully vaccinated nor unvaccinated. Examples being those who only took 1 dose of mRNA, or unvaccinated babies who were breastfed by their recently vaccinated mothers, or unvaccinated babies who received vaccinal antibodies through the placenta while in gestation. Remember, there was huge pressure/coercion imposed on pregnant women during 2021 and beyond. The vaccine pushers like Viki Male were relentless. It would be interesting to determine what the immune response profile looks like in these groups. Dr. GVB believes those who only received 1 dose of mRNA will still be able to rely on their natural, variant-independent immune response in the same way that the unvaccinated can.

    • >Dr. GVB believes those who only received 1 dose of mRNA will still be able to rely on their natural, variant-independent immune response in the same way that the unvaccinated can.

      Yes that seems to be the case. Only after two mRNA shots do you see the antibody response expand to target regions the immune system is reluctant to target.

        • Because the levels of circulating antibodies tanked quickly, and boosters bring it back up again (and generate more dollars). It’s as simple as that. These people really do not know what they are doing.
          Anyone within a corporation who spoke out would be quashed. Getting the stock price up trumps everything.
          The regulators are dumb. Just read anything written by Paul Offit. Simplistic and dumb.

          • Good question. That’s passive immunity and it doesn’t prime the immune system. Likely, those antibodies will wane so it’s innate immunity will kick in.

            If we would have used nonspecific passive immunity through eggs we would have had neutralizing igY for cov and other pathogens.

  2. As someone who has unfortunately twice “vaccinated” with mRNA, I can absolutely confirm that my immune system has changed. I get randomly sick, and for longer periods of time than I used to, though not any severely ill-so far at least. I’ve been taking Ivermectin and copious amounts of vitamin C and that seems to help a bit.

    Thanks for your blog Rintrah, since I discovered it in 2022 it’s been very informative, scary, but absolutely necessary.

    • Yeah your immune system has been reprogrammed, to rely on T cells and B cells against SARS2. As the virus mutated, these cells undergo somatic hypermutation, to expand the range of epitopes they can deal with. And so the immune system becomes more and more dependent upon an adaptive immune response, to SARS2 as well as to other respiratory pathogens, as there is generally some degree of cross-reactivity.

      Cannabinoids are often used in autoimmune conditions to deal with excessively aggressive T and B cell populations.

      Right now that’s the best option I’ve seen.

      Ivermectin and vitamin C are unlikely to address the root cause of the problem, which will need to be addressed.

      • I can speak to great success using both vitamin C (2,000 mg daily) and Ivermectin (per FLCCC protocol). And each are some of the safest agents known to man.

  3. Please, stop using Datura, not only is it harmful to your health at all levels, it is a channel that opens you up to demonic possession. Your support of the Zionist cause is indicative of the level of damage already incurred.

      • Yeah the dumbest LSWMs are always obsessed about “Zionism”, it’s the one thing that unifies them all.

        That’s why low status brown males who want to hang out online with the LSWMs always obsessively complain about Jews, you can recognize these latinx easily

        • Schizo? Perhaps with the exception of your posts on Covid, practically everything you post here on this blog is schizo. Mr. “Montezuma did nothing wrong!” I wonder how much datura you smoked before you arrived at that conclusion. And by the way your obsession with status is so cringe, as is your support of Israel, the most criminally corrupt country in the world. But oh, I forgot, you share the same mentality as them, as long as your stock portfolio is doing well, and you don’t have to work for a living, well you may as well be one of them. But then you wonder why you don’t have a girlfriend. Well, even the Israeli girls don’t want you. Wonder why? It’s probably because you are an asshole.

          • “And by the way your obsession with status is so cringe”

            I have to call you on this, because more needs to be said about status, or as I would put it, ‘class’. It is refreshing for anyone to dare to speak about this, rather than dismiss it and try to shuffle it back under the rug with sneers about ‘class war’.

            I know, I know, it’s out of fashion these days among both the left and right to talk about class, but that’s because the right is happy for elites/aristocrats to keep on scoring big gains, and so is the left who’re just a bunch of class traitors who’ve sold out the proletariat to enable those gains to be made.

            But never anyone mind that.

            Let’s just have inequality soar even further out of control with the uber wealthy elites making more money than whole countries, complete with new digital feudal lords, while the proletariat sinks even further down.

          • Honestly, have people been asleep for the last 30 years?

            The LSWM has been royally screwed, as has the rest of the proletariat/peasantry, but let’s not kid ourselves, it has certainly been a real shit sandwich for the average LSWM ‘deplorable’ who’s not only been screwed but also gets hated by all.

            There’s a reason why the only people you can still poke fun at in ‘polite company’ (aka class traitors and elitist ponce wankers!) are poor white trash.

            And the reason why they’re mocked, despised, feared and hated by the ruling classes is because the elites understand on some level that sooner or later, their own greed is going to cause them (i.e. the elites) to tip the scales of inequality too far, and when that happens, the elite’s sneers, jeers and police aren’t gonna be able to stop those hated LSWMs from rising up and ripping them apart.

            And you’re gonna’ claim it’s “cringe” to talk about status?


        • The only reason why I read your blog in the first place, is because you have written some very insightful pieces here from time to time. But then you post something that completely contradicts everything and it destroys your credibility and makes you look like a deranged lunatic who has done way too many drugs, that contrary to what you believe, has not helped you, but has caused a great deal of irreparable harm.

          Funny how new readers, upon reading a post like this, probably mistakenly conclude that you are a medical professional, or academic, when nothing could be further from the truth. You make yourself into this pseudo expert, saying things no one else says, being the only one to get it right, but who the hell are you really? You would never debate the real experts in a Zoom meeting, only on an obscure blog, where no one can see your face, and verify that you aren’t using AI to help you compose these posts.

          By the way, the vaccine was intended to fail, was intended to cause harm, it is not a result of incompetence. It was planned long before Covid. Karen Kingston’s Substack shows all the evidence of the patents. Yes, there are most certainly incompetent people going along with it and pushing it, various bureaucrats and useful idiots of all colors and stripes, but ultimately, everything you identify as being wrong with this vaccine, and how it is breaking peoples immune systems, that’s intentional, not a result of incompetence. Your failure to see that, is the biggest error in your reasoning, next to your failure to recognize the malevolent role the Zionists play in all this.

          Also your responses are so predictable. Anyone who says anything insightful that contradicts what you say is a LSWM or brown person. I vaguely remember you calling “Fucko the Clown” a low status brown person too, and obviously I’ve never seen the guy, but he comes across as more profoundly Aryan than you’ll ever be. It’s pretty funny actually. But I leave you to your Hebrews and your homosexual fanboys who gush over your “genius”. Lol. Once again I’m out of here.

          • I just took a look at Karen Kingston’s Substack, and it seems like you can’t read it unless you’re a subscriber. It’s not as if she’s really open to debating people over there is it?

            I’m interested in where this is headed, and whether the virus/”vaccine” was intentional or non-intentional, I still like reading these posts to try to get a sense of that.

            And with that in mind, I can actually read Rintrah’s thoughts here, unlike Karen’s which seem to be hidden for non-subscribers.

  4. Rintrah, what is your target audience? Other academics or LSWM?

    I see this trend not only at you but also at others I like to read:
    You all get lost in details we can’t see through with our IQ of 90.

    We don’t want over detailed reasoning, we want conclusions and predictions, and of course some cool doom.

  5. >Are you planning on letting teenagers deploy this abnormal antibody response that is continually being recalled with every new infection, for the next fifty years of their lives?

    No, Mr. Bond. I expect you to die.

  6. It seems strange that in the case of (90 percent of) the unvaccinated there is “no neutralization from circulating antibodies in serum”. They caught covid in the past. Shouldn’t they be coming up with some antibodies that neutralize the virus? Due to their prior infection? Is it just that the antibodies that they are producing don’t match the new variant, and that is why they are not neutralizing??

    • They generally only produce neutralizing IgG antibodies in serum against a handful of highly immunogenic RBD epitopes, but the specific epitope will differ from person to person. These epitopes mutate rapidly.

      The vaccinated produce IgG antibodies against these highly immunogenic RBD epitopes, as well as to more conserved epitopes (after the second shot, when the immune system discovers the antibodies developed against the highly immunogenic epitopes after the first shot were insufficient).

      • Thank you.

        This seems bad all around. So people who are not vaccinated make antibodies when they are infected, but those antibodies aren’t much use for the next time they catch covid due to new variants. So their innate immune system is stuck doing the work. But really people must make antibodies for a reason; if they catch covid over and over again their innate immune system may be better trained but it must be exhausted and it must be taken away from other tasks. And then those who are vaccinated are sort of doing better for a while, because they are making loads of antibodies, but when that system fails they won’t have the innate immune system to fall back on (plus the antibodies have shifted to IgG4). If I understand you correctly.

        I don’t understand why vaccinated people would develop antibodies to conserved epitopes, but unvaccinated people wouldn’t. It was argued early on by anti vax people that the unvaccinated would have a much greater range of antibodies than the vaccinated since they had not been so narrowly trained to the spike. I think you are saying it is because the vaccinated people keep pumping out antibodies that are then blocked or evaded by the virus so their body tries something else. But why aren’t the unvaccinated doing that? Because their innate immune system gets into action before any worthless antibodies from the last infection are produced?

        I am seeing more old vaccinated people become more demented seeming. Of course it is hard to tell if it is natural, but it doesn’t seem natural; they are becoming ridiculously garrulous. Except for my father in law, who is 99 years old; he is still totally sharp. He did have four shots (his choice), but he has not caught covid or anything else, and he eats five marijuana gummies a day for his compression fracture pain.

  7. Question for all:

    Diabetes runs in my family. In Aug 2023, I visited an endocrinologist who explained to me that I have diabetes. (I need two visits to receive the official diagnosis per US rules).

    I started keeping track of my blood sugar.

    Sep 2023 – average blood sugar 147.

    My BMI at the time was 30 despite generally dieting. I have been dieting for the last 20 years. At that point in August, I started “eating less”, my diet described as mostly “meat with vegetables”.

    I lost weight, and by Dec 9, my BMI was 28.3, but my blood sugar improved only slightly.

    Dec 9 – average blood sugar 138.

    In desperation, I switched to eating vegan on Dec 9 2023. I kind of found my comfort groove, try to eat healthy, cook hot cereals from whatever I want with my rice cooker, eat vegs, stir-fried vegs, beans, olive oil, sometimes coconut oil, nuts, etc. Overall I am happy with the food I am eating although I miss meat somewhat.

    I also make an effort to “eat less” as I can gain weight on any diet.

    Since then, I have lost 8 lbs, and my BMI is 26.9. My blood sugar also improved, but only slightly. I keep a blood sugar spreadsheet with daily measurements.

    Feb 8 – average blood sugar 129.

    So, there is a steady improvement, but I was, frankly, hoping for more.

    I will try to lose 16 more points to get to BMI under 25. But I have a feeling that my diabetes will worsen no matter what and I am frankly scared of what is going on. I question how long I will live as a functional individual.

    Any suggestions or thoughts? Thanks

    • Veganism can’t remove iron from your body that has already accumulated. It can only stop your body from having to store more of it. Your best option is really to donate blood.

      Also useful is to do strength training, to deal with fat accumulating between your muscle cells that prohibits them from properly absorbing sugars.

    • Igor, please stay with us in the land of the living! Love yer substack.
      But if you can’t and you must depart early due to yer genetics, oh well.
      Your warrior genetics are superior in some ways and maybe not so good for longevity.
      I have no diet advice for you.
      You know far more about diets than I do. I’d just say relax a bit, chill out and have some fun on this earthly plane while you educate us with your superior brain.

    • 129 is only barely diabetic. And that sounds like fast improvement to me.

      I supplement with magnesium to prevent diabetes and heart disease. It is very hard to get enough magnesium from food, due to depleted soils. I buy a canister in powder form (cheap and no fillers)(I like Nutricost) and add half a small scoop to a drink every day; you shouldn’t overdo; follow the label. Also take a multivitamin (without iron, of course). A high quality one without fillers is best. Magnesium will also help with mood and sleep.

      “Pooled analyses of 24 randomized controlled trials with 1,325 T2D individuals revealed that subjects who received magnesium supplementation had statistically significant reductions in fasting plasma glucose, glycated hemoglobin, systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure” (Frontiers in Nutrition, 18 January 2023).

      • Yes, people think that it is just the carbs in food that they eat that affects blood sugar, but stress hormones matter too. And gut bacteria.

    • 1) Consider metformin/berberine, but exercise caution as these can deplete B12, so supplement methylcobalamin.

      2) 16/8 Intermittent fasting. Ideally start eating early in the day and have last meal before sunset.

      3) Consider a 3 day fast as Andrew Miller suggested.

      4) Combination of strength training and HIIT.

      5) Lower cortisol through meditation/yoga.

      6) Vinegar and cassia cinnamon blunt blood sugar spikes, but be careful as too much cinnamon is bad for the liver.

      7) More lower glycemic index carbs.

      8) Cold showers to stimulate brown adipose tissue formation.

      9) Higher vitamin D from more sun. Sun >> vit. D supplements.

      10) Focus on natural cold pressed oils instead of industrially produced seed oils.

      11) Magnesium, inositol, glycine, L-theanine will give you great sleep. Avoid blue light in the hours before bed. Use red light instead, it won’t suppress melatonin.

      12) Get morning sunlight outdoors, great for circadian biology. Don’t wear glasses or contacts.

      13) Consider a magnetico pad:

    • You may be eating too many carbs and overloading the liver. Also, restoring insulin sensitivity takes some time, sometimes a long time. There is a lot of good advice on youtube, if you can trust yourself to separate it from the crud.

    • Hi Igor, you may want to check out the work of Dr. Amen-Ra. He has put up an OMAD diet and puts very much emphasis on glucose levels regarding to health. He is an unconventional guy but the science is extensive and sound.
      it’s the guy from the video “Vegan Strongman Eats ONE MEAL A DAY”

    • The ticket is a low carb diet. Read or listen to the book ‘Change your diet, change your mind’ by Georgia Ede. Better to eat an all meat diet than become a vegan which is sure to deprive you of nutrients and not stop your problem with insulin resistance.

      • I too call it a “pandemic” in my head, I just couldn’t be arsed to type ” “.
        I will have to type it in manually, so hang on.
        It is interesting how un-skeptical he is.
        The interesting bits are kind of mixed in with drivel about how chess skills can serve you in business and politics.

        • This importance of agility over consistency becomes apparent in a crisis, and early in 2020 a crisis beyond the memory of anyone alive arrived with a terrible fury: the Covid 19 pandemic. At the time of writing, the war against it is being won, thanks to the remarkable power and speed of new vaccines.
          The result was in doubt for a while, and this uncertainty was as destabilising as the human toll – a toll that included my mother, Klara Kasparova, and my friend and former coach Yuri Dokhoian.
          Lockdowns to reduce the spread paralysed travel and emptied offices and public venues of every kind. Manufacturing and supply chains were stretched and disrupted as demand for some items and services skyrocketed while demand for others nearly vanished.
          When a crisis hits so hard, you must question nearly everything, from your preparation to every decision that led up to this moment. This is as true in business as it is in a world championship chess match. Was the disaster a result of a fundamental misevaluation or a relatively simple mistake? Is a new strategic framework required, or only greater tactical awareness and better response time?
          These questions are an important part of the book, and I would like to emphasize the mantra of adaptability, now more commonly referred to as “agility” in the business world. A poster on the wall of a school gymnasium will define agility as the ability to redirect motion without losing speed, and that suits our purposes here very well. The ability to change course while keeping momentum is vital to respond to one’s competition – or to a pandemic.
          Entire workforces shifted to remote work in a matter of days. Millions of service workers had no job to go to, while online retailers and delivery companies boomed. Governments adapted many regulations or lifted them entirely. Hundreds of millions of students, including my kids, abandoned the classroom for a computer screen.
          Goods that used to go to restaurants and cafeterias had to be repurposed for the home. There were shortages of everything from flour to toilet paper.
          Almost from the start, the question was how many of the adaptations that made it possible to get through the pandemic indicated permanent, post-virus shifts. Many places had dabbled in remote work and education for years, but in 2020 it became clear that it wasn’t a sci-fi dystopia or utopia, it was a reality, like it or not. Other initiatives like universal basic income and locally grown food supplies got new momentum. Would we go back? Should we?
          Many technologies that had been seen as futuristic or questionable were accelerated by necessity. In other cases, we learned that we had been too slow, that our abundance of caution cost us time and lives. The robots and other forms of automation that would have kept vulnerable people safe had been shunned as job killers. But they would have been life savers in work environments made hazardous by the virus. Our cities had catered to the needs of automobiles and commuting for so long that our living and shared spaces were revealed to be cramped and unhealthy.
          It’s hard to overestimate how much worse things would have been had the pandemic struck when this book first came out. The internet was still in its infancy, unable to support the billions of loathed videoconferencing calls that have kept companies, schools and families functioning. More subtly, the adaptable software tools and smart devices we rely on were relatively primitive in 2007. Not only have they helped us through the pandemic, but the recovery will be far faster due to our ability to retool and redirect our energies – and then do it again and again.

          • Thanks Dan.
            As a chessplayer myself, I appreciate how awesome Kasparov was, but I’m not impressed with his normie opinions on things. He clearly doesn’t spend any time with alternative media and just regurgitates mainstream liberal pablum.
            I remember his mother Klara. He thinks she was killed by covid in Azerbaijan?

          • It is a strange chunk of text, I agree. Obviously there are still many people who were alive during WW2 alive right now and he says “a crisis beyond the memory of anyone alive”. That’s what he said, the covid toll included his mother.
            He once said he liked Anatoly Fomenko’s theories and he was interested in helping Fomenko with it, and he said his “analytical abilities” might come in handy. But when it comes to pandemics it seems he doesn’t switch on his analytical abilities.

  8. Could the ongoing deaths of the elderly been anticipated? If so, would this have been a motive for the government of virus origin to correct the high ratio of elderly to smaller and smaller number of young people?

  9. Since Igor asked his question, I will ask mine.

    One of my seven month old dogs (golden retriever german shepherd mix) has recurring UTIs. She has a recessed vulva (common in young female dogs before they go into heat); that is the likely initial problem. Since her first UTI we’ve been wiping it with chlororahexidrine wipes and MalAcetic wipes (plain toilet paper clearly didn’t help). She has been on two rounds of Amoxicillin, but two days after ending the second round the UTI came back. Her urine was cultured and supposedly Amoxicillin should have worked. It has probably formed a biofilm or has burrowed into the bladder wall, and once the antibiotic is stopped it comes out. She is too young to take the best antibiotic for tissue penetration (Baytril).

    While she was on the Amoxicillin I gave her cranberry, reishi, turmeric, ginger and d-mannose and did the daily wipes. But it came back anyway. She can’t tolerate serrapeptase; I tried four different brands. She can’t tolerate vitamin c. The only things I am coming up with are blueberry instead of cranberry, and maybe giving her zinc. I have the latest urine out for culturing.

    Any thoughts, other than turning her into our next meal, would be gratefully welcomed. She is on Amoxicillin again so she feels fine, but it isn’t going to be the answer. Of course I am worried that she may have had covid (the person who delivered her and her companion had covid) and that that has wrecked her immune system. But this could all be happening even without that.

    • karen, my border collie female had a UTI; i gave her colloidal silver to drink, infection cleared within 48 hours with no vet visits. look up “the art of making colloidal silver” to make your own at almost no cost.

        • are you pretending to be a moron here? if not:

          Argyria is the graying of the skin. Colloidal silver can be produced either chemically or electrically. Argyria is a result of ingesting high doses of chemically produced colloidal silver. There has never been a case of Argyria caused by electrically produced colloidal silver.

      • Thank you very much, uranian. I will look into that. I am extremely risk averse with my dogs, so I will need to find a lot of assurance that it is safe for dogs (your dog is a good data point but I will need more). Fortunately we bring them to an alternative vet (along with a regular vet) and I can ask her about this. She very well might not have thought of it. I appreciate this lead.

        I wish I could give them low dose methylene blue (which I take), since it has antibacterial and antiviral potencies, but there just is not enough dog safety data generally and not enough data on how it might interact with the other things they are getting.

  10. Actually, I’m a mid status white female, of Northern European decent. And you are clearly a midwit who is mentally deranged. Even VoxDay who coined the term “midwit”, would most certainly agree, Mr. 130 IQ. LOL!

    My comment was sent in the spirit of goodwill, but your response has shown your true colors. Interesting how you dismiss the helpful advice, that Datura is clearly extremely harmful to your health at all levels. I know from personal experience, a close family member of mine succumbed to complete psychosis after years of use.

    But whatever, this is the last time I attempt to help a fucked up Millennial online, you’re on your own bud. I’m out of here.

    I feel sorry for the people who post here that are unaware of the full extent of your mental derangement.

    • “Actually, I’m a mid status white female, of Northern European decent.”

      That doesn’t mean anything unless you were actually born and raised in a Northern European country. You can never be one of us.

      • Interesting. I have no plans of ever living in Northern Europe, so that’s okay. But your statement seems to ignore the validity of racial memory. It is my belief that two people with Northern European genetics, or anyone with a common ethnic heritage for that matter, who were born and raised in different countries, have more in common with each other, than people of different races and ethnic backgrounds who were born in the same place.

        Also, ironically enough, if what you say is true, that being born and raised in a specific location is a requirement for membership into the ethnic tribe of that location, despite similar genetics, and that the genetic memory of the blood doesn’t transfer to future generations who have been relocated from their place of ancestral origin, well then there goes the argument in support of the Jewish claim to Israel, since most Jews were neither born nor raised in Israel, including the modern day founders of the State of Israel. LOL!

        But I get what you’re saying, even though my ancestry comes from Europe, I’m an American, and since I never plan to ever move to Europe, I will never be European, and that’s fine with me. That’s probably going to be one of worst places to be in the near future anyway, you know with the collapse of the gulf stream and the coming ice age.

        • You could just use google to support your position.

          “A study into the genetic nature of friendship has found that, on average, close friends are likely to be as genetically related to one another as fourth cousins who share the same great, great, great grandparents.”

          As a Christian I think this is something that has to be understood as a physical matter but then set aside for spiritual reasons. Each of us has Christ’s light within us, and we ultimately truly know one another only through Christ.

        • There are things that Europeans and those of European ancestry have in common with each other.

          No doubt about it.

          Interesting too that the European diaspora isn’t welcome back, I guess they prefer non-white migrants in Europe.

          Certainly seems that way.

          So, despite being engineered for a different climate, I will remain in Oz, which my ancestors stole fair and square during the last and greatest ‘Viking raid/invasion’ of all time.

  11. The vaccine has put the mutation speed of the virus on over drive. The body of the vaccines over produces antibodies. Then we have those giant blood clots, never seen before 2021, a new pathology. Not to forget turbo cancers and autoimmune diseases, organ damages etcetera. All becuse they trusted science and showed no respect towards nature.

    But no lesson was learned, the vaccines is considered a success. The inventors of mRNA got the Nobel Prize and a tsunami of new vaccines is on their way.

  12. Sputnik V is an unlawful experiment, patient advocacy group says
    Russia’s League of Patients says Covid vaccines have not been proven safe

    “[T]he effectiveness and safety [of Sputnik V] have not been proven, and this represents a formal crime. It is not even necessary to prove any connection with deaths, because it is almost impossible to prove—we don’t know how these vaccines work, since clinical studies have not been completed,” Saversky said.

  13. You say that the plasmacytoid dendritic cells play an important role in the immune response of the unvaxxed. But aren’t these cells basically universally deficient for at least 8 months after a covid infection? What are the implications of this?

    • >But aren’t these cells basically universally deficient for at least 8 months after a covid infection? What are the implications of this?

      They measure them in blood. I’m not sure if they’re universally deficient, or if they just migrate towards the tissues where they’re needed.

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