The authoritarian academic and his will to power

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It’s not really possible to have a society based on anti-authoritarianism. What happens instead is that the anti-authoritarians develop into the new authorities. We’ve seen this with the rise of Christianity, which started as a radical anti-Roman movement, that inverted the Roman power structure. Over time Christianity developed its own new authoritarian structures, until eventually people were forcibly converted to this new religion.

We see something similar in today’s society. Our society is rooted in enlightenment ideals, which represent a revolt against the old order. Since the 1960’s we’ve been led by people who revolted against the sober conservatism of the 1950’s. And yet, if you look at our society, you notice the same pattern you’ve seen before in history, which is that the same authoritarian structures develop that we had in the past, only this time we can recognize the uniform of anti-authoritarianism because the changes have happened so rapidly.

You can look at some of the structures that are evolving convergently. To start with for example, there’s the eunuch caste, which we in our society call LGBTQI+ or some variant thereof. In exchange for not engaging in sexual reproduction and starting dynasties of their own, the LGBTQI+ caste receives special privileges and is trusted with power. They get to moderate content at the top social media platforms and they get top positions in the universities, which is ground zero for the modern religion.

They also now receive the opportunity in school to groom young children to enter their caste. Wealthier parents will increasingly generally tend to avoid schools where children are babysat by they/them members of the eunuch caste, so as in previous eras, the eunuch caste mostly recruits from the poor, often preferentially from racial minorities. This is of course not very different from how only poor boys and girls ended up in Catholic orphanages and Mary Magdalene houses where they would face sexual and psychological abuse.

In previous eras the whole system, of the Chinese court or the Ottoman court, would have the figurehead of a hereditary emperor, who was in practice powerless. The system after all had simply grown too complex for any man to administer on his own, so in practice things were run by the court eunuchs, whose lack of testosterone made them diligent and conscientious as if they were women. In our case, the figurehead of the emperor turns into a president or prime minister and when the wrong one gains power, the court plots against him.

The universities, as said earlier, represent the churches. They teach people the lessons around which their society is based. Anyone who doesn’t go to university, which in the US now seems to be around 10% of youth at best, is for all practical purposes seen as a heathen. Heathens can’t be trusted with anything. In fact, you’re unable to do even the most basic of office jobs, which require a four year degree. They’re generally only useful for manual labor.

In this sense the system is not different from the Ottoman empire, where Christians were not so much exterminated (at least until the empire began to die), but rather, turned into second class citizens who worked the land, were placed at legal disadvantages and had economic incentives to convert.

The same thing happens in the Western universities. How sincere were Greeks, Armenians or any other groups in the Ottoman empire, who converted to Islam and assimilated into the Turkish population? Probably not very. But it doesn’t matter. If you’re forced through the process and have to carry out the rites and teach them to your children, you’ll gradually assimilate into the culture and lose your own, whether you like it or not.

The universities in the West are similar. You might not like the lessons they have to offer. You don’t want your children to listen to the rantings and ravings of a middle-aged lesbian who insists that skycrapers are shaped like penises to impose male dominance. You might expect your children not to assimilate the ideology. However, your children will be exposed to it and if they’re exposed to it regularly enough, they’ll adjust to it.

This is also, for what it’s worth, why the masks are never dropped. Bill Gates continues to insist they’re even more effective than the vaccines, despite all evidence to the contrary. If you have a religion, then you want people to have symbols they can wear that display their virtue. In the Ottoman empire this would be a headscarf for women. Of course the highest status women don’t have to wear the headscarf, just as Western celebrities didn’t have to wear masks. When you don’t have a high social status, you justify your existence through virtue. The masks, along with the whole social distancing concept, are part of a secular academic religion that can’t properly actualize itself because nothing is happening.

The whole ideology has to be understood as being based on the inversion of traditional virtues. The modern authoritarians wear an anti-authoritarian uniform: Women with pink or blue boyish haircuts. bodies covered with piercings and tattoos. Instead of chastity, the ideology glorifies non-reproductive sex. The COVID ideology, represents the inversion of trusting in God’s divine plan. Traditional religions tend to rationalize disease. Islamic fatalism treats it as the inevitable will of God when a man gets sick and dies.

In the COVID ideology, we see the rebellion against this mentality. It’s this conviction that disease is something that man can eliminate. And despite having completely failed at this, defeat will of course never be admitted. If only we had done X, Y and Z, this virus would have been forced into extinction. And East Asia today of course, is suffering the consequences from our Western failure to do the right thing. It’s an unfalsifiable assertion, which religion is typically full of.

There are of course a handful of people who are for whatever reason not able to assimilate into the new system. The evolution of society is towards ever reduced human autonomy, so most of the people who reject the new system tend to be naturally anti-autoritarian to one degree or another. The ironic thing that happens is that the anti-authoritarians end up interpreted as authoritarian, because they invoke the symbols of some previous order. They themselves may believe themselves to be authoritarian even.

What they tend to be rather, are just individuals who somewhat naively assume that the old order, which afforded greater liberty, can be preserved. As an example, they’ll argue that SARS-COV-2 is just the flu and they’ll argue that we don’t need a system of vaccine privilege, where civil rights are dependent on how you have altered your body.

And in this case, they were mostly right, because they somewhat lucked out. The virus was not as deadly as the models had promised. Once they could no longer place people on ventilators the death toll became rather lackluster, although mandating masks may have helped crank it back up. Similarly, we were lucky in regards to how useless these vaccines proved to be. But had the variables been subtly different,  you wouldn’t really have had a leg to stand on: A mucosal vaccine would probably have worked to stop infections and it should be trivial for some dork in a lab somewhere to come up with a virus that does cause the collapse of the hospitals.

In fall they’ll have a chance to resurrect their religion. Almost the whole population has been placed at an immunological disadvantage against this virus: All the vaccinated people are stuck with highly homogeneous immune imprinting, against an old version of this virus that is no longer in circulation. In BA.2 we now seem to see negative efficacy of the vaccines, in BA.2.12.1, BA.4 and BA.5 the negative efficacy has probably gotten worse. The virus has plenty of time left to accumulate more immune evading mutations in the months ahead, so it could very well come back with a vengeance.

However, the argument I wish to offer you here, as the natural anti-authoritarians, is to suggest to you that you can’t put up serious resistance if you deny the tenets of their faith. This often works just fine when faced with new authoritarian belief structures and it was the inclination of the Hebrews when faced with a new religion too. “Well this woman named Mary must have been pregnant from a Roman soldier!” is the sort of argument you can find in some of the first descriptions of early Christianity.

Similarly, in the attempt to resist the novel religion, the heathens come up with all sorts of creative theories. A popular one I’ve seen is to insist that the virus itself doesn’t exist, that it has “never been isolated”. And yet, this isn’t really going to be enough to overturn the new religion.

Rather, your best option as an average guy in the street, is to mock the new religion so hard, so viciously, that the social cost of associating with it is so high that it never quite manages to gather the critical mass it needs to impose itself on the rest of the population.

In this sense, it’s not very different from how other religions are addressed. The Haredim in Israel, are mocked. In Palestine, the Salafists are similarly mocked and told to go back to Saudi Arabia. You don’t need a Phd to mock and you don’t need to win a scientific debate to mock. Rather, you just need to say: Your claim to authority is based on laughable grounds.

People with authoritarian personalities can’t handle this. As an example of a natural authoritarian, who readily uses this pandemic to his own advantage, consider Anthony Leonardi. He is extremely eager to keep the whole circus going, but he lashes out when he sees people mocking his buddy Eric Feigl Ding. They lash out with anger, because mockery is their Achilles heel. Mockery prevents the seed of faith from properly germinating.

It’s the habit of people to insist that their opponents in a conflict must be sheer unadulturated evil. I’ve explained this before, as humans we do this because it makes it easier to fight an enemy. If you’re a soldier about to enter a war and the general gives a speech that goes like “well, I’m sure these guys were just drafted into the army and wish to go back home to their mothers too and at the end of the day they’re ruled by the same sort of power-hungry narcissists as we are” then you’re not going to feel very motivated to choke on mustard gas.

Rather, systems tend to evolve towards greater authoritarianism because societal changes make this necessary. Consider the climate change problem. It’s going to end up reducing your liberty in one way or another. People will likely be prohibited from reproducing in parts of Africa, meat will become unaffordable, flying will end up being phased out of existence too. And yet, that doesn’t mean the problem is not real.

As we wait longer with addressing the problem, the solutions that will be implemented will become increasingly authoritarian. It’s perfectly possible that we will end up faced with “climate lockdowns” at some point in the near future. And yet, you have to be pretty dense, to imagine that governments would impose a “climate lockdown”, if there were not a genuine problem. You can see the droughts unfolding around the world right now, you will eventually find yourself witnessing the death of the coral reefs too.

There are of course always opportunists, people unsatisfied with their position who wish to use a crisis to increase their own status. In the case of COVID, these are people like Eric Feigl Ding (a nutritionist eager to make a career switch like Ferguson in the UK) and doomsday cult leaders like Leonardi. However, the reason the whole social distancing concept spread around the globe, is because the expert class was genuinely worried.

A novel coronavirus had leaked from a Chinese lab and it seems to have killed 20 million people worldwide. There’s little point in covering up the impact of their crimes for them: Their stupidity caused a deadly pandemic and so they came up with a whole set of rules and measures as part of a desperate attempt to avoid killing this many people.

We see a conflict between the system itself, which recognizes that it can’t deal with the economic damage from the social distancing experiment and now tries to end it, and the public health class, a subsystem of the system that sees this as a wonderful opportunity to increase its own power.

The authoritarian personality types tend to be attracted to certain academic disciplines that lend themselves to power. Consider our T-cell immunologist. Who wants to become a T-cell immunologist? It’s an abstract technical subject that doesn’t naturally appeal to a child. You become a marine biologist because you love the ocean. You become a herpetologist because you love reptiles. You become an art historian because you love art. Why would you become a T-cell immunologist? Because you love T-cells? It requires an ambitious type of person, able to jump through endless hoops in exchange for status. As academic careers become more competitive, this assessment only becomes more accurate over time.

The lower rank members of the public health class are never going to say that we will now just have to treat this virus as any other respiratory illness, because these types have a will to power. If you pay careful attention, you’ll notice the general tendency for the chief scientists to go reluctantly along with the global experiment, with the arguable exception of Drosten in Germany and Fauci in the US. Generally speaking it’s the younger ones, stuck with some obscure position studying a niche subject matter like T-cell immunology in the case of Leonardi, who are most enthusiastic about the whole social distancing concept.

They’re not concerned about the three million children who die of malnutrition every year. They’re cogs in a machine, that work towards increasing the power of the machine they identify with and benefit from the process themselves. To do that, they need to terrify people about this virus. And so you hear about children who need liver transplants, instead of hungry children whose flesh rots away because the bacteria in the mouth start to devour the body. This is human nature: We ultimately fear what we want to fear.

This is important to remember. The public health establishment has a pretty clear goal, which is to cause fear, because fear causes people to demand a solution from their government. When you spread fear, you’re doing their work for them. If you were to insist for example, that all these constant reinfections are causing people to develop some sort of AIDS, then ultimately you’re doing their work for them.

You might consider it contrarian, if you argue it mainly happens to the vaccinated. And your argument may be viable: I see every reason to believe that the long-term effects of the mass vaccination campaign will be to exacarbate the pandemic. But ultimately, you have to remember that you’re still doing their work for them, you’re like a Satanist who inadvertently spreads a Christian dualistic view of the world.

We have to ask, what exacarbation of the pandemic would look like. In 2020 there was no vaccine. In 2021, the vaccine is said to have prevented around half a million deaths in Europe. If we assume no protection in 2022 and through an original antigenic sin type response, we see an additional 100,000 COVID deaths every year for the next ten years, then it would have killed two people for every life saved.

That wouldn’t be an extreme scenario. Rather, it just means extrapolating from what we’re now seeing in highly vaccinated regions and comparing it to unvaccinated regions. If this pattern persists in highly vaccinated parts of the world:

While this pattern persists in relatively unvaccinated parts of the world:


Then it takes a few years for the death toll from the vaccines (excluding deaths from adverse effects) to exceed the number of COVID deaths prevented in 2021. That’s what I consider most likely right now. I’ll readily admit that I expected a far worse outcome than we’re seeing today: A big bang, instead of the current long tail of people dying because we’re stuck with an impoverished immune response.

Although it’s looking less likely to me that such a big bang takes place with every day that passes, it’s certainly possible that it gets worse, we’ve never had a failed experiment like this performed at a global level before. However, to spread an inverted doomsday message reminds me a bit of the goth kids in high school who typically tend to be the only ones to become born again Christians as adults.

To constantly warn you that the next variant is already here and spreading at a 20% advantage and just picked up a new spike mutation and is soon going to cause the dreaded ADE scenario sounds an awful lot like a boring sermon from the high priest of the Church of Satan, before he asks for more donations to fight those dreaded Christians who wish to outlaw abortion.

If you fight monsters, you risk becoming a monster. I could have done that too, back when I got about 10,000 hits a day I could have set up the substack some of you asked for and spent every day warning you about what new catastrophe now hangs like a sword of Damocles above the heads of the vaccinated. I’m happy I didn’t do that. The vaccinated should be afraid of the same sort of things as the unvaccinated: Heart disease, diabetes and most importantly, wasting their lives away not doing the things they genuinely want to be doing.

And so rather than warning you of this variant or that variant, or analyzing this bit of data or that bit of data, the only proper message I have to offer you today is that you too need to move on, just like the normies. If you didn’t jump into the vaccination experiment and were treated like a second class citizen, you have a trauma. And people with a trauma can tend to be vindictive. Some Jews were planning the poisoning of Germany’s water supply after the second world war.

It’s ironically easier for the normies to move on, than for the people who resisted the circus, who are now waiting for the dreaded new variant that will finally unleash the ADE nightmare and who spend their days browsing through hundreds of pages of Pfizer documents. My advice is honestly not to bother, to unlearn the patterns we’ve picked up over the past two years.


  1. I find it hard to simply move on. It’s not like the jews after the WWII – they had their Nuremberg trial and the nazis were chased and persecuted.
    What we have now is basically the nazis continuing their work preparing for their next hit. Without much noise in the press nobody seems to care to our own peril. I personally expect a new round of lockdowns and vaxx mandates this autumn and winter. They are so eager to do it. I hope this feeling is just the trauma from the previous year, but let#s check the facts
    1. The EU parliament prolonged the covid19 certificate for one year
    2. The EU commission is preparing their proposal for a EU-wide green pass
    3. In Austria the constitutional court ruled that 2G and lockdowns for the unvaxxed are not against the constitution. The german counterpart is dismissing all cases, mostly before any hearing is taking place.
    4. The most damning – in a local election in Schleswig Holstein in Germany the warmongers and vaxx-mandate pushing greens got a nice boost of more than 5% and the covid hardliner Günther was reelected as Minister President of the province. Macron was reelected as well.
    5. Macron who wanted to piss off the unvaccinated was reelected again
    6. WHO moves on with their global treaty. It’s sole purpose is to take the decision burden off the local and national politicians and place it on unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats at the WHO. The next time the WHO will just mandate the vaxx and the politicians will simply implement it and shrug off any critics with ‘but we have signed this treaty and now we have to follow WHO’s recommendations’.

    To be honest an ADE with a bang would have maybe prevented the whole thing from happening again any time soon but as you say it ios unlikely we will see it. For what I can see the vaccines wane and the immune inprinting wanes too so the vaxxed become much more like unvaxxed after 9-12M. It’s actually a good thing.

  2. This was a good one.

    Your point about the never ending cycle of the anti-authoritarians morphing into authorities reminded me of the 70s cult classic “horror” film “Massacre At Central High” and its political subtext.

    Something tells me you would identify with the lead character in the film.

  3. I don’t consider it luck that we were right about covid interventions. If we needed degrading, inhuman practices such as lockdowns, masks, and coercion of experimental drugs to prevent a Coronapocalypse, I would have considered that to be evidence against the existence of a benevolent God. Rather, He has taken care to ensure evil doesn’t end up working.

  4. We should move on, but not like start behaving as if nothing happened. There must be some justice for what was done. I don’t mean ADE by all means. The poor vaxxed and boosted folks have suffered enough for nothing. But the ones who pushed the masks, social distancing and vaccines knowing how dangerous and ineffective they are should be at least mocked and humiliated for all to see. Every truthbomb about the side effects, nonexistent efficacy and social cost are the best mockery and humiliation for those bastards. I don’t want to see them hanging. I want the masses to see the truth.
    People were not simply denied proper early treatment. This treatment was made illegal and was persecuted. I wasn’t able to buy ivermectin in Germany so I ordered in India. It was taken by the customs – never before small parcels for me from India have been checked by the customs. They intercepted both my orders and yesterday I got the first fine of 40 euro. Not only I was denied proper medication but I was fined for trying to arrange for it privately. Ivermectin is not a dangerous drug – we all know that. Those people are directly responsible for many deaths. We should move in and adapt indeed. But do not forget and try to prevent them from repeating this fuckary ever again. Now it looks like it is over but it is not. It’s just the approaching summer – not a good time for lockdowns and mandates.

    Beautiful post by Naomi Wolf on this:

  5. Dear radagast
    Personally I have greatly valued your opinions on the covid situation. Recently it appears that your focus is moving elsewhere. It’s your blog and your choice. However the news on covid developments is not positive. The Thailand medical news site has a wealth of articles on many new studies and the more we learn the more concerning the situation becomes. Personally I would appreciate your ongoing coverage but understand that it is your choice. Thank you.

  6. I’ve made a conscious decision never to move on.

    I can’t unsee what I saw in 2020, and I wouldn’t want to.

    I will never forgive the covid believers.

    I will never forgive the equality believers.

    Not ever.

  7. Didnt take the shot. Moved on. Zero trauma. No surprises. That most ppl would take the vax etc is a scenario anyone could have thought up even in a hypothetical scenario. Loved your corona coverage though. Great job.

  8. Your comparisons are, as so often lately, too far-fetched to be striking. The truth is simply that the human brain has evolved for religion, because that’s a useful trait for survival. So of course seeing the lack of religion in the West, which is real, is going to lead to COVID turning into a cult. This doesn’t mean, however, that the whole thing just inverses “naturally”. One main reason is that whereas the existence of a creator can’t really be disproven, most facts around COVID can be, and already have been. This is why science is regarded as so great, because ideally it’s a framework of thinking (critically), rather than a religion.

    So first of all science is different from Christianity in key aspects. It’s not just another religion with different deities that you can replace without any large issue. Even more interestingly, the two can co-exist, indeed, SHOULD co-exist, because the plain of the supernatural also contains all the things we are yet to discover, and are thus part of the true scientific worldview. Furthermore, science itself is materialistic in nature and can never be a spiritual guide by itself.

    Second of all, the distribution of power we have today is also different from everything we have ever had. Whereas Christianity started small, and was pushed by the people, the modern cults are force-fed to the public by the wealthy and their moving screens, in order to create control. This is not dissimilar to giving people the idea of being sinners that depend on the church for forgiveness, true, but the origins are still distinct.

    Then you throw in flat-earthers for good measure. They’re an interesting exhibit for the psychological immune system, but a terrible representation for anti-authoritarian people. Flat-earthers believe everything they are told, just from another outlet. Anti-authoritarian people are generally able to think critically and thus don’t believe either outlet. Those are two entirely different things.

    The fact that authoritarian measures are introduced as the reaction to a virus is also no coincidence, as the human consciousness actually tends towards authoritiarianism in times of disease. If I have heard it on a Jordan Peterson lecture, surely the global billionaires know about it and exploit it intentionally.

    The climate change pandering, as always, has bored me a lot. Certainly this is not least due to the fact that even if it is as you say, there is virtually nothing we can do to change it. Or, let’s say, at least we have no feasible strategies. E-cars don’t solve transportation, because electricity must be produced, not eating meat doesn’t solve food, because agriculture is always CO2-negative, and so on. Even if we go low-tech we aren’t solving anything, indeed, that’s an even worse strategy. So your constant moralizing and reminding everyone that “this is a problem and we all have to eat less meat” is just a downright waste of my (and frankly, your) intellectual capacity. Also, it’s just another religion, as it depends on faith that may be sourced from science, but is not proven by it to any degree. Yes it is hinted at, but it’s not proven, which is the difference between science and religion.

  9. “climate change blah blah”
    Climate always changes. Stop being a child and expecting it to do something it has never done in 4 billion years: stay the same so you don’t have to be an adult and adapt. If it actually does get warmer and higher in CO2, it will also get greener and easier to grow food, so even if these liars are right they are wrong.

    “Coral reef dying blah blah”

    More bullshit. Coral reefs thrive in hotter waters than the GBH and with CO2 literally bubbling up through them in some places, so temperature and CO2 are utterly bullshit excuses for why coral might have been bleaching…only in the places close to inhabited shorelines. It’s chemical runoff, from your precious “environmentally friendly” crops and, interestingly enough, possibly (cancer causing) sunscreens, which have powerful effects in tiny doses.
    It also recovered nearly 100% in a single year, its typical disingenuous fearmongering and ignorant repetition by useful fools.

    As to the point of your post: some interesting takes, great insights, which is why I keep reading, but again, your inability to accept the quite glaringly obvious existance of the corrupting loooooonngg time running secret societies, using the same tactics again and again to create their favorite host social structures (they are parasites), leaves you thinking it is an inevitable outcome of destruction of authoritarianism, when real viable options for stable non authoritarianism have been developed (competitive NAP based self rule), and shown to work, they just get crushed long before being big enough to compete with the one world evil system. If you won’t acknowledge the elephant in the field, you will think it impossible to grow a garden as it keeps magically getting crushed.

    Corruption and authoritarianism is an inevitable result of centralised power.
    The ONLY known solution is to never centralise power, ie have a society that recognises individual sovereignty and is aware of, and destroys, all attempts to consolidate power and violate it. Easier than it sounds because once individual sovereignty is accepted, any group trying to violate it becomes both a risk to everyone else, and a profit opportunity (since they abrogate any and all property rights to their assets in violating others sovereignty), leading to a self regulating ecosystem of competing NAP/sovereignty respecting powers and individuals, motivated by both altruism, self protective interest AND greed, coordinated in the same direction, to destroy any and all attempts to violate sovereignty and collect power.

    • To be fair I believe the author’s favoritism for climate change and the “fight” against it is vastly based on it being an excuse to push a vegan diet on the whole world. From what I’ve gathered so far the author does not particularly like humans, or himself, and is likely in a position of attempted atonement for his (and, by extension, our collective) sins. It seems to me like his psychological immune system has failed him due to the pressure of near-constant self-loathing, which in turn may have different causes based on traumatic past experiences.

      In my view, the author falls for the same fallacy as all the “leftists” in believing that “if only X were the case, everything would be perfect forever”. And I even agree that it may be the case that if everybody in the world followed a vegan diet, the world really could be a better place. I’m not even doubting that argument. What I am doubting is the overused selling point that a vegan diet would solve “all” of our problems, such as inter-human aggressions (wars), bad health and viruses.

      And yet, wars are caused by greed, selfishness, requirement for resources and geopolitical aspects, all of which are vastly independent of diet.

      Furthermore, while it’s true that animal agriculture is a breeding ground for viruses (just like human cities, by the way), it’s also true that they (viruses) have been part of the human environment for a LONG time, and they can jump over via ANY contact with animals at all, including people going in caves full of bat guano, or moving animal carcasses off of streets and roadways. Do we need to roll the dice? No, of course not. But we can we completely avoid viruses? No way at all.

      Finally, bad health is a result of eating bad factory-made foods, the likes of which can easily produced on a vegan basis nowadays.

      So the point really is moot – neither is veganism going to “solve” climate change, nor wars, viruses, health or any other issues. It might improve them, but these are simply issues that need to be tackled via more direct pathways.

  10. A perfectly reasonable take both on the likely ultimate health impact of the covid shots (crappy but not apocalyptic) and how the non-deluded should cope.

    But just moving on collectively has a cost: every day children are turning five years old (or whatever the minimum age is where you live) and having this sludge shot into their arms.

    It’s too much to hope for a real reckoning when every single elite and power sector of society is implicated in the atrocity, and there’s no world outside to march in and impose justice since it’s global. But I think it may be possible to gradually raise enough of a bad smell around the “vaccines” that they just get more or less dropped. Maybe a year or so from now? Just before the daughter of my true-believer friend and neighbor turns five.

    And I really can’t agree with the last paragraph throwing shade on people poring through the Pfizer documents. Yes, hopefully most of them have realistic expectations and won’t let it dominate their lives, but to leave the pfilthy pfraud that led to where we are buried in paper when the court order has given a chance to shed light on it would be very regrettable. Shenanigans in the Argentine already seem to be surfacing. Keep it up crowd-source heroes!

  11. “The vaccinated should be afraid of the same sort of things as the unvaccinated: Heart disease, diabetes and most importantly, wasting their lives away not doing the things they genuinely want to be doing.”

    Well said. No matter if pandemic of highly infectious diseases or WWIII, just follow own path like a true warrior.

    Death will come one day anyway so stop worrying and make the best you can with what you got.

  12. –>”And yet, you have to be pretty dense, to imagine that governments would impose a “climate lockdown”, if there were not a genuine problem.”

    Gee, they got away with it for SARS-2. Imposed all sorts of mitigations that didn’t work, were known not to work, and imposed them anyways.

    • very good point. Radagast you have spent years telling us, quite correctly, that the lockdowns and measures are not just unnnecesary, but totally counter productive, as have some of the (formerly) most well respected and qualified experts in the fields of virology, immunology, pharmacology and related fields…and they have been proven correct time and time again, and yet the powers that be STILL imposed those lockdowns worldwide in near perfect sync, both with each other and with the leaked PLANS to do so, leaked at a time when it was obviously a POLITCAL agenda, not a health issue.

      If we are to believe your many very interesting and intelligent posts on covid, then we would have to be, in your words, VERY dense, to NOT think they would impose lockdowns whether or not there is any underlying real issue they could purportedly help solve

      Always amazing to see cognitive dissonance at work in quite obviously highly intelligent people blocking them from seeing the conclusions obvious from their own logic, in parallel fields.

      We are being genocided and enslaved to a new level of control. Wake up to it and everything else makes far more sense.

  13. I would like to be able to move on and enjoy life, but I am still a prisoner in my own country (Canada) and travel is something I miss and would like to do again. It’s not over here, and there’s no time-table for when we, the unvaccinated, might be permitted on planes, trains or overnight ships again. We are also not allowed into the U.S., so we really are trapped right now. I am watching a legal challenge being brought by one of our ex-premiers, and one of the signatories to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, against the federal government about this travel mandate, and hanging all my hopes on it…

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