The autists always win in the end

I don’t do school shootings. I understand why other people do, but I don’t. I figured out long ago that’s not the route. It’s too merciful.

You don’t take revenge on someone by killing them. You just remove the object to take revenge on from existence that way.

What is a bullet to the head, compared to suffering Alzheimers or lung cancer? An act of mercy.

The real revenge is to have them watch in the mirror, as their hairline recedes and their tits sag.

The real revenge happens every time they watch the clock, wishing they could drive back home already.

The real revenge happens every time they smile politely at their boss because their performance review is coming up.

The real revenge is to have them settle, for someone who would have swiped the other direction if they hadn’t listed their job in their profile.

The real revenge is to have them huddle together in overpopulated cities, as the world around them turns into a desert. I hope they’re dumb enough to have children, because they will hate them for it.

I don’t do school shootings. The whole world is my Columbine High. The whole world is my Virginia Tech. The whole world is my Erasmus MC.

And as much as I would love to say I locked the doors to trap you all in, I didn’t. You did.

The real revenge is the emptiness. The solitude you feel when you are surrounded by people. The real revenge is that little voice inside your head you can’t ignore, that’s asking: “Is this it?” Because I know you can hear it.

You’re trapped here with me and you don’t like it. And you’re going to hate it more every single day. And I will do anything I can to drag it out. That’s my school shooting.


  1. “As more people find out that they are innately Toxick, some competition will tend to break out among practitioners. This is natural since, at this time in our history, more people are being born with the talent of manipulating darkness and participating in the destruction of normal humans.
    I often feel overjoyed when I find out that some worn-out impediment to our futures — and the futures of the developing life forms — has been destroyed, or has become so rigid that its own operating system is failing.
    For example, consider the effects of ever-increasing overpopulation. For normal people this is a worry because of the drain of resources. For the Toxick Magician it is a joy, *particularly* because it is a drain of resources.
    He scoffs at such notions or problems. Every problem is simply an opportunity to fuel the feeding frenzy.

    Groups that hate each other and wish to destroy each other are simply tools for the Manipulator.
    For example, the periodic “Satanic Scares,” witch hunts over organized child abuse, and all TV media-events are viewed first as jokes and then as proof that this particular species has reached the end of its utility.
    The species is simply a resource for the latent, hidden viruses of this planet — much as *this* planet may be a resource for another planet.
    The entire process is a food chain which the Master actively supports and utilizes for his comfort and fun. He knows that everything is part of the problem and that there are no solutions from a conventional point of view. He knows that millions die daily and millions are born to take their place. He knows the planet is alive as a stomach is alive — it digests everything.

    The Manipulator always contributes to the problem — even when he gives millions of dollars to charity. He knows that each mini-solution will lead to a greater and bigger problem in the long run. He knows that a vaccine which will save lives will, in the long run, actually destroy more lives or let the wrong people die and the wrong people live.
    Few people have the strength and fortitude to stare directly into the eyes of the future forms which are preparing to take our place. Few can stand the face of the superman. Few can bear the horrors that await and no one can stop them. Every law enacted is just another nail in the coffin, and to watch the True Believer suffer and be tortured is a great joy. It feeds you.

    Both Satanic cults and Christian fundamentalists are closer to seeing the truth than most normal people.
    Something is going on, but it’s not what they think. The Beast is staring out from each pair of eyes you see. Each glance in the mirror is the story of this world — and the Toxick Magician loves mirrors. Each time he sees his face, he sees the self-destroying power of the species and the planet. This is his true freedom, which transcends any cult and any cult hero.
    He knows that each person suffers silently and secretly and each person is constantly making up stories to hide his own hideousness from himself and others.
    He has the strength and fortitude to face the Void and see the Beast deep within, eating its way out.
    He knows that flesh is mostly for pain — that pleasure is more fleeting and pain is more enduring. He laughs into the Cosmic Belly of Hell as the Beast consumes him.
    Every time people have children the Toxick Magician is overjoyed, for he knows that within this little bundle is suffering, death and destruction. He is overjoyed with hope that each little bundle contains the seed of the next monster.”

    — 1994


  2. Ya, but you went to the extinction rebellion protest to save our collective LSWM asses. Well, you thought you were doing that. Also, Greta.

      • I would first recommend that he creates and then globally disperses a series of large genome HLA targeted cDNA infectious clones, that he specifically designed as a vaccination bait. Then I recommend that he just sits back and enjoys the inevitable shit-show, as the corrupt system reacts entirely as expected and the planet is slowly, in the most part, emptied of all of the problematic humans.

  3. Revenge for what?

    People, who e.g. were beaten and tortured as child have a reason to call for revenge. But someone who was gifted with an exeptional brain but was not able to make career with it?

    The normies aren’t the reason why we fail, it’s our lack of social skills. Who is to blame for that? Fate, god, evolution or the universe?

    If you say “the normies” then you only look for a cheap scapegoat.

        • Quote: “It doesn’t take a genius to know that genius must go solo.”


          When I realized I will never be able to pretend playing their game I gave it up.

      • Men and especially people with Aspergers use their brain too much during conversations. The key is to use your intuition for everyday small talk. Don’t think just go with the flow.

        -We had a great conversation for two hours.

        -What did you talk about?

        -I don’t remember.

        • All autistic people who want to be able to behave in a socially normal way need to read Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” I am not joking. Yes, it is a chestnut; yes, it has been through uncountable editions, but that is for a reason. That book is HOW AUTISTIC MEN OF AN EARLIER GENERATION MANAGED. It is also how men, as men, managed, in a post-agricultural world. It was their guidebook. I read it when I was about ten years old and I would be dead now if I hadn’t; I would never have been able to get by at all. Of course it is very dated but not in a way that matters.

      • High functioning autistic men and women have social skills. They also are totally capable of communicating in the usual way. But they don’t want to, since it feels so bad and is so exhausting. Speaking a single banal normie sentence is like walking through a field of deep mud.

  4. I am probably the oldest high-end autistic here, will be turning 68 soon. And I believe the neurotypicals will at some point in the future come for us. The Pureblood thing among the Christians will morph into a renewed push for Purity of the Gene Pool. The eugenics movement never really died, there are lots of people still itching to implement their version of a better world.

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