The Banality of Evil

I’ll be honest with you. I’m a broken traumatized man. The reason for that is pretty simple, I drank too much from the cup of knowledge. Once you realize what took place in early 2020, once it really dawns on you what these people did, the metaphysical ugliness of what they have done, then you get into a really dark place.

Anthony Fauci is a man worse than Hitler. Hitler was a hurt meth-addicted tragic figure, who ruled a nation of people who had suffered a lot. But Anthony Fauci knew in early 2020 the mistake he had made, gathered a bunch of people he could bribe with grant money and proceeded to cover up what had happened. And then he posed as our savior, he appeared in the newspapers as if he were the next Messiah. And he’s getting away with it.

It’s much easier to live with the idea that we angered Mother Nature, that some sort of abomination escaped from a bat cave. Or even the idea that we panicked over some kind of nothingburger due to mass media. But once you’ve consumed all the information that is available, once you’ve critically reflected on it all, once you take off your rose-tinted glasses, then you find yourself discovering that for a split second we became undeserving of God’s protection and so the evil of the people who rule over us poured out over us like sludge from a bursting tailing dam.

I’m not saying they’re trying to kill us all as they don’t care enough about you to do that, it’s far uglier and more mundane than that. They’re in a zero sum competition for status with each other and as a result they created some sort of genetic abomination that then escaped, which subsequently everyone involved covered up to save themselves the embarrasment of acknowledging what they had done.

That’s why your economies lie in shambles, that’s why your family members have died, that’s why people have lung damage and brain damage. The Holocaust was a product of hate, but hate is a mutation of love and so a man can make peace with it. But what happened here is something far uglier, a truly unimaginable banality. I don’t need to be pitied, I’ll have to figure out how to live with this knowledge myself. But dear Lord, does it hurt.


  1. Same here. I’ve long known the world was a bleak and dangerous place but the past two years has really put that world view on steroids. The sheer magnitude of evil and stupidity around me feels all encompassing at times. It’s hard to find any transcendence.

  2. Rintrah, I hear you! And I thank you!
    It’s an awful experience to see how people of power are hell bent to torture and kill us.
    I could actually understand them covering the lab-leak: they made a mistake and didn’t want to bare the consequences so they tried and are still trying to cover it up.
    Suppressing the early treatment protocols was really what did cut to the bone. Actively preventing people from getting effective and cheap treatment is evil. Some useful idiots enforcing it did believe it was just a useless dewormer/malaria drug/supplement, but there were lots of scientists and people of power that deliberately lied and effectively killed people. The same goes for the vaxx. Leaking the virus and covering it up is one thing, but taking deliberate actions to deny people ivermectin/hydroxychloroquine while knowing some will die as a result is another level. The former is just hiding a deadly mistake while the latter is the actual murder.
    You wrote about ivermectin and I posted a comment about the german customs confiscating the ivermectin I ordered from India. And you, Rintrah, said sth like ‘Fuck it, contact me on reddit, and I will send you some’. I did get some IVM from Holland and I never sent you a PM but thank you for that one!
    It was just a random guy offering help to a stranger and it squares the random asshole trying to murder me, my family and my friends for the next grant and more status. I feel broken as well, but it’s a lot easier to pick the pieces having you, Karl Denninger, el gato malo, Igor Chudov, RW Malone, Eugyppius … thank God, the list is long. It might sound a bit kitschy but that’s how it feels.

    I grew up in communist Bulgaria, and during that time, people were not buying the communist narrative coming from the media. We somehow arranged with it, did not fight it openly but made jokes about it and in effect hollowed it out. Normal people, by virtue of just not buying into the narrative and influencing their peers, have more power than they think. More so for people like you that are super smart, can spot the manipulation and have the talent to write it well so that others can stand on their shoulders.

    • Yeah, I agree with this, although I’m less surprised than you are. I always knew the medical profession was full of arrogant [expletive]. But still, I’m pretty pissed I was unable to get ivermectin. Last year, I got a relatively bad case of COVID (well, sort of bad: two weeks of fever, a week of it over 39C, but no breathing problems and no hospitalization). I recovered and now have uncorrupted natural immunity (uncorrupted by their gene juice, that is). But I bet I would have recovered faster if I’d had access to ivermectin. I understand why I couldn’t get those monoclonals: that stuff is really expensive, and I was in a low risk category (and look, I did recover). But ivermectin?? Alas, allowing ivermectin would have cut into the profits of Big Pharma and made people more “vaccine hesitant,” and that’s the reason they wouldn’t allow it. Oh, and they wanted to punish the disobedient. People like me “deserved” to suffer. But as I said, I’ve known for quite a long time that the medical profession was full of arrogant [expletive] (remember how many doctors were tried at Nuremberg?), so this wasn’t that surprising.

    • Yes, the aforementioned substackers and you – have done good. Real substantive good. Same as JMG with his weekly covid forum, you have all been critical lifelines in a turbulent mess of lies deceit.

      Each person you helped directly… would have in turn helped many others. Some get referred back to you, but we’re a wave that has been quietly spreading for over a year and the way that the ‘effetes’ are so furiously backpedalling in many parts of the west now, that comes from all our collective efforts over time.

      We’re not saints.. but our consciences are clear. Each of their major manipulations has fallen apart faster and with more disastrous consequences (covid -> ukraine).. In this particular cycle of life, we’re already starting to beat back the banality of evil… Keep up the fight. Our army is still growing, while theirs is just getting sicker or dead by the minute.

  3. In 1979 I read about the Tuskegee experiments. I remember sitting at my desk in high school, skimming the reading assignment for the day, and then I came upon that. Nothing has surprised me since.

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