The best news you’ll probably ever hear

Sunan Abu-Dawud Book 35, Number 4731:

When Ubaydullah saw him, he said: This Muhammad of yours is a dwarf and fat.

The prophet Muhammed has sex with a pig, in Muhammed’s favorite position

There are a lot of awful things in the world, but you have to look at things from the bright side, so today I want to focus on something positive: If you’re reading this, then you’re probably not a Muslim. And if you’re not a Muslim, things could have been a lot worse. Imagine having to spend your whole life, venerating some pedophile warlord fat dwarf who likes to get fucked in the ass by a pig.

Imagine coming from a Muslim country, some backwards shithole desert, that looks the same as every other shithole desert, where people speak some awful sounding language that sounds like hulululublalalalaCHLALBLABLCHALBLALALALA, where nothing of any substance has ever been accomplished and where the only reason people don’t die of hunger is because there is oil beneath their feet.

Whenever I feel like my life sucks, I always think to myself: “It could be worse. I could be a Muslim.”

This is the first thing billions of people do when they wake up in the morning: They thank God for not making them Muslims. Even low IQ low status white males are grateful, they could have been Muslims instead.

Everyone wants to be friends with the Jews (except Muslims and low IQ low status white males). India wants to be friends with the Jews, the Chinese want to be friends with the Jews, the Japanese want to be friends with the Jews, in South Korea children read the Talmud in school, the Americans and Europeans want to be friends with the Jews too.

Whenever I read something interesting, it was written by a Jew. Whenever I read something dumb, it was written by a Muslim or a low IQ low status white male, but I know how to avoid reading stuff written by Muslims.

Everyone tries to avoid Muslims. You live around Muslims? It’s because you don’t have a lot of money. The more money you have, the less Muslims in your vicinity. If things go wrong in your life, it almost always results in an increase in the number of Muslims around you.

Why is it so cheap to live in Rotterdam? Because that’s where all the Muslims live, so nobody who has a choice wants to live there. If Muslims had a choice, they would not want to be Muslims, but they tend to be surrounded by other Muslims, so they don’t really have a choice.

People apply for half a million Euro mortgages, just to minimize the number of Muslims in their surroundings: “Hello sir, I would like to sign up for a life of debt slavery, to minimize the number of Muslims I have to encounter on a daily basis. Spend the rest of my life in a stupid cubicle? No problem sir, if that cubicle is far away from Muslims!”

Why do Muslims exist? Nobody knows. Most of the time when God creates something bad, it actually serves a purpose. Your dog poops in your house? Well the poop is meant to fertilize plants, even a very nasty turd can feed a beautiful flower.

You have a Muslim in your house? Well that’s more like having poop in your house, but rather than fertilizing plants, it kills them. Just look at places where Muslims live, nothing grows there, it’s just desert.

Muslims’ favorite hobby is calling for the destruction of Israel. Every few years they attack Israel from every side, in the middle of some holiday when all the Jews are distracted, then within a few milliseconds the Jews occupy the entire Middle East and the Europeans and Americans have to say: “Ok that’s enough, you won Jews, don’t remove all the Muslims from the face of the planet, even though we are still not sure what reason God had for creating them.”

“Jews rule the world” -Low status white males. Yeah let’s say Jews rule the world. Well, most of the world is pretty nice, if you’re not an animal at least. Now look at the parts of the world not run by Jews, but by Muslims. Hell on Earth.

The Japanese in the 1930’s heard all the Nazi propaganda about how Jews run the Western world and thought to themselves: “We need to bring the Jews to Japan, they’ll make everything great!”

There is no country on the planet where people said: “We need more Muslims, everything will be fantastic!” Everyone knows you just make everything worse.

You go to a Muslim supermarket, there is the head of some lamb in the counter. Indians in your country? No problem, everything is fine. Koreans, Chinese, Japanese? No problem, everything is fine. Muslims in your country? Everything turns to shit.

Everyday we try to forget that Muslims exist. Everyday we say to ourselves: “Well we have not heard anything about Muslims in a while, it’s time to start solving other problems like deforestation and air pollution and SHIT THE MUSLIMS ARE HERE AGAIN”

And some of you will say: “Well not all Muslims yadda yadda.” Ok. Not the Muslims who condemn kidnapping Jews and parading them naked through the streets to be spat upon. But most just stay silent.

That tells me all I need to know.

My recommendation:

  1. Liberate the captured Jews
  2. Make an orderly line of Muslims willing to kiss a pig on the nose, piss on a Quran and draw Muhammed getting fucked in the ass by a pig and have their own drawing tattooed on their forehead so they can’t backpedal, then let them leave Gaza by boat to some other place.
  3. Let the rest slowly die of hunger. Nothing of value will be lost.


  1. I thought you could reason better than that. You wrote (at 3:06 p.m., under a pseudonym):

    “One Jewish toe nail is worth the lives of a million low status white males, or a billion muslims.

    One pig is worth a thousand Jewish toe nails.”

    Muslims do not torture-farm pigs or eat them. I can’t work out the calculation since I just back from shopping in the heat, but if the suffering of pigs is paramount (and even without precise figures they are for you), then you should hold that Muslims are much better human beings than almost anyone other than observant Jews. Most of my nearest and dearest are Protestant and they happily eat bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches and hot dogs that contain pork. I’m sure you know plenty of such people but instead you are focusing on people who leave pigs alone.

  2. If anything impresses me about psychedelics, it’s how stable and mentally organized they seem to make people.

    Me: “the planet would be a lot better without non aryans on it, starting with the darkest ones.”


    Also Rintrah:

  3. “There is a lot of ‘slop’ in life. You can make a ton of mistakes, be the biggest screwup, and still survive — even succeed. Don’t let anyone fool you about this. There are millions — billions — of people who believe all kinds of lies and still do well. Some people believe the truth and are utter failures. Life is tolerant, even stupidly so.”

    The preceding truth is probably what keeps you up at night, Radagast.

    Perhaps your wild sword swinging and concern should be with *Life itself* instead of whatever “designated targets” suit your fancy of the moment.

    You are a romantic tilting against windmills — The Don Quixote kind, not your preferred Green kind.

    Those of us who know better enjoy watching your show.

    “Whatever will he think of next?”

  4. And I’m sure it’s just a (((complete coincidence))) that you’re posting this the same day that Gaza launched their special military operation against Israel.

    • “special military operation”

      Yeah, that’s one way to call slaughter of families in their homes and torture of children.

  5. If jews are so awesome, why do they always end up getting expelled or exterminated by their host nation? What’s the current count? Something like 130 times in the written history? 150?

  6. This one is really hilarious Rin. I laughed. Thank you.
    I laughed especially on the part about pedophilia and degeneracy. It could be even funnier if you had compared Muslim’s pedophilia and degeneracy with thaf of Vatican. You missed the jackpot Rin. It seems excess neurons have entered apoptosis. You should increase the amount of greens and black cocks in your diet, i am sure it will help 😉

  7. Radagast being a Jew would explain his:

    1. high verbal IQ
    2. inability to socialize normally/professional failure (Jews bifurcate – fail if theyre too weird)
    3. resentment towards the Netherlands for not being Dutch
    4. resentment towards the world-rulers for not including him in their clique
    5. resentment towards middle class blonde Dutch women

    It all makes sense.

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