The boys groupchat (2024)

In this tree house:

-We are always racist.

-No girls or tusken raiders allowed.

-We look at the old porn magazines I found under my dad’s bed

-We discuss the evidence I gathered that my neighbor is secretly a serial killer


    • LOL!!
      Sean, are you looking forward to the EURO 2024?
      (suppose we didn’t have GVB’s predictions)
      I remember when we were kids (1980-early 1990), we loved the Euro Cup. It was a window into other European countries and their people. And of course the hosting country. I remember liking the heroic play of Eire (1988?). Kinda like Greece later (not any more).
      I have a nostalgia for that kinda stuff. Some times it could be a form of ‘memento mori’, if it happens when you are middle aged.

        • Ostalgia*.
          One reason is, when you don’t have everything (Rad said “You are Kings”), then you have something to look for in your life.
          The Abundance in modern societies is killing Desire.
          “The citizens of the GDR lived, loved, worked and grew old. They went on holidays, made jokes about their politicians and raised their children.”
          Former East Germans massively denied to get vaccinated. Obviously, they had also learnt not to trust the politicians.
          (from a comment I did elsewhere)
          (*Ost = German for East)
          + + +

          “Pipes of Peace” by Paul McCartney (40 years ago).
          (You can tell I am not a young lad anymore LOL)

      • Yes Apollo I am looking forward to a Summer of sport to distract from the hellscape of modern life. Hopefully there won’t be any terrorist attacks at the Paris Olympics, but I’m not holding my breath.

        Unfortunately our football team is not what it used to be. Our highlight was getting to the quarter final of the 1990 World Cup in Italy, when we (literally) received the blessing of Pope John Paul II at The Vatican.

        Summer 2004 was a great time for the people of Greece. You won the UEFA European Championships, then hosted the Olympics at its birthplace in Athens.

        Right now I am watching the snooker World Championships, where the greatest player of all time Ronnie O’Sullivan is going for his 8th title which would be a new record. He has incredible longevity in the sport and has been winning major tournaments since 1993.

        If you look at the Triple Crown events [three most prestigious snooker tournaments (World Championship, UK Championship, Masters)] this could potentially be his 24th title, the most of any player (Stephen Hendry has 18).

        But amazingly, this could potentially be the first time that he wins all 3 in the same year (he already won this season’s UK Championship and Masters). So to achieve this feat at 48 years of age would be incredible, especially considering that he has overcome severe depression and drug addiction, and his father going to prison for murder.

        Here is perhaps his most amazing feat, where he made the fastest ever 147 break in 5 minutes and 8 seconds at the 1997 World Championship:

        (P.S. I am also a big Paul McCartney fan)

        • Amazing Ronnie! I bet he’s Irish! (obvious lol)
          I’m so glad he overcame depression..
          When I was in Brussels, I used to go to an Irish bar, to listen to Irish folk musicians ‘jamming’.., and watch Irish sports.
          This snooker thing is a real boys activity! But so many girls in the audience too.
          The Irish were never a colonial power, but were the ones who mostly evangelized Western Europe! May Saint Patrick and the other Saints of the British Isles pray for us.

    • Maybe the xenophobia is a side effect of ongoing brain damage from the constantly mutating COVID virus.
      Perhaps the population will degenerate into roving tribes of cannibals.

  1. Tommy the Tomato: No Bessy the Cow! Please don’t feast on my pulp! Please! I have feelings and emotions just like you!


    Bessy the Cow: No Bobby the Low Status White Male! Please don’t feast on my flesh! Please! I have feelings and emotions just like you!


    Bobby the Low Status White Male: No Eliphas the Rape Demon! Please don’t feast on my loosh! Please! I have feelings and emotions just like you!

    Metaphorical CRUNCH!

    Loki the Clown God: HA HA HA HA HA HA! Look at all those stupid faggots eating each-other down there!

    Olifat the Jester God: It’s quite amusing, they all make the same noises before they get devoured too.

    Loki the Jester God: True, it’s like… poetry, it rhymes.

    Olifat the Jester God: It’s funny and all… but you ever feel bad for them?

    Loki the Jester God: Fuck no! It’s fucking hilarious! Their lack of awareness of what’s gong on just makes it funnier. They all think they’re special, that they have the right to consume and not be consumed in-turn. There’s always a bigger fish.

    Olifat the Jester God: You’re right, I was acting like a idiot.

    Loki the Jester God: Alright I’m bored now, lets go fuck with retards who smoke salvia now.

    Olifat the Jester God: Wanna go with the whole “here’s the meaning of life while just pulling shit out of our asses bit”? That one is always great.

    Loki the Jester God: Sure, afterwards we’ll show them the wheel, their theories on what it means always tickles my funny bone.

    Olifat the Jester God: Oh look, bird-flu is starting to kill everyone down there.

    Loki the Jester God: Ha! I knew it! Oh this is getting me hot, look at them drop dead, all the LSWMs, the animals, the culmination of one big joke, coming to an end. I think I’m going to cum.

    Olifat the Jester God: You’re a sick faggot Loki, that’s going way too far…

    Disclaimer: This is a shitpost that has nothing to do with Templism.

  2. I would like to suggest that Nelly consider downloading DaVinci Resolve (it’s free) and make videos about the covid stuff. I have my own research rabbit hole I’ve been struggling to consolidate to the extent needed to simplify it for a general audience, and learning to cut together video has helped me figure that out.

    • Good idea! I second that.
      Also, Thanks for letting us know about this software!
      I prefer books, but tutorial videos are everywhere.
      And, post your videos when you have them!

  3. I thought you would like to read this.
    I made a guess in the past, and it seems I might be correct.
    Please note that MORE studies need to be made (or we need to study more).
    Those ancient societies where more men could make a family must have been more succesful when fighting invaders.
    But still many men died without offspring. Many Low Status men, primarily.
    I understand the need for A males, as warriors.
    My guess, however, is that the Christian faith changed the meaning of Status. And also added cleverness in the mix.
    Surely, the “Pax Romana” also contributed greatly, but the lack of meaning in the pagan world-view set the limits, and the pagan Romans were facing decay.
    And so the Christian societies were more succesful than the non-Christian, because of the greater biological diversity that came along with it (faith).
    The Middle Ages saw amazing technological advances.
    Obviously, other factors contributed too, but it seems to me they are connected, because to be civilized was to be Christian.

    • I made that guess more than once. The last time, I think I said: the Christian faith gave our ancestors an evolutionary window. Or something.
      Also, the Christian faith, for many centuries, gave life meaning and joy. The entire year is a celebration (at least in the East the meaning is in the celebration and the joy). Community healing individualism => health and meaning.

    • 8,000 years ago is like, 6,000 BC. It’s post-agriculture, it was already completely fucked then

      History is to a certain extent made-up bullshit anyway, as we live in something that’s like a cross between a dream, a simulation and a corpse. Things change retroactively as well, even if they often tell a story through the information encoded within them.

    • As for Christianity, it’s largely just a misinterpretation of Christ’s teachings turned into something like a state religion, and while Christ was, granted, pretty close to being correct, what he actually believed and taught does not resemble modern christianity in the slightest.

      • One part of Christ’s life was healing people. If you are not in the process of being healed in your church, and growing, then maybe something’s wrong in that church. Or with secularism. Or maybe some churches led to secularism.
        As an example. Strict monogamy is found in Christianity which is monotheist. Maybe they are connected. “a jealous god” means a passionate God in Greek.
        (see: zeal, ok i got u covered: “From Middle English zele, from Old French zel, from Late Latin zēlus, from Ancient Greek ζῆλος (zêlos, “zeal, jealousy”), from Proto-Indo-European *yeh₂- (“to search”). Related to jealous.”)
        So, polytheism (such as polygamy, adoring many) was not accepted.
        Now, with secularism, we are going backwards. We are going there again.
        And relations are f***d again.
        Radagast wrote (in that hilarious post 2-3 weeks ago) that European men were evolved to be pleasant to women. That is one side. We can’t ignore that Europe was Christian, at least partly, or was growing into Christianity (before secularism).
        I think the ideal of a deeply beloved husband and wife correlates with Christianity.

      • And the meaning of the word ‘zeal’ and ‘zealot’ in Greek, which is the original language of the Christian Bible:
        ζῆλος • (zêlos) m (genitive ζήλου); second declension
        eager rivalry, zealous imitation, emulation, A NOBLE PASSION.

  4. Rad could I please have a hint on how to get into the Inner Sanctum? I must know.

  5. Today marks the 10 year anniversary of the Isla Vista massacre, so I thought that I’d share some of my favourite Elliot Rodger videos.

    NOTE: I do not condone the acts of Elliot Rodger. Rest in peace to the six victims and condolences to their families.

    But, like many of the other misfits who peruse this blog, I have a morbid curiosity regarding the psychology and motivations of mass killers. So, with that disclaimer out of the way, I present exhibit A:

    “Dancing In The Car, Elliot Rodger Style”

    This one’s a classic. The smiling, the nodding, the staring and the winking at the camera. The way he raises his eyebrows. The Whitney Houston, SoCal sunshine and flashy BMW.

    Exhibit B:

    “Elliot at Serrania park 2”

    The way he stands with his back to the camera, contemplating his tortured existence with one hand on his hip, then the swift 180 degree swoop as he approaches the camera.

    He enjoys showing off his Hugo Boss shirt and performs a dance move with his arms, before proclaiming how “fabulous” he looks.

    We discussed Elliot Rodger previously in this website’s comments section, where Radagast speculated that Elliot may have been secretly gay. He might have been onto something with that observation…

  6. Radagast did you see the announcement by our illustrious chief brown manlet Sunak yesterday? I thought you would like the absurdist comedy of the moment.

    The song played by Britain-hating pillowbiters drowning out his words is the one used by our nominal leftist party in 1997, the beginning of nominal human being tony Blair’s decade-long campaign to murder brown children.

    • Locals (USA) gave it an appalachian style music, and it sounds incredible:
      “The people that walk in darkness have seen a great light, for God is with us”

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