The Calls Are Coming from Inside the House

So, LSWMs are upset about this interview by Tucker Carlson with a whistleblower about Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena. “Disinfo!” “Hoax!” “Tucker is going downhill since he left Fox!” “Project Bluebeam!” (the schizo LSWMs) “You can’t take this seriously!” LSWMs want to hear the usual variety of topics instead: Men can’t be women, too many brown people in my country, climate change is a hoax, woke mind virus is destroying Western civilization etc.

You can tell the 90’s were a good period for America, because LSWMs were interested in just about anything. They would drive their truck through Nevada at 2AM, listening to Art Bell interviewing some guest about chupacabras and sasquatch.

America to me is just a place of fascination and mystery. Multimillionaires in California who live in paradise on Earth, as long as you ignore the forest fires. A military defense apparatus that is secretive and seems to conspire against its own citizens. Politicians who die under suspicious circumstances.

People who inject fentanyl in their SUV in the parking lot of their local Walmart or dead mall. Entire cities being reconquered by nature, where you can buy a house for a hundred bucks. Teenage girls who stare at the wall of their bedroom, high on Benadryl they stole from their local drug store.

Religious fanatics who drive around in giant pickup trucks covered in pictures of aborted fetuses or complaints about the Democrats. And people who report seeing strange creatures in the forest at night, skinwalkers, chupacabras and sasquatches. It is a country that is insane. But it is also a country that is still full of life, whereas Europe is exhausted and depressed. We know too much and believe too little.

Anyway, the interview is worth watching. I have to ask you: How weird is it, to consider the possibility that alien civilizations send out probes that occasionally crash into our planet? How weird is it to consider the possibility that our governments fear such a technologically superior civilization and are expected to keep this secret from us? These are perfectly valid possibilities in my opinion, but they’re also impossible to prove.

There is also a skeptical explanation to consider: Governments are in competition with each other. And one of your main priorities, is to intimidate your opponents. Make it hard for them to get an accurate estimate of your true strength. The US government probably wants China and Russia to think it has access to weird technology far ahead of anything publicly known, even if it doesn’t. And governments also want their competitors to sink energy into useless pursuits.

But personally, I think the explanation for these phenomena people report is much weirder. Have a look at this video, about an incident in the UK that involved children:

Children encountered a weird clown-like entity. They asked if it is a man, it said no. They asked if it is a ghost, it said “well, not really, but I am in an odd sort of way”. I recommend just watching the whole video, you’ll be left with a strange realization: This report is very similar to the reports that adults give about alien abductions.

But this is like a child’s equivalent, where instead of an alien, the children encounter a creepy clown. It’s also strangely reminiscent of encounters that you can have on Salvia Divinorum, which puts you in a strange childlike dissociative cognitive state, in which you also encounter creepy clowns.

The idea that people are just making these encounters up, or people are just hallucinating, are both unsatisfying explanations. In the case of the Sandown clown, the creature was seen by two children. Many alien encounters are seen by multiple people. Most of the people who report being abducted by aliens are ashamed of what they experienced, they don’t like talking about it.

What I think goes on, is that this is something much weirder than we comprehend. It’s something that lives within our own nervous systems. You can contact it with high doses of certain drugs, but it can also manifest itself in its own way. It reveals itself in our external universe, in a manner compatible with our own cognitive state. For people who are jet fighter pilots, they will see UFO’s. For children, it may reveal itself as a creepy clown.

I think highly advanced entities don’t necessarily expand outwards, in some sort of Muskoid extropian space colonization fantasy. They expand inwards. There may just be techniques for storing information within particles, that we don’t know about. There may be cognitive techniques to communicate with people directly to their minds. And there may be branches of reality that overlap ours, that we can normally not perceive.

Our brain makes use of weird quantum effects, to pick up smells. Plants also use quantum effects for photosynthesis. If there’s anything capable of using weird quantum effects to manipulate matter, I would expect it to be our own minds.

I think this is also a possible explanation for people’s encounters with ghosts. The matter just retains information released through people’s emotions.

I think when it comes to aliens, we’re looking in the wrong direction.


  1. I believe this is about encounters with nature spirits. I asked JMG a question about these beings a few weeks ago on his Magic Monday blog post.

    The question went like this:

    Many years ago while reading occult literature I stumbled upon the concept of nature spirits. It was explained that they were intelligent beings who resided on the astral plane but did not incarnate on the physical plane but were sometimes visible there. You know anything about their origin and what their destiny is? Have you ever come across any?

    Here is the response from John Michael Greer:

    Yes and yes. They belong to a different evolutionary track than we do, one that begins with elementals and goes up from there. We’re spiritual beings that descended into incarnation in order to become individualized; they started out as centers of force on the material plane and are ascending step by step into the higher planes in order to become spiritualized. As for encountering them, you won’t find many serious Druids who haven’t!

  2. Yes, America is a fascinating place with so much cultural significance. It is devastating to witness the gradual decline of a great nation. I would love to go to The Masters in Augusta. Greatest sporting event in the world IMO (either that or the Isle of Man TT). I would also love to see the Pacific coast Redwoods.

    Here is a hilarious video of 3 British guys pissing off a bunch of LSWMs and LSWFs in rural Alabama by painting offensive slogans on their vehicles:

    Regarding the possibility of extraterrestrial life, maybe as an idea for a future post you could perhaps consider writing about the Fermi Paradox. Maybe no alien civilization has ever become advanced enough to initiate contact with us due to runaway warming on their home planet, rendering them extinct? Interestingly, Edward Teller, who was present for that discussion at Los Alamos in 1950, went on to be the one who warned the oil companies in 1959.

  3. >reveals itself in our external universe, in a manner compatible with our own cognitive state.
    Yup. I believe that our brain naturally filters out information that isn’t useful for our direct survival in this realm as an evolutionary mechanism. Seeing immaterial spirits all the time would only confuse a caveman trying to survive bears and neanderthals; hearing the Salvia Jester Gods mock him isn’t useful to his survival either.

    I believe the brain has mechanisms in place to keep our consciousness at a lower state of being so we can better survive and fight against other material beings of this world; and that things like drugs, night terrors, schizophrenia, and near death experiences allow one to perceive higher reality while still alive due to those things disabling limiting parts of the brain. Our brains aren’t fully capable of perceiving these immaterial beings even in the right state, so we perceptive them in forms we can’t comprehend.

  4. This post is solidly in my wheelhouse.

    I’ve been down many of these rabbit holes, so I’ll have to restrain myself lest I write a rambling effortpoast.

    Suffice it to say, regarding the UFO topic — the big divide is between those who believe these craft are off-world, nuts-and-bolts phenomena (the extraterrestrial hypothesis or “ETH”) and those who believe there is something more bizarre going on (the inter-dimensional hypothesis or “IDH”)

    I favor the latter, and the two researchers in this camp you should acquaint yourself with are John Keel:

    “Operation: Trojan Horse”

    And Jacques Vallee, who has written prolifically over many volumes on the subject.

    Both of these researchers started out investigating the subject under the assumption the phenomenon was physical, but eventually relented when the evidence just didn’t add up or was just to bizarrely incomprehensible to fit into a physicalist paradigm.

    Keel eventually likened the phenomena to demonic activity.

    Vallee noticed patterns and similarities of the modern sightings to centuries-old tales of “fairie folk” in Northern European lands. He also concluded that the sightings had something to do with the nature of consciousness itself — that something or someone was purposely fucking with our minds, and that these phenomena were not exactly “out there” in the “external world”

    This makes sense since at the end of the day — even under a materialist/physicalist conception of our brain and nervous system — EVWRYTHING occurs “in our heads”

    I’m reminded here of John C. Lilly’s “Cosmic Coincidence Control Center (CCCC)”

    A book I’ve recommend to you before is George Hansen’s “The Trickster and the Paranormal”

    Another classic in the same vein is Patrick Harpur’s “Daimonic Reality: A Field Guide To The Otherworld”

    (Try to get the hard copy with the illustrations)

    Lastly, although it is only *slightly* unrelated to the topic at hand, I was just recently introduced by Clif High to the schizo-thinker Chuck Swindoll, who I had never heard of before. He has done yeoman’s work in autistically collating a ton of disparate information regarding what he call the “Khazarian Mafia”. It has it all: biblical history, Elohim, space aliens, humans bioengineered with fused chromosomes, the Demiurge, Archons, Jews, Freemasons, it’s all in there and quite impressive! If only on a surface level, at least.

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    (I thought Part 2 was better, personally)

  5. “They’re always claiming they control the world, but they are only the Lords of Outer Darkness.”

    Remember this quote from a shaman?

    Apparently there are various entities that are being encountered by tripping humans with consistent descriptions.

    I wouldn’t know.

  6. Apparently we could control the UFO- sorry theyre now “UAP” because it polls better(?) – with our 1945 prop planes which is why we only get to know about them if the US Government lets us. Does that make any sense?

  7. Greetings to all fellow autists. Putting aside global warming and whatnot, I have actually experienced some strange stuff as a young child and teenager in rural Ohio.
    In the early 60’s we had crushed, circular areas of fried grass, smack dab in the field behind our garden.
    I remember odd dreams about luminous figures carrying my younger brothers out of our bedroom. Other strange stuff that had me looking into UFOs and other weird phenomena.
    After ruminating over it for years, I decided that we were being screwed with- John Keel was right. Whatever the hell the reason, these entities (or whatever your favorite label is) should be largely ignored. They do not have anyone’s best interests in mind.

    • My dad was once really sick and he had a hallucination/dream of a face (only a face) staring at him without moving. I’ve had dreams of being chased by strange entities that I can’t see. Dreams in general are fascinating.

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