The collapse of the They/Them empire: Western elites have overplayed their hand

Alright, I want to cover the conflict between Russia and NATO today.

There’s a strange notion that has taken hold among Western elites: The idea that physical reality doesn’t matter, that you control the world simply by controlling people’s opinions. If everyone pretends that men can get pregnant they can, if everyone pretends we can live without fossil fuels we can, if everyone pretends the vaccines are safe they are and if everyone pretends that numbers on a screen decide reality they do. We deplatform people who raise contrasting information and once war breaks out with a country spanning 11% of the Earth’s surface we add a new insult (traitor) to our old favorite insults (racist, homophobe etc).

I’m here today to tell you that Western elites have now definitively crashed the ship of fools into an iceberg. And to understand why, you need to understand just one thing: Social reality is a derivative of physical reality, instead of the other way around. Feminized Western elites think the way high school cliques of teenage girls do: If you’re not allowed to join our party you might as well be dead.

Russia is banned from any sort of social arrangements. Russia is banned from SWIFT, banned from sports matches, banned from the Eurovision song festival. You know what Russia is not banned from? Selling us natural gas, oil and coal. The reason for that is quite simple: We can’t afford to ban Russia from selling us the lifeblood of our economy.

The high school clique of popular girls that runs NATO has now caused thousands of deaths, because of their delusional belief that Russia could be bullied into staying out of Ukraine by threatening them with sanctions. The new consensus, now that it’s clear they were wrong and sanctions would not hold Russia back, is that Putin must be insane. And yet, it’s clear that Russia has been planning for all of this for months. When you’re convinced that Putin is insane, you should first ask yourself: Could it be that we are insane? Could it be that Europe is so used to running the world that we think we’re still in control even as the whole world has moved on?

There is no global consensus against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. India, the United Arab Emirates and China abstained from voting on the UN security council resolution that condemned the invasion. Together, India and China make up 2.8 billion people, more than all NATO countries combined. Within these nations, there’s no interest whatsoever in sanctioning Russia. In fact, NATO’s attempt at banning Russia from using its institutions merely accelerates the pace at which those institutions become obsolete.

We no longer live in a unipolar world order, but European and American elites are in denial about this. The Western democratic system functions on the model of consensus, where you rise through the ranks of the bureaucracy by parroting the beliefs of your higher-ups. Those institutions then start to generate consent for their policies among the general population. It looks like democracy, in that most people generally agree with their government, but what happens is that the government instructs people what to believe, so that ultimately the system never really fundamentally changes.

As a good example of what I mean, contrast the portrayal of Canada’s truck drivers to how Ukraine’s army is portrayed. We know that Ukraine has a neonazi brigade integrated into its army, with open SS runes as its logo. And yet, if you were to ask the average babyboomer who watches TV or the average millennial who browses Reddit about this, they’re not aware of this. On the other hand, Canada’s prime minister succeeded in smearing the Canadian truckers who blockaded the roads as racist homophobic antisemitic white supremacists. And the general population received a warning: If you donate fifty dollars to the truckers we’ll blockade your bank account and you’ll be unable to buy groceries.

Western elites are used to exerting power by controlling narratives. And if you want to see how this new globe spanning conflict is going to unfold, then the best way to learn about it may be to take a look at the last episode of serious domestic dissent we’ve seen: The Canadian trucker blockade. Trudeau was effectively caught by surprise. He didn’t think it would matter, then he tried to shut the whole thing down with the usual liberal pejoratives (racist, homophobic, antisemitic andsoforth), then when that didn’t work, they began looking for central nodes in the economic system that they control, that they could use to shut down the protest. And so we ended up in the situation where a single mother who donated 50 dollar to the truckers has her bank account shut down.

You notice the exact same response to the invasion of Ukraine. The Western elites, who have only ever dealt in information and abstractions ever since they went to college, are rushing to figure out which abstractions they control that Russia happens to make use of. That’s for example, why they ban Russia from SWIFT. European elites look at the abstractions they control and then they imagine themselves to be in power, forgetting that the abstractions are mere derivatives that originally served to inform us of physical reality.

Here is the physical reality we’re dealing with: Europe is dependent on Russia, not just for electricity or heating, but for the very food that we consume.

Russia and the European Union both produce enough food to feed their own population. There is however a major difference between the two: According to the most recent figures, Russia applies 20.8 kilogram of fertilizer per hectare of arable land, whereas the European Union applies 154.8 kilogram of fertilizer per hectare of arable land.

This leads to important differences in yield. Europe harvests 5,240 kilogram of wheat per hectare of harvested land. We use very little space, to grow enormous amounts of food. On the other hand, Russia harvests 2,616 kilogram of wheat per hectare of harvested land. Places like the Netherlands and Belgium are at the top of the chart, with 8,318 and 8,154 kilogram respectively. The secret to our success is very simple: We’re highly dependent on technological tricks, to produce the maximum amount of food, with the maximum amount of inputs.

And looked at in this way, the European idea of food self-sufficiency is a myth. We don’t produce our own food. We’re about as self-sufficient as a college student who lives by herself but has her father pay for her rent. Because ask yourself: Where does all this fertilizer come from? We produce it ourselves, by fixating nitrogen from the air. But what do we use to fixate the nitrogen? We use natural gas. Nitrogen fertilizer costs have gone up by 263% last year.

But that’s not all. The Netherlands is a massive exporter of food, thanks to our greenhouses. How do you think we produce our food? With natural gas. We don’t just use the natural gas to warm our greenhouses, we use the carbon dioxide released from burning it to massively enhance carbon dioxide concentrations in the greenhouses, because this makes the plants grow faster. This is not to mention the artificial lights that are used for the plants, allowing us to produce fruit and vegetables during dark winters.

If Russia won’t deliver us natural gas, we will literally die of hunger. The greenhouses stop working, we become unable to produce fertilizer so grain yields plunge too. And what are Russia and China now doing? They’re declaring that they’re not exporting fertilizer.

Here’s my guess how this unfolds: European bureaucrats will pretend to each other that the sanctions are going really well for a few months. Meanwhile the farmers who produce our food find themselves dealing with massive production costs that nobody cares about because they don’t have Phd’s or blue checks next to their Twitter account.

At some point the average dumb domesticated white collar office drone starts noticing prices in the supermarket are really going up a lot, then some products simply stop being delivered and by the time it is too late, the bureaucrats start thinking of a solution. My suggestion: Stock up on some food now that you can easily store for a few years if need be. Make sure to have a reserve of multivitamin supplements too, to help you get everything your body needs.

I don’t have a crystal ball, but this is exactly the sort of situation where food shortages look like a real possibility. It’s less painful to be stuck with bags of rice you will have to work through, than to be stuck with money that declines in value twenty percent a day, while you’re unable to feed your family and the supermarket shelves are empty. Do yourself a favor and try not to be an American ketotard either, you can store dried peas and rice, you can’t properly store meat without electricity, unless you know how to ferment it. Some carbohydrates won’t kill you.

People will tell you “we depend on Russia for 4.1% of our exports and they depend on us for 37.9%% of their exports”, which is a soothing thought, until you ask yourself what we export and they import. We import oil, coal and natural gas. We export refined products.

And that’s where the important difference comes in: The products that we import from Russia generally have tight margins. This means that the proceeds to Russia increase dramatically, when scarcity causes prices to go up. On the other hand, the sort of stuff we export to Russia (cosmetics, medicine, alcoholic beverages) already has high margins.

Take a look with me at this graph:

What does it even mean, to compare Russian and European exports, when the price of the stuff we import from Russia can increase seven-fold in one year? Do you think we can increase the price of Adidas or medication we export to Russia sevenfold? They would just stop buying it. And most important, when the price we’re paying for natural gas goes up sevenfold, that doesn’t mean the cost of producing it goes up sevenfold, as production costs will rise less than the price, if at all.

You should remember that when the Allies were fighting Nazi Germany, they invaded neutral countries like Iran, for the simple reason that they were exporting fossil fuels to Nazi Germany. And now our Western elites want to fight a war with Russia, as they import fossil fuels from the country they plan to pick a fight with? Explain this to Winston Churchill or to Joseph Stalin and they would consider them delusional. Even Donald Trump figured out years ago how vulnerable Germany is because of its dependence on Russia.

European elites don’t understand this, because they have a blind spot. In Western society, if you interact with physical reality for a living, especially with fossil fuels, you’re at the bottom of the social totem pole. Only right wing politicians like Donald Trump who gain power by championing the interests of blue collar working class men even recognize that you can’t win a war against a country you’re importing natural gas from.

And please understand this: Our dependence of Russia isn’t going to end, it’s going to grow in the decades ahead, for the simple reason that our own natural gas and oil fields are being depleted faster than we manage to move away from fossil fuels. Take a look at this graph:

Europe’s production of natural gas is rapidly declining. My own country the Netherlands used to export natural gas throughout the world, at ridiculously low prices, as any price at all helped balance our govenrment’s budget. And now the price has skyrocketed sevenfold in a year. This would be a terrific opportunity to sell natural gas. Except we’re not going to sell it, because we don’t have any real reserves left in our natural gas fields.

And (irony alert), imagine if we had taken climate change seriously and genuinely started moving away from fossil fuels to alternatives three decades ago. We would have natural gas reserves left, that we can use during emergencies like these. We would even be able to keep the lights on in the middle of a Russian boycott. We should have used our natural wealth sparingly, but we squandered it.

Take a look at this graph of natural gas reserves in the Netherlands:

Environmentalists were telling you this twenty, thirty years ago: These fossil fuels reserves are not going to last forever. Now you’re dependent on countries that did not use up their reserves.

Remember, Russia has 1.87% of the world’s population and 11% of the world’s landmass. The European Union has 3% of the world’s landmass and 9.78% of the world’s population. You don’t need a Phd do understand what’s going on here. Basic common sense would suggest that we use up our natural resources long before the Russians do. Basic common sense would also suggest that Russia’s soils become more valuable and productive as the Earth warms, whereas countries closer to the equator are in big trouble.

And I know some people are dumb enough to fall for the wishful thinking of the boomer dads who think that fossil fuels last forever, that you can open up an old oil well again and find that it’s full of oil again. To you I have a simple question: What the hell happened to the United Kingdom’s coal industry?

“Well they fell for the green UN agenda 21 plot to take away our freedom and deindustrialize our nations and make us all neofeudal peasants”

Hold on there for a moment. Their coal production peaked in 1919. Now I’m not allergic to conspiracy theories, but “British elites conspired in the year 1919 to make it look like the UK was starting to run out of coal to foster some sort of sinister agenda and kept this whole plot going for decades” is a bridge too far for me.

If you’re a densely populated country that is first to industrialize, you will tend to be among the first to run out of fossil fuels. Places like New Zealand, Australia, Brazil and North Korea took a while to industrialize, so they will have fossil fuels left. Places like Germany and the United Kingdom were pretty early with industrialization, so now they’re Vladolf Putler’s bitches. It seems like a pretty simple theory to me, that fits almost all the evidence that we observe.

When I say “run out of”, I should clarify what I mean: I mean “run out of the easy cheap accessible stuff”. The world will never run out of fossil fuels. It will however, run out of fossil fuels that are cheap and easy to extract. You went from oil gushers in Texas where you stuck a spade in the ground and the stuff literally came blowing out, to dirty tar sands in Canada that require you to destroy old growth forests and apply steam and chemical processes to turn it into something resembling crude oil.

That’s the same argument by the way for the naive fools who think you can simply raise your middle finger to Putin and begin importing natural gas from the United States. American natural gas is more expensive to extract and compressing it into liquid that then has to be transported to Europe in massive boats that could end a city if something goes wrong is not exactly efficient either. Europe went to Russia for natural gas, because Russian natural gas was the cheaper option.

It would have been pretty clever back in 1990 for Europeans to say “well it looks like all these fossil fuels are going to be causing catastrophic changes to the climate and we’re about to run out of the good stuff anyway, so it’s probably best if we hurry to come up with a sustainable alternative, then if the worst happens we always still have the reserve left in the ground in times of crisis”.

Unfortunately, we generally didn’t really do that. Exporting natural gas to other countries for pennies was a cheap and easy way for Dutch politicians to balance their budget. It’s kind of similar to how you can live a pretty luxurious life for a while, if you decide to start donating your organs on the black market.

It’s easy for middle aged men to say “this is all Greta’s fault”, but Greta was ringing the alarm bells when you were already too late. If we had started this energy transition twenty or thirty years ago, countries like the Netherlands could now say “sorry Putler, we’ll tap our own reserves”. The reserves are now almost finished and tapping Dutch natural gas in Groningen now causes earthquakes because the pressure is gone, so we can’t help out Germany anymore, we’re now importers ourselves.

It’s a cheap shot to blame Swedish girls for this, but these are simply your own chickens coming home to roost. You didn’t care when it was the coral reef in Australia that was going to be affected. Now that you turned yourselves into Vladolf Putler’s gas-whore, it’s suddenly a problem. I for one, don’t really feel pity for anyone, except for the people in Kiev used as human shields by their own government.

We live in a multipolar world order now. Europe and the United States wasted the autumn of their global dominance, bringing “freedom and democracy” to Afghanistan and Iraq. And now you find yourself at the mercy of Russia, which has managed to win the sympathy, not just of the Chinese government, but of the Chinese population, who are now laughing their arses off at NATO’s impotent attempts to force its will on another great power.

Unless you consider dying of hunger in the cold in the dark an option, then you have exactly one option left: Stock up on vaseline and ask the Russian bear to be gentle with you. The longer you wait, the worse it gets.


  1. These sanctions remind me of the Coronavirus lockdowns of recent memory. You can buy/sell gas, you can buy/sell food, but you can’t go to football matches, singing contests, etc. And just like the lockdowns had serious side effects that made things worse, I don’t think that “locking down” Russia will help much either.

    • Locking down Russia will create a food and energy crisis. People will need the help of their governments, and it will be used to mandate digital IDs and vaccine mandates : You only get your monthly ration of food upon presenting a valid vaccination passport.

      Make no mistake guys – this system is trying to enslave us. Look for ways to become independent of it and resist this centralisation on every level. It will fail because it is not the natural law! Have you seen a centralised ecosystem? The forest asking a king if a tree should grow or when/where the fox is allowed to roam? Freedom is the natural order and will prevail with or without us. This push for a centralisation will crumble but we need to make sure it is not going to burry us under its ruins.

  2. If Trump had been in power, there’d have been no invasion.

    Related: this picture of Zelensky and Lukashenko is very funny to me.

    Here we see that the democratically elected president of Ukraine is in fact undoubtedly a gigolo at heart – a lover boy with multiple sugar mama’s who enjoys being servile to women, and who also no doubt is secretly closeted, what with the “I’m a little stinker” gayface he sports so often as well…this wannabe male prostitute turned funnyman looks positively hilarious standing next to Lukashenko.

    No handshake is complete without a bodyslam, anyway. Buck up, Zelensky!

    • Yes, Radagast has put the various jumble of thoughts in my mind into a coherent picture, something which I can refer to others to allow them to understand the current situation better. Way better than I could have done myself… dude, I need your weed! *heh*

      As and when the senile elites of the west back down from their brinkmanship, which I expect to happen before the end of ’22… I also forsee the said elites trying to get back to BAU as much as possible, as they love their travel and being feted at conferences on taxpayer’s expense. in that vein, I would expect air travel to be at least partially restored and semi-affordable, and I will use that opportunity to fly over and share said weed with you (if you don’t mind sharing). I’m assuming that there will be a stability phase soon after this stair-step down in living standards….

      • The era of peak resources is upon us. If Russia gets the majority of Ukraine, they will have secured a truly amazing bounty.

  3. It’s even worse. For example, Germany willing shut down nuclear reactors
    accelerating its dependence on Russia. Reluctance to use nuclear energy (apart
    from France) in Europe is mind boggling.

    You can say that Europe sleepwalked into this energy dependence. But many
    other reasons for the current crisis has much deeper roots and much more
    active and sinister participation of the Western powers.

  4. Yes, let the whole Europe shoot ourselves in the foot, to show the bear how we hate it! Over 60% of timber for Finnish cellulose industry comes from the bear. If we refuse to buy it (or they to sell), there really will be a shortage of toilet paper. And now all parties are hot about joining Natostan, to make the population into cannon-fodder. I do not understand how we can pay for the weapons that Nato requires us to buy, when we lose the remaining income from industry through sanctions. And farmers are already going bankrupt as food prices cannot rise as much as the production costs. When production costs are higher than the price you can get from produce, the production stops. In these circumstances, it would be best to be stupid and believe all you’re told, and be genuinely surprised when we get to lie in the bed we made for ourselves. The coming 3 months will be interesting – if the fields remain untilled, next winter will be beyond interesting.

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this essay. You should really consider accepting donations for your work, maybe stick a donation address on your blog somewhere.

    It is pretty clear to me that the Euroatlantic civilization has lost its collective mind. The psychological aspect of Covid appears to have been a rehearsal for a much larger mobilization effort (say, a war with a military superpower), even various alt-right outlets that have always traditionally been anti-establishment are now parroting the same mainstream propaganda you can find on CNN and WaPo. It turns out that most of the supposed opposition was in fact fake opposition.

    Orwell thought a totalitarian state would enforce obedience using violence and repression. They still do this, but only if you *really* step out of line. It appears that any sort of deviation from the prescribed course of thought is first punished by the masses themselves through deplatforming and cancellation attempts.

    Regarding the Russia situation itself, China and India amount to 1/3 of the world population and they largely don’t seem to have an issue with what Putin did. The world is likely to split into geopolitical blocs, akin to the Cold War era and that’s the world order we’ll have to live with for the remaining duration of our lives.

    • >I thoroughly enjoyed reading this essay. You should really consider accepting donations for your work, maybe stick a donation address on your blog somewhere.

      Well here’s the thing. I’m a 31 year old with a net worth of around half a million dollar (my stocks performed shitty but I made up for it with some Shopify puts lol).

      If you guys were hedge fund bros reading my essays to make informed business decisions I would happily accept donations, but I’m not going to accept donations for doing what I generally enjoy (analyzing things), from people in a similar or worse position. You can put your money to better use and should feel no need to donate to me.

      Friendly constructive comments are more rewarding than money.

  6. We’ve gone from “Thanks NHS” rainbows, “stay safe”, face mask emojis, BLM, two syringes, three syringes and now Ukraine flags in two years. It’s sad how little people have learnt.

    I’ve been a Covidian thought-criminal for two years now and I’m feeling pretty exhausted and beaten-down. When assessing the ‘news’ about Ukraine I have a simple policy: I simply do not believe a word that comes from the mouths of ‘our’ governments.

    March 2020 was a free sample of how quickly supply chains can go pear-shaped. So Radagast’s advice to stock up is prudent – really good quality multivitamins and minerals (ones with probiotics would be nice) have a shelf life of 1-2 years and are a good investment anyway. I’m thinking about foods with long shelf-life and also about pet food because animal diet is less adaptable than human.

  7. it is possible to ignore reality, what is impossible is to ignore the consequences of ignoring reality

    –Ayn Rand

    It is very hard to get free of preconceptions, as individuals we use them to simplify our understanding of the world, and as societies we use them to hold us together socially. And of course, for bureacrats, it allows them to simplify the levers they use to control society.

    In a separate note, too bad there is no possible way that Europe could use nuclear power plants instead of Russian natural gas or German coal. No CO2, no strip mines, no earthquakes.
    But, nukes are the worst thing ever. It is an element of faith I understand.

    • Na nukes aren’t the worst thing ever, they’re just too much of a net energy dump, have never been profitable and only ever exist with massive government subsidies. These subsidies are only available because of the high net energy available from fossil fuels, so the end result is just an expensive and fancy way to slowly go broke. Although profit isn’t everything, it’s a good way to measure if something is actually a net energy gain. Oil, gas and coal have been extremely profitable, nuclear and renewables haven’t. This isn’t to say that nukes were not a useful way to generate electricity during our peak fossil fuel decades, but they are a product of this high energy availability rather than a solution to it’s depletion. Whoever still has them will use them, but I can’t see many more being built, and maintenance becomes an issue with unrest (see Ukraine).

      • Your comments are all true with energy prices as they are however as energy prices explode nuclear and alternatives will be more reasonable

      • >Na nukes aren’t the worst thing ever, they’re just too much of a net energy dump, have never been profitable and only ever exist with massive government subsidies. These subsidies are only available because of the high net energy available from fossil fuels, so the end result is just an expensive and fancy way to slowly go broke.

        I agree.

        I’ve had this discussion with other people. They tend to argue “we don’t build more nuclear because people are retarded and afraid of it”. So then I ask them: “Well, China is a communist dictatorship, why didn’t they go all in on nuclear?” and that tends to be where the conversation strands.

        It’s not really a solution to the energy crisis our world faces.

  8. Meh.

    This blog usually has fresh and edgy analysis, but this post is a bit of a hash of peak oil and Splenglerian decadentism.

    I dabble in the above most of my free time, so I will not disagree with you. But intellectually speaking, it is not very satisfying.

    Also, there is so far basically no reliable information about the Ukraine situation, so there is not much to build an analysis on. We know that there is a war, but that’s about it. The media coverage is ridiculous. It is even difficult to establish how far the Russians have come.

    Maybe wait a bit until the fog clears a bit, and then give it another try.

  9. Well put as always.

    It really does appear that we have gone insane, too many of us anyway.

    I’ve noticed that those who were eager to get themselves vaccinated are also among the most deluded now. Kinda unsettling. I’m wondering if the vaccine messed with their brains, making them more impulsive and emotional. That’s a symptom of mad cow and other degenerative brain diseases after all.

    Anyway, you wrote that we should have started our energy transition sooner. That is easy to say but was that ever possible?
    There are no good alternatives. Oil and to a lesser degree coal is the best there is.
    Nothing else comes close.

    We live in interesting times as they say. I’m also hard pressed to feel pity. Most of the people are in for a rude awakening and it’s well deserved.

    Still, although I’ve been an atheist for long stretches of my life, I’ll be praying for those poor fuckers in Kiev and elsewhere who will have to suffer like little people always do when the mighty wage war.

  10. Radagast, a thought for you. The shire is in peril.

    Sauron is based on Loki, whom while a shape shifter never assumes the form of a woman. If Loki was to exist in a spiritual sense, one of those primordial evils that outlived it’s brother’s and sisters because of it’s cunning.

    What if Loki was originally written as a woman all those ages ago when these stories of the peoples took shape. Simply with time, it was changed?

  11. The situation in Canada is also becoming very precarious, as the current regime advances in killing our oil industry, and being very slow in investigating criminal acts such as when “[i]n what was a chillingly well-coordinated assault, terrorists in matching outfits descended on workers on the Coastal Gaslink site [in British Columbia] armed with axes in the middle of the night” on February 17. It does not help that the current environment minister (at the federal level) was himself arrested in 2001 due to his environmental activism. What I am not sure that these guys in charge realize is that Canada is a f*cking cold country most all the time, and just carbon-taxing the population to poverty to what end, wean us off internal combustion engines and lower the thermostat? I don’t see a plan here either to replace gas and oil, and alternatives like wind and solar are impractical – and batteries required for storage of electricity are also environmentally destructive (and dependent on yet other finite and scarcer mineral resources). I’m in for nuclear power.

    About the conflict: I teach university level chemistry, and suddenly today found myself closer to it. One of my best students is Ukrainian, and he came to talk to me today to ask for some lenience on attendance and exams, as he is trying to find a way to extract his mother, sister and nephew from Kyiv. If any of you here has some knowledge to share on this, reply and I will provide an alternative means of communication. I don’t have sides on this war.

  12. What “old europe” is doing currently is like shooting its own legs with a cal. 50, then humping on bloody stumps into a seppuku knife. What will be left for the russian bear to be gentle with?

  13. Revelations Chapter 6:
    I watched as the Lamb opened the first of the seven seals. Then I heard one of the four living creatures say in a voice like thunder, ‘Come!’ 2 I looked, and there before me was a white horse! Its rider held a bow, and he was given a crown, and he rode out as a conqueror bent on conquest.
    A white horse: Who wears white these days? Lab Workers and Doctors. Lab workers who may have experimented with a virus and gain of function research to make it more lethal and contagious. As the Wujan Lab leak theory becomes more and more credible, if true, then the lab workers (and those who funded them) will have killed millions.
    He that sat on him had a bow and a crown was given unto him: From Google: Roman Crowns and Wreaths worn by the emperors and conquering generals, were referred to as a ‘corona’ meaning crown. Corona Virus?
    In the old days they often tipped their arrows with poison so that any wound could kill. If you’re hit be an arrow, you’ve been “shot.” Doctors and medical workers also wear white coats. They are injecting corona vaccines into millions of people. Giving them “shots”. As the vaccine efficacy fades, what if longer term it proves not only to be ineffective, but detrimental to one’s immune system and one’s overall health? This too could kill millions.

    When the Lamb opened the second seal, I heard the second living creature say, ‘Come!’ 4 Then another horse came out, a fiery red one. Its rider was given power to take peace from the earth and to make people kill each other. To him was given a large sword.
    A fiery Red horse that can take peace from the earth and make people kill each other: The Russian Army is often referred to as “The Red Army.” They are massing thousands of troops on the border with Eastern Europe. Communist China is often referred to as “Red China.” They have recently conquered Hong Kong. They are threatening India and Taiwan. They have been steadily building up their military and are becoming closer aligned with Russia. Truly, a war coming from a red horse could be on the horizon that will kill millions more.

    When the Lamb opened the third seal, I heard the third living creature say, ‘Come!’ I looked, and there before me was a black horse! Its rider was holding a pair of scales in his hand. 6 Then I heard what sounded like a voice among the four living creatures, saying, ‘Two pounds of wheat for a day’s wages, and six pounds of barley for a day’s wages, and do not damage the oil and the wine!’
    What does this imply? Perhaps Supply Chain Issues leading to Hyperinflation that affects all but the elites and the super-rich. Perhaps the scales measure your social credits enabling you to buy food. Perhaps shortages and rationing.
    The next paragraph is taken directly from
    This horse is black, and the rider carries a set of scales: balances meant to carefully weigh things. This immediately suggests scarcity: people typically are careful to make precise measurement of things which are scarce or precious. Another voice, not identified, indicates that what is scarce is food, referring to wheat and barley. The quantities of grain and money are both typical for one day: this suggests famine, where people are struggling to make ends meet. On the other hand, finer things like oil and wine are not “harmed,” implying that the rich and powerful are somewhat insulated from this particular disaster

  14. Excellent post, Radagast! Thank you!
    The only thing I would add – the shortages (energy, food) are planned and not really result of the stupidity of the elites. Precisely as the poisoning of the population with an engineered virus and a clearly even worse vaccines.
    Their plan is to starve us of resources and truthful information and jab us to death.
    Some food by side will mitigate for a while but a more optimistic plan is to starve them before they can starve us. Go one year on self-grown food and barter. 1 year and those fuckers are done.

  15. I know this is kinda harsh to say but what are some of the investment opportunities can you point out following this crisis?

  16. +1 for “American ketotard” and “Vladolf Putler”

    These highly trisomal super-retards are trying to make all of Europe into Turkey. Hyperinflation spinning out of control with a loaf of bread being almost unaffordable. The question is are they doing it for some sinister WEF plan, or are they really that stupid? I am strongly convinced of their stupidity, but I’m also sure that elites are looking out for themselves. So maybe a combination of both. Exploited stupidity. As for Putler, I’m a bit unhappy that he decided to rock the boat, but I like that he’s looking out for his people. And Russia, to my knowledge, never fleeced us with their valuable gas and lumber. Of course it’s a shame for the Ukrainians, who really don’t deserve a war being waged in their already hardly perfect country.

    If anything, this is a reminder to STOCK UP ON FOOD and enjoy your time on this earth. Don’t forget if everything turns cold, putting up a tent indoors will keep you warm.

    • “The question is are they doing it for some sinister WEF plan, or are they really that stupid? I am strongly convinced of their stupidity, but I’m also sure that elites are looking out for themselves. ”
      Obviously false dichotomy: They are doing it for the WEF because they are so stupid they believe there is something in it for them. They’ll be disposed the moment their job is done. This is now becoming painfully clear to this puppet Zelensky. For sure he was told that Ukraine will get help from NATO. Like Saddam was told he can take Kuwait.
      When the time is ripe Palpatine will take the useful idiots of the trade federation.
      Yes, stock up on food. Ultimately, to bring those WEF crooks down, we need to learn to live without money. We either have our distributed replacement for it or just f***ing go back to the woods and start from scratch. They control money and if we NEED money to live they will control us.

  17. Mostly excellent – it’s just really sad that you had to refer to the climate hoax. Have a good, hard look at the latest climate data. Ventusky dot com is an amazing site which visualizes all the essential climate data from the entire world in real time – you can see several weeks of historical data and 20 days of predictions.
    The one thing that is absolutely obvious is that the planet is NOT getting hotter!
    1890-1940: substantial warming
    1940-1978: massive cooling, endless fearmongering about a “new ice age”
    1980-1998: warming
    1999-present: mostly flat temperatures and even cooling
    The temperature curve was so flat that the main topic of the IPCC in 2013 was the “absence of warming”. The missing heat remained the main topic until 2015, when NOAA “found” the “missing heat” by altering the temperature records – just on time for Obama’s climate conference in Paris.
    Since 2016, NASA reported that the major Greenland glacier is growing again. Antarctica experienced record cold. This winter, Arctic temperatures were back to 1978 levels. The sea ice froze very early in November, cutting off multiple arctic towns from supplies.
    A 2017 study showed that over 425 million years of geological data show no positive correlation between CO2 and temperatures – only a tiny negative correlation. Periods with up to 16x the current CO2 levels did not lead to runaway warming.
    Having studied physics, I found the entire story about CO2 causing warming totally absurd.
    The atmosphere does have a massive influence on the surface temperature of earth, but that has nothing to do with CO2. What matters is water in all its forms – because water actually can store heat – and the density of the atmophere. The chemical composition is totally irrelevant. Laboratory experiments show that adding Argon or CO2 has the exact same warming effect – simply by increasing the air pressure.
    The CO2 we add is so marginal as to have no effect at all. One study estimated the human contribution at about 0.01C over 100 years. All the rest are natural variations.
    The only measurable effect of the slight increase in CO2 is the greening of the planet, especially in arid zones – extensively documented in many studies from NASA, in Nature etc.- which allows us to grow more food.
    As for “alternate” energy sources – they are garbage. Unreliable, barely producing more than they consume to build and maintain. Wind energy requires petrol for lubrification. It’s also the most chaotic, most unreliable form of energy. Solar can at least be predicted with fairly good accuracy based the expected cloud cover.
    Germany covers just about 5% of its energy with wind and solar … after trillions in investments. Both have to be rebuilt every 20 to 25 years. So you barely arrive at 5% of supplies and you have to start over.
    There are only 2 good solutions – fission or fusion. And fusion might finally become a reality. MIT just developed super magnets that might generate a magnetic field strong enough to contain a sustainable fusion reaction. If that works, we have no more energy problems. Until then, we should absolutely use modern 4th & 5th generation nuclear plants or coal, gas and oil.
    While European supplies might be dropping, new fields are discovered all the time. Current known world supplies are sufficient for about 400-500 years of consumption. Suspected fields might be enough for 3000-4000 years.
    The problem is just the dependence on Russia, for now.
    EU and US politicians have proven to be no smarter than the 3 cousins who triggered WWI. We have to stop giving political power to psychopaths and frankly, EU bureaucrats and politicians and the US Democrats are no better than Putin. Trump was an exception – a business man, not a politician. Not a psychopath, either. Psychopaths are incapable of laughing about themselves. Trump loves to take the worst things people say about him and turn it into a self-deprecating joke. He has immense intelligence. As you said, he did warn the Germans about their dependence on Russian oil. Yes, LNG gas is more expensive than oil from Nordstream. In 2018, German diplomats laughed about Trump’s offer. 10 days ago, Germany started building 2 LNG terminals. Who’s stupid now?
    You can find my various articles about the climate etc. on my Minds blog.

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