The complete and utter failure of the vaccines, illustrated in two charts

Army Spc. Angel Laureano holds a vial of the COVID-19 vaccine, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Bethesda, Md., Dec. 14, 2020. (DoD photo by Lisa Ferdinando)

I’ll probably write about something else again soon (probably this), but today I just want to briefly point out to you how terribly the vaccines have failed.

Here you can see the rate of Dutch adults who have received three vaccinations:

These numbers are from February 2022, you can see that around 85% of people in their seventies have now received three shots. Strangely enough the rate is actually lower in the very oldest, which suggests that some people are simply too frail and sick to receive these vaccines (which in turn suggests vaccine efficacy is even worse than it looks).

So now let’s look at the rate of people testing positive:

So, after numerous people have had natural infections and 85% of people in their seventies have received three(!) shots of these vaccines, we’re now seeing about five times as many people testing positive as we did at the height before the start of the vaccination campaign. I don’t know how you’re supposed to look at these numbers and come away with the impression that the vaccination campaign has accomplished anything.

In fact, with the realization that the most frail elderly don’t receive these vaccines in the back of our mind, you have to wonder if our highly qualified highly incompetent 115 IQ midwit technocrats are being fooled by their own mirage: Do they genuinely believe these vaccines are working to prevent disease, because they ignore the fact that unvaccinated elderly are on average in much worse health to begin with?

And of course, you can rest assured that the lemmings are now going to line up for their fourth injection, with another dose of mRNA designed to produce the exact same version of the spike protein found in the previous three injections that didn’t do anything to stop them from getting infected. The majority of Dutch babyboomers are going to roll up their sleeves, to get their fourth shot of mRNA.

To understand the absurdity of this should really not be a matter of being right-wing or left-wing, educated or uneducated, it’s a matter of believing that your own observations can mean something. But most people have such strong faith in their government, an almost religious devotion to the dictates of “experts”, that they believe they should just ignore the evidence that is straight in front of them.

The deaths are a tragedy, but what grieves me more than anything else is that we could ever reach this level of stupidity.


  1. Let’s see, unsupported ‘explanation’ number 1: “but the number of cases would have been so much higher without the vaccines!”
    No 2: “Cases, yes, but the symptoms would have been more serious!”
    No 3: “It got us through Delta!”
    No 4: “It was worth a try!”

    • The question to ask these people is: “Under what circumstances CAN we say that the vaccines have failed?” You won’t get a meaningful answer.

  2. These vaccinators live in their alternative reality, repeating each other, and shutting down anything that contradicts them so that their perception of reality is undisturbed.

  3. Are we sure the rate of testing positive is the correct metric? Do hospitalization and death shows similar (relative) spiking…

    I ask simply because the ‘testing positive’ metric has been the wrong metric from the outset (for all kinds of reasons). Cheers for great essays on your site (1st comment).

  4. The vaccines didn’t “fail” you liar. They succeeded in doing exactly what they were designed to do. You’ll never stop your complete cowardice and accepting their frame in everything you write. It’s really shocking how arrogant you are about how radical a thinker you are but you’re always 6-18 months behind anyone even remotely with their eyes open. You even believe in the establishment global warming fraud and moralize about it, it’s despicable. You spend all your time trying to seem credible to Big Scientism that you’ve become willfully blind. And you accuse people who are ignorant on the vaccines of being dumb. Pot calling a kettle black.

    • @billy
      I know ppl like you very well. They always make very bad predictions but are nevertheless convinced that they know what is behind all of it and where it will end.

      That you think global warming is a hoax, ignoring CO2 and methane levels as well as ocean acidification, shows your ignorance.

      I think that both sides, the MSM watchers and the Telegram “informed”, are not thinking on their own and are just living in their own algo-reinforced bubbles.

      I bothers me that good friends start to speak about Mike Yeadon, depopulation, deep state and that climate change is just in agenda of the NWO. Ppl I liked for their ability to come up with new ideas and who used to think on their own suddenly sucked up by all this crap. Now I know what they want to say even before they open theirs mouths.

      • >Now I know what they want to say even before they open theirs mouths.

        Yep. The contrarian narrative is now almost as annoying as the normie narrative.

        • Some people are just incapable of adding 2 and 2 together. They think for example that it is possible to live in a complex society *without mass surveillance* in which and single individual could, with enough knowledge & in his basement , make his own gain-of-function experiments, 3d print guns and equip drones with explosives.

          I m not saying that everything these “disciples” say is wrong. It is for example possible that they have already started with solar radiation management without us knowing ( for ex. hidden in a additive for jet fuel). It is also possible that some segment of the elites have taken into consideration the elimination of a large part of the population ( obviously not with sars-cov-2 or the vaccine since we are still here & they swallowed the pill too).

          But if true then because the situation of the planet and the ecosystems is way more problematic than what they tell us. Which I believe is the case. The loss of biodiversity is very dramatic.

          • “The loss of biodiversity is very dramatic.”

            Just to be a devils advocate, as is the case with planetary temperatures, what is the correct degree of biodiversity? Both have varied considerably over eons.

      • You yourself sound like in a bubble, though, if you apriori exclude certain possibilities – from the infallible wisdom of your holy rectum, which presumably know what’s “crap” without investigating the evidence and assessing the plausibility of the different constellations of available puzzle pieces. (where plausible != “I can’t imagine that” by some naive one who has an irrational, unshakable belief in the institutions)

        As for Mike Yeadon, quite a bunch of things he predicted over a year ago, that people thought was ludicrous, are in UN or WHO documents and in the works to become law, my little chump.
        Like global ID and traveling tied to vax status, as well as sovereignity of states diminishing and the WHO ruling over health issues, into the countries that will sign that. IDK about the US, but you can bet your arse that EU countries will sign that. Except perhaps Hungary.

        Also, what is hard to understand about the straight forward concept of “deep state”, as pertaining to cross-administrative, nested-in people in the USA’s governmental apparatus?
        It does not take a lot more imagination power than that of my toaster to get that and its possible implications.
        (granted, that term gets much abuse in Europe, by people who don’t understand the term)

        • Your preachy style and religious fervor tells me that you are part of a cult.

          The inital prediction of Mike Yeadon considering the vaccine was wrong and extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

          • Actually any claim just requires evidence. Leave the extraordinary out that is a subjective interpretation.

          • The warnings of Mike Yeadon, Wodarg and so many more are actually very well coming true. You’ve got massive side effects, elevated all cause mortality and now proofs that the vaxx mRNA is distributed all over the body and stays for way longer than it was ‘supposed’ to. It is now proven at least in vitro that it can be reverse transcribed in the DNA. All of those warnings were considered annoying conspiracy theories but they’re all coming true, and most importantly some of them as the bio-distribution in the whole body were known to be a matter of fact according to the released Pfizer FDA approval documents . You don’t exactly know the timeline for the train wreck hitting the wall but they have predicted many of the station we have now provably passed by.
            Public Health Scotland and now even UK are discontinuing their reporting of cases, hospitalisations and deaths by vaxx status – obviously the signal is contrary to the narrative and you bet they can see it because they get the data first and get the prelim reports well ahead of the public.

      • “That you think global warming is a hoax, ignoring CO2 and methane levels as well as ocean acidification, shows your ignorance.”

        That you would write something so ridiculous truly shows *YOUR* ignorance. If the globe is warming so much can you please tell us how much hotter it was in 2021 vs. 1934. Should be pretty substantial right? With ~90 extra years of Human-generated CO2 in the atmosphere?

        How much warming have we seen in the troposphere since 1979 based on the UAH satellite data? Now explain why this is anything to worry about much less catastrophic.

        I will wait for your answers…

        • @bojangles
          The earth has various carbon sinks like plants and oceans (hence ocean acidification) for example. the warming in not immediate and not distributed equally over the earth’s surface.

          You can dig up the data yourself. And while you are at it you can also read about a possible cascade of tipping points.

          Governments have already started or will very soon start with geoengineering.

  5. Being right yet again, at least about covid.

    Everyone who is going to get it already gets it by now. If I see a fucking idiot still wearing his hoax muzzle I know he’s unsalvageable

  6. So, if peple flat out ignore reality when it comes to their own personal health and their children’s health, because reason x ( call it what you want) can the same people do other irrational things that are just as insane? Like go to ww3?
    Same leaders promote both covid measures and war measures. Same population submits and believes both.

  7. How interesting that the topics of conversation on here are just like watching MSM and any alt right news organizations go after each other… Hilarious to think that we will ever be able to actually have any meaningful conversations regarding climate, health, covid, deep state, politics!

    I believe that the truth is somewhere in between the extreme of both sides.. Actually making a case for your beliefs are so old school that very few on here commenting can actually make a ‘case’ for what they believe because they can’t independently dive into both sides without trash talking or name calling to get their points across!

    That’s the way the people at the top love to keep all of us under their spell! Keep us arguing and they can sneak anything by us.. Lol!

    Love reading your take, Radagast! My husband and I have some fun conversations going back and forth playing devil’s advocate for both sides! Also, the comments people, but really! Y’alls need to get some backup data or at least some new talking points for your side in order to help your case! And maybe some new scientific research documentation. They’re always producing loads for whichever side you are on!

    • > Y’alls need to get some backup data or at least some new talking points for your side in order to help your case! And maybe some new scientific research documentation. They’re always producing loads for whichever side you are on!

      That is why data is meaningless. There is a vast ocean of data both for and against any position one could possibly hope to take, making it completely useless for resolving a question.

      Worse yet, if you still look to data as a source of truth in $CurrentYear, that places you at the whim of epistemic luck. See:

      Essentially, if positions X and Y are mutually exclusive yet have ample data both for and against them, and you are the sort of person to be persuaded by data, then that means whether you end up holding belief X or Y is ultimately a function of which data set fate caused you to encounter first.

      The problems of the present age are not from lack of data, they are from lack of epistemology.

  8. @G
    A ineffective vaccine with serious side effects ,even if tragic in the bigger picture, still does not equal a vaccine especially developed to kill people I.e. for depopulation.

    I think they saw great opportunities and big money in this new mRNA technology. That’s the reason for why they used the virus as a window to push for rapid adoption. Now they can say “look, this new mRNA therapy is no different than the shot you took some years ago”.

    Of course this is just speculation but let’s be honest, how probable is it that they released a harmless virus so as to be able to vaccinate the population with something that will kill them?

    Why not just release a very dangerous virus that spreads rapidly and kills with some delay and just have a vaccine reserved for your own ppl?

    Certainly one cannot say that something is impossible if there is a nonzero chance of it to be true. But the same thing can be said about many things like roko’s basilisk for example.

    • Agreed, it might be a tragic coincidence. I’d love to believe it because it makes the picture psychologically less horrible. The truth is we do not know. My gut feeling is that there is more to it than just a random release and an ineffective and dangerous vaccine. Why I believe so:
      1. The virus is engineered for sure. Pls do check this exceptional posts:
      Sorry for the too many links but really they make are all great reads.
      The short story is that the SARS Cov2 contains motifs in its RBD that are either only found in HIV or have been engineered and patented from moderna in 2018. The chance that this virus was not engineered is minuscule.
      2. The DoD knew early on that Hydroxychloroquine and IVM were effective but they were suppressed. Obviously the BMGF is doing it as well ( This by itself constitutes a crime against humanity regardless if it was a planned depopulation or they made it as they went.
      3. I maybe underestimating the power of money but pushing mandates on children or healthy young individuals is just an evil mass murder. In Germany, a country of 85M you have less than 2000 persons under 50Y old who died of covid. For 2 freaking years. You have ca. 3000 dying in car accidents per year. 120k killed by tobacco per year. The data about the risk profile of the vaccine and its utter failure is being hidden in purpose. They had the Omicron off-ramp but did not take it. It does not sound plausible to me that this much evil is done for money but hey, I may be wrong

      If it is depopulation or a plan for total control over the people – I do not know. It might be just a random evil thing coming out of our ruthless greed. But it is as evil as it gets.
      The science is updating – 1. mRNA detected 60days after injection. 2. mRNA goes into liver and ovaries in rats known even before trial’s 3rd phase , 3. mRNA enters cell nuclei and hampering gene repair 4. New studies confirming efficacy of IVM etc.
      And still, they are pushing the vaxx. Regardless if it is planned as such or not, it is a depopulation event by all means.

    • @Silverback, I wrote a longer reply but I guess it awaits Radagast’s approval as it contains a couple of links.
      “Of course this is just speculation but let’s be honest, how probable is it that they released a harmless virus so as to be able to vaccinate the population with something that will kill them?
      Why not just release a very dangerous virus that spreads rapidly and kills with some delay and just have a vaccine reserved for your own ppl?”
      The former actually seems much more controllable – a dangerous virus could mutate and escape the vaccine and then the guys releasing the virus are cooked as well. Why not release a treatable one and inject everybody with a gene therapy that has serious side effects later down the road. You get rich and are safe all the time. Seems like the more elegant ‘solution’
      That is just speculation – I cannot read their mind but the vaccines are dangerous, hey are mandated to people who have nothing to fear from the virus and on top of that effective early treatments are suppressed. The icing is that the virus was almost surely engineered. The other post will provide the links.


      • @G
        I have some counterarguments to your statement that to kill with the vaccine would be an elegant solution:

        1. As stated by Radagast in another post, you cannot predict the evolutionary pathway of a new virus. A mostly harmless virus can also evolve into a very harmful one and is therefore unpredictable as well. There are many hills in the evolutionary landscape an the virus has just recently started to climb some of them. A random mutation may suffice for the virus to start to climb a very dangerous (for humans) one.

        2. The people who were the most eager to take the vaccine are from the upper and upper-middle class. I know this from personal experience. If the goal was to kill with the vaccine you would kill many insurance employees, Google or whatever engineers who are important for the system. When you now state, that the goal is to reduce “energy consumption” by killing those who consume the most, I would say that this demographic is also the most inclined to adopt green technologies (like solar panels and electric vehicles) and buy organic food.

        3. If you would kill those who trust you the most and vindicate those who are working against you. A move that would make things very hard further down the line.

        4. Israel who is very focused on its own survival, due to a deep rooted belief that stems from history and prophecies in the Bible (the whole world will turn against etc.), did vaccinate its own population very aggressively. This makes no sense if the goal of the vaccine is depopulation. The Israeli government has very good intelligence in various circles. Mossad is one of the best intelligence agency. I’m sure they would have gotten the memo.

        I’m sure that the probability of the vaccine to be especially designed to kill/maim you is very very low. If it now happens on a large scale then because it is an accident. It was not smart to take and push for an experimental product without proper testing in the first place.

        The whole world (not only the West) has a big problem with hysteria (and other irrational stuff) and I think it is due to rapid communication and algos. In other words, the internet makes ppl mad.

        • @Silverback,
          all good points! I am just playing the arguments and not necessarily arguing it is a depopulation event by design.
          1. Yes, the virus could by chance become more lethal. The natural evolution would be however to become less deadly at least to the vast majority, which is now jabbed. So the virus could evolve to become less virulent for the obedient and vaxxed and more deadly to the unjabbed, as statistically the latter do not matter so much in the western world at least. That would be the wet dream of the super villains if they exist. by all means BG is one – windows has had detrimental effect on my mental health already 🙂 . Still starting with a harmless virus is much more safe then releasing a dangerous one with reserved antidote.
          2. Regarding the most system-compliant being slaughtered first – true, it’s almost like Adams’ Golgafrinchan Ark Fleet Ship B. They found a way to get rid of the useless. The idea hat the elites care about the engineers, insurance employees and bankers is I think wrong. The useful compliant engineers will become dangerous as well once they realise what has been done. My parents have a small farm – guess which chickens get slaughtered first.
          3. What the links in the other post suggest is that if it is a depopulation event it is a second order one – a recessive genes are reverse transcribed so that the kids of the jabbed will have more often certain serious conditions regarding their reproductive health. It’s a 4chan leak from 2020 that sounds too freaky but magically the first part of it (LINE-1 and reverse transcribing of vaxx mRNA in liver cells) was scientifically proven a couple of weeks ago. All wild speculations, for sure!
          4. Yep the 4th one is a bitch. I do not know!It was also a puzzle for me why the Israelis did that. if want to argue here, the only thing I can say is they took a different jab … I know it’s not an argument actually

          For the record, I do not think that reducing energy consumption is the goal but rather total control of the population. I mean not only control of the population size but really dystopian control on everybody.

          ‘The whole world (not only the West) has a big problem with hysteria (and other irrational stuff) and I think it is due to rapid communication and algos. In other words, the internet makes ppl mad.’ – now think of a jew in nazi germany in 1930. Should they get hysterical and leave for the US?

          • @G
            There is still no artificial general intelligence, therefore I regard it as highly unlikely that the elites would kill the most obedient first. They need the scientists and engineers for life extension and for the development of AI and robots. Also geoengineering may already be necessary. They are dependent on the system just like most of us. I doubt they want to survive at the cost of being stuck on this planet with the same means as an ancient tribe.

            Concerning Israel I don’t think they get fake jabs. They would have to forge all their studies… not very likely as well.

            The initial claim that the jab is for depopulation can only be maintained by adding more and more conspiratorial layers. I don’t know… one certainly can imagine all sorts of conspiracies among the elites. Some of them are certainly true but maybe one should also ask what is behind the conspiracy theorists movement.. ppl who want power? who want to make money? A foreign agency wanting to destabilise a country? Who knows.

            They often speak about how the government wants to control minds yet they use very similar techniques… People in the movement seem to be somewhat mind controlled as well.

            As for leaving early like the jews… you are right. I also have a bad feeling but more so because the Ukrainian conflict. If Putin loses I don’t know what he will do and if he wins easily the Baltics may be next(according to ppl like Kasparov). I’m worried about actions from countries like France as well. It’s hard to predict but being in Europe is bad luck because of the possible use of nukes, chemical and biological weapons. I’m in the same position. I would move to the southern hemisphere in a somewhat stable country (but it’s almost impossible with a family and a somewhat normal life). All major powers are in the northern hemisphere.

  9. Very well outlined! Thank you!
    I live in the Netherlands and I am going to relocate out of it, one of the reasons being extreme mismatch in levels of trust in MSM and government from the masses and myself. People have lost the ability to apply their critical thinking… It is obvious that this gene therapy has failed big time and even now so many trust it is what got us out of the crisis.

    And this does not apply to NL alone, the whole western world behaves like this… unfortunately.

    And I do not want to even touch on the ongoing invasion in Ukraine…

    • Nikolay, I am in Germany and planing to relocate as well. I am seriously thinking about south-eastern europe (Bulgaria, 25-30% vaxxed) because US is not feasible for now. UK also seems ok right now but they went quite mad on lockdowns and mandates at some point so i am not sure. What do you think is a good place to move to? Africa might be a good call as well – South Africa seems very sane.

      • Hey G – South East Europe (well not Greece) is looking quite sane. Bosnia in particular got my respect by ruling out vaccine passports on principle early on. A beautiful country I believe. I’m based in Scotland but in the short term am considering relocating to England which has been a lot saner and more anti-lockdown than Scotland. If Scotland ever becomes independent then I can imagine it turning into a mix of Austria and North Korea. I’d love to relocate to the Balkans (I love ex-Yu) but I’ll need to see how things turn out geopolitically. Ukraine is muddying the waters for us all. Happy migrating.

        • Yes, Ukraine is indeed adding a whole new dimension. UK felt quite relaxed even last autumn. Most of the people were just over it. The politicians needed to follow or become ridiculous by imposing restrictions which nobody follows. If the Ukraine conflict does not stay confined in Ukraine then I think it will be almost irrelevant where one is located, apart from a bunker in New Zealand.
          For me relocation is both an escape from tyranny and a way of voting against the corrupt german and EU politicians. If enough people say NO and refuse to feed the system it will brake … I hope.
          Germany, Austria and Italy yet again lead the way into fascism. Such a pathetic pack

        • Montenegro is simply gorgeous! Yes, ex-YU is a very interesting place. At least Serbia has a very balanced position on Ukraine and I think they will also profit from it in the long run. At least I hope so.

          • Serbia is the country I know best in that part of the world. I was disappointed how they bought into the vaccine and passports but knowing the Serbs I am sure they did not follow the rules. At all. I had flights booked for Sarajevo for April 2020 and as soon as I can I will head there again and explore. Watching the news about Germany and Austria’s vaccine mandate talk has been truly painful and I don’t blame any German or Austrian for wanting to get the hell out. You can rent houses in the Balkan countryside for a mere few hundred euros a month. Great weather, excellent food, based people (when they are not fighting each other) I can’t wait to get back.

          • hey, seems like there is a big movement going from western Europe to south-eastern Europe.
            I am a Bulgarian and I am going back to BG, most likely to a small village as I am missing my roots. This decision is beyond corona crisis, it has been facilitated by it.

            For someone who is not originally from south-eastern Europe you should do a bit more research first. Living in this region can be very harsh! Better believe it. Again, you would not know until you experience it so this makes the decision even harder. Don’t only look at vaccination rate, this is indicative of something but that is not the lifestyle in the country.

            The local language is difficult, people outside of the big cities rarely speak foreign languages, apart from Russian. Local authorities are impossible to deal with, there is corruption at all levels, police is almost non-existent when you need it, mentality of most people is not to tolerate foreigners, medical help is… well, check my comment here:


            There is a website where german pensioners established to help each other relocate to Bulgaria, however if 1000 new people go there in 1 year it is about the same number that return to Germany in the same period.

            And then I will not cover the wonderful aspects of living there… as these are countless 🙂

            Good luck with your decision, keep us posted and all the best!

          • If you plan to relocate, may i suggest Canary islands, Madeira or Iceland? Nobody is droping a nuke there, and have “proper” legal systems. Balkans is just asking for trouble.

  10. Rintrah, have you read a book called “The ultimate resource” by Julian L.Simon? It might be up your street, judging by the content on your blog. It tackles and challenges a lot of the ideas put forward by Limits to Growth. Imo convincingly and i find myself changing my mind about a few ideas i had not even realised I’d made assumptions about. I’d be fascinated to read your review of it. All the best

  11. The constitutions and charters have been legally suspended since Jan. 30, 2020, but most populations don’t realize that yet, because their official leadership (presidents, governors, lawmakers and judges) don’t know themselves, or know and aren’t saying so…

    A short, bullet-point version of the long-read Legal Walls of the Covid-19 Kill Box, which was posted Feb. 26, 2022, reporting on Attorney Todd Callender’s Jan. 30, 2022 podcast interview: Compulsory Vaccination and Forced Quarantine Camps in Arizona:

    1992 – Nation-states participating in UN Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, adopt Agenda 21, later renamed Agenda 30. Goals include reduction of world population, elimination of private property ownership, and elimination of borders and national sovereignty.

    1994 – UN participating nation states adopt Framework Convention on Climate Change and International Conference of Population and Development Programme of Action. Plans include reduction of world population, elimination of private property ownership, and elimination of borders and national sovereignty, to be achieved through worldwide propaganda and ‘vaccine’ campaigns, and changes to/nullification of constitutions, statutes, regulations and court precedents within nation-states.

    2001 – Model State Emergency Health Powers Act (MSEHPA), drafted in 2001 under the pretext of addressing bioterrorism in the wake of the 9/11 attacks, by the Center for Law and the Public’s Health at Georgetown and Johns Hopkins University, at the request of the US Health and Human Services Department Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). According to National Vaccine Information Center, the MSEHPA authorizes “state health officials to use the state militia to: take control of all roads leading into and out of cities and states; seize homes, cars, telephones, computers, food, fuel, clothing, firearms and alcoholic beverages for their own use (and not be held liable if these actions result in the destruction of personal property); arrest, imprison and forcibly examine, vaccinate and medicate citizens without consent (and not be held liable if these actions result in your death or injury).” Versions of the MSEHPA were subsequently passed by several state legislatures.

    2003 – SARS outbreak declared by World Health Organization (March 15) leads to US President George W. Bush signing Executive Order (April 4) adding “Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome” [new name given to lab-modified, weaponized common cold] to the list of communicable diseases, the outbreak of which authorizes Secretary of Health and Human Services to suspend Americans’ civil liberties and the US Constitution, and legally eviscerate Congress, state governments and American courts. SARS-2003 was the first test run of the global ‘public health’-based population-control framework: acclimating populations to worldwide propaganda, behavior modification and public interference in private doctor-patient relationships.

    2005 – US President George W. Bush signs Executive Order adding “influenza,” [common flu] to list of communicable diseases, the outbreak of which authorizes Secretary of Health and Human Services to suspend Americans’ civil liberties and the US Constitution and legally eviscerate Congress, state governments and American courts…

    Rest of timeline re: international and US law, through 2022 (current draft as of today, anyway):

  12. “UK also seems ok right now but they went quite mad on lockdowns and mandates at some point so i am not sure”

    We’re pretty insane tbh. Do not be deceived. I think we were lucky in that we had an instinctively libertarian Prime Minister during it. Much as I dislike him, Boris is more averse to imposing restrictions and Sturgeon largely follows his lead (with a few small tweaks) despite what the press say. If we had someone like Tony Blair or Keir Starmer in power we would probably be in a similar situation to Germany right now.

  13. Hello and good day,

    It is the vaccine by which the two prong attack occurs. The nano technology to create the 5G booster in the brain is through vaccine, and perhaps PCR test. The biomechanical silicone hydra is the vaccine itself and the utilization of graphene for “construction purposes, think your shovel, pick axe, etc. Your multi tool which can be agitated again through the 5G. The hydra converts the vascular system into the “web” of silicone like clotting that is spread and being discovered in the autopsies. Each successive shot provides more raw material, it is why the contents are the same per vial even though they are named as different components in the process. The key was to draw it out so the conversion process did not kill the host by converting too quickly. The blue tooth frequencies being put out are what is causing the headaches and brain fog, each shot gives you more material and more receptors. It also then creates a secondary psychological web that groups of these people now could be harmful to unvaccinated people – which is labeled as Covid19 as the body is reacting to not only spike (I think this is a delivery system, hijack cells to create “Doorways” that make the above process more possible — as well as the resulting radtion sickness and sepsis that sets in due to all of this frequency.

    The frequency comes from BitCoin, and possibly other subsequent coins that have been released. The block chain is the mathematical process of mapping out each individual human to be replaced by the perfect version of themselves — an AI. This is why that one fellow talks about data being everything, it is why data is everything. With all of our lives being recorded, how we think, write, love, hate, then including thermal data, biometric data.. Eventually you are no longer you and people would be utterly oblivious to the loss of control. This would happen to silently and no one would ever know. This may explain why BitCoin is being targeted in some of the propaganda by “unfriendly” countries — it is the source driving the power of the mind control — the mass psychosis.

    As the cherry on top, the meaning of the human experience is just that. To experience and learn about all things, all ways, always. This process has been hijacked, and I have no doubt that it has been sold. Ultimately we are the product, and may be for an entire universe of beings. The experiment went too far, there was some permissibility but what has been done here is not just crimes against humanity — This is a crime against the galaxy, against existence itself. This is why you are here. Thank you.

    This is masterful work by a most competent adversary, and sounds entirely insane — but I cannot turn away from what appears to be the horrible truth of our moment.



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