The Condom Is Feminism

Him: “Oh babe you’re so hot. Come here.”

Her: “Oh yes, there, yes, oh yeah.”

Him: “Spread your legs.”

Her: “Wait baby, do you have a condom?”

Him: “Why? I’m not sleeping around lol”

Her: “Yeah but baby I’m not on birth control.”

Him: “Look, if you’re so morbidly afraid of my seed, we shouldn’t be using a condom anyway. With perfect condom use, 2% of women still get pregnant every year. Would you jump from an airplane everyday, with a parachute that has a 2% chance of failure? But if we are more humble and accept we’re more like typical condom users, the condom has an 18% failure rate. That’s not protection. That’s like walking into a warzone with a bullet-proof vest. If you’re a general it kind of helps your side win a war if you give all your soldiers a vest, but the individual soldier is given a false illusion of protection.”

Her: “Get off me, I don’t want to have sex anymore. I thought you were a high status white male, but you’re actually an autistic nerd! I bet you don’t even own a car!”

Him: “You realize all of society works like this right? Women make decisions based on feelings and messaging from their environment, autistic white men try to explain to them through reason and arguments why those decisions are nonsensical and then women get angry at those men and surround themselves with sociopathic men who just tell them whatever they want to hear.”

Her: “Fuck you incel nazi, go shoot up a school or something!”

Him: “Just wait bitch, one day I’m going to write something on my blog about this, that’ll teach you!”

Note: This whole story is fictional. I’m obviously not depressed and reminiscing about the past.


  1. >Women make decisions based on feelings
    Feelings are the only things that are actually real, “reason” isn’t real, it’s a construct. Women are lucky they aren’t constrained by such a stifling and nonsensical idea as reason. Love itself is irrational, there’s nothing rational about deciding a certain person is more valuable than another. This is why in our society dominated by reason and rationality equality is taken as self-evident. A man who treats everyone the same doesn’t love anyone.

    Ideally, relationships should be based around true love, youthful, obsessive, potentially self destructive, and completely irrational. Where both man and woman throw reason out the window and talk about their feelings instead. That’s beautiful and pure. Men and women both who see their partner as just as statistic are dead inside. Women who think like rationalist men like ourselves are the most vulgar creatures on the planet; feminist whores, self proclaimed femcels, and gold-diggers. Good women don’t deserve to be enslaved by rationalism. Look at what reason is doing to our world and people!

    I feel your pain brother, this isn’t going to make you feel better, but this life you’re living isn’t the end. You know this, but I want to reiterate. You’ve found love in the past, and you will again someday. I hope you can find love in this life, but if not, you will someday, after the machine you’re current using has rotted away.

  2. Skipping to the point – you talk a lot about the Bible here sometimes, did you ever read the parts where it’s clearly explained that non marital sex is a grave sin, sufficient to keep you out of heaven, and severely damaging?

    My point is not to tell you that you’re wrongbad, but to point out that the very sexual behavior in the hypothetical is itself severely illogical and damaging to all involved. I want you to come to realize that it would be far better to not engage in it at all, for you the individual.

  3. For many years, the sort of people who studied this sort of thing assumed that at any given point of time, individual women either wanted to get pregnant or didn’t want to. However, fairly recently they learned by actually asking that a substantial percentage of women are not really sure whether they want to get pregnant. In that case, it isn’t irrational for them to use lousy birth control; it is leaving the decision up to chance, since they don’t have a satisfactory way of making it themselves. You could wish that they had a firm preference and then acted on it, and some do, but many don’t, and they may even know that they are unsure but are annoyed to be forced to admit that since then they will be nagged by the guy. In the scenario above it is really the guy who has a firm preference to not reproduce, and he wants the woman to share his preference, but why should she?

  4. The key to a successful relationship is compromise.

    Example: you don’t want to use condoms, she wants you to wear one, so you compromise and roll one on for her.

    Rinse and repeat (no, not the condom) for all other issues 🙂

  5. You shouldn’t have sex with someone you wouldn’t want to make a baby with.
    Apparently that is an evil and sexist far-right statement.

  6. Most women will just stop talking about the condom if it’s clear they won’t get fucked otherwise. A handful of extremely nervous hypochondriacs actually hold out. Or so I am told.

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