The curse of the Alpha male

I met a woman some time ago in Scotland. She told me that her husband works off-shore on an oil rig. And she joked to some other woman there that he’s away from home for long periods, but “not long enough”. I have to ask you: If that’s your life, what exactly do you have to return home to?

I’m sure the guy is earning the big bucks with his Sigma male grindset and I’m sure he watches some inspirational Andrew Tate videos to start off the day, but for what purpose? A wife who speaks ill of him in public, to people she hardly knows?

You see this general principle with all the other alpha males too. Trump’s wife hates him and makes no secret of it. You don’t have to pity women like this. Bad people end up with bad people. But even bad people don’t want the company of bad people.

Part of the punishment of prison is that you are around people you wouldn’t want to be around. Part of my punishment for working at a Bitcoin company, is that I was always surrounded by people who work at a Bitcoin company. I’d rather volunteer at an animal shelter.

You can tell with Bill Gates from the interviews that his wife genuinely loved him. But he screwed up. He hung out with the creepy pedo Epstein. In interviews she describes him as the most frightening man she ever met. Ultimately Bill Gates just isn’t a good man, Epstein unveiled that and so she could no longer love him.

But again, this is the pattern you notice with all these guys the LSWMs look up to. The people who actually know them personally don’t like them. Musk’s children don’t love him. They change their names, they don’t want to be associated with him. He hardly has contact with most of them.

And this is the general modern pattern you notice. People just don’t love each other. A woman falls in love a few times, has some relationships, then she reaches her late twenties and becomes pragmatic. She finds some guy, ideally with a steady job and settles for him. But does she love him?

Everything we do in life, is a choice between two options: Love and dominance. On the left side of this axis you find God, on the right side you find Satan. The fundamental essence of love, is a willingness to endure suffering, so that someone else doesn’t have to. The essence of dominance is very simple: It is to get what you want, when others don’t want it.

This is a universal principle of reality, a dynamic that underlies all of life. It is not unique to any religion or philosophy, but it is well illustrated in the myth of Christ. Christ is offered a temptation by Satan in the desert: Control over all the world’s kingdoms. Satan is able to offer him the purest expression of power. What he chooses instead is love: He becomes a human sacrifice.

If you devote your life to love, you will become able over time to see God. If you devote your life to dominance, by choosing the path of the Alpha male sold to you by the LSWM gurus, you will eventually see Satan. Nothingness. A complete banality. A complete and utter absence of meaning, beauty and love. You will have everything, but it will mean nothing to you. You will always be surrounded by people. And you will always be alone.


  1. Dominance is pushing others along with your ideas and plans. If your ideas and plans are retarded it will make you unlovable. If you are right however, you will receive infinite love, and rightly so.

    It is a man’s holy duty to dominate and fill the world with good ideas and destroy and repel stupid ideas, because by doing so he saves many from stupid behavior and its inevitable bad outcomes and instead leads people to good outcomes. It’s the single greatest service a man can do.

  2. “Nerd discovers complications of life” – Rintrah
    “Journal editor reinvents political science” – eugyppius

    My comment on this is that public alpha males are typically narcissists

  3. You are really doing a service here by educating these wayward souls. We are cursed creatures shunned by every wild animal. The technosphere that enthralls us is doomed.

  4. >I have to ask you: If that’s your life, what exactly do you have to return home to?

    I hate to break it to you, but most marriages are like that.

      • I am sure most husbands are aware. Accepting the limits and shortcomings of your partner and of your relationship is part of love, too.

        • Back in the 1970s there was a giant sign on one of the highways entering California, reading “You are now entering California. Please lower your expectations.”

          The question is – is the person there for you when things are seriously bad? Not whether they would be a nice kindergarten playmate.

  5. Why do some individuals with distinct religious or philosophical beliefs claim that to attain power and wealth, one must sell their soul? It is clearly not as straightforward as that. In my opinion, many who argue this point have inadvertently sold their souls without gaining anything in return.

    The equation of power with evil is simply a rationalization for personal failures or misfortune. It’s a way of telling oneself that they are too virtuous and sincere to succeed in this wicked game, rather than admitting that they lack the necessary skills and must work to develop them.

    To be8 honest, if your goal is truly to better the world, to stand morally superior to most, you must understand the game and strive to accumulate power.

    These ‘red pill’ theories often suggest that behind a woman’s expression of “love” lurks a calculating, cold nature. I believe this assertion holds truth. In fact, I’d argue that the fundamental nature of every living being is cold, power-hungry, and calculating. Some might find this perspective disheartening, but I see it as remarkable. It’s impressive how such a cold base reality can lead to love and beauty further down the line.

    That said, I believe the skills used in seduction can be equally beneficial in business or within your local anarchist group.

  6. The Love is not a whore for the masses. And if the Love really touches you, this will in most cases totaly destroy your old life.

    • When a woman disrespect her man he must make her aware that he do not find it acceptaple. She must know that such behavior have consequences.

  7. Quote: “On the left side of this axis you find God, on the right side you find Satan.”

    Satan? Why not Lucifer? Or the Devil?

    I also like it to see it more technical, like ‘idealism via rationalism’. It’s then more visible that both ‘forces’ can be good or evil. Bloodthirsty fanatics and icecold social-darwinists are behaving similar.

  8. People aren’t cynical or critical enough. They go through one level of “not trusting the system” and then slap their knees and say okay, that’s enough! Everything here is trustworthy, innit?

    BTW your blog is sorta funny. I don’t take anything you write seriously at all.

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