The “Died Suddenly” explosion

As much as I’d like to focus on more pleasant stuff, I have to make a grim post today. You must have heard the claim that there’s a strange surge in people dying unexpectedly from unclear causes. Today I decided to look at some of the data available to me, to check whether we’re just paying attention to it more, or whether something has really changed. Sadly, I had to conclude that it looks to me like we’re genuinely faced with something unprecedented, my sympathy is with all the people who have been affected by this.

You have to keep in mind that a big surge in people dying suddenly from unclear medical causes wouldn’t necessarily manifest itself as a big jump in excess mortality. If sudden deaths from unclear medical causes used to be 10% of all deaths in the past and suddenly doubled in 2022, you’d see 10% excess mortality in the absence of any other changes.

Have a look at how many obituaries in Canada mention people who “died suddenly” in 2020, 2021 and finally… 2022.

Someone bothered to crawl the website and looked at the number of cases. I included the table here:

There’s no “died suddenly” epidemic in 2020. The problem only emerges in late 2021, and now it seemingly gets really awful in the last few months of 2022. Whatever is causing the problem would seem to be getting worse.

So is it just Canada? Let’s look at some other obituary pages. Here’s the UK. Ninety hits on “died suddenly” for 2022, with thirty-five in the past month alone. Just twenty-one in 2021. Just twenty-three in 2020. Finally, just twenty-two in 2019. In the past month, the UK obituaries thus show more “died suddenly” deaths, than a regular year would.

What about Ireland? We get 150 cases in 2022 so far, 135 in 2021, 62 cases in 2020 and 42 in 2019. For “died unexpectedly” you see a similar pattern. What about “died peacefully”, as a control? You get 288 cases this year, 273 cases from 2020 and 283 from 2019.

Other terms are also affected. I get six cases in 2022 so far for “suddenly passed away”, whereas other years get two hits or less. I get 127 cases for “passed away unexpectedly” in 2022, 136 for 2021, 80 for 2020 and just 43 for 2019. In contrast, “passed away peacefully” as a control term gets 281 hits in 2018, 288 in 2021 and 306 in 2022 so far.

In other words, it looks like “died peacefully” is pretty stable, whereas “died unexpectedly” is suffering rapid growth. It doesn’t seem to be an artifact of a factor like old obituaries being removed or new obituaries having more detailed information, it appears to me like we simply do have more people “dying unexpectedly”. It seems to me like we’re not crazy paranoid conspiracy theorists, as the excess mortality observed around the world is largely down to people who are dying unexpectedly. And to make matters worse, the number of people dying unexpectedly is rapidly growing.

The immediate suspect to most people would be the COVID vaccines. This isn’t exactly a genius esoteric conclusion to draw. But you have to keep in mind, that the vaccination doses administered in Canada look as following:

If you wish to blame the vaccines, then you’re left with the struggle of explaining why there are so many cases in late 2022, beginning in July, even though hardly any vaccines are administered in July, August and September. It doesn’t look like there’s a clear correlation between doses administered and sudden deaths.

As I have argued before, I believe that whatever is going wrong with the population, is a product of an interaction between the vaccine and subsequent exposures to SARS-COV-2. A simple delayed effect from the vaccine is insufficient to explain the peak in late 2021 followed by a decline in cases of people “dying suddenly”.

When you catch a respiratory virus, the symptoms you experience are generally not from the virus itself. Rather, what you experience is the immune response your body produces against the virus. Now imagine something went wrong with a vaccine, you’re constantly being re-exposed to a virus which your poor antibody response is proving unable to deal with, so over time your body begins to produce anti-inflammatory antibodies normally associated with tolerance.

If this virus was able to infect your endothelium, but your body doesn’t really fight the virus anymore, would we start to see a lot of cases of people “dying suddenly”? This is an explanation that seems plausible to me. Another explanation to consider: Amyloidosis from massive amounts of poorly neutralizing antibodies produced by the body, resulting in embalmers finding an abundance of strange fibrous clots in people’s blood vessels.

The reality we’re dealing with is as following: After the first two shots, there is no IgG4 response. Nobody showed ANY IgG4 against SARS-COV-2. We only start to see IgG4 after breakthrough infections and/or the third shot. Whereas everyone had zero IgG4 immediately after the second shot, in a small number of people the last observation found that IgG4 had become their dominant response to the Spike protein, with almost everyone else also showing some amount of IgG4.

And based on what we do know, you don’t want to see the body deploy an IgG4 response against SARS-COV-2. Have a look at this:

IgG4 is deployed in severe disease and especially in non-survivors.

If you were to ask me based on the knowledge I currently have, what I think is really happening, it’s as following: People move towards an IgG4 antibody response against SARS-COV-2, as their body’s response becomes IgG dominated after the first two vaccines. With IgA and IgM taking an abnormal backseat and IgG being forced to fight the virus on its own, inflammation becomes severe and antigen exposure becomes chronic, so that isotype class switching begins towards IgG4.

Once IgG4 emerges, it triggers a positive feedback loop whereby over time IgG4 becomes the dominant antibody response, as illustrated in the link above. It seems to me, that vast droves of people are in the process of having their immune response tipped towards an IgG4 tolerance response.

If people are then eventually reinfected, the antibody response is effectively entirely IgG4 dominated, which doesn’t trigger inflammation and so the infection becomes effectively silent, you don’t really notice common cold-like symptoms. IgG4, as an anti-inflammatory antibody that doesn’t activate complement and poorly binds to the Fcr receptor fails to bring the viral load down to zero. The virus eventually damages the cardiovascular system, resulting in a sudden unexpected death.

You would prevent this, with a strong IgM antibody response. When IgM class switches, it first switches to IgG3. IgG3 then switches to IgG1 and 2. Finally, these switch to IgG4. If you immediately start out without IgM and IgA dominating the immune response, you end up at IgG4 more rapidly. This of course would be especially the case in the context of chronic antigen stimulation, that is, the unprecedented mRNA/adenovirus experiment. Instead of injecting dead virus material (temporary antigen stimulation), we’re reprogramming cells to keep producing viral material (chronic antigen stimulation).

It’s worth noting that one plan for mRNA and plasmid DNA technology was to produce a “vaccine against allergy“. I quote:

Plasmid DNA and mRNA vaccines encoding allergens have been shown to induce T helper 1 as well as T regulatory responses, which modulate or counteract allergic T helper 2–biased reactions. With regard to prophylactic immunization, additional safety measurements are required. In contrast to crude extracts, genetic vaccines provide the allergen at high purity. Moreover, by targeting the encoded allergen to subcellular compartments for degradation, release of native allergen can be avoided. Due to inherent safety features, mRNA vaccines could be the candidates of choice for preventive allergy immunizations. The subtle priming of T helper 1 immunity induced by this vaccine type closely resembles responses of non-allergic individuals and—by boosting via natural allergen exposure—could suffice for long-term protection from type I allergy.

I think it would have been wise to wait a few years with administering mRNA and adenovirus vaccines to the whole population after the first test subjects signed up, just to see whether repeated natural exposure to the produced sequence eventually tips the provoked immune response into tolerance for the antigen. Remember: We don’t see tolerance associated IgG4 in the first weeks after the second shot. It only starts showing up after subsequent breakthrough infections and the booster.

This is what I believe is going wrong. I might be wrong, it could be something very different from what I expect, but I’m putting my proposed explanation out there, so that people can try to falsify it. The earlier we know what’s going on, the earlier something can be done in an attempt to stop it.

Again, my sympathy is with all the people who have had to deal with the tragic unexplained deaths we’re seeing, often in very young adults. Friends get upset at me that I’m so pre-occupied with this stuff, but I can’t really look away, I want to understand what’s happening. I hope we will all be lucky, things will return to normal and a few months from now I’ll spend my days writing reviews about indie horror games and French art house movies.


  1. Can someone please nominate Rintrah Radagast for the Nobel Prize in Medicine? Does anyone know any members of the Norwegian parliament?

  2. This is becoming my main “go to” sítě for this issue. I am thinking that you have have hit upon the key to figuríng this out, by focusing on the virus/vaccine interaction over time. I guess our only option is to optimize our natural immune function best we can, for strong but contained reactions.

  3. Could there be a delay between the time taken with the vaccine and a sudden death? A delay based on age and constitution? Why do we need to assume it kills right away?

    • If there is simply some delay, you would expect a kind of constant trend. Instead the excess mortality and the “died suddenly” phenomenon seem to consist of a pattern of growing waves that tend to peak around the same time as COVID waves.

      To me that suggests a dangerous interaction between the vaccines and the virus it is supposed to protect against.

      • Well, if it is just a broad degradation of the health condition of the vaxxed, like say ageing, then they just start dying more often of the same old causes. You would observe this if you just made everybody alive today 10years older, right? This could bring the diffuse increase in the mortality we are seeing now, that starts with the jabs, but doesn’t fade out when the jab uptake craters.
        Having said this, I agree with you, that the vaccine/infection interaction paints the full picture and the immune tolerance to the systemic viral infection is the more probable explanation than just the vaccine itself.

      • But these Covid waves are recorded using what; inept PCR testing or sincere diagnosis from suffering patients by objective doctors observing them? Because otherwise how can we be sure of the integrity that these waves are occuring?

  4. Couldn’t it simply be damage by the vaccines to the cardiovascular system leading to sudden death at a later time due to physical and/or emotional triggers?
    A recent study I remember reading about, involving injecting mice with adrenaline, would support this.

    Further exposure to spike via infection could be causing additional damage.

    All of this would explain why deaths might be increasing despite lower rates of injections.

    • >Couldn’t it simply be damage by the vaccines to the cardiovascular system leading to sudden death at a later time due to physical and/or emotional triggers?

      The problem with this explanation is that the excess mortality and the “died suddenly’s” come in waves. You saw it peak in Canada last winter, then in april-may-june it’s almost gone again and now it returns in unprecedented numbers, despite far fewer vaccines being administered right now than in the past.

      You need some sort of mechanism that explains the wave-like pattern. Almost any vaccine related effect is hard to reconcile with a pattern of growing waves. Except of course for an interaction with the virus itself, which comes in waves that are generally growing.

      • Isn’t it possible that the vaccine has nothing to do with it, but that the waves are due to different variants? They come in waves, too. Maybe one variant sets people up for a sudden death due to a different variant.

  5. “friends get annoyed”
    As much as I have criticized what I think are errors, in *some* of your articles, Radagast, I thank you deeply for all your work and ask that you continue to put out such incredibly clarifying…and terrifying articles, especially these ones explaining covid relevant immune function and how it is being fucked up, as I haven’t seen similar technical but accessable content anywhere else.

    It is useful to watch a train wreck, as you may be able to immediately rescue any lucky survivors, and stop any new trains.

  6. I have also found myself looking up “died suddenly”, or since tabloid papers tend to put things into the present tense – “dies suddenly”. Rarely does a week go by these days without a Scottish news website reporting on the “sudden death” of a young person. However, I need to be careful of my own confirmation bias here. Before I jump to the conclusion that the death is vax related I need to remind myself that in this demographic, particularly young men, suicide is the leading cause of death. It takes a year for suicide statistics to become available.

    These are difficult days for young people and the psychological and economic damage of the lockdowns and the biomedical state must surely have contributed to some of these untimely deaths.

  7. This article discusses sudden death and possible causes. I believe that there is a larger number of the Dead in overall excess mortality some of these sudden but some not. The died suddenly group certainly will prove to be cardiovascular either by clot or chronic myocarditis with secondary scarring/amyloid deposition which we know leads to malignant arrhythmias and hence sudden death. The excess mortality will include not only these but also those who have died from turbo cancers, CNS prion disease, opportunistic infections etc

  8. So in a bizarre way they have successfully produced a vaccine which masks the symptoms. After boosters and repeated infections the tolerance effect will mask the symptoms in the population to the point where they can say “look COVID is just a mild cold if you have our wonderful vaccine”.
    “COVID is over…vaccination was a success”….meanwhile you now have epidemics of RSV, influenza, TB and cancer and SADS but that can’t possibly be a product of vaccination because the timeline doesn’t fit…”don’t blame us, no connection”.
    The wastewater data you have mentioned implies that the lows in the Omicron waves might get steadily higher to the point where it eventually smooths out at a high level…all Omicron all the time, with people not clearing it for months. You expect seasonal effects in people with intact immune systems but in a weakened population you might just see it all year round with muted waves.
    So “died suddenly” might shift to a steady upward rise, with the waves disappearing…or maybe think of it as one big wave that lasts for years.
    But people are actually going to think of this as “COVID is over…just a mild endemic illness now” because there won’t be any obvious correlation in time between getting COVID for the 7th time (mild case) and falling over 3 months later.
    And if you had influenza at the time you fell over and never got up again they blame that.

    When the increased mortality becomes undeniable because people are seeing it in their circle of frenemies, do they blame long COVID or the stress of the current economic depression or the war or the new influenza pandemic?
    Some kind of scapegoat will be required.

    • Not very likely, I think.
      I am from Bulgaria where approx 25% of the people are jabbed.
      There was a huge excess mortality during 2020 and 2021 which is in my view clearly attributable to failed covid policies: many old and frail people were scared and did not get proper medical/emergency care. I personally know people that had serious health issues and were taken to the covid wards, just to collect the extra covid money from the government, and were thus effectively killed by infecting them with covid and not treating their real condition. I personally know nobody who died of covid but at least a pair of people who died of the jabs.
      The mortality for 2022 is even negative now. I do not know how strong the pull-forward effect is but it seems that the high mortality from the highly jabbed western countries is not present in the low jabbed Bulgaria now :

    • New evidence now finds Cov2 spreading in mid 2019.
      The timing of the Pandora Box of weird diseases and excess mortality seems to really follow the mass vaccination in mid 2021.

      The “almost entirely covid hypothesis” would need to explain 2 years of covid spreading without such effects (maybe a new variant?)
      Also require that these new, unprecedented, poorly tested, intensive bio-technologies turn out to be not that big of a deal.

      That said, I’m open to this hypothesis too. While I believe it’s almost entirely a problem for the jabbed, if it isn’t I’d like to know I’m also at risk of “dying suddenly” like so many people nowadays…

      • I think it could conceivably be due to a sharp increase in the number of infections in 2022, many of them reinfections. For people under 60 or so and in relatively good health, reinfections seem to be where the danger from covid will appear.

        I’m unvaxxed and still managed to get covid twice, and the second time around, while initially mild, led to some lingering health issues. So personal experience suggests to me that it isn’t necessarily a problem of the vaxxed alone – but that’s purely anecdotal, and I’d like to be told I’m wrong.

        • >I’m unvaxxed and still managed to get covid twice, and the second time around, while initially mild, led to some lingering health issues. So personal experience suggests to me that it isn’t necessarily a problem of the vaxxed alone – but that’s purely anecdotal, and I’d like to be told I’m wrong.

          Yeah there’s this magical thinking going around that it’s a nothingburger if you’re unvaxxed. It’s wishful thinking. I haven’t really noticed any severe cold or loss of smell or taste myself since the start of the whole pandemic, but I’m a relatively healthy young man. The big problem with the vaccines is that they prevent the development of optimum population wide immunity, leading to constant waves of reinfection.

  9. First, your hypothesis is a good one.

    That said, “died suddenly” is not the same as mortality. It is a subset of mortality.

    The US is currently experiencing a *lower* number of Covid infections yet mortality continues to rise at alarming rate. The “died suddenly” phenomena likely correlate to all respiratory diseases, not just Covid. It may explain the higher number of “died suddenly” in the fall/winter flu season.

    The Ethical Skeptic has by far the best demonstrated evidence of vaccine damage. Check out “Vaccine – The Movie” in particular. He attributed the excess non-covid natural cause mortality to Profile I (VARES/One time dose arrival profile) and Profile II (Excess non-covid natural cause mortality/continuous ribosome spike protein production over time). Both Profiles are explained in his Nov 11 tweets.

    • Where exactly is the information of these ‘infections’ coming from; diagnosis has become a farce in many western nations; UK in particular; my friend was diagnosed as having a sinus infection a month ago and high cholesterol before that given two forms of medication that made him sicker and guess what; it was gall stones all along!

  10. Grasping at straws hoping the poison injections aren’t as deadly as they actually are. Smells like mudblood cope.

    There’s many reasons why the death graph might not trial and mirror the dose administration graph exactly:

    1. Not all of the vials of all “vaccines” contained the same amount of the poison.
    2. Not all of the vials of all “vaccines” contained the same poison.
    3. Not all of the vials of all “vaccines” contained poison at all.
    4. Some of the vaccinated faked their vaccination.
    5. Differences in physiology and physical resilience to the poison means that not everyone will die the same way, the same time after being administered the poison. Even if all of the vials of any and all vaccines contained the type and amount of poison, and everyone had taken the same number of doses, there will be a bell curve distribution of deaths by time elapsed from the last dose of poison.
    6. Some of the vaccinated died before or after they were tallied as vaccinated. They might even be un-vaccinating the vaccinated tally.

    You can’t see the forest for the trees. Typical of the over”educated”.

    Hope you didn’t take the “vacseen” but you probably did.

    No wonder you believe in muh le ebil carbon (but only if emitted by white or formerly white countries, not China or India, which have been and continue to build new coal power plants hand over fist).

    You’re the carbon that your masters seek to reduce.

    The “vacseen” poisoning campaign isn’t all bad. It’s removing the low IQ, low information, high education from the white population.

    Best regards, mudblood.

    Pureblood Vic

    • Vic, I’ve developed some postulates/possibilities very similar to what you express. The darkest are such that I don’t expose family or colleagues.

  11. My mom has a friend in my hometown (in New England) who died last two days ago. He was in his 60s and was apparently very healthy other than being fat. Then, last week, my mom told me that everyone had been shocked to find that he had just been diagnosed with lung cancer that had spread absolutely everywhere. As far as I know he never smoked. And he is not the sort of person who would have symptoms and not go to the doctor. Medical care for people like him is excellent where I’m from.

    So his family geared up to take care of him through his dying process. They were working on a place at home and a hospice program and home health help and so on. Theirs is a big Italian-American family so they know “how it goes” with cancer. But it didn’t. Two days ago he died; that was that. To say that everyone was shocked would be a gross understatement. It just doesn’t work that way with cancer.

    So his obituary will not say “died suddenly.” It will probably say “died after a brief illness.” But there is something really weird about this. And yes he was fully vaxxed and boosted.

  12. Guy I worked with, in his 50’s, fit, comes to work on friday, I speak to him, no obvious issues, he is dead on next tuesday.
    Cancer. Whaaat the fuck?

  13. Perhaps…the numbers are the left tail of a distribution with a peak in the future; i.e., there will be a consistency, persistency, as opposed to a random walk on the chart.

    Why? Acute and latent effects associated with the vaxx. As vaxx uptake wanders up and down, the % of acute cases would track accordingly, but the latent would remain relatively tamped down. Over time, however, any positive exponential growth in the latent effects would eventually pull out of the noise and go on full display–commensurate with the % affected/dosed population X the dosed population.

    Any physiological mechanism that is stable, growing, and persistent and that happens to interfere with the body’s necessary functions will eventually bring about failure. In this instance, it is not clear what the %’s and exponential growth factors are…yet. In due course, though, it will be something akin to hurricane tracking wherein upper and lower bands can be reasonably emplaced.

  14. You write in your article:

    “Another explanation to consider: Amyloidosis from massive amounts of poorly neutralizing antibodies produced by the body, resulting in embalmers finding an abundance of strange fibrous clots in people’s blood vessels.”

    Please, provide a link to your own article on the problem, too:

    If you like, have a look at this article:

    “The recent recognition of intravascular amyloid formation with deposition of insoluble microthrombi throughout the circulatory system in primary COVID-19
    infection or following administration of mRNA vaccines is a pivotal discovery that alters conventional notions about the nature of the underlying pathologic process at play in SARS-CoV-2 infection.”

  15. So if I understand correctly: What you are saying is that Geert vanden Bossche, who has been branded to be a antivaxxer, conspiracy theorist and dangerous fool in part due to the following theory, was more or less right all along when he said the vaccine would dangerously prime the immune system for a specific immune response, which would allow future variants or even a mild flu (requiring other responses) to escape the immune system, eventually damaging the body?

    Would not want to be in his shoes right now, as I would be devastated as someone who truly cares about fellow human beings and the Hippocratic oath.

    As would Robert Malone who invented this tech for good but instead was abused to bring about this nightmare…

  16. This is brilliant science. A very sad topic and result but such a pleasure to read for the quality of the thinking and exposition.

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