The difference between Americans and Europeans

Our cultural difference is honestly quite simple. It’s mostly this:

If you’re a Northern European, this is what you’re looking at, half a year. This is a regular day in my country in january, at 4PM.

If you realize this, then you understand just about every cultural difference. Half the year, my country basically looks like this. We used to have snow in winter, it’s very rare now. Now we basically just have a dark autumn, that extends into february.

It’s not the temperature I’m talking about. It’s the lack of sun. Have a look at the insolation:

In most of the United States, it never really gets dark. New England gets as much sun as Italy and Greece. Keep in mind, it’s not just that we get less sun, it’s unevenly distributed. In summer we get about as much sun as the freedom-lovers, perhaps even more. In winter, we get jack shit. You go to work in the dark, by the time you leave the office, it’s dark again.

This means you start looking at life differently. Abortion? If you live in America, obviously that’s murdering an unborn child. But if you’re a European in November, walking home in the dark at 5PM, you start wondering: “Well what if my fetus has Trisomy 18 and has a 90% chance of not making it to its first birthday?”

Again, this is Texas in December:

To an American, this is supposed to be a sad picture. This is the saddest Texas is going to look. To me, it just looks pleasant. There’s light everywhere.

“We have to shut down our power plants because otherwise the planet will become uninhabitable.” This is a thought that sounds plausible to Northern Europeans. In Finland and Sweden, people just refuse to step into an airplane. To an American, this is ultimately unimaginable. Americans think you’re joking when they’re staying at your home and you ask them not to take such long showers.

Again, when you walk outside, or even look outside of your window and you see this:

You’re far more inclined to think: “Well perhaps things won’t just work out somehow. Perhaps they won’t think of something.”

And it explains some other differences too. Consider Scandinavian funny movies, versus American funny movies:

An American thinks the solution to global warming is to move humans to Mars, even though it’s a hoax anyway. A European thinks the solution is to shut down industrial civilization. The reason is because half the year, a European looks at a world that asks him: “What if it’s not all butterflies, rainbows and pink unicorns?”

This is also for what it’s worth, why humanity faces a choice between two options: You can either accept European rule, or you can accept the collapse of industrial civilization. The world chose American rule. Well, let me tell you something. This is California in late November:

“Dad, why do bad things happen to good people?” “Gee I don’t know son, let’s go surfing!”

If you give Americans the task of running the world, it’s inevitable what’s going to happen: Every problem will be solved with more technology and when natural resources run out it’s time to bring democracy to brown people, until eventually we’re all stuck up to our noses in our own shit.

I’m not saying Northern Europeans are somehow always right. Merkel’s “wir schaffen das” proves the opposite. I’m saying they’re the only people who can develop the capacity to deal with problems the rest of you don’t contemplate. Northern Europeans will think about stuff that never shows up on your radar.

This is not a product of genetic differences between white Europeans and white Americans. It’s a product of the fact that white Europeans who move to America end up in an alternate reality where it’s always summer. Sometimes the summer will have freezing temperatures, sure, but it never stops being summer. Do I need to say it? There are no white people living outside Northern Europe.


  1. I want a societal collapse so bad, but I don’t think the Kali Yuga is going to be nice enough to let this shit end soon. Something tells me our species going extinct would be preferable to what’s coming.

    We’re living in the 10000 year grace period of the Kali Yuga, where at-least some beauty and goodness remains. This period is soon coming to an end. Five thousand years from now, there will be no nature, there will be no freedom, there will be no spirituality; just slavery to machines for hundreds of thousands of years. Ignorant, blind, masses of slave NPCs serving and sacrificing to their Machine God without a conscious thought in their heads. Psychedelic plants extinct, and religious rituals forgotten, the path to enlightenment closed.

    The Norse knew what was coming as-well as the Hindus. The Einherjar, warriors that die in battle continuously reincarnate and die in battle over and over again. At Ragnarok, the final battle to begin the next cycle of the universe, all they can hope for is a good death. Doom-driven heroes all, they fight knowing they’ll die simply because it’s their duty. A good death is all we can hope for.

    I don’t want to be right.

    Maybe Hitler really was Vishnu, maybe the cruelties he inflicted were necessary evils to try and stop something far, far, worse from arising. Maybe dying in a holocaust camp isn’t the worst fate that can befall a people. Maybe we would have been better off if the Cold War went hot and put the world out of its misery.

    • Maybe technological society will collapse soon due to environmental degradation; only to eventually rise back stronger, crueler, and everlasting. The universe loves its jokes.

      Maybe it will happens once everything from the previous age has rotted away and been forgotten.

      No one will know about the Hindus, about the Norse, Christ, Rome, America, any of it.

      Ignorant tribes-people, completely disconnected from the lessons of the past; arrogantly following in our footsteps.

      The sleeping Machine God waking up even more virile than ever.

  2. Yes, more evergreens would be nice. But where I am, it’s all deciduous. The winter landscape is so bare. And now all the Ash trees in my garden have been infected with the fungus that causes ash dieback, so their days are sadly numbered.

    Irish winters tend to be milder than continental Europe due to the Gulf Stream and North Atlantic Current, but the wind and rain makes it feel colder, and the nights are very long.

    Still, I wonder if the residents of Yuma Arizona (sunniest city in the world) ever get tired of their climate. My skin is only Fitzpatrick type II, so I’m not too bothered. I feel for the Nordics with S.A.D., that must be brutal. Greenland has the highest suicide rate in the world.

    • I live in Washington state, and I enjoy our climate here allot. It’s occasionally dreary but not to the point it can be overwhelming like in Northern Europe, I actually enjoy the occasionally dark day.

      >Still, I wonder if the residents of Yuma Arizona (sunniest city in the world) ever get tired of their climate

      I feel like I would. I like a diversity in climates, the bright, and the dark.

      • Yes the PNW and Irish climate have a lot in common. Both temperate oceanic climates. You are lucky to live in such an incredible landscape. Only the other day I was scrolling Instagram and saw someone freediving/snorkeling in Lake Crescent. I looked it up on Google Street view and it looked amazing. I follow someone else on Instagram who lives the surfing lifestyle in Tofino, Vancouver Island. Just one giant rainforest.

        Do any giant redwoods grow where you are? How common/rare is it to see bears, wolves, mountain lions and coyotes? It’s sad to see what has happened to Portland, Seattle and Vancouver. Antifa, BLM and Fentanyl.

        • >Lake Crescent
          It’s even more breathtaking in person. 😀

          >Do any giant redwoods grow where you are?
          Nah, you can find them in Oregon and California though, which aren’t too faraway.

          >common/rare is it to see bears, wolves, mountain lions and coyotes?
          We have a relatively decent cougar population, but I’ve never been lucky enough to see one myself (Though I know people who have, living in my area too). I’ve seen coyotes and can hear them howling at night which is pretty cool. Black bears are common and are overwhelmingly dominant when it comes to our large predator niche. Wolves are rare, there’s only around two hundred of them here, unfortunately. The mainland U.S (Excluding Alaska) has very few wolves, and the hick farmers here are all obsessed with killing the few we have left.

          >It’s sad to see what has happened to Portland, Seattle and Vancouver. Antifa, BLM and Fentanyl.
          There’s some benefits too these areas too. They might be libtarded, but they’re safe, and relatively clean compared to our other cities (Still have massive homeless populations abusing Fentanyl, and other terrible drugs. But it’s better than the tent cities of California or the urban warzones of Chicago, New York, and Detroit.)

          It’s common to see people have LGBT pride flags on their houses which is cringe. But weed is legal, and psychedelics aren’t hard to find, so that’s cool. Old people tend to be really friendly, and while young people tend to keep to themselves, they’re still pleasant.

    • There’s a lot of blue sky where I live in Australia, and yes, I do get sick of monotonous blue skies.

      There are ‘ruddy/purple’ days where I swear, I can see the UV. Being white, and prone to burning, I prefer not to go outside in those conditions.

      Conversely, I love the cold, dark, clouds and rain, which is not that surprising given it’s what my body is engineered for.

  3. Yes, it has seemed to me before that it’s only the people who’ve suffered enough not to feel ‘special’ who’re really able to grok the implications of rampant consumption on a finite world.

    The ‘special ones’ just see people who point out the looming horror as being ungrateful.

    And why wouldn’t they? If you were born good looking, grew up loved in a leafy suburb, getting good grades, from an upper middle-class background, went in a straight line from high school (where you were popular) to university (where you got university medals) to a good job (if you didn’t just become an academic), well, nothing would look like it could go wrong to you either.

    You’d feel like you were born entitled and everything should just fall at your feet, and if it didn’t, well you’d get all snarky because that’s your birthright don’t you know!

    And you’d hate it when those for whom life hasn’t been a bed of roses dare to rise above their station and point out that modernity, which is working quite well for you, is a disaster.

    Until maybe one day, something happens to shatter your illusions. Perhaps a random act of violence? Or maybe being born privileged made you a bit complacent and you didn’t realize the elites (who you thought you were one of) had slowly pulled up the property ladder leaving you stranded as a lifelong renter? Or maybe you find you can’t get a job now that the immigrant IT crowd from India only recruits other immigrants from their own province back home?

    Or some other disaster finally wakes you up to the fact that you’re not really special, and that bad things can and do happen.

    Until then though, it would be natural for your blessed life to have made you a cornucopian, for whom the world is magical horn of ever-renewing plenty no matter how fast you consume its resources and what damage you do on the way.

  4. And what if the Americans are right, and indeed the world is a bed of roses. What if the europeans are just too lazy or afraid to move to a sunnier place and enjoy life, and are just spoiling the party for those who did move or were lucky enough that their ancestors did. If at some point we do hit a hard limit then we’ll adjust and it even might hurt, but why not enjoy life and happiness while we can. Needless to say, the alarmists were wrong on so many occasions. The gravest danger for us all is the lack of freedom and vision for a better future. The north europeans are working tirelessly towards those ends.
    See for example Greece: starting from 1980 their fertility rate fell from a healthy 2.3 down to 1.4 now. In 1980 Greece became a member of the EU where the north europeans have the say. To hell with that negative, self-suicidal culture.

    • I hate sunlight. I lived in Chicago for four years and it was fine other than the crime. We arrived in January and I thought that the sky was naturally grey, but then June came and it turned out that it was that there is a cloud cover for most of the year. The buildings are heated, and I had a ridiculous looking giant puffer coat (as everyone did then), which worked fine. I hide from the sunlight where I live; it is too much; I only go out during the day when it is necessary.

  5. Great point!
    The northern states of the USA are at a similar latitude with Spain!
    Texas and California must be around the southern fringe of Sahara.. Florida must be pretty tropical.
    The Gulf Stream makes the weather milder in Northern Europe but the West of it must get lots of clouds from there(?).

  6. Interesting theory. I wasn’t even aware how far south the USA is in comparison to Northern Europe. I’m in the west of Scotland and the near total lack of adequate sunshine all year round has definitely shaped my pessimistic outlook on life.

  7. Whenever a “””european””” indicates that they feel emo because it’s dark and gloomy outside, my first instinct as an actual white person is to assume they are mixed with something and should probably move a few latitudes further south where they can be happier among their fellow quadroons.

    • Lmao, our ancestors saw the winter as a time of dark powers. They feared the dark, that’s why some of them sacrificed to dark Gods. They wanted the dark Gods to show them mercy as everything else died and froze over. Not feeling anything because it’s dreary doesn’t make you more white, it just makes you an NPC who doesn’t allow themselves to feel anything they’re not told to feel.

      Non-whites don’t get depressed due to the dark, they just continue to strut around in automatic bliss until the Gods strike them down for their insolence (By depriving them of vitamin D) Autistic non-whites are of-course an exception, and there’s arguments to be made that they’re more people than white NPCs.

      • I was once friends with an intelligent and depressed (trigger warning) black man originally from Fort William. This may sound crazy woke but I’m now wondering (if being white is to some degree a state of mind) whether this guy is actually more ‘white’ than Fucko, Sensitive Young Man and other white supremacist Americans.

        You can be an American and talk about your Northern European ancestry and how that makes you Northern European despite never having lived here. Whereas, somebody with African parents who was born and raised in a cold dark northern European country is less Northern European than somebody who was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona.

        • That man was Aryan, known in our times as autistic. He was more Aryan than Fucko the Clown (Though an ugly shitskin) But he was not as Aryan as me. I’m the most autistic person on this site. Radagast keeps his booze, his Datura, and his oysters for a reason. Tamasic.

          Radagast, I love you man, but you’ve given up. That’s why the world is shit. Perfection is something we have to endlessly strive for. You can’t lift weights sporadically and expect great change. It has to be a constant discipline. If you break the holy rules, you should feel like you should be honor-bound to killing yourself. It’s that serious of a challenge.

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