The difference between autistic right wing white men and everyone else

We can read about the birth of the alliance between the house of Saud and the family of al-Wahhab…

Not because we want to work at a consulate in Jeddah…

Not because we have to prepare for some exam to get our college credits for our bachelor’s degree in poli sci…

Not because we’re writing a 200 page paper for a fucking Phd…

Not because we have a Saudi stepfamily we want to impress…

Not because we want to have an impressive book shelf in our living room full of books we read cover to cover to feel smart and sophisticated…

Not because we’re joining some hip new protest movement and are afraid of having a mic shoved into our face and looking like we have no clue what we’re talking about…





And we’re not faking it either. If we were faking it we’d read a 300 page book about it. But we don’t. Because it sincerely interests us, but only up to a certain height, as there’s plenty of other stuff that interests us too.

Frankly, it’s a handicap when things sincerely interest you. The rest of you just go to your job, come home, go to the cinema, watch Oppenheimer or the Barbie movie and tell yourselves there are things out there that genuinely interest you outside of the whole network of social feedbacks within which your brain operates.

Since the birth of the Internet, universities don’t really have much added value to offer for someone who wants to understand a subject. Hence why they’re increasingly just producing fat brown women with academic titles who don’t really have anything new to say but just come up with different combinations of words that lead to the conclusion that everything is racist.

I’d get bad grades in high school, because I was reading about the history of the Rothschild family when I’d have to do my homework. And normies would say “well then you should study history”. But at a different moment I would be reading about naked mole rats in Africa. Or about Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen. Or the Permian-Triassic extinction event. Or how Ted Bundy managed to escape from prison twice.

I had to explain to some Afghan kid in my class at age 16 what Wikipedia is and my mind just struggled to fathom someone had never heard of it. Just the implication that there are not really things you can think of that you want to understand puzzled me. But that’s how normies operate. They’re basically just fleshy algorithms that pursue whatever increases their status among their peer group. I’d honestly choose death over having to live like that.


  1. Starting in middle school I’d torment my normie friends by sperging at them about the history of the Holy Roman Empire, the Iraq War, the October Revolution, and all the other things in history that fascinated me. They’d prefer to talk about stupid tiktok memes, and soon I found myself with no friends. All the other autists in my school were just weebs or furries or bronies; so I was an outcast even among the autists since even they were my intellectual inferiors.

  2. What about their death over your death instead of living with them? Because that’s happening.

    The normie is the largest existential threat and I suppose others agreed and have formulated and enacted a solution. And, there are a lot of ironies to be had… but the largest is the execution is of their own choice. They are too dangerous to keep around.

  3. Another good read you might enjoy is “The cosmic serpent” by Jeremy Narby. With your knowledge about microbiology that would make an interesting blog post.

  4. The world rewards bullshitters, virtue-signalers, ass-kissers, and those whose main drive in life is to accumulate money or power. It certainly doesn’t reward those driven by a general curiosity of the world or someone with a high general intelligence. Most people on the spectrum are great at their job, but because they are honest and aren’t good at “selling themselves” (bullshitting), they’re rarely compensated as they should be.

  5. Lots of stuff that I can relate to in this post. Yes, the thousands and thousands of hours I have spent online relentlessly researching obscure topics.

    Over the years, my ASD special interests and obsessions have ranged from the normal-ish (Texas Hold ‘Em, investing/cryptocurrency and atheism) to the somewhat peculiar/quirky (mechanical wristwatches and fountain pens) to the downright bizarre (wet shaving using safety razors and straight razors). That last one may not sound too crazy but I literally used to watch YouTube videos of men shaving and browse forums comparing different brands of blades, razors, shaving cream and brushes when I should have been studying for exams.

    You feel happy and content while engrossed in these different interests/hobbies, they are a great distraction from real world problems. But looking back now at 28 years old I feel that a lot of my youth was wasted. Autism is more of a curse than a blessing IMHO.

  6. It is different for females with autism. They are typically “daydreamers.” I never wanted to have anything in my head, at all. I did read a lot of novels, and some history books, but they were the experience of the moment. When I am not actively, intentionally thinking, my mind is totally blank; I was interested to learn that other people have thoughts going through their heads constantly. There was a period in middle school when I started thinking about my appearance, but it became so disgustingly boring that I decided to stop and I did and that was that. But then when we got dogs in the 1990s I suddenly had to take care of something other than me and I had to know things that didn’t interest me (that is, most things) in order to feed and house them and have enough money and get along with people who might help or harm them. So I started pushing through and forcing information into my brain. It is still for me almost entirely for practical purposes; to keep my dogs and my relatives and any random person who will listen to me alive. I’m hoping that if there is transmigration of souls that I come back as a mollusk.

    I think it is a shame that Greta was forced to be a guy nerd autist; she would have been much happier staying a girl autist.

    • >I think it is a shame that Greta was forced to be a guy nerd autist; she would have been much happier staying a girl autist.

      Yes, very true.

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