The End of Day One

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here

I’m pretty exhausted right now. I spent the whole day being sprayed by a water canon (stuff Dutch people like), only to be taken away to the other side of town in a bus eventually. Technically I guess I was arrested, but there were so many hysterical climate change alarmists in the bus that I just walked back to the protest without anyone stopping me.

Unfortunately once I was back, they had already finished rounding up the last hysterical climate change alarmists. I had brought my sleeping bag, because I hoped we would manage to just keep the highway occupied through the night.

Of course, most of you are cowards, traitors and morons, so you will shit on me for going to the protest. The tendency of a coward is to always shy away from responsibility. I will say, blocking the road feels like cowardice to me. I can’t say what I think the appropriate response is to this situation, without violating the law.

And yet I’m going to participate, because get this, this is the best thing we have right now. If low status white males set up their own movement “low status white males against climate change” and it was better than Extinction Rebellion, I would happily join them. But Extinction Rebellion is the best thing we have right now. And in all fairness, the pressure they are putting on the Dutch government is substantial.

I’m annoyed by XR sometimes, because it’s too gentle and nice. You’re not supposed to make small talk with the police officer standing in front of you. The police choose to work as the enforcing arm of a system that rewards the rich for destroying our climate system. And it’s not supposed to be “fun” either. We’re doing this because billions of people will die as a result of what is now happening. It’s supposed to be grim. It’s supposed to feel like the protests in Hong Kong a few years ago.

But again, I work with what we have. I adjust myself to what we have. I’m not going to throw rocks at the water canon or anything like that. I adjust myself to what the group decides. What we have is not good enough. But at least, we now have something. Pre-Greta, we had nothing for all practical purposes.

That’s part of the reason I’m willing to adjust to what I think is ultimately a feeble and bourgeois response. The other part is because we just don’t see the kind of societal unrest we should be seeing right now. People should feel as if they’re being forced with their backs against the wall. Because that’s how the non-human species feel right now, along with millions of self-subsistence farmers in sub-Saharan Africa.

By the time you morons feel forced with your backs against the wall, it will be too late to do anything remotely useful to change the trajectory. And you morons will just slip in denial. You’ll blame every flood on HAARP, every forest fire on migrants, every food shortage on the WEF, because you have a low IQ.

You had it programmed into your brains that this is not a real problem and you’re just unable to override that programming, even as all the arguments you were given about how it stopped warming in 1998, how it was all caused by the sun, all turned out to be bullshit. Low IQ LSWMs are just not very able to change their opinions about the world based on new information.

This is the right wing low IQ LSWM orthodoxy, that we can just change the atmosphere and should put up with it. And almost every low IQ LSWM is unable to diverge from it. Rather than actively denying the problem is real, these days they’ll generally deflect with “what about China”, they’ll accuse anyone who tries to do something about it of hypocricy and they’ll insist there’s nothing we can do about it.

Once you’re caught in some particular echo box you tend to stay stuck in it and as the echo box moves from “it’s not real” to “it’s not a problem” to “well it’s China’s fault” to “well you can’t do anything about it”, all the low IQ low status white males who fell into that echo box move along with the echo box to whatever its new position becomes.

But here’s the thing:

Imagine some maniac kidnapped your children and is now busy sadistically torturing them. Do you pretend it’s not happening? Do you argue over whose fault it is? Do you decide that it’s hopeless? Or do you put up whatever resistance you are capable of, no matter how feeble, no matter how hopeless, no matter how pathetic?

Well here’s what your children being tortured looks like:

-Having to live to see elephants go extinct in the wild from heatwaves and droughts.

-Having to live to see millions of people die of hunger due to failing harvests, along with associated civil wars.

-Having to live to see the Amazon forest perish in escalating fires from which it doesn’t recover.

-Having to live through heatwaves that make you wish you were just dead instead.

-Having to live out your whole life with the realization that there is no hope, no way to reverse this, that it’s only going to get worse and that the people who still had a chance to halt it just didn’t give a shit.

You can either:

1. Put up whatever resistance you’re able to put up, no matter how petty, how insignificant, how unlikely to succeed.

2. Put up no resistance.

Option two makes you a coward and a traitor.

It follows that most low IQ low status white males are cowards and traitors. They fail to be what a man should be. They lack every manly virtue and lifting weights or listening to Bronze Age LSWM’s podcast isn’t going to compensate for that. Your kids won’t care how alpha you looked. They’ll care whether the wet bulb temperatures go above 35 degree celsius or not.

You have your petty blogs, where you complain about the woke mind virus. You leave your shitty comments online about how you wish those unemployed hippies would just be run over. You’re mediocre people, with no redeeming value, just more pointless cargo on spaceship Earth.

Also, funfact: If you low IQ low status white males think not being vaccinated will be enough to bail you out, don’t count on it. SARS viruses left their imprint on our genome, long before we invented vaccines or written language. Try being someone whose existence has some degree of redeeming value.


  1. Is this serious?
    That is all so far away or too abstract.
    Elephants? Africa? Haha.
    Heat wave? More like “Heat Waves”. 30°C tops. Wow. Finally a summer which earned the word.
    12° in November? Yay less heating costs!

    In fact even the climate refugee argument does not mobilize anymore: Either they or their offspring are very eager to work where I live. All social stuff is run by them. Not in other countries. So it seems to be a culture and law problem. So no, not my problem. Not a problem at all.

    Your turn.

  2. You can fight in the street if you want; it’ll just excite more hatred towards your cause.

    Better to go in the woods and live with the trees, to set an example. You underestimate the allies humanity has.

  3. If I did that degree of protesting in the U.S., even as an upper middle class middle aged white lady, in most parts of the country I could expect to have the pulp beaten out of me and then be tossed in a jail where around me men were being involuntarily sodomized (female prisoners are not so bad to one another). Oh, and I would be strip searched, including a body cavity search, on being booked. The authorities don’t care that you aren’t doing anything violent, they will abuse you very badly anyway. The Netherlands sounds very civilized.

  4. Good luck with the protest. But remember, security culture is a thing. Beware XR leadership, they are shady, caring about the climate doesn’t make someone a good person, they are just not a dumb shit. Use caution because believe me, being thrown under the bus is no fun.

  5. Quote: “I spent the whole day being sprayed by a water canon …”

    This remembers me when I got a full hit as young man. At this time class struggle was the thing. We, the poor youth, against the riches.

    It’s so sad for me to see how the riches learned how to channelize the rebellious power of the youth for their purposes, and lead the fight away from class struggle to the climate scam.

    1.5 Degree warmer. That’s all what you have now. That’s barely above the measurement inaccuracy of ~1 Degree. From a technical view a joke.
    Your axis-voodoo just vanishes if you plot your graph from zero and not from 15.9 like you did. All those hysteric charts become pointless if printed from zero.

    A half degree over the measurement inaccuracy, and you go into full blown panic mode! They won, class struggle is no more a theme, and you are a tool of them.

    • You are a coward, hiding your cowardice behind a poor attempt at resembling a moron.

      “Err no ma’am I’m ackshuslly just too retarded to join the war hehuh co2 is plant food look at me I swear I’m really stupid it’s the sun ahuhyuck!”

      Fake retard, you’re really bad at pretending to be a retard, be happy there is no draft for the Ukraine war, you would get in trouble for trying to dodge it by pretending to be a moron.

  6. I don’t know why God created low IQ low status white males, but other than that degenerated subspecies of mankind, the rest of His creation is worth defending.

    It is like he had some genetic waste material left without any sort of redeeming virtues whatsoever and decided to create a kind of retarded fat ogre that spends its days buying fake Internet money, following the keto diet, reading zerohedge and making poor jokes on Twitter. Sad!

  7. Quote: “You are a coward …”

    No. It’s just that my times as rebellish youth are over. The generation of my parents, the 68ers, fought against strict moral. My generation fought against the riches, and you have to fight for your generation.

    Whenever the Powers to Be are able to channel the rebellish power of the youth, all alarm bells should ring. Because this is what Hitler allowed to switch Germany into Overdrive-War-Mode, the total control over the Youth.

    And now this happens again, not only in Germany, but worldwide. If history repeats, this can only end up in a nuclear war.

  8. Every day I ask myself:

    -Why can’t LSWMs figure it out?
    -What can I do or say, to help LSWMs figure it out?

    Do you people hate God?

    Do you hate God’s creation?

    Does it all mean nothing to you? The diversity of life?

    A species of eusocial shrimp living in a sponge in a coral reef, with special soldier shrimp who plug the holes in the sponge to defend it from predators.

    That’s what God created in the world he placed me in.












  9. There are butterflies in the Netherlands that lay eggs and then the eggs hatch and the larvae wait to be kidnapped by ants, who mistakenly imagine them to be their own larvae and then they hatch underground and the butterflies fly up from the ant nests below.




  10. If you would believe in god, you would believe into his plan and would not have to worry about the future. You could be sad about what happens but you would know that all bad experiences are a must in this plan.

    You don’t learn in joy, you only learn in pain.

      • Quote: “God’s plans do not require any suffering. We choose that.”

        That’s an very interesting philosophical question which can be discussed on many planes of the meta level. But you really have no right to enforce your conclusions on others.

        As Aspi/Autist I know that we all have a tendency to megalomania (which is no wonder if we see how limited the others around us are, from our perspective).
        But that leads easily to the wrong belief we would be infallible, and you have really a problem with that.

  11. Don’t worry about the negative commenters, just ignore them. You are very courageous for standing up for what you believe in.

    Your blog has helped and enlightened many people, myself included. I will soon begin cultivating San Pedro cactuses and other plants in my family’s garden, all thanks to you.

    You wrote in a previous blog post (The Panic Point) that “today’s deep ecologists will be perceived in a few decades in a manner similar to how we look today at the American transcendentalists or at the French enlightenment philosophers.”

    On the other hand, I can assure you that the history books will certainly not look kindly at the LSWM racists and climate change deniers who spew hatred in this comments section.

  12. How come, that everything, literally everything is supposed to become worse if not horrible with climate change?
    Wouldn’t one suspect to see at least some things improving?
    It reminds a bit of the story that literally everything puts women at a disadvantage . Including climate change. The cirle closes, Hahaha

    Its the obvious completely over the top propaganda that makes the topic so ridiculous. Just like Covid or the LGBHDTV+-Story.
    And yes, just like with those stories, there is/was a grain of truth. But what is made of it is sth completely different.

    • >How come, that everything, literally everything is supposed to become worse if not horrible with climate change?


      1. The Holocene is a fine-tuned climate for agriculture.

      2. The speed of the change is what causes the damage. The speed of the change is unprecedented.

      • But 1. still leaves plenty of room for things to improve in parts of the earth or to just shift ways of living which would be no problem in our interconnected world. So Germany grows stuff that was grown in northern Italy and northern Italy grows stuff that was grown in southern Italy etc. (its even easier because climate change does not mean that everything will become a desert, there are not even necessarily any dead ends in the chain to solve).
        Besindes from agriculture there would also bee plenty of possible good change. Less heating required for example

        2. Is not very convincing. In the last 20 years, there was very minor change to the climate where I live. Waaay less than agriculture could have adopted to.

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