The End of Day Two

With every day that passes, I find myself liking the they/them wokies who want to have their breasts amputated and the vegan moms on bicycles more than I do the low status white males who think it’s all a hoax or China’s fault.

Why do people protest our government’s climate change policies? Nobody can seriously believe of course that his own actions will significantly change global temperatures.

On day one, you get the impression that people do this because it’s fun. It’s a party atmosphere and your friends are going. You also want to show the world you were there. People wander half naked. Of course there are also some who seem to think of activism as a kind of papal indulgence, to compensate their summer holiday in Thailand.

Day two is both better and worse. Worse because fewer people show up. Better because the quality of people is better. On day two the real motive becomes apparent: Mourning. We mourn the world we had. We mourn the world we could have had. We point out the indignities and atrocities people have already had imposed on them, as well as the deaths.

In essence, what I find here is what I would like to find in a church but can’t. People who don’t take life for granted. People who empathize with those who have suffering imposed on them. They receive no benefits from this. Their environment thinks of them as weirdos. But they are in a sense, the only medicine for my misanthropy. For a moment I don’t find myself hoping the whole planet is a depopulated by a virus.

Probably the most painful thing to see, are the drawings of the children. Eight, nine or ten year old children, who draw what they care about and what they think needs to happen. What should you do with a child? Do you leave a child in ignorant bliss? I’m not a parent, so I don’t have to make that decision.

But for me, to gaze at all these drawings makes me tear up. It is to be witness to a monument of human failure, which includes my own failures. A child should not have to draw an ice cream cone with a melting planet Earth. That means we failed as a society.

My natural sympathy has always been with the antisocial antiauthoritarian politically incorrect low status white males. Their main priority in life is generally to live with their own kind of people. They wish to live in communities where people look like them and speak their language and share their culture.

But the reality is also that generally speaking, these people have zero empathy for the people who live in developing countries and want the same thing. Indians living in a tribal village also want to live in their own small ethnically homogeneous community with their families, where they own the land and grow their own food. But as they suffer increasingly severe droughts, they are forced to migrate to the cities, becoming just another ethnic minority among many.

If low status white males were angry that people in India and Africa and other parts of the globe are losing their tribal homelands and forced to move to giant cities to perform unskilled labor, it would be easier for me to sympathize with their own desire to live among their own people.

I’m sure that plenty of elderly white people living as the last indigenous Europeans in multicultural neighborhoods where nobody speaks their language are miserable. I’d prefer for them to have what they had when they were young.

However, my empathy is always going to be preferentially reserved for those who show empathy themselves. Considering that almost all the people who complain about mass immigration, are unwilling to do what it takes to help address this problem that will lead to billions of people being forced to leave their homes, I can’t really find myself caring that much anymore.


  1. State mandated showers objectively make the world a better place, even if to a small degree. How did you make the world a better place today?

      • It looks like the tactic is to increase group cohesion in the XR types by making you all unpopular. Like the Westboro Baptists and similar. Would you agree with that assessment?

          • The pressure lands on the regular proles who happen to be trying to use the motorway at the time. I’m not sure anyone in government or big oil takes much notice.

          • Some tips. Shave your head and wear men’s racing swimwear. Cover yourself in Petroleum jelly everywhere (head to toe). Wear a cheap pair of diving slippers. Make some washi paper clothes to wear. Have a backup team that supports you with a vehicle but not involved in the protest. When you go at the fascist pigs and start going big time, ha ha, let them try and grab you!

          • That would be hilarious. But low status white males would say I’m a hypocrite, because HE IS USING PETROLEUM JELLY!!!!!111oneoneeleven!!!1111one

          • Use coconut oil then, the idea is solid. and slick.

            I got 99 problems, but coconut oil solves at least 88 of them.

          • Also in all fairness, it needs to be said: I can’t get myself to think of the Dutch police as “fascist pigs”. They’re honestly mainly focusing on trying to prevent anyone from getting hurt or violent escalation.

            I am about as anti-authoritarian as it gets, this blog is a living testimony to that fact. I’m not going to make friendly small-talk with them either, that would undermine the legitimacy of the protest. But in this situation they’re not doing anything that would justify me calling them “fascist pigs”.

          • This was the low level police violence advice. If the CS Gas comes out (high level fascist pig violence) then you need to cover yourself with water soluble product (sexual lubricant). Oil based lubricants trap the chemicals, but work better with the water cannon. You would be surprised at how you can attack the pigs and they cannot restrain you, when you are adequately lubricated. If they will be using CS Gas, then you need respirators and hundreds of leaf blowers and you simply blow the gas back to them. The leaf blowers work very effectively because the CS Gas is dense and hangs low.

  2. Half of Africa was unsettled 1000 years ago.
    Why have Berber blue eyes?
    This wont happen in a few years. It will take 500 years.

    Also, what if ionizing clouds really works on scale?

  3. The people I’ve known who came from village India and China wanted to get the hell out well before there was any sign of climate change. They were not driven out by drought and heat; they were driven out by grueling labor and boredom. They had the option of leaving their factory and going back to the village but they did not take it. LSWMs who mourn the loss of village life could go live in a rural village tomorrow if they wanted to (so could Rintrah), but not many people actually want to. It is a nice fantasy but the reality sucks; you are wading in duck poop all day and you have parasites and your teeth hurt. I have a 1988 copy of the New Farm Vegetarian Cookbook; it was put out by a vegan collective (it is a great cookbook). There is a group photo inside of people in their 20s-30s. The men all look jolly and self satisfied; they are getting laid and lounging in the sun, and doing fun projects together. The women all look grim and pissed off; they are nursing babies and have mastitis and have kids who are missing some nutrient (due to veganism) that at that time was not known, they are cooking the soybeans down to liquid to make tofu; in their faces you can see “fuck this I am getting out of here.” I did know one young woman about ten years ago who went to live in such a situation; it was because her sicko boyfriend and his dad coerced her into it as a way of controlling her on their private commune.

    I have never actually met a vegan mom, despite being in a setting where you’d think I would. I’m sure they exist, but they are a rarity. And they do not live in villages; they are an urban phenomenon. 99.99 percent of them would loathe village life.

    It would be nice to see the glory in the butterflies but I don’t; I do see their suffering and want to avert it. Maybe it is necessary for some people to use psychedelic drugs in order to see butterfly beauty.

  4. Looks like you are still a novice:



    All I see is cringe and first-year anthropology 101 vibes.

    My guess is that they are just another Maoist limited hang-out.

  5. Rest in peace all the thousands of people who have died in Libya due to floods and in Morocco due to the earthquake.

    Just wondering Rintrah, how many months/years of researching climate change did it take before you realised just how serious this problem is to humanity and all other life forms? And how many years ago did you go through this process of realisation?

    • Good question.

      It took me many, many, many years as a teenager, before I could accept that this problem is real. I believed basically every LSWM theory, but as the years went by, they all proved to be nonsense. It did not stop after 1998, it was not caused by the sun, etc.

      I didn’t just “believe” the science. I fired every shot at “the science” in my magazine. I threw every piece of shit I could find at it. But none of it stuck.

      It’s ultimately just really not that bizarre, that a very rapid change in atmospheric conditions can destroy civilization. But the implications are so horrifying, that it’s difficult for human beings to accept.

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