The end of the Kumari

This video is the most depressing thing I’ve seen all week, so now you have to see it too. It illustrates how modernity destroys everything it touches and it unironically makes me want to kill myself in a bunker after committing genocide against the Americans. What I hate about the modern world is that it destroys the irrational element of the human mind.

For example, we have the Kumari in Nepal, young girls from Buddhist families who are manifestations of the divine feminine energy, Shakti. They are worshipped by Buddhists and Hindu alike. The divine energy leaves their bodies when they suffer severe injury, illness, or -the most common outcome- begin to menstruate.

And here we have an interview with a former Kumari, who has been contaminated by Western thinking, because she justifies the phenomenon in woke terms:

“The Kumari tradition gives an important message to the society that girls, especially in a male dominated country like Nepal are to be respected. This tradition is unique and must be preserved.”

If, as a former incarnation of a Goddess yourself, you can get those words off your lips, then the tradition has already died. If you can get those words off your lips, in English, to some American journo, then it’s already gone. It’s over.

And to make matters worse, the former Kumari now marry and go to college.

“She’s in college and thinking of a career in banking or business.” HAHAHA. Imagine going from receiving worship as the manifestation of a Goddess, to reading balance sheets and holding Zoom calls for a living.

Worst of all has to be that the Kumari now marry. Ladies, you’re going to be rubbing the shitstains out of your husband’s underwear. “He can do that himself.” No, he’s not. You’re going to do it, because if he has to do the laundry after coming home from work he’ll screw it up, you’ll get colors mixed up, bleach stains and other misery.

And if you do all of that, do you really think you can tell him after he sits down at the dinner table at 6PM: “Oh honey I washed your clothes, but there’s some shitstains in your underwear you’ll need to clean yourself.”

Sorry former Kumari. You’re going to have zoom calls, you’re going to put numbers into a spreadsheet and when you come home, you’re going to rub shitstains out of some guy’s underwear.

Dear Nepalis, if you’re going to modernize the “tradition”, how about this: Euthanize them when they begin to menstruate. Everything that follows is just going to be existential dread.

Or, I would suggest: Let them go out with a bang. Have them sacrificed on an altar, allow the divine energy to return to its source. This is the only way to preserve their dignity. Oh that’s inhumane? We’re all just physical incarnations of eternal timeless concepts, aren’t we?

If what I say shocks you, then it’s already over. You’re soon going to have American college students with pink boyish haircuts and they/them pronouns show up to offer them gifts from the tourist shop. You’re also going to have middle-aged businessmen visit who just got back from Thailand.

One of the former Kumaris will then write an article suggesting the whole thing is creepy and misogynist, a manifestation of the Madonna-whore complex (a term she will have learned in an American college), then that will be the end of it.

If you want a picture of the future, imagine a former Kumari working for the HR department at a Software as a Service (SaaS) startup, forever.


  1. Our Fair Lady the Triune Goddess has three hypostases: the pure, Artemic one (of which Kumaris are supposed to be avatars); the imperial, Prometheic, life-creating one; and the temptress — the Lilith/Hecates hypostasis.

    At the end of normal historical cycles, one usually goes as far as to get a reign of the Hecatic avatars. They work as bait to draw out evil, and then the Artemic hypostasis strikes it down… followed by a Saturnic offensive for good measure. A classic grand example of such a cycle is when a heretic prostitute named Theodora became the Empress of the Eastern Roman Empire, raised a stunning, huge temple to the Goddess (Hagia Sophia — Church of the Holy Wisdom — read Proverbs 8), and did other great deeds. What came was the Plague of Justinian, then decades of war with the Persian Empire, then Islam. The way the Renaissance ended and Luther’s reform came is another end of a cycle.

    However, now the world has gone out of all bounds. Even the Hecatic avatars are being persecuted (think JK Rowling and the Dianic Wicca fighting against the demonic Trans). The demons normally controlled by the Goddess have gotten out of leash, and filled the entire world, like Agent Smith in the Matrix Trilogy. The desperate good people in the world have called in a Broken Arrow. They are those who would raise Leviathan. Find what God or Goddess is willing to talk to you. They are very real, I have seen Them, and They have very kindly helped me. Love and fear them, and ask for their protection. Know that the Evil asked to insert only one word in the Books: the word “only”, making the Gods seem mutually exclusive. They manifested with different names in different places and times, but they are easily recognizable.

    Do not lose hope for the world. Today’s excesses will become just a story for the ages, like those of the famous wars of the past.

    • Hi, could you explain a bit more about the last part, i.e. These hecatic avatars and their role in these cycles? What does Hecate and the avatars represent or do in this world vs the other two? Or do you have some online resources to read about this religion or whatever it is? I didn’t find anything helpful on Google. I am just asking out of curiosity. Thank you.

  2. As soon as a group of people recognizes it has a culture to preserve, it’s over. It seems that every corner of the planet must take the journey into rationality.

  3. I LOL’ed at this video. Thanks. Good, religion is a scam, but bigger scammers are in Nepal now. Actually, the Napali religious hierarchy is pretty tame you don’t have any pedo’s like the Dali Lama. Unlike religion, animism, which no one understands, is the real deal.

  4. Sometimes I have the idea that the only way for god to create the universe, was to use his own substance and detonate himself. He died when doing this but he made it in a way he can re-emerge from the debris like Phoenix from the ashes.
    This means currently there is no living god in the universe, but his spirit is everywhere in the “debris”, the universe. It also means that Laplace’s demon and god are the same entity. He calculated everything from his self-destructing until his re-emerging. He created us by sacrificing himself, and in return we will re-create him.

    I see the Kumari as a kind of first tries to re-create god. It’s the right direction but it’s only first amateurish tries.

    • In Ligotti’s “Conspiracy Against the Human Race”, he discusses the work of what I presume to be a little-known 19th century philosopher, Philipp Mainländer, who believed God committed suicide in order to escape His predicament, and all of us and the manifest universe are the debris of that suicide. Well, it’s more involved than that, but that’s the gist.

      • I never knew about Philipp Mainländer and just read his Wiki entry. Thanks for the hint, it’s really the same idea I had, but I deny to follow his conclusions, because for me they are pure nihilism.

        And even if I like to play around with such ideas I don’t want to live in an universe with a dead god. And I think we can only be happy together, should all care for each other, and not divide us.

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