The end of the Omicron lull: Back to virulence

Something different for today, because I don’t have endless energy either. What I want, is for humanity to respond in a dignified manner to the global ecological crisis. When we fail to cooperate in addressing the global ecological crisis, which is sending species into extinction and causing the collapse of entire ecosystems, nature is forced to do it.

Nature will address the ecological crisis in the best way it can, but it is undignified and always going to be more cruel than voluntary action by our own species. My hope is to increase dignity and reduce cruelty during our demise. I want to illustrate this today, by looking at the new SARS2 variant, that is as different from the dominant XBB family, as the first Omicrons were from Delta.

For weeks now, scientists have been staring at a mystery: All their in vitro studies suggested this virus should be bad at spreading itself. Yet it spreads. So what’s its secret? My own suspicion was different tissue tropism. Perhaps this would be a more gut-focused SARS version than the lung and brain focused versions we grew used to.

But the actual answer which we now have was simpler: They grew used to testing SARS2 on 293T-ACE2 cells, which are kidney cells. When you test this virus on calu-3 cells, which are actual lung cells, it become immediately apparent that this new virus is much better at infecting lung tissue, than any of the previous Omicron variants were.

Why did that nursing home in the UK report increased severity during their BA.2.86 cluster? Well, here’s your answer. This thing is now good at damaging lungs again.

It also has the highest ACE2 affinity of any of the dominant variants right now, so it can easily add new mutations into its framework to evade antibodies, either induced by its own infection, or from immunity we’ve already built up.

BA.2.86 will circulate together now with the XBB family for the foreseeable future. To me this suggest they will be under pressure, to evolve to occupy different niches. For BA.2.86, that pressure will be much higher than for the XBB family.

In the presence of the XBB family that occupies the upper respiratory tract, I expect that BA.2.86 will adapt to persist in the lower respiratory tract. This of course results in more virulence.

This is sadly how things progress when our species is uncooperative and seeks to dominate the non-human world. SARS2 tends to kill the elderly and the obese. Other infected people will tend to have neurological and immunological changes, that prohibit them from working. These are effective ways of reducing the impact our species has on the biosphere. But again, I would rather see a more dignified and less cruel solution to the global ecological crisis.


  1. It will be interesting to see whether those vaccinees with IgG4 dominated response will even know if they’ve been infected, given the anti-inflammatory nature of their immune response. Will they present with symptoms of respiratory distress (coughing, shortness of breath etc.)?

    • Even more interesting perhaps: Will they be able to genuinely purge the infection, or do they endure numerous new persistent BA.2.86 infections, which then enable further mutation?

      • A coworker in my department tested positive about a month ago. Then the rest of the department had the exact same mild symptoms that lasted 2 or 3 days subsided then came back over and over for at least 3 weeks. Severe “peppery” nose and sudden sporadic urges to sneeze seemed like a very discreet symptom. Around the third week of this happening on and off symptoms worsened and had a sore throat that went away then the peppery nose came back but still don’t feel horrible. I don’t feel like we’re fighting it off at all I think it’s living within us. I’ve convinced my entire department that we all had and probably still have COVID and educated them on igG4 as best I know without flooding them. They’re all 3x pfz too due to mandates. I told them about nattokinase and talking to their doctors about starting a aspirin therapy potentially. Shared your articles to them. They are very familiar with my wife’s vascular accident as well as mine and that we were both fit and taking care of ourselves for many years including cardio, weight training, diet etc. I posted that on the main thread to this article if you’re interested. Curious to know if anyone is even considering igG4 to be a threat cardiovascularly or if they are staying quiet. Every run of the mill PCP, mid-level providers, nurse, practitioner looks at me like a deer in headlights when I mention anything about igG4. These people are not cognizant at all. I have had a couple of physicians mentioned that they’ve seen a spike in autoimmune stuff though and that’s it.

        • First of all, there are reservoirs (see Daniel Brittain Dugger’s tweets; he is not a genius but he is right).

          I have my husband (3X vaxxed) on nattoserra, rather than nattokinase, in the hopes that it will help even more (the Italian study has me really freaked out)(see Igor Chudov’s post of Aug. 31st). Either the vaccine induced spikes are not breaking down or the mmRNA is not breaking down and keeps producing spike in the vaccinated.

          I’m also keeping my husband and father in law (also 3X vaxxed) from catching anything. That is not too hard since one is close to homebound and the other is a workaholic who can mostly work at home. I am hoping that a couple of years of not catching anything at all will help (I acknowledge Rintrah’s points about keeping the immune system primed, but this is a special circumstance). So far they are okay, knock on wood.

          I’m taking low dose methylene blue for mitochondrial and anti-amyloid purposes (it doesn’t go well at all with some other meds, so it’s not for everyone).

  2. “It also has the highest ACE2 affinity of any of the dominant variants right now …”

    Don’t the graphs show BA.2.86 has lower ACE2 affinity?

  3. Quote: “Nature will address the ecological crisis in the best way it can …”

    You’re still focused on natural evolving of covid-variants, but japanese researchers say all covid variants were man-made, and there are many hints that omikron is not the newest, but the oldest variant. There is no natural evolving.

    It’s all fucked up beyond any knowledge. Any prediction is only astrology.

    • >japanese researchers say all covid variants were man-made

      Yeah I don’t care for substack schizo fan fiction. Viruses evolve. It’s what they do to survive.

      • Quote: “Viruses evolve.”

        It does not help them if they get always kicked out of the race by totaly uncontrolled happy bioweapon-developers, constantly dumping out their newest creations. They do this since ~10 years I think.

        But hey, you’re right, technically it’s all evolution, if boosted from biolabs or not.

        • I don’t have sufficient evidence for or against this idea.

          What I do know is that it doesn’t have to be this bad. The vaccine was a huge mistake.

          We can choose to stop polluting our air, which triggers pathological changes in our lungs that help this virus spread.

          We can choose to plant more trees, which release terpenes and other substances that help neutralize viral particles.

          We can choose to stop flying around the world, prohibiting new variants from spreading.

          We can choose to stop the animal genocide industry, the manure from which damages our lungs and makes us more vulnerable.

          And most importantly:

          We can choose to stop eating animal products. They damage our gut microbiome, they cause obesity which turns us into superspreaders, they increase your risk of infection and of severe outcomes.

          Humanity has a choice. You all have a choice.

          By vaccinating yourselves, you made it much more difficult to force this virus into submission. You now have many billions of people stuck with an improper immune response, with IgG4 antibodies that discourage your immune system from destroying infected cells.

          But you still have a choice.

          • Quote: “But you still have a choice.”

            We have always the choice to live like the Amish + Veganism. Isn’t that what you want?

            I guess our first fundamental error was to leave the trees.
            (Funfact: According to the theory of HarvardtoTheBigHouse we didn’t left the trees. They left us by shrinking to brushes when the tibetian land rised. That means we have a main culprit for all the mess: The trees! It’s their fault! Because they shrinked they triggered our destructive civilization)

          • You can have a quality of life much higher than the Amish, if you choose to be a positive sum species, rather than a dominating species.

            Dominating species: Focuses on increasing its own quality of life, by exploiting other species for its own benefit.

            Positive sum species: Focuses on increasing its own quality of life, by contributing in a beneficial manner to the community of all life. In exchange it can harvest a disproportionately large portion of the reward for itself.

            Example: A positive sum species can choose to create attachment points in oceanic deserts, where mussels and oysters will attach and seaweed will grow.

            You can then eat the mussels and oysters (they have no brain). You can also harvest the seaweed, dry it on land and burn it in your biomass reactors, while sequestering the carbon dioxide.

            This would be a positive sum species: Your seaweed and shellfish help create a community of life in oceanic deserts. As the species that created this community of life, you can harvest most of the reward.

            What you choose instead is to be a dominating species: Trees in the amazon produce fertile soil. You chop them down, then you grow soybeans there that you feed to cows in cages. The soil will erode, the cows in your cages suffer.

            By choosing to be a dominating species, you are also choosing to be a negative sum species.

            This is the choice you are making as a collective. You can choose differently. You have that opportunity. But you’re not choosing it.

          • I don’t have sufficient evidence for or against this idea. How about you write presenting both sides, all just simple mistakes or intentional. That would be interesting.

          • There was always going to be an mRNA vaccine — it was just supposed to be offered as the only way out of a lengthy period of lockdowns during which COVID steadily worsened due to the variant incubation effect you’ve described. Operation Warp Speed short circuited the lockdown phase with half-baked vaccines whose malice was subverted by incompetence.

            Then Omicron was released from definitely-not-a-biolab, part of South Africa’s non-existent WMD program, which was fully handed over to the democratic and responsible nigger government, who debate important matters such as whether food originates from supermarkets or farms, when they are not keeping track of the previous regime’s nukes.

            And its ACE2 receptor racial affinity was signed, “Fuck Xi”. Shanghai wept.

          • Yes, you do have a choice. You can avoid excessive exposure, and that happens to correlate with behavior that reduces carbon emissions. The virus does seem to be very conveniently lifestyle targeted, targeted squarely towards the humans that cause most of the problem. As for the “vaccines”; well those squarely targeted by the virus did get greedy and hog all of those injections for themselves leaving nothing for the poor, almost as if this was expected. Yes, it is such a strange turn of events that it is the “vaccine” that seems to form the second part of the binary biological system that allows the virus to slowly, but effectively, do its job of slowly emptying the planet, slowly changing human behavior and gradually slowing down the massive global industrial machine. Simply too many correlations for my book. I see biological intent.

  4. Quote: “By choosing to be a dominating species, you are also choosing to be a negative sum species.”

    You completely ignore the trophic pyramid. According to your view all species above the lowest level are negative sum species. But that’s the price for higher life: There have to be a trophic pyramid and those on the lowest level are those who are exploited most.

    In your ideal world we would all be amish-amoebas.

    • No. The difference is that those species don’t have a choice. We have a choice. Additionally, they generally reduce suffering, by preferentially killing sick and injured animals.

      • There is no “we” though. Just a collection of random humans each with their own values and beliefs which inevitably clash with others’ values and beliefs, all more or less blindly groping our way through this world. There is no collective ‘we’ to make any choice.

      • ‘let’s all play nice and everything will be peaches and cream.’

        We certainly have choices. Everyone can make them and they’ve made their bed thanks to it. They can only blame themselves.

        You’ve gone to protest and that’s great. I’ve also done my bit too. There will be peaches and cream… just not right now. Billions must die first and it’s unstoppable. You talk of domination… and if the domination is changes… well… it’s the same garbage. Re-domination includes a complete recalibration of who goes into the New World.

        I don’t think anyone’s really thought about the alignment of superintelligence (in the flesh) and AI… and aliens.

        Also, have you ever considered, what’s going on is the least bad option?

      • Quote: “We have a choice.”

        Some of my personalities do agree but most of the neuro-science-world will tell you that that there is no choice, that you’re a robot.

        You can be convienced how much you want to be right, but in the moment you say that only your worldview is right, and all other worldviews are wrong, then you’re simply a fascist.

  5. It’s not nature though. Omicron is not natural. Neither are the new variants, I guess
    Radagast, you believe in something and you get out there to show support for it – my deep respect for this, regardless if I agree. I believe we are destroying our ecosystems, and we should stop ASAP. I do not believe we are the main factor causing the global warming though. Can’t help being a lswm on that one

  6. It certainly looks like a step towards greater virulence but surely low fusogenicity means it’s not quite the bad old days yet*? (Or would you say the increased chance of longer and more chronic infections in those with vaccine damaged immune systems will be a significant additional new concern with BA.2.86.x ?)

    * I do understand fusogenicity is one of the factors subject to evolution.

  7. The study liked by G above is amazing. All this talk of viral escape, natural selection, mutation pressures is fascinating , until someone really does the research and PROVES most/all these variants are man made. Heh now what?. So bioweapon it is and we are at war.

  8. Been following you since I first heard about your analysis on the dec22 science and immunology study from Bret Weinstein’s podcast. Has there been any thoughts or research on the igG4 triggering if you’ve not been vaccinated for 2 years or is this something that ramps back up with breakthrough infections? I’ve been quite sure igG4 has exacerbated vascular disease in myself and wife, we are both now on thinners (myself Brilanta & her Eliquis), aspirin and I also take nattokinase. I had LAD stent put in and she had bilateral internal carotid occlusions of 100% which stumped her vascular interventionlists, her symptoms came on quick, they guessed it to be spontaneous dissections from coughing during a cold (prob COv) that week nov2022. I’ve read studies about igG4-RD exacerbating vascular disease and causing vasculitis. Her carotids cleared up without intervention other than Eliquis. Mild stenosis 2 months after discovery showing it was not dissection. I suspect the stenosis is better now. Too bad we didn’t do a biopsy to see the contents, but I have entire volumetric stack of imaging with 3d software if anyone is interested. Seems like living proof of some really weird and rare ailments caused by mRNA jab where the patient actually lived. I’m glad, I’m a computed tomographer and pushed for contrasted CTA when the ER physicians wanted to send us home with a CT scan of the head without contrast which would have showed nothing. I just wonder how many people have went through similar things and just died in their beds. Another thing that we both notice, presently approx 2 years after 3x jab, we both seem to have non-typical joint paint during or after sniffles/colds and prolonged mild symptoms that come and go for weeks.

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