The eternal academic and his endless cowardice

I really wanted to drop COVID, but we have to go over this one more time, for the sake of my own mental health and so I can move on with my day. I’ll warn you in advance that you probably won’t learn something fundamentally new today. By now, the usual suspects have all more or less figured out this vaccination program was a mistake. You can read Alex Berenson’s post on Fauci’s paper here.

And yet, what frustrates me beyond relief, is that we have all these people insist that the failure of this idiotic vaccination campaign is not the result of pursuing an idiotic strategy, but rather, a failure of governments to double-down on their desired CCP-style global hygiene prison, their preferred alternative timeline to ours where we all gradually ended up living in virtual reality and Zuckerberg’s Metaverse didn’t end up merely humiliating him.

Have a look here at a guy who is not stupid:

“Well yes, the vaccines accelerated viral evolution, but vaccines are still a good idea!”

And here we have another triple-boosted He/Him evolutionary biologist:

Or here we have another dude you’ll see showing up on your timeline, Leonardi:

It was such a magnificent feat! Yes, it was such a magnificent feat that on July 18 2021, you could find me posting this graph:

This is data from a country that had vaccinated at least 90% of elderly above 65.

If it takes you half a year after vaccinating all the elderly to have a new wave of hospitalizations, IN THE MIDDLE OF SUMMER, then it was never a good vaccine! And a bad vaccine, is worse than no vaccine.

What annoys me with these people, is that you’re never going to get any accountability. When their whole plan backfires, you don’t get a “sorry”. You don’t even get an “oops”. No, it’s like Hitler invading the Soviet Union and then when Stalin’s troops enter Berlin it’s not because it was a dumb mistake, it’s because the German soldiers didn’t fight hard enough. They should have obeyed Hitler better!

The collective narrative they settle on is: “These vaccine that keep you out of the hospital for a few months at best would have worked, if only you had listened to us and constructed a global hygiene prison for years to come instead of letting the proles leave their home again in exchange for receiving a shot of science-juice.”

And of course you have to keep in mind where these variants that made their vaccines fail so spectacularly initially originated: Delta originated in India, Omicron originated in sub-Saharan Africa.

I don’t know if people realize this, but the school closures in sub-Saharan Africa reversed the effort to eliminate child marriage and female genital mutilation. We’re looking at two million extra cases of FGM over the next decade, because these academic pencil-necked He/Him dorks insisted on shutting down the schools, to prohibit the spread of a virus that was killing nursing home residents with COPD and dementia.

Children who die of hunger, children who have their clitoris cut off, children who die of malaria, have to spend years of their lives stuck in a hygiene prison that triggered the collapse of the global economy, so that their social interaction among each other would not facilitate the evolution and subsequent spread of a version of the novel coronavirus that would allow people in first world countries to suffer breakthrough infections. A virus they could not afford to test for, a virus that for them was indistinguishable from any other common cold. We speak of the white man’s burden, but that is one hell of a black child’s burden.

That was their retarded plan. And the fact that we now have people dying in droves in Western nations, with ever climbing excess mortality because their failed vaccine has left more than a billion people stuck with a broken immune response, is because we did not follow their retarded plan.

Or maybe people who live on less than two dollars a day and drink from the same river their neighbor shits in should have worn respirators! Maybe then your vaccine THAT FAILED IN THE MIDDLE OF SUMMER would have worked!

If your vaccine requires a cloud cuckoo land fantasy realm for it to avoid backfiring, then you shouldn’t be deploying it. In fact, as an evolutionary biologist, your responsibility is to point out the risk involved: The very real risk of homogenizing the population’s immune response, both at the level of the individual and the population as a whole, in a manner that will provoke long-term negative efficacy of the vaccination campaign and give birth to a swarm of highly divergent variants capable of constantly reinfecting people.

You know, the sort of thing a Dutch dropout did when he wasn’t tripping balls in his local area of the woods.

I spend far, far too much time reading about this stuff. And what I wish I would stumble upon, just once, is some paper where one of these He/Him evolutionary biologists points out: “Hey if this whole project fails to solve it, we may end up making it worse than it has to be.”

They won’t say it. And my friends, it’s not exactly some sort of implausible pipe-dream. If it was an implausible pipe-dream, you wouldn’t be looking at graphs like this:

Or this:

Or this:

Their “solution” failed. And people are now dying because of it. They spent ten years or more of their lives to earn the privilege of putting PhD behind their name, but they didn’t bother trying to stop idiots from attempting something like this. In fact, they readily rolled up their own sleeves.

And you know why?

Because they’re cowards. They’re all cowards. They’re people who adjust to social norms whenever it makes their own lives easier.

If you want to see this illustrated, you can just look at the United States today, where Joe Sixpack, Sally Soccermom and the local sodomite who remembers when he was thirteen have to band together, to stop their depressed teenage daughters from having their tits amputated and growing moustaches after reading too much gay hentai.

In a sane world, you wouldn’t need to be doing that. In a sane world, your local evolutionary biologist would be warning about the insanity of doing this to children, instead of putting He/Him in his bio. But they just adjust to their surroundings like chameleons.

For all practical purposes, we seem to live in a society that deserves to die. It’s the price we pay for cowardice.


  1. Yes, cowards & chameleons everywhere

    I’m an engineer for a large company and it’s shocking how many old guys put pronouns in their work bios

    All institutions become incompetent & impotent during a Fourth Turning. The current Crisis Phase/Fourth Turning started in 2008 with the GFC(great financial crisis). Each of the 4 generational phases lasts approx 20 years, but the surviving author of The Fourth Turning believes this crisis phase may last longer because of the Silent and Boomer generations longer life expectancy.

    • I also work for a large corporation where most of the senior engineers have had a taste of the he/him koolaid. Backhanded comments about how unvaccinated folks are idiots or careless. I am still “banned” from the office for not taking this jab by a bunch of executives with pronouns in their bio (or even attached to their slack names). It’s sickening how the focus switched from engineering excellence to following social “norms” and virtue signaling the loudest.

    • I think you may be to harsh on them, the amount of resources put into normalizing trans ideology and pronouns is unbelievable and unprecedented. Jennifer Bileks work is imperfect but is probably the best thing out there. People caved for a variety of reasons but the sheer scale of what was done is astounding.

      Its the same with covid, people caved because its everywhere. I lost a lot by refusing to go along with what was said after many, many difficult years getting to where l was. I am ex government and have not even been that vocal and me and others are still targets for financial harassment. Many of the people who caved had families to support and more to lose, l damn them for any bad behavior beyond that,but not for caving. Its like the pureblood thing l see being pushed, not helpful at all.

  2. I love to have negative efficacy graphs to use as a chat weapon against my boostard extended family. I wish you’d make a whole post of just damning charts with sources underneath, just to give people better quickdraw evidence the vaccines are retarded. Thank God for dead covid believers.

  3. They are cowards yes. But in a dystopian Totalitarian State. They happily make their rounds as cogs in the Bureaucratic machine.

    What remains disturbing is their LOVE for the TOTAL STATE. To be utterly dominated themselves. Because they aren’t as Spiritually healthy as you are.

    It was never about a proper solution. It was always about extending Control.

  4. The fact that those “People” are considered “High Status” goes to show how much our current notions of Social Status has been hacked to mismatch with actual Competence or Merit.

    How many people considered “Low-Status White Male” are actually competent people in real life? Therefore. This situation needs correction does it not?

  5. Good lord, don’t people realize this is just like the apologia for why communism failed: “unmitigated transmission” is bland corporate speak for “wreckers.”

    Fuck this CRT shit, the Gulag Archipelago should be required reading in high school.

  6. Very good article! Thanks a lot!

    It may come as a surprise, but your readers care very much about your own mental health. So, for the sake of your mental health, you should write more articles like this 😉

  7. “ I spend far, far too much time reading about this stuff.”
    The truth is that for us half-intelligent folks who didn’t pursue careers in biology or chemistry because teachers ruined the subjects by pushing rote memory instead of exposing us to the fascinating puzzle of all this, have learned that this shit is very interesting, the human suffering aside. it is like an endless game of chess, where the rules change every day, but no one tells you what the new rules are; you have to infer them by the consequences.

    • Yes you are correct, it is fascinating to observe all of this unfolding, to gaze into the whole system and try to understand how it all functions.

      My biology lessons involved memorizing all the Latin names of human bones and muscles, so it didn’t work out for me.

    • There is no money in bio and mostly nothing interesting in bio. Most Phds are just lab monkeys doing 40k technician jobs for 20k and have no chance of becoming a professor. The profs are brown-nosers and affirmative action candidates. They’re not smart! All the smart people became guild professionals, investment bankers, software engineers, or some kooky thing of their own. Smart academic types go into maths and physics but there are no jobs in those fields either (fewer glorified technicians though).

  8. Maybe all the mess was the only way how god could stop the so called “preventive medicine”, which was always disguised eugenics.

  9. That He/Him evolutionary biologist is so non-sensical. Dude looks like a bearded troglodyte and still announces his masculine pronouns as if necessary.

    He just attempted to “own the anti-vax trolls” by saying he’s also taking the tetanus booster and flu shot.
    There’s a Harvard article arguing the tetanus booster isn’t necessary and a Cochrane article against the flu shot for healthy adults.

    Man’s just injecting himself with vaccines he doesn’t need according to the most mainstream medical institutions and displaying it as badges of honor, like his pronouns.
    Cowardly social chameleons that’s exactly what they are.

  10. Quote: “Because they’re cowards.”

    Sorry, but this is a helpless answer which explains nothing. It’s a result of the assumption that there is only one soul in each human. And this one soul is responsible for all deeds and has to justify all deeds of this human. It does not work. But a multi-person model can explain way better the contradictory nature of humans.

    I’m a technician and I came to the conclusion our imagination of the brain as a decentralised cluster of sense-centres is completely wrong. There is a centre in the middle of our brain, called “corpus callosum”. They say it’s a data-highway for the hemispheres. But for me it’s obvious this thing is our organic CPU.
    There is man called “Man without brain”, because he has no brain hemispheres, but an intact centre. He has a normal life, works in public administration. They explain this with alleged and unbelievable plasticity of the brain. So the question is: If humans can live without the four hemispheres (cerebellum and cerebrum), then what’s the purpose of them?
    I say, they are the housing of our subconsciousness. And it’s not only one, but four “subconsciousness”. Two of them we share with the animals, “fight or flee”. Two more we have as humans, “cooperate or compete”.

    So this is my explanation: Not cowards, but completely out of balance, radicalised and fanatic. We should not hate them, but bring them back in balance.

    • Academia is a professional environment for people who were afraid to leave school, value teacher/”teacher” approval most, or just drifted along a default path. It is what it is and will never change.

      Academia needs to be drastically reduced in size to the ~1% of society minor industry it was throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, as opposed to the current >10%.

    • Keynes openly sought the “euthanasia of the rentier”, which is a kind of a de facto cultural genocide which we all happen to accept.

      In a similar manner, I seek the “euthanasia of the academic”. I want the universities to be shut down and for the government to stop funding all this academic research.

      We’re well beyond the point of diminishing returns for academic research. You can look at depression rates in teenagers over the past twenty years, you can look at the pandemics these people have given birth to, their overall contribution to humanity has been negative for quite some time by now.

      To me they are obsolete, in the same manner as Keynes considered the rentier to be obsolete.

  11. It’s a real conundrum I face. Whether these diehard vax zealots face truely horrid immunological consequences to help vindicate my position, or the experiments just fizzle out without fanfare with no demographic level severe health harm, it’s difficult to decide which way I’d prefer the reality evolves into. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  12. In your article, you write at the end:

    “And you know why?
    Because they’re cowards. They’re all cowards. They’re people who adjust to social norms whenever it makes their own lives easier. … they just adjust to their surroundings like chameleons.”

    I think this is an exaggeration. A lot of protests have been voiced, a lot of cricital analyses have been written. But all the gatekeepers blocked it. That’s the problem. The refusal of the gatekeepers and the ingratiation of the academic prostitutes.

    Your general point is perfectly right. Remember your reply to a comment in the last year (“… I don’t want to be a dick …”): Most disasters in human history have been perpetrated by elite minorities. And they were possible because most of the ordinary people conformed just to be left alone. To go along in order to get along – that’s the original sin.

    But this it not to say that nobody protests. A lot of people did – even in times of COVID-19. But modern society is highly specialized and utilizes an enormous number of gatekeepers. That’s why most of the protest is blocked and is not able to go public.

    Hereafter you find some critical papers:

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